Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023

Chapter 4
Part Four

Chapter Description: Mikey has an unusual need and it isn't something he feels he can just ask for. For a short while it feels like normality, of a sort, is returning but that is quickly broken as Mikey suffers one of the most embarrassing moments of his life.

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Mikey had cravings. He was having cravings for something he couldn’t get. When he had lived with his mother Mikey was often fed breast milk. His mother, Nadine, had tried to wean him when he was young but he had always thrown a tantrum until he got his way. Mikey drank from his mother all throughout his childhood, his mother would even express milk through a pump because she lactated so much.

Mikey would drink breast milk every day. He would latch on to his mother’s breast in the morning before school and then once more shortly before bedtime. He would also have sometimes use his mother’s breast milk in his other drinks or food. For instance, it wouldn’t be unusual for Mikey to add some breast milk to his cereal or use it when making a mug of hot cocoa. When he was sick or particularly stressed he would sometimes feed more often. The feeling of having his face pressed against his mother’s boob as she gently sang to him and rocked back and forth was incredibly soothing.

Mikey hadn’t had breast milk since the day of the crash and he was craving the sweet drink more than ever. He had never gone this long without drinking some and he felt a little bit like a drug addict desperate for a fix.

Mikey knew Milena was an alternative therapist but he didn’t really know what that meant. When he had snuck down to the basement to wash his sheets he had found a fridge full of what seemed like frozen milk. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions but it had been that night that had reawakened his hunger for the milk. The regular milk in the house just didn’t satisfy him in the same way.

“Mikey! Come meet Demi and Jack!” Milena called up the stairs.

Knowing he couldn’t hide in his room forever Mikey got off the bed and walked out to the landing. He didn’t really want to meet anyone but he knew he should. He had wet the bed the previous night yet again. It had been the third night in a row and Milena already knew. She had helped him change the sheets. He knew she wanted to suggest something to help but was worried of upsetting him.

Mikey heard voices in the living room and steeled his nerves before walking in. Demi was sitting on the couch with Milena opposite her, the young Jack was sitting on the floor playing with a plastic train. Everyone looked over as the door opened.

“Um, hi.” Mikey said as he gave the people inside an awkward wave.

“Hi Mikey.” Demi replied. Her voice was soft. Mikey was still getting the sympathy voice from people who knew about his situation, “Say hello, Jack.”

“Hewwo.” Jack looked unsure of the new entrant but quickly went back to his toy.

“Come sit down.” Milena patted the seat next to her.

The seat was really only meant for one person but Mikey was able to squeeze in next to her even if it meant they were almost uncomfortably close. Mikey tried not to stare at the huge breasts right next to him, he couldn’t help licking his lips but immediately felt guilty. He looked away but kept finding his eyesight drawn back to the boobs swaying temptingly in the corner of his eyes.

“How are you?” Demi asked with a sympathetic smile.

“I’m OK.” Mikey replied.

It wasn’t exactly a lie. It was hard for Mikey to know exactly how he really felt. He was still very upset over his mother of course but he was settling in with Milena well. He felt embarrassed that despite all his attempts to be an adult he couldn’t seem to stop wetting the bed, coupled with his desire for breast milk he felt like he was failing. He had always known that his childhood wasn’t exactly normal but he didn’t resent it for a second, it had been perfect when he had a mother looking after him.

The conversation started flowing a lot easier after the awkward initial greeting. Demi seemed like a really nice person and even though Milena said Mikey could go back upstairs if he wanted he continued to stay downstairs and converse. He mostly listened but it felt nice to be doing something normal again.

“I’m hungry!” Jack stated suddenly. His exclamation interrupted the conversation but being such a young child he was seemingly unaware of his social faux pas.

Mikey watched as Jack stood up and then climbed up on to the couch with his mother. Demi continued talking to Milena as she reached down and started unbuttoning her blouse. Mikey did a double-take and then started watching Milena’s hands moving down her blouse. He was shocked at what he was seeing though everyone else was continuing as normal.

Jack crawled across Demi’s lap as her clothing spilled open. Mikey’s mouth opened as he stared at the scene unfolding opposite from him. Demi wrapped her arms under Jack and pulled him up against her chest. Jack’s mouth opened just as he reached Demi’s nipple. He started feeding as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Throughout all of it both Demi and Milena continued chatting, Mikey was shocked with how casual they were being.

Try as Mikey might he couldn’t look away from Jack’s liquid lunch. He wasn’t following the conversation at all, instead he was just mesmerized by Demi. At three-years-old Jack was quite old for breast feeding, Mikey had never met someone who had breastfed past the normal age.

