Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022

Chapter 8
DAY 3 “The Day of the Greatest Humiliations”

Chapter Description: Third day for Tom is a complete change of status! What new challenges will he find today...?

The rays of the sun woke me up from my slumber. I was feeling numb and cold. I shut my eyes a couple times and tried to roll on the mattress. And that was when I made a startling discovery. As I opened my eyes and took a look around, I realized I was again a grown-up man, laying on a bed and completely naked.

What had happened?! A quick inspection to the room made me learn I was still at Juliette’s department; last time I had visited at night, but I still could recognize it with a little effort. So, what had happened? I asked myself again. The explanation was fairly quick, I said, getting up to lay my bare buttocks on the bed: whatever happened the past two “days”, about me being suddenly a baby, had been nothing but a dream. Yeah, a very weird nightmare I had after having a sexual experience with my ex student. Maybe I felt guilty about that, so I guessed I deserved it…

Yeah, I stayed sat there for a minute or so, staring at the wall blankly. “I deserved it…”? I asked myself, perplexed, as those embarrassing, humiliating yet also tender and arousing images lingered in my mind. It felt so real… was it a nightmare… was it a dream I probably would have preferred not to wake up from? The question was there, but whatever had happened, everything seemed easier and less complicated now. It was time to wake up to reality.

But, I was left naked and stranded I guessed? Well, it was still morning, so Juliette had to be around, right? I tried to attune my ears to hear any trace of Juliette out there, but there was nothing. I had the most urgent need of seeing her, to demand an explanation. But of course, I wasn’t ready to come out yet.

I looked one side then another, trying to find my clothes. For sure there wasn’t any trace of some big clothes like my shirt or my parts, not even my shoes. But just when I thought it couldn’t get weirder enough, I saw a white rag hanging from the coat rack. I approached and I realized, startled yet somewhat relieved, they were my tighty whities. I picked the briefs in my hand and inspected them, making sure they were mine. And they were. But why would anyone have that embarrassing clothes hanging there like they were something to exhibit, or a kind of trophy…?

Nevertheless, I instantly began to put them on. But I was still intrigued by the disappearance of all my other clothes. Maybe Juliette have taken them to laundry. Now at least equipped with underwear, I decided it was time to get answers. So, still sitting in the bed, I shouted.

“Hey! Juliette…!”, I asked.

But there was no avail at all.

“Are you there?”, I asked again, like 5 seconds later. No one answered, but this time a noise of metals was heard perhaps two rooms away.

“Frying pans… the kitchen…”, I thought, but then I realized almost all of my knowledge about Juliette’s department came from that stupid dream I had. I had to assume now that I didn’t really know, even when some part of the brain still clang to the idea there was some reality on it.

It didn’t matter, because a few seconds later, Juliette entered through the door. She was wearing a long green skirt, a yellow blouse and her hair was dressed in a very adult fashion. She looked, like a young housewife, if you know what I mean.

“Good morning, Tom”, she said, entering to the room with a relaxed smile, where I found still a bit of certain arrogance.

That evocated some sort of memories from last night’s dreams, and suddenly I had a little of fear.

“Hey… good morning…”, I said; as shy as I was, I wasn’t ready to the idea of my student seeing me only my white briefs, so I just slightly turned and made a half-attempt to cover my bulge with a hand. “Well… how are you…?”, I asked, clumsily.

Juliette noticed everything, and she didn’t answer at all. She only smiled, a little wider, until a freckle forming on her cheek.

“Well”, I interrupted myself, loosing my patience. “You know where are my clothes?”. I might have lost my temper a little bit, because the last part came out like a little desperate.

Again, Juliette didn’t answer. This time, she only grin and let a sort of nervous chuckle came out.

“You have my clothes?” I stressed, again. I was getting really tense, and I instantly knew it came out like I was yelling, but I couldn’t control myself.

This time, Juliette stood frozen in a stupid grin for a second, and then, putting her hands on her hips, she breathed deep until that breath became a brief laugh.

