The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023

Chapter 5
Part Five

Chapter Description: Cody has to go to work and is feeling hopeful that after a strange blip that things might become somewhat normal... He is wrong. DJ is also hopeful that maybe things would be back to normal... He is wrong.

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Cody woke up the next morning with a smile. Not only had he been free from nightmares but he was also completely dry after taking a risk and not wearing a diaper to bed. He sprung up happily and swung his legs over the side of his mattress. He turned off his alarm before it had a chance to ring and went straight to the shower.

Once he was clean Cody went back to his bedroom and got dressed into his uniform. He saw his diapers that he had stashed under the bed but quickly dismissed them. The previous day had proven he didn’t need them and he was still hoping that the craziness had ended. He pulled on a pair of boxer shorts to wear under his work clothes and went downstairs.

The sun seemed to shine extra brightly as Cody walked down the street to the restaurant he worked at. It was only part-time work to earn some spending money but since school was finished and college hadn’t begun he was picking up some extra shifts. It was a fifteen minute walk into town to work, he had to pass through the same park that had caused trouble two days ago but thankfully no bullies were there. Both Cody and DJ were doing all they could to avoid social media and all their former classmates.

Cody clocked in at work and started his shift in much the same way as every other one. He was kept pretty active taking orders and delivering food to tables. Cody was just wiping down a table when he felt a burning on his wrist and a chill running down his spine. He couldn’t believe this was happening here.

Standing up and looking around in fear Cody expected to see the tall Diaper Man but the coast was clear. His face drained of colour though as his body froze up.

“Everything alright, Cody?” Roberto, the elderly man who owned the restaurant asked from behind the cash register.

Cody could feel disaster coming a second before it arrived. He stared blankly at Roberto as he felt his muscles slacken beyond his control. Warmth suddenly flooded down his legs as he uncontrollably wet himself. Urine soaked Cody’s pants and a small stream formed underneath him between his legs. He could see Roberto looking at him with wide eyes, it hardly seemed like this could be real!

“What the hell are you doing!?” Roberto exclaimed as he gestured wildly towards Cody’s legs.

“I… I…” Cody’s flow finally ended but he was soaked and the puddle underneath him was expanding towards the tables. His face was beet red as he trembled in shock.

At the other end of the restaurant Cody saw the only two customers looking scandalised about what had happened. They put down their menus and stood up, they threw scathing looks over their shoulders as they stormed out. Another of the waiters was trying to apologise to them as the door closed.

“Go home!” Roberto shouted crossly, “You shouldn’t come to work if you’re sick!”

Cody didn’t feel sick. He was pretty sure he was perfectly healthy except for the burning on his wrist that hadn’t died down at all, if anything it seemed to be intensifying. He turned towards the kitchen door, he planned to go out the back entrance and try to get home using back streets where he might be able to remain hidden. He could only imagine what would happen if he ran into the bully James Spencer.

Cody lifted his apron over his head as he wetly stepped around the puddle of his own piss. He could hear his boss ordering the other waiter to get a mop and tried to sniff away tears that threatened to fall down his cheeks. He didn’t understand how this had happened, he hadn’t had an issue since that first day, he thought he was OK again!

“Sorry… I’m so sorry…” Cody muttered indistinctly as he nearly slipped over in his own pee.

Cody had only taken a few steps and was just opening the door to the kitchen when the burning on his wrist grew even more intense. He reached over and grabbed at his scar as he felt a strange relaxation going through his muscles again.

“No, please no!” Cody whined but he knew he couldn’t stop what was happening.

Cody felt his bowels push and he was unable to stop them from trying to empty into his pants. He reached around to his butt and could already feel a lump starting to force it’s way out of his body. Cody could see that the others were staring at him again.

Cody only had thoughts for getting out of this humiliating situation. He pushed through the kitchen door and rushed past startled chefs. The lump that had pushed halfway out of his body smeared between his cheeks and he could feel the slimy poop acting like a lubricant. He just wanted to get outside before he humiliated himself, he needed to be alone whilst doing this like a little baby knowing he was being naughty.

As Cody quickly walked through the hot kitchen he felt more waste pushing out between his cheeks. He couldn’t stop it halfway this time and it dropped into his cotton briefs. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he pushed past a chef who wasn’t looking. Cody was terrified that people could smell him, he felt like his own stink was overpowering the much more pleasant smell of food. He knew he could lose his job and what remained of his dignity if he was seen like this.

The back door was thankfully unlocked and Cody pushed through and out to the alley behind the restaurant. He turned and faced the door as he pushed it closed. He leaned forwards and placed his forehead against the plastic and felt his body push down even harder. His ass stuck out behind him and he pushed out the poop, in truth he didn’t have much say in the matter.

Cody’s underwear and pants bulged out as the crap dropped out of his body and into his clothes. He closed his eyes as a tear ran down his cheek, his face was increasingly reddening as his pants rapidly filled. He couldn’t stop the humiliating accident no matter how much he wished he could.

