The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023

Chapter 6
Part Six

Chapter Description: DJ is suddenly confronted by the entity that has been stalking him and his friend. What does he want? Can anyone save him?

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DJ finally turned his head to look over his shoulder. He saw the long fingers connected to a pale hand with bones running just underneath the skin like a spider’s web. The thin arm disappearing into the large coat that hung over his suit. Finally he turned around completely and saw the gaunt face, an emotionless soulless husk that stared down at him. DJ felt tears springing from his eyes, he cried out loudly through a seized up throat. Surely someone would come in and hear or see what was happening.

It suddenly made sense to DJ. When he had walked past Cody’s restaurant earlier but not seen his friend, the mopping, the disgusted looking faces…

“You… You took Cody?” DJ gasped out.

Slowly and almost imperceptibly the seven-foot tall Diaper Man nodded his head. His unblinking eyes stared down at DJ as if seeing something no mortal man could view. DJ shuddered, it felt like his soul was being stared at.

A second later The Diaper Man reached both his hands down and lifted DJ off the ground. He hoisted him up and draped the young man over his shoulder, it took seemingly no effort at all for the thin man. No amount of kicking and screaming from DJ made the slightest bit of difference to the supernatural being who was manipulating him however he wanted.

As DJ was laid over the bony shoulder he saw the rest of the store behind the Diaper Man. He couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing, the aisles had been seemingly pushed away from the centre of the store. Sitting in the middle of the floor was a large baby stroller.

DJ couldn’t understand how no one else noticed all the changes or came to investigate. He called out again but the silence all around him seemed to imprison him like a cell. The Diaper Man glided more than he walked to the stroller, despite his frail looking body he was extremely strong and DJ was helpless in his grasp. DJ was dropped into the stroller and held there by one of The Diaper Man’s long arms.

The straps on the stroller moved on their own to envelop DJ tightly. The young man with wet pants was pushed back into the stroller leaving his arms and legs flailing uselessly. He could no longer see The Diaper Man who was standing behind him. After a couple of seconds the stroller started moving towards the street.

DJ continued to struggle and shout. He looked over towards the cashier and saw that he was frozen to the spot and just staring directly ahead. The cashier didn’t seem to notice that his only customer had wet his pants and was being kidnapped by a supernatural entity. That other people were frozen was confirmed when DJ was rolled outside and the people on the street were also as still as statues.

DJ looked around in shock as he was rolled down the street. It seemed like even the wind had stopped, there was a complete stillness all around them. DJ didn’t understand it, when he and Cody had seen The Diaper Man before things hadn’t stopped. Was it different when he was “claimed” like this?

As they rolled down the road DJ was surprised to see the bully James Spencer and his gang hanging around and loitering. DJ almost instinctively tried to cover up though they were as frozen as everything else. The stroller stopped alongside the gang and DJ had the chance to look at his bully. It was almost imperceptible but it didn’t seem like he was actually frozen, he was actually just moving incredibly slowly. It would have been fascinating if DJ had been so scared.

The Diaper Man was in no rush and DJ was slowly pushed around the streets until they came to an industrial area that looked completely run down. DJ had recovered from a lot of his shock but he was still powerless to resist anything that was going on. The straps were too tight for him to release himself and everything around them still seemed to be moving at such a slow speed it might as well have stopped.

The Diaper Man wheeled the stroller to one warehouse in particular. This large concrete hanger was towards the back of the industrial area and looked like it hadn’t been occupied for work for at least a couple of decades. DJ felt a chill as he was pushed closer and closer to the entrance until finally they went inside.

It was pitch black but DJ could tell they were still rolling forwards. The push chair went through the darkness until it completely enveloped him but still it pressed forwards, apparently The Diaper Man had no problem seeing where he was going. They carried on forwards until a new light appeared in the distance. DJ was pushed through and he gasped as his eyes adjusted and he saw a very unusual sight.

DJ had been wheeled into a fairly modern warehouse but the room he emerged into now looked nothing like what he expected. Instead of metal and concrete there was wood, instead of machines there was baby equipment and out the windows there seemed to be a desert rather than the town he lived in. Wherever he was, he was sure it wasn’t his home town.

The cabin wasn’t too large but it looked like a classic nursery that you might see drawn in a book of nursery rhymes. There was a fire place at the far end of the cabin and on the wall to the left a wooden changing table with fully stocked shelves, a couple of highchairs were pushed into the corner. On the floor it seemed like a toy store had spilled it’s shelves. Every toy a baby could want was either strewn across the floor or placed in boxes. There was a very old fashioned wooden horse against the wall as well as more modern baby bouncers and other plastic toys designed to give a baby some motion whilst keeping them safe.

