Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023

Chapter 9
Part Nine

Chapter Description: Mikey finally gets the thing he has wanted and needed ever since the accident.

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Mikey’s mouth dropped open as the shirt lifted up and Milena’s heaving bosom bounced slightly. The bra trying to keep the massive milk mounds under control looked like it could break at any moment, it didn’t seem like a fair job though Mikey wasn’t sure there was a bra in the world that could be doing a better job.

Milena reached behind her and just a couple of seconds later the thin material holding the breasts in place dropped off. As Milena pulled it off her body and dropped it to the side Mikey felt like he might faint. This had seemed like such an unobtainable goal and yet here it was, right in front of his face. The breasts were inches away, the nipples sitting invitingly as if begging to have Mikey’s lips wrapped around them. There were little beads of milk already forming.

“Why don’t you come over here?” Milena suggested as she leaned back and patted her lap.

Mikey didn’t need telling twice. With his face red and his mouth salivating he turned sideways and pushed himself across Milena’s lap. When in the right place he felt one of Milena’s arms cradling his head, he turned his face to see Milena’s face looking down at him with a smile, her breast was centimeters away.

There were a couple of seconds of hesitation before Milena lifted Mikey’s head ever so slightly. Mikey opened his mouth and felt the nipple brush past his lips. He immediately latched on and couldn’t stop a small moan escaping as he started sucking. The milk squirted into his mouth and he moaned as he greedily swallowed it up. He had missed this so much. As soon as he started sucking the teat all reservations disappeared and he felt like he could never let go.

Milena instantly knew this was different. She leaned back in her seat and had to catch her breath as she looked down at the young man now latched firmly to her breast. Usually when a patient fed from Milena their suckling was slow and measured, Mikey had immediately started drinking like a real baby. His sucking had an urgency to it that Milena wasn’t used to, the only time she had experienced this was when Milena had fed Mikey when he was really a baby. She closed her eyes and settled backwards.

“Ooh…” Milena could feel her heart hammering as she relaxed into the feeding. She could feel a sticky wetness between her legs.

Mikey was in heaven. He pressed his face against the giant breast as he drew the nipple as deep into his mouth as possible. His hands went up and he gently held the boob as if frightened it would suddenly disappear if he didn’t keep it there. After so long without drinking the milk from the source he was ravenous.

The only pause in Mikey’s feeding was to let out a loud belch. He barely paused for a second before latching on again. The milk flowed freely into his mouth as he tried to press himself even closer to Milena. He could feel his belly filling with the greatest drink it was possible to have.

Milena’s face flushed red as she shifted in her seat. It was impossible to stay still as electricity seemed to flow through her. She squeezed her thighs together and tried to rub her sensitive crotch, she couldn’t help herself, breast feeding had always excited her but the way Mikey was doing it was like another level compared to how she usually felt.

Mikey flicked the nipple in his mouth. He used his tongue to squeeze the nipple against the roof of his mouth and felt a fresh squirt of watery milk. His taste buds were awash with the sweet goodness. If he had his choice he would never let go, he had visions of himself ballooning up as he filled with Milena’s milk.

Milena was panting and rocking back and forth a little. She could feel her muscles tensing deep inside her body, a pressure growing and growing ever higher with every one of Mikey’s eager sucks. The way he fed so quickly but also keeping a perfect rhythm was very impressive. Milena was increasingly of the opinion that Mikey had been born for this, he was the perfect breast feeder.

Mikey didn’t need to be told to swap breasts. Once he felt he had drained most of the milk from one boob Mikey quickly scooted over and took the other within his mouth. The first few sucks were unrewarded but then milk started flowing and Mikey’s desperate and insatiable thirst was indulged once again.

Milena knew she was about to orgasm. The ball of pleasure that had started behind her breasts had expanded and now seemed to fill her up, she almost felt like she was glowing as she teetered on the precipice of climax.

“Just like that…” Milena breathed, “Yes, baby, just like that.”

