The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023

Chapter 8
Part Eight

Chapter Description: DJ and Cody are trapped. Whilst DJ is desperate for escape his friend seems resigned to their fate. DJ finds out what a day in the cabin is really like.

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DJ was the first to wake up the next morning. With his eyes still closed he pulled against the restraints on his wrists as he tried to roll over, he was stopped and when he opened his eyes he was brought crashing back to reality. The cabin was silent and Cody’s breathing was the only thing DJ could hear.

With a moment of peace and quiet to himself DJ had time to process everything that had happened. The way time seemed to slow almost to a complete halt, the kidnapping, the baby treatment and the teddy bears that masturbated both him and Cody for what felt like hours. He still felt sore around his crotch and the front of the diaper was basically plastered to him from everything he had produced, it was incredibly uncomfortable.

DJ remembered when he was younger and doing arts and crafts with his mom how he had got glue all over himself. To clean it off his mom had got some very hot water and it seemed to do the trick. DJ very quickly came to the idea that he needed the same thing here if he wanted to separate the diaper font from himself. He took a breath and relaxed.

DJ hadn’t wet himself intentionally before. Every time before now it had been entirely involuntary but this time he was trying to relax his muscles himself. He closed his eyes and tried to relax as much as he could, it was harder to let go of control than he imagined it would be. It started with a trickle and quickly increased into a solid flow. He felt the urine splash around his diaper but to his annoyance it seemed to miss the area that was stubbornly stuck to him. It made DJ feel like he was wetting himself for no reason though in the back of his mind he knew he would have to do it sooner or later.

Cody awoke with a start a little while later. DJ saw him lift his head look around with a mixture of disappointment and confusion before realising where he was and what was happening. His head went back against the thin pillows and he sighed in defeat. DJ wanted to comfort his friend but he knew there was little he could say to make this more bearable. They stayed quiet and lost in their own personal hells.

“I don’t suppose you have any plans?” Cody finally spoke up a little bit later.

“Sorry…” DJ replied.

The door to the cabin opened suddenly and violently. DJ jumped and felt adrenaline immediately flood his system whilst Cody barely winced. The Diaper Man walked in his eerily silent way across the room to the crib.

The railings rattled as they descended and the cuffs that held DJ down loosened themselves. He grabbed one red and sweaty wrist and just had time to rub it for a second before he was licked up. DJ felt the Diaper Man wrap one long arm around his back and the other went under his recently wet diaper.

DJ was taken to one of the highchairs and placed in the seat. No sooner had the tall man’s hands left his body than the tray snapped shut leaving his hands useless by his sides. Straps and restraints wound around his body until he was held virtually motionless in the seat. DJ watched as he pulled uselessly on the cuffs and belts as Cody was lifted and taken to the second highchair next to him. There seemed to be no fight left in Cody.

Once both of the young men were trapped the Diaper Man moved across the cabin to some cupboards and what looked to be a very small kitchenette. DJ wondered how long he had been here now. He knew it felt like nearly a day but with the time dilation he didn’t know what that meant on the outside. Were people missing him already? Were people looking?

When the Diaper Man came back towards them he was wheeling too large poles with clear plastic bags hanging from the top. Each bag was filled with a brown mush that had little flecks of colour here and there. It looked to DJ like dog’s vomit.

“Don’t fight it.” Cody suddenly said.

“Huh?” DJ replied as he looked at his friend.

“If you try to resist it’ll be much worse.” Cody said cryptically, “Just… trust me.”

The two poles were placed next to the two highchairs. A thin translucent tube came down from each of the bags and ended in what looked like a pacifier with a strap. Cody was the first to be strapped in. DJ watched as his friend hesitantly opened his mouth and let the Diaper Man push the pacifier into his mouth and past his lips. The leather straps were pulled behind Cody’s head and done up tightly. DJ was shocked by what he was seeing and as the Diaper Man removed a clip on the long tube DJ saw the food start to push down and towards Cody’s mouth.

When the Diaper Man picked up the other pacifier DJ’s first instinct was to turn his head away and try to stop himself ending up like Cody. He remembered his friend’s words though and trusted him enough to resist the urge. He slowly opened his mouth and felt the large latex bulb of the pacifier being pushed in. The strap pulled it even tighter against his lips, he couldn’t help but press his tongue against the bulb and a squirt of horribly bland baby food entered his mouth. He swallowed and more squirted in.

The Diaper Man stepped back and looked down. DJ was stuck in place rhythmically sucking and swallowing. The only sounds in the room was the slurping coming from both the young men’s mouths. Halfway through the feeding Cody couldn’t restrain his bladder and he flooded his diaper much like DJ had done in the crib.

It was slow going. DJ felt full fairly quickly but when he turned and looked up he saw he still had half the bag to go. He looked pleadingly at the Diaper Man to try and convey his discomfort but it was like staring at a brick wall and hoping for empathy.

