Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024

Chapter 3
Regression starts.

Chapter Description: David is going through first stages of ARS.

                                                                        23rd of Mach

David sat at the doctor’s office. He was looking at the plain white walls and thinking about his diagnosis.

For about a week ago his sudden blunt body pain, headache and rapid weight loss have started. At first, he tried to ignore it all, but yesterday Grace convinced him to visit a clinic.

-          - I suspect you may have an ARS, results of your test and your symptoms match the first stage of it.

-         -  What should I do now?

-          - You need to spend some time in a clinic for further tests and monitoring.

Right as he get outside he made a call to Grace and told her everything.


                                                                         26th of March

David was sent home for some time because medical test have been already done and there was no visible reasons to keep him in clinic. Now his diagnosis wasn’t only confirmed by medics, but was obvious to Dave. In a mirror he could see a younger version of himself, about mid 20’s with less small wrinkles and tighter abs. For anybody who hasn’t know him well everybody may look completely OK, but Grace also have noticed slight changes.

-          - Oh, dear, I love your new, or should I say “old”, look! Your body is literally just like when we first met. You were getting a little paunchy in your stomach area and now I can see some abs here. The only thing you needed is lifestyle change, it isn’t a reason to get an ARS. – said Grace when Dave arrived home and started to undress.

He was surprised to see the change in her attitude and didn’t know how to react, so he just gave Grace a confused look.

-         -  Oh, I’m sorry. Please, forgive me for this. I really shouldn’t say such things. I was  trying to support you.

-        -  It’s OK. I understand your condition. – his voice was sad, as a look in his eyes. This whole new situation gave him complete unpredictable nearest future.

-          - I was waiting for you, dear. Nevermind the things we’ve gone through during last month. Come here, I have cooked a dinner for you.

In a moment they sat at the dinner table and the only thing that broke uncomfortable silence was TV turned on. As they finished, Dave took his place on the couch and started to change the channels looking for something interesting. Then Grace sat near and hugged him.

-          - Dave, you have this evening at home. Only you and me. I bet you was waiting for it, you’re only confused from this whole thing, I understand, but I think we better should do something to make this time together special. I hate to say it, but God knows what future will bring to us! What do you think?

David turned his head to Grace pulled her closer to him and they kissed. This was a hot French kiss. After a half a minute they stopped. Then Grace quickly stood up and airly lifted the hem of her yellow dress, uncovering her bare crotch. It wasn’t clean shaved, there was a slight, short bush trimmed into a straight line.

-          - Ooops, I have forget to wear something today, haven’t I? – she giggled and gave David a provocative look, then bit her lower lip.

-          - I need a shower. Don’t worry. I’ll be back and we shall continue!

-          - OK, go bathe your “red horse”, lover - Grace said in her sexy low voice, then giggled again.


                                                                           30th of March

David and Grace were in the cabinet of ARS specialist. David now was skinnier and even more youthful looking. He had the body, face and voice of a young guy, who recently finished high school.

-          - Doctor, what should I expect? What limitations I have now?

-          - Your regression process is very fast, usually it takes  a lot more time to lose about 12 years. I can’t tell yet how young you will get, because specific of your case disturbes our research. As for limitations, tests confirmed that your mentality is affected too. There is no serious deteriorating in cognitive abilities, but you lost some professional skills that should be normally expected in your position some knowledge you gained in college. Emotional side of your personality is changing slowly not only due to your “youthening” brain, I mean neural connections, but also  hormonal regulation. That means you can drive a car at this stage, though I wouldn’t recommend going to job.

-          - I hadn’t plans to do this. Look at me! I can’t let my collegues see me like this.

-          - I need to give you this. It’s your ARSV ID. You’ll need this to any legal troubles. If you’ll show your regular ID nobody would believe you. – doctor gave Dave a small plastic card with information about him, his diagnosis and photo before regression.

Grace and Dave left the cabinet and got outside. On the parking lot Grace hugged David. Sensations she got now was different, because Dave’s body felt smaller, thinner, his skin and face were smoother. She hadn’t seen him like this by her own eyes before that day.

-          - I’m going to drive now. They said I can do it.

Grace looked at him.

-          - Your clothes are quite baggy now. Should we head to the mall first or straight home?

-          - I think we can eat at the food court, let’s go o the mall first.


                                                   At the mall

David and Grace walked through the mall’s hall. Dave felt himself uncomfortable, he could say for sure some people were paying attention to his slightly oversized expensive clothes. They arrived at the clothing store.

-          - I think we should divide now, I’ll go to another aisle and you can choose some clothes by yourself. The store is huge, so give me a phone call and we’ll meet.

-          - Ok. I agree.

