The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023

Chapter 2
Part Two

Chapter Description: DJ and Cody get together as they freak out over the unusual marks that have appeared on them. They do some searching online and while DJ thinks he's found the answer Cody isn't so sure. What happens next is inexplicable to them both.

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DJ had thrown on his clothes and scrambled out of bed about a minute after hanging up his call. He put a sweater with long sleeves on despite the warmth of the morning because he didn’t want his parents questioning him about this bizarre marking. His mind flashed with images of official government types coming in and quarantining people or something. He had to prepare for college, he couldn’t jeopardise his future for what would most likely turn out to be nothing.

When the doorbell rang DJ was already at the bottom of the stairs and he opened the door immediately. Cody was standing on the other side looking distinctly pale and panicked.

“Come upstairs and we-” DJ started.

“Oh, hello Cody!” DJ’s mother was walking down the hallway with a big smile.

“Hi Mrs. Jones.” Cody replied rather bashfully.

“Please, you know you can call me Maggie.” DJ’s Mom replied as she leant in and hugged her son’s best friend, “Oh dear, what’s happened to your wrist?”

DJ’s eyes flew over to his friend’s lower arm. Cody was wearing a short-sleeve shirt but had wrapped a bandage around his wrist. Cody seemed to stumble for an answer for a couple of seconds.

“Oh… I just… I just fell off my bike.” Cody said unconvincingly.

“Oh my, I hope you’re alright.” Maggie replied as she looked on with concern, “You know I know a bit of first aid from work. Do you want me to take a look at it?”

“No!” Both DJ and Cody said a bit too promptly.

“I… I mean, it was a nurse who bandaged it.” Cody quickly continued, “She said to keep it on for a couple of weeks.”

“Come on, let’s go upstairs.” DJ quickly interjected before they could be delayed anymore.

The two young men hurried up the stairs and went straight into DJ’s bedroom. As soon as the door was closed Cody started unravelling the bandages and DJ pulled off his sweater. Without a word being spoken they both held out their wrists. It was as clear as day, both the marks were identical in size, shape and colour.

“What the fuck…” DJ muttered as he lowered his wrist.

“We have to tell someone!” Cody said quickly.

“We can’t.” DJ replied as he looked at the statue again.

“What if we’ve caught some disease!?” Cody was borderline hysterical.

“Apart from the mark, how do you feel?” DJ asked.

“Fine.” Cody frowned and shook his head, “But-”

“Then it isn’t a disease.” DJ took a deep breath, “I think it’s a curse.”

Cody looked at DJ dumbly for a few seconds as if his brain couldn’t comprehend what he was hearing. He wasn’t sure if he had heard his friend correctly, he couldn’t seriously say that he believed in magic and witchcraft. Cody started to chuckle and before long he was laughing as he lifted his hands to his face.

DJ picked up the statue he had bought and held it next to his wrist. The safety pin on his wrist was the same as the one the statue was holding. He looked at Cody and waited for him to come to what seemed like an obvious conclusion.

“You’re kidding right?” Cody asked eventually, “I can see the similarities but are you seriously saying we’re cursed?”

“Do you have a better explanation?” DJ asked, “What if that old Mexican woman was trying to warn us. Remember how she screamed and ran away…”

“Maybe it’s an allergic reaction to some chemical or something.” Cody suggested.

“That only affects our wrist?” DJ smirked, “And you thought my suggestion was stupid…”

“Your curse suggestion IS stupid.” Cody repeated.

“El hombre del pañal.” DJ said bluntly.

“Bless you.” Cody replied.

“It’s what the old woman said.” DJ Said with mounting frustration, “I can’t remember what else she said but I remember “El hombre del pañal” clear as day.”

“And what does that mean?” Cody asked with his hands on his hips.

“I was just going to search online.” DJ answered as he powered his computer on.

Cody and DJ waited for the computer to boot on in silence. DJ sat on the chair in front of the desk whilst Cody sat on the edge of the bed. Both men subconsciously rubbed the burn marks on their wrists as they sat in tense silence. Eventually the computer was on and DJ opened his web browser.

“How do you spell it?” DJ asked as his fingers waited above the keyboard, “The thing the old woman said.”

“Don’t ask me.” Cody replied, “I don’t even remember it. It all sounds like gobbledygook to me.”

It took several frustrating minutes for DJ to find the right spelling. He knew he had got it right the second he saw the results pop up. He scrolled down the results page and saw a photo that looked like it had come straight from an old horror film. A tall thin man was stood in the middle of the street, he was standing quite a distance away so making out any details was hard but DJ could see he was wearing an old suit with a leather coat over the top. In the man’s hand was a leather bag that reminded DJ of the type of bag used by doctors in old period dramas.

“I think I’ve found something.” DJ said as he clicked the link.

“What is it?” Cody asked as he came over to the desk and leaned against the wall.

“El hombre del pañal…” DJ read, “That’s it! That’s what that old woman was ranting about.”

“OK, so what does it mean?” Cody asked impatiently.

“The… The Diaper Man.” DJ read slowly.

“The what?” Cody frowned, “Come on, I’m not in the mood for jokes.”

