Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023

Chapter 6
Part Six

Chapter Description: Milena is a practitioner of a very "alternative therapy" that nevertheless helps people. She has her first patient since Mikey arrived. Mikey, meanwhile, has a lot on his mind himself and when he curiously sees the patient leave he notices that the usually locked therapy room door is open...

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“There you go, good boy.” Milena gently stroked the hair of Alex Rodriguez.

Alex had been referred to her when conventional methods of therapy failed to help him with past trauma and anger management issues. She had listened to Alex’s story and then got to work with him. Six months later he hadn’t had an angry outburst in the last couple of months and had made major breakthroughs with his past.

Milena looked down as she cradled Alex’s head against her breast. The young man was wearing a crinkly white diaper underneath a stretchy red onesie. He was laid across Milena’s lap in the crib with his eyes closed as he gently fed from her breasts.

Milena leaned her head back against the headboard and closed her own eyes. She squirmed slightly as she squeezed her legs together. She could feel herself slick with excitement. She couldn’t help it and it wasn’t why she did this job but sometimes she found breastfeeding to be very exciting. She never orgasmed when a client fed from her but she certainly found it very exciting.

Looking down at the breast that wasn’t currently in use Milena could see some milk beading on the tip of her nipple. She bit her lip and held her breath for a second as Alex shifted and latched on tighter to her breast, he quickly regained his rhythm.

Breast feeding was a key part of Milena’s therapy which also used regression techniques. She spent a lot of her time feeding her patients and that meant her breasts were full often. She produced so much milk that in addition to her patients she also had to pump often to prevent leakage.

As Milena’s breast was slowly sucked by Alex she felt a building of tension deep within her body. She took some deep breaths as she tried to keep her body as still as possible. The pleasure built and built but refused to crash over her. She was torn between being desperate to cum and wanting to maintain her professional aura.

It didn’t matter in the end. Milena was left feeling a little frustrated as she was taken to the edge of orgasm but not pushed over. This was how breast feeding usually went for her. She found it pleasurable but could never quite finish.

“What a good baby.” Milena whispered. She could tell her voice was a little huskier than usual but she hoped it was only obvious to her.

Alex’s face flushed red as he finally let go of the nipple and shifted around to get the other breast. He hungrily latched on like a baby desperate for more food. Milena stroked Alex’s hair and her thoughts turned to Mikey, she thought about the bags of milk at Nadine’s house and the diapers Mikey clearly still needed. She had found herself deep in thought about Mikey quite often recently, often zoning out as she considered the young man.

Back when Milena had been in college the straw that had broken the camel’s back had been when Nadine heard Mikey call Milena “Mommy.” Milena had not seen an issue with it, they were a little family unit after all, but Nadine had been very uncomfortable. That night the two large-chested women had an argument that woke the neighbours. Nadine brought up how Milena’s breasts were very sensitive and accused her of getting sexual gratification from feeding Mikey. Milena was shocked and denied everything before saying she was a better mother for Mikey.

Milena had regretted her comments immediately but was too angry to apologize and after the argument it was over for the two of them. Milena moved out and she never spoke to Nadine again. It was why she was so surprised to be the person Nadine had wanted Mikey to go with after the accident. Maybe she had been listed as a contact ages ago and the file was never updated. Milena felt a sudden wave of concern, what if Nadine had never wanted Mikey to come here in the first place?

“I think our time is nearly up.” Milena said as she stopped reminiscing and looked over to the clock, “Are you feeling relaxed again? Going to stay out of trouble?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Alex replied as he pulled his face away from Milena’s chest. He had a big smile and looked incredibly relaxed. He wiped his mouth as he stood up.

“Are you going to be good for the next two weeks till I see you again?” Milena asked as she stood up and put her bra back on.

Alex nodded his head quickly as he watched his therapist put her huge breasts away. Milena’s shirt was buttoned up hiding the fleshy orbs underneath. She ruffled the man’s hair again.

“Good boy.” Milena smiled, “Let’s get you changed and on your way.”

Alex hopped up on to the changing table and laid back. Milena walked over and stood between his legs. She removed the tapes from the diaper and let it spill open. With a handful of wipes she gradually cleaned the wet crotch of her patient. She had to smile as Alex sighed blissfully. Alex had been a major success story for her, someone who really benefitted from her attention.

A new diaper was unfolded and slipped underneath Alex’s butt. Milena sprinkled some baby powder over waiting man’s genitals and then pulled the front of the diaper up to cover his crotch. When she had taped the underwear tightly closed she gently patted the crotch a couple of times. As she stepped away Alex jumped down from the table and put his pants back on.

“Thank you.” Alex said as he wrapped Milena in a quick hug.

“It’s my pleasure.” Milena said though she was sure her patient didn’t know quite how much pleasure, “Come on, I’ll see you out.”

Milena followed Alex downstairs and let him out with a final wave goodbye. As she closed the door she went to her usual post-appointment ritual of a nice hot cup of tea. She walked into the kitchen to start preparing the drink. As she waited for the water to boil she felt a wetness on her chest.