David started to choose his new clothes. He didn’t remember his size at this age, so he grabbed everything at two different sizes and tried it on in the dressing room. Then he remembered advice, Grace gave him, to look for something at teen aisle, for any future regression he have to get through. Of course Dave hoped it won’ ever happen, regression could stop at different stages depending on the ARS type, but doctor said: “With that regression speed, ARS definitely won’t stop here, though I can’t make any future prognosis’”. David also had plans to visit swimwear section. He would have more free time, so he could use it to go to the swimming pool.

When Dave came to the Teens section he saw Grace in the distance. She was standing in the Kids aisle, more specific “Boys ages 6-10”.  He was shoked. Was she looking forward to his regression to primary school age, had she know something he hadn’t?

Half an hour later, they met near cash register. Dave bought everything he needed and walked out with huge plastic bags, Grace was empty handed. They came to the parking lot, put bags in the backseat and Dave used his opportunity to change into new clothes inside his car.

He appeared in his blue jeans, white T-shirt, yellow hoodie and old sneakers that Grace have found in the attic of her parent’s house, some time ago they were her younger cousins.

-          - Oh, I like your new style, not a bad choice definitely!

-          - Thank you, I wanted to grab something youngish-looking, but without any writings or prints.

-          - I see, now let’s go to the foodcourt!

-          - Ok, come on.

They were walking toward the entrance of the mall, when Grace moved closer to Dave, touched his hand and said:

-          - Since when have we stopped to hold our hands while going somewhere together?

-          - I don’t know. If you say so… - replied Dave and held her hand. They were walking together like this now.

Inside, David felt uncomfortable again, after some time of walking through the hall with Grace. He noticed some people looking at them, one of the college girls sitting at the food court pointed her finger, giggled and whispered something to her friends, as he turned his head towards them. It wasn’t the only thing bothering him, his feelings was different than last time he was holding hands with Grace in a public place. Dave felt some shyness and was blushing slightly. He understood that they looked like an adult woman and her younger boyfriend, whom she, a “cradle robber”, easily got by fooling his head. And he seemed like a sympathetic boy, less experienced than more mature girlfriend.


                                                                            At home. That evening.

Dave was sitting on the couch with laptop on his knees, when Grace came from upstairs and sat near him.

-          - Dave, I think it’s time for us to talk seriously.

-          - What do you mean? – he replied.

-          - I shouldn’t say it, but doctor haven’t told you all the truth about your current situation.

-          - I guess. How bad everything is going to be?

-          - You’re going to be younger than now considering your current regression temp. I can’t say for sure when you will stop, but it will be not even a teenager definitely.

-          - Oh f**k…

-          - I’m so sorry for you, dear, but I had to tell you the truth.

-          - What should we do? Do you have any ideas? – he said as he looked in her eyes.

-          - I’ve read some articles in the net. Now I have a plan for our future. I can rule your business, since you’re anyway going to be in no condition to do it. It will be enough for us to pay for life. I think it’s good idea, because I may have to give up my job to take care of you. Of course, I hope you wouldn’t grow that young, but we always need to think about worst, don’t we?

-          - Ok, I understand. Do you think you can rule my business?

-          - First, it’s OUR business now. You need to make me another owner, the faster the better. Doctor said you’re loosing cognitive abilities, you will be considered non-negotiable by specialists when you’ll be a kid. If it will happen, I’ll become your caretaker and official representative, because you will be a minor legally. I’ve already searched for legal help in current situation.

-          - I have to say, I’m impressed. You started to prepare for everything while I was doing nothing for our future.

-          - Dave, please, don’t blame yourself. I can easily understand you.

-          - But, what will happen to our relationship. I’ll be a minor, a kid, that means “NO” to our marriage. Think of it, you’ll become more like… my mother, than girlfriend.

-          - That’s “official representative”, it’s first. Second thing, you’ll grow up again and we could legally get married. Of course I’ll be older than now, but I promise to exercise so I wouldn’t get much fatter. Even if I’ll be over 40 by that time, we live in 21st century, there’s plastic surgery and artifial impregnation, so we could have our child, if I will accept that idea by then.

-          - Here, - she said as she handed him a stack of paper sheets, - it’s written by psychologist. I printed it for you to read. Author wanted to share his ideas with ARS victims. I like two of them. First, there’s a lot more ARSV’s than about 300 as stated by latest reaserches. That research mass media still applying to, was made 10 years ago. It also had some troubles with data on Eastern Europe, Latin America and some Asian countries. Some countries haven’t developed effective legal help and welfare system for ARSV’s, so statistic simply doesn’t count some of them to minimize the harm in eyes of society. So, currently there’s about 1000 of syndrome victims on the planet Earth. Second idea, the main one, is that ARS gives new opportunities in some cases, so there’s no reason to give up. For example, one man experienced regression to the kindergarten age, he had some memories about his adult self though his cognitive abilities matched his physical state. He made up a plan while he was in the process of regression and made it a reality with some help of his friends and relatives, it also required some money left from his savings. He entered age, when children are especially “sensitive” for learning foreign languages and used this opportunity by starting to study them early. Now when he grew up again, he is polyglot getting education at some prestigious university in Europe.

