The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023

Chapter 7
Part Seven

Chapter Description: DJ and Cody have been taken by The Diaper Man. If things were strange before it was nothing compared to what is going on in the the strange man's room. Diapers, strange teddy bears and more weirdness abounds. Is this going to be the rest of the young men's lives?

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DJ was the first to give in. He leaned forwards to try and reduce the cramping in his belly but all that did was set the horse rocking and reduce resistance on his back passage. His body pushed down automatically and he was forced to tense up as his bowels squeezed and pushed. The poop oozed out of him uncontrollably. Like soft-serve ice cream it just seemed to come out at a steady rate without end. DJ felt like he could feel the waste pushing against the onesie and smearing across his skin. He moaned as the poop filled every nook and cranny of the underwear.

As DJ finished he sat up a little and felt his body squeeze the crap and push it around towards the front of the diaper. The movement made the rocking horse start to move backwards and forwards with more rigor and as DJ slid inside his lubricated diaper he could only spread the mess even further.

Whilst this was happening Cody was also struggling to contain himself. The soft bouncing up and down in the elastic seat seemed to shake his bowels up and made it harder to control. Cody saw his friend lose control of his bowels and almost instantly felt his own control slipping beyond the point that he could hold it in.

As Cody bounced up and down his sphincter weakened past the point where it was useful. He winced as he felt a sticky mass starting to squeeze out through his hole. Without control it expanded rapidly until it covered the rear of the diaper. He whined around the pacifier in his mouth as he soiled himself just like he had done at work. It was over in seconds but as he sunk into the bouncer he felt the crap push further and further around himself. Every bounce made things a little worse and there was nothing he could do to make it better.

The Diaper Man had been standing to the side and watching everything with a dispassionate stare. It was only as the messing finished that he turned towards the door and stepped out. He didn’t even glance back as the door slammed behind him leaving Cody and DJ alone.

“Are you OK?” DJ asked after a couple of minutes of embarrassed silence.

Cody nodded his head. His face was flushed bright red as the smells of both diapers began to escape the confines of the underwear and spread out through the air. It was an absurd scene with DJ rocking slowly back and forth whilst Cody bounced ever so slightly.

“I didn’t think you were going to come.” Cody said after a little more silence. He lisped slightly around the bulb filling his mouth.

“How long have you been here?” DJ asked. He winced as he slid forwards on his seat slightly and spread the mess covering his rear.

“Two days.” Cody whimpered.

“That’s… That’s impossible!” DJ frowned, “Yesterday we were talking and we were back home an-”

“I’m telling you!” Cody looked very upset and angry, “I’ve been here two days. You don’t just forget the diaper changes and… stuff.”

DJ looked off to the side. He could see the desert outside and wondered if what Cody was saying was as impossible as he had initially thought. They had walked into a warehouse and had seemingly been transported to another place entirely. DJ remembered when he had been taken, when he had been carried by the Diaper Man it seemed like everything around him had stopped. He had been pushed past motionless people and everything had been silent. It suddenly didn’t seem impossible that the Diaper Man could manipulate time as well as space.

“What has he been doing?” DJ asked after a period of awkward and uncomfortable silence.

“Treating me like a baby.” Cody replied as if stating the obvious. A trail of drool ran down his chin and on to the bouncer he was trapped in.

“Yeah, but… anything else?” DJ asked.

DJ noticed that Cody didn’t reply but he looked away and his cheeks went red. DJ didn’t want to press his friend too much, besides what had happened didn’t matter, the real important thing to think about was how they were going to get out of this as soon as possible.

“Did he take you in through the warehouse?” DJ asked when Cody made it clear he wasn’t going to talk about whatever had happened.

“Yes.” Cody replied.

DJ looked towards the door. The only way in or out of the cabin looked strong, the wood was thick and there was a large brass lock that clicked shut whenever the door closed. If they were to escape DJ knew it would have to be through the door, they would have to wait for their opportunity. That was assuming they ever got that chance. People online claimed to have been held by the Diaper Man and escaped or been let go but DJ wasn’t sure how much of their stories he could trust. It was hard separating the accounts which may have been true from the liars and attention seekers.

“I think time is diluted around the Diaper Man.” DJ said, “You were taken from work, right? I saw them cleaning up. That can’t have been long before I was taken and yet to you it was a lot longer.”

DJ and Cody were left in their messy diapers and bound to their furniture for a long time. There was no clock in the cabin so the exact time they spent in place was hard to say but it felt like hours. Cody was occasionally lapsing into tears whilst DJ was wondering if they hadn’t just been left there forever. Both their diaper areas had become very itchy and yet neither of them could relieve the irritation.

