Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023

Chapter 7
Part Seven

Chapter Description: Milena's body is responding to her guest's presence whilst Mikey accidentally lets something slip that risks changing his relatioship with his host for good.

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Milena sat on her bed as she read a crime thriller. She usually did this at the end of the day, some reading to help unwind and prepare her for sleep. As she sat up she could feel wetness pressing against her breasts again. She lifted her nightgown up and saw distinct patches where she had been leaking.

“What is going on?” Milena asked no one in particular.

Milena’s breasts seemed to be in overdrive. They had never started producing milk this often and consistently. She had even breast fed a client that day, normally having someone empty her like that would stop any real leakage for a little while. She reached over to the bedside cabinet and opened the little door. Inside the cabinet was a pair of breast pumps, she attached the collection bottles and lifted them to her chest.

Even as Milena attached the pumps to her breast she felt a trickle of her thin milk running down her chest. She settled back against the headboard as she started the pumps up. The pressure inside the suction area quickly grew as Milena secured the pumps and started to pump. As Milena watched milk started to run out of each of her breasts. The thin liquid ran down from the pump and fell into the bag. Milena looked down and saw her large nipples being rhythmically sucked as she squeezed the handle.

Not for the first time Milena wondered what was going on with her breasts. The last few days had seen a huge uptick in her milk production despite her diet and pumping schedule remaining unchanged. There was only one alteration to Milena’s schedule and she was starting to understand that it had changed her body.

“Mikey…” Milena said with a quiet sigh.

Ever since Mikey had moved in Milena’s body had responded as if she had a new born baby. She had tried desperately to treat the young man like the adult he was but her body was rebelling. Milena had encouraged Mikey in every way she could, she had helped with his problems but had made sure not to coddle him too much. Despite her best intentions Milena’s body was acting as if Mikey needed the mother he had just lost and that she could be that role. Her body was overriding her brains attempts to not infantilize her guest.

Milena didn’t know whether it was because of how she breast fed Mikey when he was a baby and young child but her breasts seemed to want to pick up where they left off. Milena opened her eyes just briefly to see the bottles half full already. Milena didn’t know if she had been sat in bed longer than she thought or whether the milk was just flowing so easily, at this rate she would need to reload the pumps with two new bottles.

After another few minutes Milena felt the bottles hanging from her breasts getting very full. She leaned over to grab a couple of new containers. Just as she did so she heard a crinkling noise coming from the doorway. Her head flicked up to see a blur like someone walking past the door. Milena felt frozen to the spot for just a second.

“Hello?” Milena called out.

There was no answer.

Milena stood up and walked out into the landing. There was no movement now. Milena felt the pumps still working away and filling the bags with her milk as she tip-toed down towards Mikey’s bedroom. She pushed the door open a little and stuck her head inside. She could see Mikey under his cover and facing away from her.

As Milena pulled back and closed the door again she bit her bottom lip. She started to wonder if she really did see someone at the door or if she had imagined it. There was no one else in the house so if it was a person it could only be Mikey.

Milena’s eyes fell upon something else that was very strange. On the bannister there was an object that should most definitely not be outside of the therapy room. Milena walked over and picked up a small pacifier, there was no doubt about where it had come from. Milena recognized it as one that she kept stocked in the nursery.

“Damn it…” Milena felt a drip falling on to her foot. One of the bottles was leaking slightly.

Milena took the pacifier and hurried back to her room to swap out the bottles. She would have to take them down to the basement when she was done but for now she had a lot to think about.


Mikey hungrily sucked on the boob filling his mouth. He moaned slightly as some milk dripped from the side of his mouth as he flicked the nipple and enjoyed the sweet liquid that came out. Feel the warmth of the fleshy boob pressed against his face he felt himself almost melting.

“That’s it, Mikey.” A soft, familiar and comforting voice practically whispered, “You’re a special boy.”

Mikey smiled around the teat that filled his mouth. He looked up from the breast to see his mother, Nadine, looking down at him. Her heavy boob pressed against Mikey’s face and he reached up with his hands until he was essentially hugging it. He closed his eyes, everything felt right with the world, he could’ve stayed under those two pendulous breasts forever.

“Do you like Mommy’s milk?” The voice sounded a little different but not enough to worry Mikey.

The breasts seemed to be releasing more milk than Mikey could handle. The milk was starting to fill his mouth no matter how fast he swallowed. Milk started dribbling out of his mouth on all sides as he tried to keep up, it was as if someone had suddenly turned the handle on the faucet.

“You need more milk.” The voice said. This time it sounded very familiar but it certainly wasn’t Nadine, “You know where to get the milk…”

Mikey, struggling to swallow all the milk now pouring from the breast, opened an eye and saw Milena smiling down at him from above the gigantic chest. He was startled from the change but not too worried whose breast was in his mouth, Mikey’s concern was that he was drowning in the milk!