“Juliette?”, I asked one last time, trying to sound authoritative.

“Oh, here we go again…” she said, slightly chuckling, bowing her head to the floor as she covered her eyes with both hands, in a definitive sign of amused frustration.

“You mean you don’t know where are my clothes…?” I got up from the bed, and took a step forward, desperately trying to impose myself.

I knew I was getting out of control. But Juliette’s reaction was immediate.

“Yes. I know exactly where your men clothes are”, she said in a commanding voice, taking a step forward too, and looking me down with her fists in her hips. “I naturally threw them to the garbage”.

I paused anything I was pretending that time and I was left frozen and perplexed. Not only she had come out as a way more convincing authority figure as me, but the answer itself couldn’t left me any more confused as I was. I had no idea why Juliette did it, but whatever she said she did, she was firmly convinced about it.

And also, it make me go back to reality immediately, and drop my façade, as I realized I was nothing but a ridiculous skinny man in tighty whities, trying to sound tough to a much younger but also much smarter woman, superior to me in every sense.

“What… what do you mean…?”, I asked, getting confused and worried and upset. Everything was kind of putting me at the verge of crying. Instead, I lost control again and began to yell like a rabid dog. “You threw my clothes?! But I need to go home…! I have to go work…! You threw my…? Why the hell did you…?!”

My futile and pathetic tantrum was completely useless; instead of answering, Juliette stood there even more firmly, squinted her eyes and let a sonorous laugh.

“No, you don’t need them, Tom…!” she said, with a mix between cruelty and condescendence. “Just look at you! Because you’re not a man… you’re a baby!”

As she said those words, I realized, I was shaking because of my tantrum so I hadn’t notice, but my sight had gotten slightly lower… and my body felt a little different. Also, it felt like my tighty whities were not tight enough.

“See, Mr. Greer? You’re doing this to yourself”, she explained. “Throwing tantrums like a child. You’re just completely unable to act like a man. Just look at yourself”.

I instantly turned to the mirror to check myself, and I realized I had been reduced to a 12 to 13-years old boy or so. My muscles had deflated and my shoulders had gotten narrower. And with my stupid face, I looked completely ridiculous next to her, so much more mature and self-confident. And, as I stood there looking at me and her, I couldn’t help having a juvenile big boner under my briefs.

“A young boy, maybe…?”, she added.

So many things resonated in my ears, in my brains, in my penis as she said that. I felt my balls shrink. Yeah, well, deep inside I always knew I was so little compared to her. Was there something I liked about? Could I be…? No! No way could it be! I was still going to fight, to desperately fight to take my manhood back!

“No…! You…! I’m not”, I yelled, desperate. “I’m not a boy, I’m a man! Change me back!”

Sadly, it seemed that my begging had the opposite effect. I was left breathless as I realized second by second Juliette getting seemingly taller as I slowly continued to grow down. Juliette squinted her eyes, again and just smiled wider.

“No, you’re not and you just have to accept it”, she said, chuckling, and aimed her index finger at me, effortlessly.

She paused for a second, and then added:

“I can regress you any time I want”.

Those words made an echo all around the room and my brain. As soon as Juliette said that, she moved her finger in a circle, and in a single hit, I grew like 20 centimeters smaller and my briefs smoothly slipped through my legs until they reached my ankles. Juliette closed her eyes and laughed with arrogance, as she stand taller and taller over me, and the small and hairless erected penis of a young boy was absurdly left aiming to her.

A quick glance at the mirror showed me, to my horror, I had now the body of a barley 8-years old boy. This time it had been definitive, all of my masculine features, even the smallest of them, had completely gone to oblivion. My heart start to beat so rapidly; for me, the loss of my virility was more or less the closest thing to death. I was so small and harmless now, I knew this time I had to defend myself. Maybe there wouldn’t be a next time.

“YOU did this me…!”, I yelled, desperate, and I threw myself to Juliette trying to shove her, in the apex of frustration. “I’m not a kid, I’m a man! Change me back! CHANGE ME BACK”, I cried.