Milena shuddered as she felt an orgasm rush over her. It was unlike any climax she had ever enjoyed, it felt like a pulsing wave that started in her centre and moved out like ripples on the water. She couldn’t quite disguise her high-pitched whine. It was only after a minute when Milena’s need was sated that she realised her hands had gripped Mikey’s head and had been pushing him so hard against her breast that she might’ve been suffocating him.

“Sorry.” Milena said as she released Mikey’s head. The young man was looking up at her, a trail of milk coming out the side of his mouth.

Mikey went straight back to the teat and continued to feed. He didn’t know what had happened to Milena but he didn’t care, as long as he was allowed this wonderful drink he wouldn’t complain about anything. As he sucked down the milk he felt his bladder wanting to release. Despite not being diapered and knowing where he was he just couldn’t seem to stop himself from letting go.

Mikey sighed as he relaxed. He felt a sudden rush of wet heat on his thighs, it soaked his shorts and ran down on to Milena’s lap. Mikey didn’t let up in his suckling for a second. Even though it wasn’t the biggest wetting of all time it was impossible to ignore and Mikey wondered if Milena felt it soaking into her pants the same way it was for him.

When Mikey had finally had his fill a couple of minutes later his head finally separated with Milena’s breast with a wet slurp. He was still being cradled by Milena and he looked up at her with reverence. He didn’t feel like he ever wanted to leave this position for fear that Milena would never let him do this again. The silence felt cozy with both Mikey and Milena panting and lost in thought.

“I think you need a bath.” Milena finally said, “And I need a change of clothes.”

“Sorry.” Mikey bashfully apologized.

“Don’t worry.” Milena said softly, “I would’ve said something earlier but you seemed so relaxed. It looks like you really needed that.”

Mikey went to sit up but Milena held him in place. She rose to her feet and turned Mikey so he was held vertically to her chest. Mikey’s head nestled comfortably in between the two fleshy orbs on Milena’s chest. He could feel Milena’s hand under his butt and settling Mikey against her upper body. Mikey didn’t complain, he leaned against Milena and listened to her heartbeat.

Mikey was carried up to the bathroom before he was set down. He wasn’t totally sure what was happening but after the feeding he felt sluggish and agreeable to anything. He was still lost in the bliss of a proper feeding. Any thoughts of adulthood now felt a million miles away.

“I’ll run you a bath.” Milena said softly.

As the tub started to fill Milena pulled down Mikey’s wet clothes and stripped him naked. She smiled, the young man seemed to have very little embarrassment about being naked in front of her. She noticed he was acting like this had happened a thousand times before, whether Nadine used to do this as well or not Mikey seemed comfortable.

“I’ll be right back. I’ll get changed and then be back.” Milena said. When Mikey nodded she patted him on the head and left the bathroom.

Back in her bedroom Milena took a deep breath in through her nose and then out through her mouth. She couldn’t believe how much had happened. She pulled her shirt over her head and looked into the mirror, her nipples seemed a little red from all the attention but otherwise she looked physically the same. She stepped out of her wet pants and panties, not all the fluid soaking into her clothes was Mikey’s. As she looked back into the mirror she cupped her breasts and then let her hands wander downwards. She touched her most sensitive area.

“Nadine, I promise I’ll take care of Mikey.” Milena said.

Milena turned away from the mirror and walked over to her closet. She unhooked a bathrobe and slipped it on. As she tied the cord around the middle she had to be careful to stop her boobs from spilling back out of them. She took another deep breath and walked back down to the bathroom. She saw Mikey sitting in the tub and reaching for the sponge.

“Let me…” Milena said as she took the soap and a flannel.

Mikey sat in the tub as he was soaped up by Milena. He felt so relaxed, that he almost fell asleep whilst leaning back against the tub. Milena’s breasts were still uncovered and swayed over the edge of the bath, they were almost hypnotic for Mikey who watched them happily as he was washed. Milena hummed a tune Mikey didn’t recognize and yet felt strangely familiar.