-          - How do you think I can use my regression back to a kid?

-          - If you would save some memories about being an adult, you could take a new look at childhood experience. When you’ll return to adult state you can use it to become a genius child psychologist! You also could write a book about it.

-          - Very funny, because I never had other grade than C for my psychology course at college.

-          - Nevermind, you just need to consider your opportunities.

-          - Ok, I’ll read it now.

-          - Dave, would you like some beer. – asked Grace as she opened the fridge, - I know, physically you aren’t old enough for booze, but that’s what older girlfriends are for!

-          - Of course! – replied Dave and laughed at her joke.

-          - I see you’re in better mood. That’s great. – said Grace as she gave Dave a cold can of beer. – I’m going to take a shower now, so you can take a rest here alone for some time. I know you had a hard day.

Dave was reading and slowly drinking his favorite beer. He noticed that it took less time than usual for him to notice effects of alcohol. Maybe it was because of his younger body.

Then Grace went downstairs in only her bathrobe. Her long hair has been recently dried.

-          - Dave, I have a question.

-          - I’m listening – he said slightly blushing and avoiding straight look at Grace.

-          - Are you a virgin now?

-          - What do you mean?! Erm… At this age I haven’t had sex with someone yet…

-          - No, Dave, not “at this age you haven’t”, you ARE a virgin right now! Look how you’re acting right now, when I’m only in my bathrobe! You are definitely a boy, which haven’t ever seen a girl naked in real life! – she laughed, covering her mouth by hand.

-          - No, no, of course I’ve seen. We had sex last week!

-          - Oh, I see… - she giggled again- If it’s so why don’t you come and undress me?

-          - Ok…

Dave came closer, bulge in his pants could be easily seen. He was trembling as he laid his hands Grace’s shoulders and started to weakly pull her bathrobe, but still he hadn’t enough courage to do it.

-          - What’s wrong, Davie? I don’t bite! *Hahaha*Ok, let me help you!

Grace unbuckled Dave’s belt and started to pull his pants down.

-          - Just promise me not to cum in your boxers! *giggle* - she had a wide, mischievous grin. David became bright red from embarrassment.

Grace laid her hand on his crotch and started to massage it slightly.

-          - You know, when I suggested you beer I hoped it can help you relax, but it seems I have to take the lead now. – she said lowering her voice to sound sexier. Grace slipped her hand into Dave’s boxers, grabbed his erected member and started to jerk it up and down, up and down…

-          - Hmmm… Grace… - he moaned. Then Dave tried to grab her right breast. Grace playfully slapped his hand.

-          - What an impatient boy you are! That’s a no – no until I give you permission, young man. – She looked down at David’s dick.

-          - Oh, it seems someone’s dick become a little smaller! – She exclaimed and giggled, showing a “pinching gesture” to Dave.

-          - Grace! It’s not that much smaller than before!

Grace laughed at his reaction.

-          - Sorry, baby, *giggle* it’s just so fun to tease you know, when you’re a lot less experienced and so nervous, though we did it a lot of times! Let me deliver you a special “apology”! – She gave a wet, loud kiss to his dick, then started to lick it. Dave leaned his head back, letting it to fall to the couch’s spine.

David was breathing harder. Grace climbed on the couch and pushed Dave’s body. He succumbed to her and fell down on his back. Grace leaned closer to him and now they both were lying on the couch, she was on top, her breasts rubbed towards his body.

-          - M-may I touch you now? – asked Dave feeling a little more confident.

-          - Of course, you may.

David caressed Grace’s ass with one hand and started to lick her right nipple with his tongue, moving his tongue clockwise and backwards, then he was drawing number “8” with it.

-          - *Moan* Oh… Ah! Dave you’re so good! You still remember your tricks! – she said getting more and more turned on.

Grace found her bathrobe lying on the floor with her hand, reached into the pocket and pulled out a condom. She helped Dave to put it on.

-          - Let me do it, it may take an eternity if you will do it by yourself.

She grabbed his dick and pointed it towards her vagina. Then the true fornication started, as Grace was riding Dave’s cock. Five minutes later, they both came. David was feeling fantastic, in an afterglow he smiled, full of enjoyment.

-          - You were a good boy! That’s fantastic for the first time, though quicker than usual. I guess you were dreaming about losing virginity to more experienced woman at that age! Am I right?! – said Grace.

-          - I think we just truly “refreshed” our relationship. – she added some time later.



This part was harder than previous for me. I have the plot for the story in my head, but I’m coming up with details in the process of writing. This time I didn’t know how to start the regression part. I also had thoughts that there’s too much scenes of lovemaking for an AR story. By that time, there’s one sex for one chapter. It may take more time for me to think about further development of story and  ideas for it.

                                                                                                                           I hope you liked everything.








End Chapter 3

Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024


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