Juliette was able to easily deflect my hands and took a step backward. As reckless as I had went at her, I tripped, and soon she grabbed me by my arm.

“You’re not going to do that…”, she said, firmly but without any grudge.

As she said that, she sat on the bed and effortlessly bent my arm behind my back, laying me across her lap with my buttocks risen and exposed.

“… If you could only act your age, Tom…”, she said calmly.

And then, she discharged a powerful swat in my butt, that made me scream at the top of my lungs.

“You did this to yourself, Tom”, she said then, and she gave me another strong swat with her justice friend, which left my buttocks red and my anus vibrating. “You fell in love with your own student”, she continued.

Yes, I was guilty. I knew that it was wrong. That it could go into something illegal. But I was attracted to her and I saw an opportunity. Feeling the hot pain and the bitterness, I clinched my teeth and struggled trying to escape from her, from reality, shaking my little legs, but they were nothing compared to Juliette’s motherly strength.

I realized then, I was getting smaller, younger, with each spank. I noticed how my feet, which were touching the floor at the beginning of the punishment, were little by little taking off from the ground with each spank.

“… she completely got you under her power with no effort, and she’s so much younger than you”, she declared then, coldly. “You have no control of your emotions at all”.

And as I received a third spank, I began to cry loudly.


She was right.

I was so easily manipulated. Alright, I knew it; I was extremely sensitive and easy to break.

I WAS a little kid. I never had any doubt of that, no matter how hard I tried to pretend all my life I wasn’t.

I stopped fighting. I let my feelings out I acknowledge, and among weeps and trembles, with my nose running out like the little kid I was, I let a final long lament. As I did that, the regression accelerated; I quickly retreaded and ended up as a chubby half a meter little bugger, sobbing in Juliette’s lap, with my red buttocks to the air.

“Well, it seems you have finally made some progress accepting it”, Juliette said pleased in a sweeter voice, and her hand went instantly to my hair, caressing it to calm me.

To my surprise, it didn’t take me more than 3 seconds to stop crying. Yes, that was the extent of her control over me. A simple caress of her made me forget the pain almost instantly. I just wanted to cuddle.

Juliette then lift me in her arms and rocked me a bit, as she rubbed softly my red bum. She stood next to the mirror and I saw myself on her arms. I was a naked and plumpish little thing, and my face was a complete mess after the punishment and confession. I was cold, naked, and my little penis had been reduced to a diminutive cutesy thing that looked exactly like a little and funny rubber toy. I was so helpless without her… but Juliette seemed pleased now

“Yes, you are a baby…”, Juliette said, sweetly, without stop caressing my head and rubbing my buttocks.  “… but I love you just as you are”.

Then, she pressed me against her chest. I instantly felt the need to cuddle. On her arms I began to mellow, as I saw her hold me tighter and tighter against her chest. A little shyly still, considering my new state, I rested one of my hands just over her breasts, which I felt so plump and warm.

“It didn’t take me long to discover it, Mr. Greer”, Juliette said, proud, and perhaps containing a laugh. “But I liked you. I decided I had to be the one to take care of you. And so we are”.

After kissing me in the temple, Juliette put me down on the floor. I was able to stand on my own, but I was quick to take my ‘mommy’s hand. I saw myself in the mirror again, naked and chubby standing less then a meter tall, next to the taller motherly figure of Juliette.

I was almost completely composed now so I could now appreciate and accept my little baby face, so round and chubby, almost neckless, even as I was still rubbing my eyes and sniffling because of my punishment. I calculated I was around 2 to 3 years old now.

“Yes, right now you’re a toddler”, Juliette said, crouching a little and putting one of her tender hands on my head. “Let’s see how much can you hang on like that”, she then added, with a little humor.

Then, the door suddenly opened.



End Chapter 8

Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022


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Кристи · Dec 21, 2021

good but looking forward to more!

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