Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023

Chapter 5
Part Five

Chapter Description: After a humiliating accident Mikey and Milena have a discussion. Afterwards Milena has to take some time to see a client whilst Mikey gets a craving he simlpy MUST satisfy.

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“What’s going on, Mikey?” Milena asked when Mikey sat down on the armchair next to the couch she was sitting on.

Mikey was still in shock. He couldn’t believe Milena had seen his diapers yet alone the situation that led to him holding one. He was mortified and he brought his knees up to his chest to try and make himself as small as possible. He was supposed to be an adult and yet he had filled his pants helplessly, even Jack was bigger than that.

Mikey remained silent. He didn’t know if there was anything he could say to make this better, he didn’t know if he could resuscitate his dignity. He couldn’t even look up at his new caretaker. If Mikey saw the disgust he was sure was on her face he thought it would break him. It was just like at school when people would find out his shameful secret and he was ostracized.

“I can’t help you unless I know what’s going on.” Milena’s voice was very gentle. She leaned forwards on her seat and her heaving chest became more prominent.

Mikey snuck a look up at Milena and saw her breasts practically spilling out of her shirt. He tried not to stare but his mouth was practically watering as his mind went back to his mother and the milk she used to feed him. He couldn’t help but be distracted, drinking from his mom was the most relaxing thing in the world and now he couldn’t do it despite the very stressful circumstances. He never thought he would be jealous of a three-year-old but he here he was wishing he was Jack.

“Is that why your bed has been wet?” Milena asked, “Do you need to wear diapers?”

It pained Mikey but he nodded his head slowly. The walls of adulthood he had built so precariously were crumbling under the smallest interrogation. He cheeks blazed with embarrassment, they acted like a beacon of shame.

“Your accident just now… Do you need to wear them in the day?” Milena asked. Her voice was so gentle.

“No!” Mikey quickly said. The exclamation surprising himself as much as Milena.

Milena sat patiently and waited for Mikey to continue.

“I… I wet the bed.” Mikey said quietly as he stared determinedly at his feet, “I’m a bed wetter. The accident just now was a one off.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Milena asked softly.

“Because I’m supposed to be an adult!” Mikey’s frustrated statement seemed to explode out of him, “There’s no one looking after me now. I have to be a proper adult and forget all these stupid babyish things!”

Finally putting voice to the things he had been feeling since the crash Mikey felt tears start to flow as a sob closed his throat and made him take a deep shuddering breath. He hid his face behind his palms.

“Oh, sweetie.” Milena stood up and walked around to where Mikey sat. She crouched down in front of him and reached around to hug him. Her shirt quickly grew wet from his tears but she remained there like a rock for Mikey to cry against, “I’m here to look after you.”

Eventually the tears started to subside and Mikey pulled back away from the cuddle. To Milena he looked so small and lost, she could see he desperately needed someone to tell him everything would be alright.

“Mikey, do you not what one of the most grown-up things you can do is?” Milena asked softly and with a small smile. She watched Mikey think for a second as he shook his head, “Admit when you need help. It’s really, really difficult but shows a great maturity. If you need to wear diapers at night the grown up thing would be to do it rather than causing all this stress trying to do something which may not be possible.”

“I know, but…” Mikey paused and sniffed loudly, “Everyone else made fun of me.”

“And I’m telling you now.” Milena looked into Mikey’s eyes to show him how sincere she was being, “If you need to wear diaper at night that is fine. No one in this house will judge you for that. Ever.”

Mikey sniffled as he looked down at the floor. He used the bottom of his shirt to dry his eyes.

“You know… If you need help with your diapers I would be happy to lend a hand.” Milena offered warmly, “Putting it on, taking it off… Whatever you need.”

“I’ll be fine.” Mikey replied quietly. He could feel the temperature rising in his face. He was embarrassed that he had to even think about it. He used to love the way his mother took care of his diapers after all.

There was a brief silence before Mikey suddenly leaned forwards and wrapped Milena in an even tighter hug than before. Milena patted his back and yet again felt her shirt get wet from the young man’s tears.

Once Mikey pulled away the day returned to a relative normality. Milena spent her afternoon and evening in front of her computer doing work whilst Mikey kept mostly to himself in his bedroom. The two got together at dinner and throughout all their conversation the subject of what happened earlier never came up.

That night when Mikey closed his bedroom door to get ready for bed he went over to his drawers and took one of his diapers. He laid it out on the bed and sat down on the soft padding. When he had lived with his mom she would often come in to put him into the diaper, it was a nice intimate moment that really helped the two bond. Mikey could do it himself but it never quite felt like it fit as nicely. He thought about Milena’s offer again and whether he should get her to help him but after a few seconds he laid out his diaper himself.