“Do you remember when I used to bathe you when you were little?” Milena asked with a smile as she brushed Mikey’s hair out of his eyes, “I used to hum to you just like this. It always used to make you smile. Some things never change, eh?”

Mikey smiled lazily up at Milena. The more things change the more they stay the same and after all these years Mikey was still satisfied and made happy by the same things that had pleased him as a baby. The only thing that had changed was the size of his appetite.

Mikey relaxed and laid back as Milena soaped up and rinsed him off. She took her time and kept up a pleasant stream of casual conversation. Mikey only interjected when Milena started rubbing his belly a little too hard, he was still full of milk after all. He had drunk more milk from Milena than he had ever done before. Mikey stayed in the water until the water started to get cold.

When Milena was finally pleased with Mikey’s cleanliness she drained the tub and lifted him back to the floor. With a large fluffy towel she dried the young man who swayed on the spot, it was clear he was very tired after everything that had happened.

“I think a nap is in order.” Milena said as she finished drying Mikey, “For both of us.”

Mikey nodded his head as he was led by the shoulders back to his room. He was like putty in Milena’s hands as he followed her unspoken commands. He laid down on the edge of the bed and looked up at the ceiling. For some reason he knew what was coming, it just seemed right.

“I think one of these is in order.” Milena said as she tapped her fingers on the plastic padding of a diaper, “We don’t want another repeat of downstairs after all.”

“Umm… Could I… Umm…” Mikey stuttered as he looked up at Milena. Despite everything that had happened he still found himself blushing at what he wanted to ask.

“What is it?” Milena’s smile faltered, “You don’t have to wear one if you don’t want to. I just thought…”

“Oh, I do!” Mikey said perhaps a little too enthusiastically. He looked to the side and took a deep breath, “I was wondering if I could have one of the ones from your therapy room…”

“The one’s with the cute little pictures?” Milena asked.

Mikey nodded his head and then covered his face. He felt like he was going redder than a tomato. He heard Milena make an “aww” sound and when he dared to peak through his fingers he saw Milena smiling in understanding.

“Of course you can.” Milena gave Mikey a little wink before turning and walking out of the room.

Mikey couldn’t believe what was happening. Just the day before he had been increasingly desperate to drink some milk and have some of the comfort he had experienced with his mother. He had never thought it could be replicated, that the bond between him and his mother was irreplaceable. Mikey wasn’t thinking that Milena could replace his mother, nobody could do that, but his relationship with Milena was blooming into the motherly sort of thing he so desperately needed.

Milena returned half a minute after leaving. She was holding one of the thick diapers Mikey had seen from the other night. He felt his heart flutter a little at the sight of Milena walking in with it. As she unfolded it Mikey lifted his butt into the air. When he lowered back down he could already feel the increased thickness.

Milena had brought back more than just the diaper. She twisted the top on a bottle of baby powder and started lightly sprinkling it over Mikey’s crotch. She was well-versed in changing adult diapers but had never felt such devotion to the person she was pampering as she did with Mikey.

The diaper was pulled up between Mikey’s thighs and taped closed seconds later. Milena tested the fit by pulling on the waistband and leg bands. She ran her hand over the front of the smooth plastic. Somehow the infantile looking diaper was perfect for the young man who already looked ready for his nap.

“And done.” Milena said as she patted the diaper a couple of times.

He crinkled as he rolled over and slipped underneath the covers. Milena sat on the edge of the bed and gently stroked the young man’s hair. She felt some conflict about what happened though. Had she simply been giving Mikey, and to a lesser extent herself, what they both needed? Or had she taken advantage of a young man still grieving for his mother?

“Have a nice rest.” Milena finally said as Mikey rolled over to face her, “I think after our naps we need to have a discussion about the future of our… relationship.”


As things stand this is the FINAL part. I wrote this story for another person and this is where it ended with a follow-up planned but never followed through with.



End Chapter 9

Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023


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