The Fireman

by: Ambrose | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2021

Chapter 4
The Tea Party

Chapter Description: A successful therapy has to be celebrated.

Wearing nothing but a diaper, Eve sat broad legged on the carpet of her nursery and played with her dollies. Besides her lay a plate of sliced apple, she hadn’t touched, too deep she was in play. There was Twilight Sparkle and Sleeping Beauty, sitting beside some blocks with letters and numbers on them. The little girl had no idea what the signs on the blocks meant, indeed she couldn’t even say which one was a number and which a letter, but she didn’t care. Fireman Sam did know, but he was boring, so she had made him sit in the corner on a small chair.

Another doll was much more interesting. It was the one Mommy had bought her after the last visit to Doctor Drawers. For being such a good little girl and getting better. Eve didn’t remember feeling bad, but she had accepted the doll happily. It was one looking like a little baby, complete with diaper, baba and pacy. Eve had all these things, too, but there was something about the doll which made her look differently on it. Vaguely she remembered her last visit to the playground for a playdate with Amber and how a woman had held her own baby to the breast. Mommy had explained that little babies were fed this way by their mommies, something which left Eve with a feeling too big for her to name.

Now looking at her doll, the little girl felt an urge. Instinctively she grabbed it and held it close to her breast, cradling it. This made her feel big, nearly like a mommy herself. A feeling which wasn’t dampened a bit by a sudden sensation of warmth in the front of her diaper.

Suddenly she heard suppressed laughter and turned around. Mommy, Daddy and Dr. Drawer were standing in the entrance of the nursery and smiled at her. Smiling back, not even beginning to think the adults were laughing about her, Eve stood up, toddled to them and embraced the latter’s legs.

“Dowtor Dwawews!”

Now all laughed even louder, smiling at the little girl.

“I just wanted to check my favorite patient,” Dr. Drawer said, kneeling to get to eye-level with the girl. “Feeling well?”

Eve grinned widely, but suddenly scowled.

“Dowtor Dwawers?”


“Can we have a tea pawty?”

“Of course!” The doctor said with a wide smile.

Giggling Eve rushed to her little table. They needed cups and plates for herself, her doctor, Mommy, Daddy and Sleeping Beauty, of course. The little girl had no idea how many this meant. Fireman Sam did know, but Eve decided to not invite him to the party. In the end the grown-ups took care of it after throwing away the apple-slices and Eve had the best tea-party ever.

The end



End Chapter 4

The Fireman

by: Ambrose | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2021


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