Mikey kept swallowing as his arms and legs started writhing. As much as he was desperate for more of the milk he had to pull away before he drowned. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t seem to disconnect. The breast seemed to be getting bigger and pinning Mikey to Milena’s lap. He couldn’t keep up, he was going to drown!

Mikey woke with a start and sat up. It took a few seconds to realise it had all been a dream, his heart was going a mile a minute. He still had the pacifier filling his mouth and drool running out of both sides of his lips. He wiped his face with his cover and laid back down. The dream had left him with very confused feelings. As he rolled over on his bed he heard the diaper between his legs crinkle.

Mikey had struggled with his place after his mother had died. He had desperately tried to prove he was an adult with no need of childish things but had failed. As Mikey sucked the pacifier, felt the diaper and remembered the taste of the breast milk he felt content being not quite as grown up as his age suggested.

Lying still in the darkness Mikey heard his caretaker walk quietly past his door. He heard Milena visit the bathroom and then go to her room. He was used to the sounds of the quiet house now, he could recognize the steps walking around the bed, he heard the bed sag as Milena sat on it with and he heard the sound of the bedside lamp being turned on.

Mikey sighed happily. After such a troubling time he felt the first rays of happiness threatening to break through the fog of depression that had been enveloping him since the crash. He felt a sort of euphoria caused by feeling content, he’d almost forgotten what it felt like to not be constantly looking back at the past.

After fifteen minutes of chewing on the pacifier and feeling incredibly thankful for Milena Mikey sat up on the edge of his bed. His diaper crinkled as it settled into the new position. He stood up and walked out of his bedroom. He saw the light creeping out from underneath the bottom of Milena’s door, it was ever so slightly ajar.

Mikey only just remembered that he had a pacifier in his mouth before reaching the door. He quickly pulled it out and placed it on the wooden bannister separating the landing from the stairs. As he approached the door he heard a clicking noise, it was like someone was repeatedly pulling on a handle of some kind. He moved his head to the gap in the door and looked inside.

“Wha-!” Mikey covered his mouth. He was glad his gasp of shock was almost entirely inaudible.

Milena was sat in bed with her nightgown pulled down under her enormous breasts. Mikey saw a couple of very familiar items attached to her nipples. There was no doubt about it, Milena was doing exactly what Nadine had done most evenings. The milk in the freezer, which Mikey already assumed had come from Milena, suddenly made more sense. Milena’s huge bosoms were lactating and judging by the bottles that were quickly filling she was producing even more milk than Nadine used to.

Mikey felt his mouth watering automatically. He looked at the pumps and started to feel jealous. He had tasted Milena’s breast milk and he wanted more. He wanted to be latched on to those nipples and suckling. His dream had felt so real, he wanted to make it reality, he wanted to walk in and be the container for that delicious milk.

Mikey watched the milk getting pumped as if he was mesmerized. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the nectar filling the containers and he was tempted to push the door open and demand a share of that wonderful drink. He was equally excited by the idea of running down and grabbing some more of the frozen milk but he didn’t want Milena to notice the bags missing.

Mikey was like a statue looking in through the small gap and watching as Milena’s milk pumped out of her breasts. She was sitting with her eyes closed and smiling idly. Milena eventually leaned over and as she did so Mikey shifted his own position. As he moved his leg his diaper crinkled, it wasn’t obnoxiously loud but in the otherwise quiet house it was noticeable.

Without taking a second to think Mikey sprinted away from the door. He ran quickly and quietly to his bedroom and straight to his bed. He pulled the covers up and over him. His breathing was heavy and his body felt heavy with tension as he tried to remain absolutely still. He was trying so hard to stay still he could feel his muscles trembling.

“Hello?” Milena’s voice was quiet but loud enough for Mikey to hear.

Mikey remained motionless. He heard footsteps approaching his door and subconsciously held his breath as if it would help him avoid detection. He had no way to explain why he had been watching Milena, his only option was to hope Milena wasn’t sure anyone had ever been there.

After a few seconds Mikey heard his bedroom door close and then after a few more moments Milena’s footsteps returned to her own bedroom. Mikey took a deep shuddering breath of relief. He reached out for his pacifier and then froze. The soother wasn’t on the bedside table. Mikey sat up and looked around the bed, he checked the floor underneath and even the drawers next to him. It gradually dawned on him that his pacifier was no longer in his room.

Mikey mentally retraced his steps. He remembered having it whilst trying to get to sleep and then getting out of bed with it. The memory of him placing the pacifier on the bannister came to him and he froze in shock.

“Oh God…” Mikey muttered.

Climbing out of bed and going to the door, Mikey carefully opened it a tiny amount. He could see the length of the bannister and there was no pacifier on it. Mikey felt his stomach drop as he closed his door and went back to bed. If the pacifier wasn’t there it meant Milena had found it. He mentally kicked himself as he laid back down. His theft had been discovered. Milena must know his secret!



End Chapter 7

Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023


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