“More? Come on girls, enough is enough!” Milena spoke to her breasts as if she could talk them into stopping production.

With a raise of her hands Milena could feel two wet spots already appearing on her shirt. She had always been prolific at making milk which helped her professionally but could be very annoying at times. She usually milked herself often but since Mikey had arrived and all the upheaval that had come with it she hadn’t been quite as attentive to her breasts as she usually was. The bags of milk Milena produced could be useful in a lot of different ways. Some of her patients paid a little extra to take some home with them and she sometimes used it in her own drinks.

Milena needed to check her stocks of milk so as she waited for the water she walked over to the door to the basement. She started going downstairs and then stopped halfway, she looked over to the freezer with a frown.

The freezer door was open and had clearly been so for a little while. Some of the freezer ice had thawed and dripped down on to the floor though as Milena got closer she could see most of the milk was still frozen. She tried to remember when she had last been down here, when she had last opened the freezer door for any reason.

“Wait a minute…” Milena crouched down in front of the freezer and looked inside.

There was a very clear gap where a bag had been taken out. Milena could see the outline of the bag that had been there from the ice that had built up around it. She traced it with her finger and frowned in deep thought.

Milena remembered the milk at Nadine’s house again. Whilst she had been with her patient there had been only one other person in the house. There was just one other person who might’ve experienced breast milk in the past and missed it. There was just one person who could’ve come down to the basement to help themselves…


Mikey heard the door that Milena had disappeared into open. There were two sets of footsteps that walked past his door and went downstairs. He waited for a few seconds before scooting over to his door and opening it a crack. He tip-toed to the top of the stairs and carefully leaned around the banister to look down. He saw Milena waving goodbye to someone. He was about to go back to the room when he noticed something was different.

The door to Milena’s therapy room hadn’t been closed. It was still open a crack and the lure of curiosity was too much for Mikey to ignore. He heard Milena walk through to the kitchen and he slowly walked over to Milena’s work room. He didn’t know what he expected to find, he was just extremely curious about the room Milena had never let him see. She was a therapist, Mikey expected rows of bookshelves against the wall and a couch for patients to lay down on.

“What the…” Mikey’s breath was taken away as the door creaked open. It looked like the room beyond the door didn’t even belong in this house.

The pastel nursery was not what Mikey was expecting and he walked into the room with a look of wonder on his face. Suddenly the milk in the freezer made a little more sense and Mikey wondered exactly what was going on in here. Mikey walked over to a long table with a soft surface. On the shelves underneath he saw big padded rectangles, he gasped as he reached for what was clearly a stack of diapers.

These diapers were very different to the ones Mikey was used to. He always wore plain medical diapers. The sort of thing advertised on television to old people with continence issues. These diapers were bigger, thicker and adorned with cartoon pictures of teddy bears and building blocks. These looked just like baby diapers that had been scaled up for adults. He put the diaper back as he found it, he definitely didn’t want Milena knowing he had snuck in here.

As Mikey looked around his attention was taken by something lying on the top of the chest of drawers. In the room full of oddities it was a particularly small one that drew Mikey’s attention. A small baby blue pacifier was sat on top of the drawers with it’s amber teat facing away from Mikey. It had the words “Baby Boy” stenciled on it. Just like the diapers this pacifier was scaled up as if to fit an adult. As much as the milk had satisfied him he still missed the other part of breast feeding. The feeling of a soft nipple in his mouth squeezed between his lips as he sucked, he needed that tactile sensation. The amber teat sat on his tongue and filled his mouth.

Mikey debated internally whether to take the pacifier or not. He was spurred into action when he heard footsteps on the stairs. Without giving it another thought he grabbed up the small pacifier and stuffed it into his pocket. He hurriedly left the room, closing the door behind him, and went back to his bedroom. He had just managed to sit down in front of his computer when Milena appeared in the doorway.

“Everything OK?” Milena asked.

Mikey nodded as he looked up from the screen. He turned and for the second time in as many minutes found himself open-mouthed and speechless. Milena’s breasts which were prominently stuck out in front of her as always had two wet patches right where the nipples would be. Mikey quickly turned away with cheeks blushing, he couldn’t help but notice his mouth was watering.

When Mikey heard Milena walk away he quickly hurried over and closed the bedroom door. With some degree of excitement Mikey returned to his bed and pulled out the pacifier. He looked around guiltily before pushing the latex teat into his mouth. As Mikey sucked on the pacifier like he was so used to with breasts he felt relaxation come over him like a wave.

Mikey went to his computer and sucked happily for the rest of the day. The only times he took it out of his mouth was when he had to go downstairs for dinner. He said nothing about what he had found in Milena’s therapy room though his curiosity burned intensely.

That night Mikey put on his diaper had usual. As he taped the disposable underwear on he couldn’t help but think about those baby printed diapers in the other room, he wished he could have one of those. Before he fell asleep he looked at the pacifier one more time. With a smile he placed it inside his mouth and closed his eyes.



End Chapter 6

Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023


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