The door suddenly opened without any warning. There was no sound of footsteps or anything before the door creaked open and the Diaper Man walked in almost completely silently. DJ and Cody immediately looked over in fear, tinged with that fear was a hope that maybe they would finally get their disgusting diapers changed.

The Diaper Man went over to DJ first. He bent down and unlocked the restraints that had kept the young man in place. DJ had seconds of movement before he was lifted with ease by the tall man and carried towards the changing table. Despite being freed from the rocking horse DJ’s hands were still curled up into balled fists meaning he was rendered almost helpless. Trying to hit the Diaper Man produced no noticeable effect, his bony body seemed impervious to damage.

DJ was laid down on the changing table. One of the Diaper Man’s long arms wrapped around and under his legs and rolled him so far back that DJ had a close up look of his own stinky diaper. He thought he was just getting a diaper change when all of a sudden he felt a hand hit heavily into his padded rear.

“Argh!” DJ exclaimed suddenly. His arms flailed out to his side.

With each spank DJ yelped like a scolded dog. The smell was overpowering for the young man with his diaper so close to his nose, it somehow made the spanks hurt even more. He was folded over and punished for at least a full minute and despite the layer of padding and the poop lubricant he knew his butt was quickly turning red. He had tears in his eyes from the frustration of being unable to do anything against this onslaught.

DJ’s legs were finally lowered and he inhaled some very welcome fresh air. As he recovered from the spanking he heard the poppers between his legs and then the elastic material sprung up and over his belly. After everything he had suffered he knew resistance was futile and he didn’t make a move that might be considered hostile. It wasn’t long before the diaper tapes were pulled off the landing strip and the disposable underwear lowered. The fresh air against his dirty skin made DJ sigh in relief despite his situation.

DJ’s legs were lifted and folded back again but this time he felt the coolness of wet wipes cleaning his butt. He relaxed despite himself and smiled up at the ceiling, he had almost forgotten what a clean ass felt like.

It took a long time to clean DJ completely and only when the last of the poop was wiped away did the Diaper Man pull the diaper out from under him. The diaper was balled up before a new one was produced. The plastic underwear was unfolded and slipped underneath DJ’s butt. Baby powder was sprinkled over the crotch that shimmered slightly with the wetness of the wipes.

The new diaper was lifted and then taped closed around DJ’s waist. The feeling of clean padding was almost a godsend after what he had experienced right before it. DJ still had to suppress the urge to jump off the table and try to run or fight but a clean diaper was about the best he could hope for in this situation.

DJ’s onesie was popped closed between his legs and he was lifted from the changing table. At first he was worried he was being returned to the rocking horse but the Diaper Man turned and carried him to the crib instead. The side of the crib lowered even before the gaunt man reached it. DJ was lowered on to the mattress with care like a real baby. The only difference was the leather cuffs that were attached to the corner of the bed. All of DJ’s limbs were strapped down with minimal effort.

The diaper changing process was then repeated with Cody who put up even less resistance than DJ. Looking out from the baby bed DJ could tell Cody had been through this process a number of times and knew not to even think about hindering the Diaper Man. Cody was carried to the crib and cuffed in the same way as his friend but with his head on the opposite side of the mattress.

The Diaper Man walked over to a nearby shelf. DJ was confused when Cody let out a small whine, his face was growing bright red again. He still had the pacifier clamped between his lips. DJ saw the Diaper Man plucking two soft toys off of the shelf.

“What’s he doing?” DJ asked Cody. He assumed his friend knew from his reaction.

Cody didn’t respond. He couldn’t even look at DJ, He just sighed and crinkled as he pulled uselessly against the cuffs. DJ was still confused as the Diaper Man walked back across the room. The mythical figure’s face remained deadened and emotionless as he brought the soft toys over. DJ pulled against his restraints despite knowing there was no escape.

A stuffed octopus was lowered by the Diaper Man and placed on Cody’s belly. Cody looked down at it in hopeless resignation and DJ couldn’t understand why this was getting such a reaction from his friend, it seemed rather mild compared to everything else they had been through. A teddy bear was placed on top of DJ’s belly. It was heavier than DJ expected.

The Diaper Man looked down at his two captives for another couple of seconds before turning to leave again. As he reached the door he paused momentarily to look back at the crib. He opened the door and exited the nursery yet again. DJ wondered where he went and what he did when he wasn’t in the cabin. Were there other people being held against their will? Did this demonic entity go between them at will? Was he hunting for more prey?

