The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023

Chapter 9
Part Nine

Chapter Description: DJ and Cody's strange stay with The Diaper Man continues. DJ learns the new schedule and feels hope starting to ebb away as the days roll by. However, a trip outside may provide a chance to change things...

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For hours DJ and Cody sat and played listlessly. The warm squishy mess in DJ’s diaper had cooled quickly and was getting very uncomfortable. Both of the boys had wet themselves since sitting down, the warm urine providing a temporary distraction. Time seemed to mean nothing in the cabin and DJ had no way of knowing how much time had passed in the real world. He wondered idly if his mom or anyone else was out looking for him.

Without warning there was a click from the cabin door and it swung open. The Diaper Man drifted in looking as imposing as ever. He saw the two young men playing with toys and seemed satisfied. He pointed towards the highchairs and Cody immediately stood up.

“What are you doing?” DJ asked from the floor. His diaper was practically a biological hazard at this point and he was feeling an itch that he just couldn’t scratch.

“He wants us to go over to the highchairs for lunch.” Cody replied.

“And you’re just going to do it?” DJ asked, “No resistance.”

“You try to resist and see what happens.” Cody muttered darkly.

Cody’s diaper sagged low between his thighs as he turned away from his friend and went to the toddler chairs. He lifted himself and turned to sit in the highchair. The tray was locked in front of him as Cody looked out at the room with a kind of grim determination.

The Diaper Man turned towards DJ and stared. DJ remembered his spanking from the previous day and definitely didn’t want a repeat of it. He slowly climbed to his feet with his diaper sticking to his skin. He shuddered as he resisted the urge to pull the diaper away from himself.

DJ knew that sitting in the highchair was the right decision but it didn’t make him feel any better about it. As he sat down he felt his body slide inside the diaper with the poop acting like a lubricant. He closed his eyes and let out a deep breath as the tray was closed in front of him again.

“Can’t I at least get a diaper change first?” DJ asked.

The Diaper Man turned away without showing any indication he had DJ. In retrospect it was probably the best outcome DJ could’ve hoped for. The same IV stands were wheeled over to the two highchairs and placed next to the two young men. DJ didn’t know if he could stand another feeding like the previous day but it didn’t look like he was going to get much choice in the matter.

The pacifier gags were pushed into the boys’ mouths and strapped behind their heads. DJ’s hopes were so low that when he saw the bag was only half full of mush he actually felt relieved. He wanted to get his food finished as soon as possible in the hopes that it might mean a diaper change. As they ate the Diaper Man left the cabin and then came back in with a plastic tub full of water. The fact he was able to drag it in with seemingly little effort was incredible.

Lunch was easier to digest than dinner though both men were full to bursting by the time only air came through their feed bags. After being released from the chairs they were finally allowed diaper changes. DJ was left feeling annoyed when Cody was selected to be changed first, sure he was soaking wet but DJ’s diaper was in a far worse condition!

Cody was stripped naked and instead of a new diaper being put on him he was lifted and sat in the tub. DJ was lifted up on to the changing table next and as the front of his padding was lowered he felt an immediate relief. The fresh air instantly made him feel better despite the circumstances, he stayed still as he was cleaned and was surprised by how gentle the Diaper Man could be.

Once the crap had been cleaned away DJ was lifted into the air. His legs hung uselessly as he was carried over and placed in the small tub on the opposite side to Cody. The water was very clear and didn’t hide their private parts much at all. Even worse was the size of the tub which meant the two young men’s legs overlapped and they felt uncomfortably close considering they were completely naked.

The Diaper Man knelt down and extended his long bony arms towards the tub. He took a sponge and some soap and started cleaning the two men. Cody and DJ couldn’t look at each other, they kept their eyes averted as they were both soaped up and washed down. DJ shivered whenever the spindly fingers touched his skin.

At one point during the bathing DJ’s leg was lifted to be washed and when it was placed back under the water he accidentally brushed against Cody’s genitals. He quickly pulled his leg away and muttered an embarrassed apology.

Once out of the water the boys were handed towels by the Diaper Man and he allowed them to dry themselves. DJ took as much time as he could assuming that as soon as he was finished he was going straight back into a diaper, Cody seemed to have the same idea as they both tried to enjoy the relative freedom.

The Diaper Man didn’t have infinite patience and after a couple of minutes he walked over to DJ and snatched the towel away from him. DJ was left naked for just a couple of seconds before the towel was roughly pushed against his skin.

“Hey!” DJ exclaimed as he was roughly rubbed by the fluffy towel.

With the Diaper Man on the case DJ was dried very quickly and as soon as the towel was allowed to drop to the floor he felt those horrid fingers wrapping around his body and lifting him into the air. He was sat on the edge of the changing table in almost no time at all, he knew the Diaper Man expected him to lay back but it felt like participating in his own torture. He looked to the side at the door, Cody was in his line of sight and he subtly shook his head.

DJ sighed with the sadness of a broken man as he leaned back. He looked at the wall as his cheeks turned pink. He could hear crinkling as a new diaper was unfolded, his legs were lifted so the padding could be slipped underneath him. He felt the soft padding wrapped around his hips and had to suppress the urge to jump up and try to run.

Once DJ was diapered he was put into a white shirt and a pair of denim shortalls that seemed to accentuate the bulge around his crotch and butt. The process was repeated for Cody and he was dressed in the same clothes except his shirt was a pale yellow.