When Mikey woke up the next morning he was unsurprised to see that the diaper was soaked but the bed remained dry. He took the diaper out to the trash once he was dressed for the day. He developed a routine and he was left to look after his diapers which still felt at least a little bit grown up. Just when he was starting to fear he was running out of diapers he walked into his bedroom to see a new pack sitting on the bed, Mikey appreciated Milena keeping it all low-key.

A week after his first night back in diapers Milena knocked on the door. It was early afternoon and Mikey had been relaxing with his feet up reading a comic book. He told Milena to come in and saw she was dressed a little differently to how he was used to. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail instead of hanging free and her face had make-up on. She was wearing more formal clothes than usual though they did little or nothing to hide the bosoms underneath.

“So, you know I’m a therapist, right?” Milena started, “Obviously I took some time off to get you settled in but I have a client coming today. We’ll be just down the landing, you don’t need to do anything I just wanted to let you know what was happening.”

“OK.” Mikey replied simply.

“Alright, I’ll need you not to disturb me whilst my patient is here.” Milena continued, “Unless it’s an emergency, of course.”

Mikey smiled and nodded.

“Thank you for being understanding.” Milena smiled and closed the door again.

Mikey went back to his comic book but found himself distracted again. Just looking at breasts was enough to make his mouth water these days. He was so thirsty for something that was unavailable and he hated it. Not for the first time his mind drifted down to the basement and the contents of the freezer. The temptation was strong.

The doorbell rang twenty minutes later and although Mikey stayed in his seat he stopped what he was doing to listen. He heard Milena go downstairs and answer with enthusiasm before both her and the patient’s footsteps came upstairs. They walked past the door to Mikey’s bedroom and into the locked room.

Mikey couldn’t help himself. He knew Milena would be occupied for some time and he had a desperate craving he needed to satiate. He climbed off his bed and, as quietly as possible, headed down to the basement. He could feel his heart hammering as he approached the freezer. It felt like he was heading to grab the elixir of life and he wouldn’t have been surprised to open the door and find it all gone.

As the door pulled open Mikey could see the freezer full of bags. The white liquid within could only be milk and Mikey licked his lips as he reached inside. The bags were heavier than he expected and if this was indeed from Milena’s breasts then she was certainly expressing a lot. He still didn’t know why she was doing this but that question could be saved for later, right now he needed to get one of the bags back to his room.

Mikey felt paranoid about being caught so pushed the bag up under his shirt. He exhaled suddenly as the coldness touched his skin. He hurried up the stairs of the basement and back up to his room as quickly as possible. When he closed the door behind him he let the frozen bag fall to the ground.

Mikey felt like a teenager who had just stolen one of his father’s cigarettes. He guiltily looked at the bag now lying on the floor. He picked it up and placed it on his bed. He had waited for this for so long. He knew he had to wait for it to thaw but he was so impatient. He wrapped the bag up in his cover and went over to his computer.

Knowing he needed to wait Mikey loaded up a video game and started playing. He was desperate to distract himself but he found himself constantly checking the frozen milk for any signs of thaw. He was so impatient that despite it being a warm day Mikey turned on the radiator and placed the milk next to it. He finally felt like he was making progress as he saw a little bit of liquid milk sloshing about in the bag.

Mikey’s excitement rose another several notches. He forgot about the computer now and just watched as the milk slowly returned to liquid. Eventually there was a pool of milk in the bag that was big enough to drink. He grabbed an empty glass from his bedside table and carefully tipped the bag into it.

As the glass came to Mikey’s lips he found himself shaking. It wasn’t his mom’s milk and he wasn’t sure if anything could ever be as good as hers but he just needed the drink so much. He tipped the glass back and could see the sweet white liquid slowly get closer and closer to his lips. As he felt the first drops hit his tongue he felt every muscle relaxing. He hadn’t even realised he had been tense. As he gulped the milk down he closed his eyes and smiled. He put the glass back on the table and flopped backwards on his bed.

Over the next hour the milk melted completely and Mikey poured it all into the glass to drink. A part of him felt guilty, this was an intimate thing after all but his desperation for human milk pushed his scruples aside. As he basked in the afterglow after finishing the last drop his mind returned to the question it had been asking when he first saw the freezer. Why on Earth did Milena have so many bags of what was unmistakably breast milk?



End Chapter 5

Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023


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