The only thing DJ and Cody could do was continuously suck on the tubes forced into their mouth and swallow the bland food. They felt like their bellies were going to burst and when DJ looked down he could see he almost looked pregnant such was the protrusion of his tummy. It was exhausting to keep eating but any time he tried to rest he found his mouth filling anyway.

It felt like a long time before DJ tiredly sucked on the open pacifier and found nothing but air coming in. His head slumped forwards, he felt no satisfaction in his full stomach and could barely do more than groan as the strap around his head was undone. He let out a loud belch whilst the Diaper Man took the feeding paci from Cody as well. DJ looked over to his friend and was shocked at how fat he looked after all the food.

There was a deep rumble from deep in DJ’s tummy as his overworked stomach complained. He was released from his bindings but didn’t move, he felt like he was going to explode like a balloon with too much air in it. Once Cody was also released from his restraints the Diaper Man left the room again.

There was no talking for several minutes as both DJ and Cody groaned and tried desperately to not move at all. The silence in the cabin was oppressive and everything was completely still. Slowly DJ started looking up and around the cabin. For the first time he and Cody were left alone and unrestricted.

“Are you alright?” DJ asked Cody as he clutched his bulging stomach and stood up.

“Not really.” Cody moaned, “I’m trapped in a cabin and being babied by a Mexican myth.”

DJ didn’t know what to say so he started slowly walking around the room and looking at everything. He had his hands over his belly which was still gurgling dramatically, he had never been this stuffed before and each step made him feel nauseous. He didn’t know how much time alone he and Cody were going to get so he wanted to make use of all of it. He went over to the windows and tried to open them, unsurprisingly they were locked. DJ’s next step was to grab a solid wooden block from the floor and take aim at the window.

“You’re wasting your time.” Cody muttered.

“You’ve tried this?” DJ asked.

“I’ve tried everything.” Cody said, “The door is locked, the glass is unbreakable… Hell, even the walls are flame proof and reinforced. I tried everything.”

“Then what are we supposed to do?” DJ asked in frustration, “Just sit around waiting for our kidnapper to return?”

“We’re supposed to play.” Cody answered.

“Screw that.” DJ muttered petulantly.

“If he isn’t happy with how much you’ve played he doesn’t come back.” Cody continued. He continued as his cheeks flushed, “No matter how much your diaper needs changing…”

“How does he know what we’re doing when we’re not here?” DJ asked.

“Don’t ask me, dude.” Cody replied.

DJ sighed in frustration as Cody slid off his seat and on to the floor. He crawled forwards to where the play mat was and started stacking some of the blocks. DJ looked down without any appetite to join in. He looked out the window and the featureless expanse of the desert beyond, the glass looked so thin. DJ couldn’t help himself.

DJ’s threw his fist forwards with the desperation of a trapped man. The wooden block held out to try and smash the window. He yelled as he put all his effort into the swing. He heard Cody yell not to but he wouldn’t be able to stop himself even if he wanted to.

The block hit the window and simply bounced away without so much as a scratch left behind. DJ’s hand exploded in pain and he dropped the block to the floor. Almost simultaneously a very warm sensation started spreading through DJ’s diaper. It took him a moment to realise what was happening as his uninjured hand went behind him and felt the still expanding lump on his rear.

“I told you not to do it.” Cody sighed in exasperation.

“You didn’t tell me I would…” DJ’s face flushed, “Do that.”

It was the strangest feeling in the world. DJ had felt no need for the bathroom and then his bowels had suddenly emptied into his underwear. He couldn’t help but prod and feel the messy rear of his padding, it had happened so suddenly he didn’t quite believe he was poopy again. In some ways it was a relief to empty a little of his digestive system, he just wished he could do it anywhere except for his pants.

The smell was already starting to pollute the air and DJ started facing up to the fact that he didn’t know when the Diaper Man would return. He remembered Cody saying he wouldn’t change them until he was satisfied that they had played enough. There was only one thing the cringing young man could do.

DJ walked over to Cody with the weird wide-legged waddle of someone who had recently filled their underpants. He slowly lowered himself down until the bottom of his diaper touched the floor. He saw Cody grimacing in empathy as DJ slowly let himself down and felt the warm mush in his diaper squeezing and shifting over more and more of his skin.

“We can’t stay here.” DJ choked out as he flushed with embarrassment.

“I think we’re here until the Diaper Man says otherwise.” Cody shrugged sadly.

“You can’t give up!” DJ replied quickly as he grabbed some blocks and started aimlessly building.

“I’m just being realistic.” Cody said as he looked around the rustic nursery, “I don’t see us breaking out any time soon.”

DJ wanted to argue back. He felt like just acting like the babies and play things of the Diaper Man was intolerable and yet he didn’t see any options. Sitting there and playing in used diapers like everything was normal frustrated the young man a lot. He picked up another wooden block and flung it at the door in frustration.



End Chapter 8

The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023


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