Finally it all finished. Cody panted heavily and he reached around with a hand to touch the deposit in his pants. He gingerly touched the lump and then quickly pulled his hand away.

“I don’t understand…” Cody sobbed to himself, “I thought it was getting better!”

Cody stood up straight again and felt the poop smear against him. Regardless of what had happened he knew he had to get home without anyone seeing him. He turned around with the plan to hide as he went through the back streets when he froze.

The sight was so shocking that Cody’s brain seemed to lag. Standing just a foot in front of him was the slim seven foot tall Mexican urban legend. The gaunt figure towered above Cody and looked down at him with expressionless eyes, his hollow cheeks seemed impossibly concave, the pale skin seemed pulled tight over his bones. He looked like he should smell of death but Cody didn’t notice an odour coming from the man at all.

Cody stepped back and flattened himself against the door. His soaked and soiled clothes pressed against his skin and he was stunned into silence. He couldn’t pull his eyes away from the supernatural being. For an age neither of them moved. Cody finally found the courage to speak.

“The… The Diaper Man?” Cody stuttered as if the figure in front of him could be anything else.

The Diaper Man nodded his head slowly as if every single movement took a great deal of effort. He reached out an arm and with his other hand he pulled up the sleeve of his coat. His skin was almost ghostly white and after staring at the long spindly fingers Cody’s shocked gaze moved up to see the beings wrist. Cody audibly gasped as he saw the same mark that had been burned on to his wrist.

The Diaper Man extended his long index finger and pressed it against the mark on his wrist. Almost immediately Cody felt the feeling leaving his body, his knees went weak and it seemed like the world was going dark. Before he knew what was happening his body and mind went blank. He started falling only for the long bony arms of The Diaper Man to catch him. Cody’s limp body was picked up and The Diaper Man turned around to walk down the alley with his prey.


DJ was just sat at home on his couch. His mom was bustling around cleaning but after all the excitement of the previous couple of days he was happy to be lazy. He kept checking his wrist in the hope that the mark would be gone or at least faded, there was no such luck.

As DJ flicked through television channels he found himself thinking more and more about the encounter with the bullies in the park. James Spencer already spread rumours about DJ and Cody but now that he had seen the diapers he was sure the whisperings would go into overdrive. He wished he had been quicker on his feet and made up some excuse as to why he had a bag of diapers.

“Are you going to sit there all day?” DJ’s mom walked into the living room causing the young man to quickly roll down his sleeve and cover the mark.

“I don’t know…” DJ let out a long breath, “Maybe?”

“I thought you’d be out playing with Cody, it’s a lovely day.” DJ’s mom said as she picked up a clothes hamper that needed to go to the washing machine.

“We don’t play, Mom.” DJ was very sensitive to anything sounded childish, “We hang out. He’s working anyway.”

“Well if you’re hurting for something to do you can go to the shop and get some chicken for dinner.” DJ’s mom suggested.

“It’s OK, I’m just watching some television…” DJ replied.

DJ turned to the side and saw his mom looking at him with her hands on her hips. It let DJ know that she wasn’t happy with him being lazy and going to the shop was an order rather than a suggestion. DJ sighed and pushed himself up out of his chair, he took the money his mom was holding out and started getting ready to leave. Five minutes later he was walking down the street to the grocery store.

DJ walked through the park and towards the high street. He walked down the street and past the restaurant Cody worked in, he looked in through the window but couldn’t see his friend in there. He recognised some of Cody’s co-workers and saw that they were mopping the floor, none of them looked too happy to be doing it. DJ made a mental note to ask Cody what happened later as he walked past the restaurant towards the grocery store.

The automatic doors slid open as DJ approached and stepped inside. It was a small family run store and pretty much empty, the only employee was an older man who was sat behind the till near the entrance. DJ gave him a little nod in greeting as he walked in and towards the back of the store.

There was some soft music playing over the speakers but otherwise the store was quiet. DJ walked all the way to the back wall and saw the refrigerated units and the chicken inside, it was as he reached out for the chicken that he was suddenly stopped by the burning sensation on his wrist. He felt his stomach do a flip as he brought his hand closer to himself to look at the mark. His heartbeat almost immediately doubled.

DJ’s senses became hyper-aware as he felt fear and panic surging through him. He wished Cody was still with him, being alone when this happened made it even scarier. DJ suddenly realised that the previously quiet store had become completely silent, even the radio seemed to have stopped as if waiting to see what was about to happen. All these observations and thoughts flew through his head in just a couple of seconds. The next thing DJ felt was a warmth running down his legs.

DJ was mortified by what was happening. In a store in the middle of town DJ was helplessly wetting himself. The urine ran down his inner thighs and into his shoes as he stayed frozen to the spot, he felt too scared to turn around for fear of what he might see. As the last of the urine dribbled out and the flow came to a halt he felt a hand suddenly touch his shoulder. He didn’t need to turn around to know who or what it was and his knees shook.

“Please don’t…” DJ whispered as he felt the bony fingers squeeze his shoulders.



End Chapter 5

The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023


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