“What happens now?” DJ asked Cody as he was placed down on the floor.

“Nap time.” Cody replied.

The Diaper Man walked noiselessly across to the crib and lowered the railings. Cody climbed in without a moment’s hesitation but DJ couldn’t bring himself to do it, he remembered what happened the previous evening and didn’t want a repeat, he still felt sore inside his diaper.

“If you let us go we promise we won’t tell anyone.” DJ said rather desperately.

The Diaper Man showed no sign of hearing DJ. He was bent over in the crib and attaching the restraints to Cody. DJ felt a deep frustration that his friend had rolled over so readily.

The Diaper Man turned around and looked at DJ. The young man felt his attempts at resistance faltering under the glare of the unblinking eyes. He stepped forwards with his head bowed ready to do as he was told but as he reached the crib he felt a sudden push in his back forcing him to bend over the mattress.

DJ yelped as his top half was forced forwards until his face hit the front of Cody’s diaper. DJ felt the smooth plastic of Cody’s diaper against his skin and winced, he wanted to get up but the hand on his back preventing him from moving. He couldn’t even remove his head from Cody’s padded crotch.

The first spank caught DJ completely by surprise. He exclaimed and swore loudly as the sudden smack forced his head forwards and further across the padding in his face. The Diaper Man continued to discipline DJ who could feel the strong hits through his thick padding, he could feel his butt bruising.

“What is this for!?” DJ’s voice was muffled by the diaper as tears leaked from the corners of his eyes.

The spanking started suddenly and ended the same way. After a dozen swats to DJ’s rear he was pushed up and into the crib where he was strapped down, any thought of resistance had completely dissipated.

DJ expected another assault of the stuffed toys but after the side of the crib was raised he was relieved to see the Diaper Man leave the cabin. The tearful young man could feel his stinging rear radiating heat and he had to take several minutes to compose himself before trying to speak. He was just about to open his mouth when he heard soft snoring coming from the other side of the crib. He sighed and closed his eyes himself, he couldn’t believe Cody was able to relax that quickly.

The evening passed in the same way as the morning. DJ and Cody were woken, fed, forced to play and then received diaper changes before going back to the crib. That night, like the previous one, involved the two young men being strapped down and masturbated for hours and hours. By the time the teddy bears went back to inanimate objects DJ was a sweaty mess. With his diaper sticking to his body he closed his eyes and eventually fell asleep.

Yet another day passed in the same vein. Very little changed and DJ had to endure the whole schedule along with Cody. By the end of the day as DJ was strapped into the crib he was feeling desperate and wondered if this was to be his life forever. Trapped in a nursery cabin with a supernatural being and babied forever, trapped in the same endless routine with no hope of ever “growing up” and going to college or getting a job.

On the third day since DJ arrived he was sitting on the floor playing shortly after the very filling breakfast he had become used to. There was nothing out of the ordinary until the Diaper Man walked in and brought something with him. DJ was facing the door and was the first to look up and see a large double stroller in the doorway.

“What’s that for!?” DJ said as he scooted back on his wet diaper slightly.

Cody looked around and saw it too. For the first time since DJ arrived he looked genuinely shocked. The two young men were in onesies, DJ’s was red whilst Cody’s was blue, and their diapers bulged out from the wettings since breakfast. Cody turned around and scooted back so he was next to DJ.

With the two boys cowering next to each other they were an easy target. Cody was lifted at first and as his legs kicked out underneath him he was carried over to the stroller and dropped into the seat. The straps snaked around him and fastened themselves pushing him back into the seat.

DJ was picked up next and despite his begging and pleading he was lowered into the seat next to Cody. The straps held him down and as he pulled and strained against them all he managed to do was hurt his shoulders and chest where the straps crossed his body. His diapered rear was pushed out in front of him a little as he was held against the fabric of the seat.

“He can’t take us out…” Cody muttered. It sounded like he was trying to convince himself, “People would see and help us.”

DJ agreed but couldn’t see what else could be planned. He felt his tummy rumble and he knew that he hadn’t had his bowel movement that morning. After the huge breakfast it was only a matter of time, he had been trying to hold off so he didn’t have to sit in it long before a change but now his strategy had backfired.

The young men jerked suddenly as the stroller was pushed forwards towards the open doorway. The blackness beyond the door grew bigger as they got closer until they went through and into the black room beyond. Cody only belatedly realised how tense he was and could only assume DJ felt the same way. Cody tried to pay attention to the movement to see if it gave him any clues as to how to escape but the darkness was complete, he couldn’t even see DJ who he knew was right next to him.

If there was some kind of teleporting involved it was impossible to tell. Neither DJ nor Cody felt any different or could see any kind of sudden movement as the whiteness of a doorway approached. They were push inexorably towards it, the sudden brightness almost blinding after their eyes had grown used to the dark. As suddenly as they entered the pitch black void they now emerged on the other side just outside the warehouse they had originally been taken into.

“He can’t do this.” DJ asserted disbelievingly, “People will see us.”

The Diaper Man didn’t seem concerned about being seen as he pushed the stroller down the street. DJ furiously waved with both his arms towards any car that passed trying to get attention and help but no one seemed to take any notice. He frowned.

“I don’t get it…” Cody said quietly, “Why doesn’t anyone see us an- OH MY GOD!”

“What?” DJ jumped at his friend’s sudden exclamation and he looked over to Cody, “HOLY CRAP!”



End Chapter 9

The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023


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