Nothing in the cabin shocked DJ quite like the large crib on the opposite wall. More accurately it was what he saw inside the crib that made his heart skip a beat. Cody was on his knees on the mattress and holding on to the bars, he stared out at DJ with wide eyes. DJ was shocked to see his friend in a diaper with a purple onesie over the top, a pacifier was sat between his lips. On his hands was a thick pair of mittens and on his feet were some similarly restrictive booties.

“Cody…” DJ muttered. Cody was staring out with wide eyes.

The straps on the stroller were released but before DJ could spring to his feet Diaper Man wrapped around the stroller and lifted him up like a babe in arms. DJ struggled uselessly as he was cradled by the bony arms and was taken over to the changing table.

“Please let us go!” DJ begged. He was looking up at the ghostly face of the Diaper Man as he felt arms around his back. The Diaper Man didn’t look strong but clearly appearances can be deceiving.

DJ was lowered on to the padded changing table. He felt the cold material beneath him and shuddered. He wondered if running could work but the door they had come through was closed and, he assumed, locked.

The Diaper Man’s thin fingers grabbed hold of DJ’s shirt and with no effort at all he ripped it open and then off the helpless young man. DJ felt frozen from fear and soon he had been stripped completely naked, he covered his private parts whilst blushing and knowing Cody was watching from the baby bed.

A disposable diaper was pulled out from under the padded table. Unlike the incontinence underwear the boys had bought at the store this diaper looked like something meant for little children. The diaper was white and the plastic shined in the light from the cabin. It was adorned with little images of toys and the word “Bebé” was spelled out on toy blocks being held up by stuffed animals.

DJ was frozen from shock and as Diaper Man opened up the crinkling underwear and placed it on the padded table top he felt unable to resist or even move. His hands were moved away from his crotch leaving him fully exposed to the bearded figure.

“Please…” DJ kept repeating in little more than a desperate whisper.

The supernatural figure either didn’t hear DJ or didn’t care about anything the young man might say. The Diaper Man easily lifted DJ’s legs into the air and as the young man was lowered he felt the thick padding of the baby diaper. DJ was soon taped into the diaper with the last tape feeling like the turn of a key in a lock. He couldn’t bear to look over at Cody who was watching his humiliation from the crib.

The diapering wasn’t the end of DJ’s embarrassment. He sat up but was blocked from leaving the changing table. He thought he knew what was coming and he wasn’t disappointed when The Diaper Man pulled out a onesie similar to Cody’s but light red in colour.

DJ tried to resist but the Diaper Man simply wrapped his long spindly fingers around his arms and forced them into the onesie. It was soon over DJ’s head and being clipped together between his legs. It was getting too much for the poor young man and his bottom lip started to quiver.

The dam burst as the mittens and booties were placed on DJ’s hands and feet. He started sobbing like a baby as he was restrained in the restrictive clothing. He felt helpless and was sure that they would never be able to escape this strange legend’s grasp. DJ assumed he was going to be put into the crib but he was lifted up and taken in the other direction. He was forced to lean forwards against the Diaper Man’s chest with his chin over the tall man’s shoulder. One of the Diaper Man’s thin arms was under DJ’s diaper and the other wrapped around his back in a twisted version of baby carrying, it felt less like the embrace of a parent and more like the embrace of death.

The rocking horse in the corner looked like a classic. It was wooden and painted white with black and gold highlights, there were handles for hands and feet with restraints attached to them. DJ was lowered on to the padded seat as he continued to sniffle pathetically. The restraints on his wrists were attached first forcing his mittens to stay on the handles either side of the horse’s head. Once the hands were restrained the Diaper Man moved down to DJ’s feet which were similarly tightly tied up.

DJ watched as the Diaper Man pulled back. He tried to move and found the rocking horse moving backwards and forwards with every slightest twitch. It was humiliating and unless he stayed perfectly still he looked like an overgrown baby enjoying his new toy.

The Diaper Man glided to the crib and dropped the side. Cody backed away to the opposite side of the baby bed in a desperate attempt to avoid the terrifying creature. He had nowhere to go and he was soon scooped up into the Diaper Man’s arms.

Cody was carried across the room. He was so scared he couldn’t resist, he simply trembled as he was taken towards DJ. He wondered what was going to happen but soon had his answer when his legs were threaded through the holes of the baby bouncer in front of the rocking horse. Just like DJ on the horse Cody couldn’t move without setting the furniture in motion. Each small movement sent him bouncing up and down softly.

The Diaper Man stood between the two adult babies and looked from one cringing form to the other. Once he was satisfied that neither baby was going anywhere he took a step back and pulled the sleeve on his coat back to reveal the same burn mark that both boys had. He reached over with his other hand and touched it with his index finger.

The effect was immediate. The burns on both DJ and Cody flared up. It felt like their digestive systems suddenly turned upside down and the pressure on their intestines quickly ramped up. It was clear what was about to happen.



End Chapter 6

The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023


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