“I’m serious.” DJ asserted, “The Diaper Man is an old Mexican urban legend… apparently.”

DJ scrolled past the picture he had seen on the search page and started reading. The more he read the stranger it all sounded and he really couldn’t work out whether or not he was reading a real urban legend or just some prank.

“The Diaper Man is a seven-foot tall male. Always appearing in the same Victorian era suit, with a grey beard and always carrying a leather case. He appears to be in his sixties and sightings of him go back at least a century.” DJ read out loud for Cody’s benefit.

“What on Earth does any of this have to do with us?” Cody asked in exasperation.

“The Diaper Man can only be seen by people who pick up a cursed item or touch the cursed mark and will stalk them until he gets what he wants.” DJ continued, “His goal is to put his victim into diapers and make them his baby.”

“What on Earth are you going on about?” Cody shook his head disbelievingly.

“The only way to get rid of the curse is to trick another person or people into taking the curse.” DJ read, “The Diaper Man has been said to assist those who are cursed if they can trick others.”

“What a nice guy…” Cody snorted, “Seriously though, what has this fairy tale got to do with us?”

“The mark of The Diaper Man is a burn appearing on the body.” DJ’s mouth went dry, “Usually located on the arm or hand.”

DJ and Cody looked at each other with the only sound being the ticking clock. Shakily and almost in sync with each other the two men rolled up their sleeves to look at the identical burn marks. DJ felt no doubt in his mind that these were the marks of The Diaper Man.

“It’s impossible.” Cody said imploringly as he rolled his sleeve back down and turned away, “It’s a myth. It must just be…”

Cody suddenly stopped talking causing DJ to look up. Cody had suddenly grabbed his wrist and let out a hiss through his teeth. Then a second later he yelped and his hands went down between his legs. He looked down in horror as he felt a cascade of hot liquid pouring out of him. The pee was running down his legs and soaking into his pants.

“Are you alright?” DJ asked. He could only see the back of Cody and thanks to the light it was hard to see why he had suddenly frozen in place.

DJ watched as Cody slowly turned around. DJ’s eyes slowly grew wider as he saw exactly why his friend was so shocked. DJ could see that Cody was still holding his wrist but his attention was drawn below Cody’s waist where he could see his pants had been stained by a still growing wetness that spread out from his crotch and ran down his legs.

“Dude, what are you doing!?” DJ exclaimed as he jumped to his feet.

“I… I couldn’t help it.” Cody’s face was white as a sheet, “I felt a burn on my wrist and then…”

“I’ll get a towel.” DJ shook his head and turned towards the door.

Cody looked down at his feet in shame and wasn’t helped by seeing his piss dripping out of the bottom of his pants and on to his shoes and the floor. He couldn’t believe this had happened, he had never had a problem like this before and didn’t even know he had to use the toilet until it was already happening. When he looked up he saw that DJ had stopped with one hand on the door handle, the other was holding his wrist.

DJ’s eyes were wide as he felt a flare up of pain on his wrist. The strange mark felt like it was burning and quickly growing more intense. As it reached a level that was making him wince he felt a sudden growth of pressure inside his bowels. It grew quickly and then dissipated even faster. It was replaced by a much worse feeling that stopped DJ’s heart.

At first DJ thought he had trapped wind that was quickly forcing it’s way out but he soon found out he was very wrong and the problem was much more serious. DJ felt a solid mass coming out of his hole and pushing into his underpants. He could hardly believe his own senses as the turd dropped into his pants, it’s slimy trail spread over the young man’s butt. Almost immediately a second lump emerged and slid out much more easily.

“DJ? W-What’s wrong?” Cody asked hesitantly as he tried to manage his own embarrassing predicament.

DJ’s pants bulged dramatically as a flurry of small soft poops dropped into his underwear finishing off the embarrassing accident. He didn’t want to but he couldn’t help himself, he reached behind him and felt the large round lump that was now squeezed between his clothes and his body.

“I… I…” DJ’s mouth opened and closed like a fish as he tried to explain the inexplicable.

The smell was unbearable and within seconds no words were necessary to explain what had happened. DJ slowly turned to face his friend with watery eyes. He was shaking a little as he tried to convey with a look what his voice refused to say.

“It’s OK.” Cody said though his face was filled with concern, “Get yourself a shower and change. Is it OK if I borrow some underwear and a pair of pants?”

DJ nodded his head and felt very glad that his friend had given him an out. He turned around and slowly opened the door, he was forced into a waddle as he left the room with the smelly waste in his underpants rubbing against him. It moved around in his underwear like a ball leaving it’s slimy stain on every inch it touched.

DJ turned on the shower and stripped his clothes as quickly as possible. When he saw what he had done to his underwear he felt tears almost overwhelm him, looking at his soiled underpants was utterly humiliating. The smell was incredible and DJ had to open the window and lean out for some fresh air, it allowed time for the shower to warm up. When he stepped inside he found the water did a great job of cleaning him of the crap smeared on his body but left lumps on the floor, DJ had to break them up and get them down the drain with his foot.



End Chapter 2

The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023


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