As soon as Jack finished he let go of the nipple and dropped back down to the floor to continue playing. Mikey just saw a bead of milk forming on the end of Demi’s teat as the blouse was closed back up. He was full of questions but felt like he couldn’t ask any of them.

After around half an hour Mikey felt a fullness in his bowels. He could’ve gone straight to the bathroom but it didn’t feel too pressing and he was very comfortable sitting against Milena. He didn’t want to disturb the conversation or anything so he decided to wait until the visitors left.

Fifteen more minutes passed and Mikey’s need was growing. He could’ve got up and headed to the bathroom but just as he was about to go Demi started telling an interesting story about how she got started in her job of seamstress. Mikey shifted a little and felt Milena put her arm around his shoulders, he smiled up at her and settled back as he listened.

“Mommy, Mommy!” Jack suddenly jumped to his feet. One hand was in the air whilst the other was clutching his backside, “I need the potty!”

“Do you mind if I..” Demi looked up at Milena as she climbed to her feet.

“Of course, go right ahead.” Milena replied.

Demi and Jack must’ve visited Milena at least a few times before as Jack quickly hurried out of the living room with his mom right behind. Mikey watched nervously. He had been waiting to use the bathroom and all of a sudden the only toilet in the house was occupied. Just the knowledge that he couldn’t immediately get up and go to the bathroom seemed to make his need that much worse.

“Are you alright?” Milena asked, “You’re getting very fidgety.”

“I’m fine.” Mikey forced a smile on to his face but he was feeling panic rise from deep within him.

Mikey could feel the pressure steadily increasing and he was unable to stop his foot from tapping the air. He felt hot and clammy, he needed to get up and move around. More than anything he needed the bathroom!

“I’m just… I’m just going to get some air.” Mikey said as he forced himself off the chair.

Mikey walked out of the room and started pacing in the hallway. Every time he stood at the bottom of the stairs he looked up and saw the bathroom door still closed. He let out a small whine of irritation and anxiety.

A cramp increased Mikey’s need and he had his fears confirmed. This was not just anxiety, there was a real need to use the bathroom and it was fast becoming something Mikey couldn’t stop. He walked up the stairs praying that he would hear a flush and see the door open, when he reached the top and there was still no sign of progress his need reached critical levels.

Mikey didn’t have long left. He was having to clench as hard as he could with the pressure trying to pry open his tensed ring. His hand went round to his rear end and he felt his battle coming to an end. His mind drifted to the diapers in his bedroom, they would’ve allowed him to maintain a modicum of dignity but with how desperate he was they might as well have been on Mars. Not to mention the difficulty he would have getting rid of the evidence.

Mikey put his head on the bathroom door as he felt his battle coming to an end. He couldn’t move because he knew one step would spell disaster. He was going to let go in his pants and it was going to happen within a couple of feet of the toilet. Defeat was inevitable.

“Mikey? Everything OK?” Milena’s voice came from the bottom of the stairs.

Knowing his humiliating accident was about to be witnessed by the woman who he wanted to think he was an adult, Mikey let out a moan of frustration as his bowels cramped one more time. Mikey waddled desperately down the landing as he felt his poop already causing his pants to expand behind him. He let out a loud whine as he turned into his bedroom and forlornly reached for his diapers. He pulled one out just as he heard the toilet flush. If he had only been able to hold out for one more minute…

Mikey looked up and towards the doorway. His mouth fell open and his eyes filled with tears as he saw Milena looking in at him. She looked shocked though she kept a remarkable composure. As the bathroom door opened she turned to face her two guests. Mikey pushed down and felt his pants expand a little further as he completely emptied his bowels. His eyes watered as he furtively looked up at Milena whose face was still miraculously stoic.

“Demi, it’s been wonderful seeing you. Is it OK if you let yourself out?” Milena said. She was speaking towards the bathroom. Thankfully Mikey was hidden from view, “I hate to be a bad host but I have to deal with a few things.”

“Of course, we’ll talk soon.” Demi’s voice came from the top of the stairs, “Come on, Jack.”

Mikey could hear two sets of footsteps slowly going down the stairs and he remained frozen to the spot. The half open diaper hung limply in the air. The load in his pants pushed against his skin uncomfortably. Milena watched Mikey but didn’t say anything until the front door opened and then closed.

“Get yourself cleaned up.” Milena said softly, “I’m not upset or anything. We’ll talk afterwards.”

Mikey was in no position to do anything other than what Milena wanted so he just nodded his head. Milena gave the young man a quick smile before turning away and walking downstairs herself. Mikey sniffed and dropped the diaper, he slowly waddled out to the shower.



End Chapter 4

Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023


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