DJ was just about to ask Cody what he thought when he felt a slight movement on his chest. At first he thought he had imagined it but then he saw the teddy bear on his belly sitting up. His mouth fell open and he exclaimed loudly as the bear looked at it’s hands and then up at DJ’s face.

“What the hell is this!?” DJ shouted.

“Not again…” Cody whined.

“Again?” DJ repeated in confusion, “What is going on!?”

The teddy bear stood up on it’s fluffy legs. DJ had the primal instinct to try and shake it off of him like a bug he found crawling on his skin. The teddy bear rode the wriggling like a surfer and never looked like falling off. It looked around from DJ’s shocked face across to Cody and finally down at the diaper over DJ’s crotch.

“Cody? What’s happening?” DJ called out as he stared at the seemingly alive teddy bear.

Cody didn’t respond. He was having his own problems as the tentacles on the furry octopus moved and started to pull the cuddly toy down towards his crotch. The toys seemed alive and full of purpose, they were both making their way to the crotch of the boy they were sat on.

The poppers on the onesies that had only recently been closed after a change were opened up again. DJ shivered as he felt the teddy bear pushing against the padding with it’s little paws. This was all so surreal but also felt incredibly real.

“Ah!” DJ cried out in shock as he felt the teddy bear push against the diaper with strength it didn’t look like he should have.

The little furry paws grabbed the top of the waistband over DJ’s crotch and to the young man’s embarrassment it seemed like he was positioned directly above his private parts. Out of the corner of his eye DJ saw the octopus on Cody positioning itself over the diaper as well, the tentacles stretching out to grab a hold of the edges of the disposable underwear.

There was a pause for a few seconds and DJ looked down wondering if the toys had gone back to their inanimate state. He saw that the teddy bear was looking right up at him and after a second where the eyes of the bear and DJ met something very unexpected happened.

“What are you…” DJ was cut off midway through his sentence as he sharply inhaled.

The teddy bear started vibrating intensely as it held itself down over the diaper. DJ was caught fully off-guard as the strong buzzing came down through the thick padding and on to his crotch. He squirmed to try and move away from the bear but it’s grip was too strong. There was a faint buzzing coming off of it. It’s inanely smiling eyes stared up at DJ as it pushed itself against the diaper.

DJ’s immediate response was to want the teddy bear to get off him but the vibrations started to have a very embarrassing effect. DJ’s squirming became less about trying to shake off the teddy bear and more trying to get the vibrating closer to his excitable dick. His face went red as a small moan escaped his lips.

Cody was having similar “problems.” The octopus had focused it’s multi-coloured furry tentacles right over Cody’s tool and were rubbing in waves. Despite being a cuddly toy the tentacles made a massive indent in the padding and Cody felt his penis being massaged causing it to grow and send strong signals to the pleasure centres of his brain. Cody had his eyes tightly closed but his body was responding to the touching.

DJ soon found himself pushing his crotch against the teddy bear which responded by seemingly vibrating harder. DJ was red in the face and embarrassed but couldn’t deny how good this felt. He knew he should be trying to stop it and the fact he wasn’t was making it even more humiliating. He worried what Cody would think of him until he heard some reluctant whimpers of pleasure coming from his friend.

Soon both DJ and Cody were moaning in the crib and pushing themselves against the stuffed animals that were pleasuring them. As their excitement grew their embarrassment over enjoying what was happening decreased. They still felt humiliated but it was overshadowed by the pleasure emanating from deep in their diapers.

DJ was the first to get pushed over the edge. He strained extra hard and then grunted as he blew his load into the front of the diaper. Cody soon followed and both young men were left panting as they recovered from their orgasms. The stuffed animals stopped their pleasuring but didn’t let go of the diapers. After a few minutes they started up again.

DJ soon saw why Cody had moaned when he saw the teddy bears being brought out. The teddy bear started vibrating again and soon DJ was forced to get excited despite the discomfort. The stuffed animals didn’t rest. Every time the young men climaxed they were given a couple of minutes respite before they started up again. It wasn’t long until DJ and Cody were moaning through discomfort at their increasingly sticky diapers.

It went on for hours before finally the cuddly toys finally relaxed their grips and let go of the diapers. DJ and Cody were covered in sweat and their crotches ached from the overstimulation. They barely noticed the cuddly toys as they tucked themselves in next to the two boys.

Neither Cody nor DJ had the energy to talk after everything that had happened. With light fading they closed their eyes and fell into a deep sleep.



End Chapter 7

The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023


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