Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023

Mikey is a sheltered young man whose life is irrevocably changed after a serious car accident. Taken in by a friend of his mother he has to adapt to the new circumstances and come to grips with who he is.

Chapter 1
Part One

Chapter Description: Mikey is a sheltered young man. His Mom had always considered him too fragile so wrapped him in the proverbial cotton wool. They were happy enough together until a bad car crash one night turns Mikey's life upside down. How will Mikey cope now that everything he has ever known has changed?

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Mikey and Milena

By Elfy

Milena ran out to her car. Even in her flat-footed trainers she almost toppled over when she reached the driver’s seat door. There were a lot of benefits to having very large breasts but balance wasn’t one of them. Her seat was set a long way back from the steering wheel to fit her size 38K boobs. She quickly turned the key and the engine came to life.

“Come on…” Milena muttered to herself impatiently as she waited for a gap in the traffic. She slowly edged her car out into the street to try and force someone to let her on to the road.

It had been just a normal day until about fifteen minutes ago. She had been sitting at home reading a magazine and preparing for her next patient when the phone rang. As soon as she answered it she could sense there was something wrong.

“Hello, is this Milena Velba?” The professional sounding voice said through the phone, “I’m here at Woodside Hospital. We’ve had Nadine Jansen come in, do you know her? She has you listed as a contact in her medical records.”

Milena had frozen up. She knew Nadine, she would never be able to forget her, but they hadn’t been in contact for years. There was a time when Nadine had been the most important person in her life but after so many years of no contact she had assumed Nadine had forgotten about her. Just the mention of her name brought a flood of emotions forwards.

Milena and Nadine had met in college. They became roommates in their second year but they first met when they were freshmen and students of psychology. They shared a very obvious attribute, namely their large bosoms, and they quickly formed a friendship. Nadine’s 38H bust size was a little smaller than Milena’s but it was still much larger than everyone else. The two women were used to people staring but in each other they found kindred spirits.

Soon Milena and Nadine were inseparable. They eased into a casual relationship with each other, using their downtime from classes to explore each other’s bodies and make each other feel good. They weren’t alone though. It wasn’t long into their first meeting that Nadine revealed she was a mother of a very young child, Mikey. When they became roommates for their second year Mikey stayed with them. He would be at the university day care during classes and then back with the two women the rest of the time.

Mikey’s father was out of the picture having left shortly before Mikey was born and Milena became a sort of de facto second parent for the young kid. The trio became close enough that Nadine had even allowed Milena to breast feed Mikey. Milena had been honored and found the experience a great way to bond with the young child. It was thanks to this that Milena briefly looked at majoring in child therapy before settling on regression therapy.

Towards the end of their third year in college Milena and Nadine parted. It was acrimonious and although both sides regretted it neither of them had contacted the other since. Nadine had decided to wean Mikey as well as potty train him. Milena argued they should hold off on both those things, that Mikey still needed his two moms to feed him and change him. It was something she had learned in her regression therapy classes, an experimental and largely unused technique but one which resonated with Milena. Truth be told Mikey not being ready to grow up was only half the issue, the other half was not being ready herself. Looking after Mikey like she did fulfilled a void in her life she could scarcely imagine filling any other way.

The two women had argued and when Milena packed her things and left it was the last time she had seen Nadine or Mikey. In the meantime Milena had become a successful therapist using what she had learned with Nadine and Mikey as well as her natural assets. Milena specialized in regression therapy which meant she was often breast feeding her clients. She was paid well for her services and really felt she was doing good for some people to whom traditional therapy was ineffective.

No matter how much Milena helped other people there was always a hole in her heart. She desperately missed Mikey who had become like a son to her. To have no contact with him after the split was a great source of pain.

That was in the past though. It had been such a long time since college, Mikey would’ve had his eighteenth birthday a few months before the phone call arrived. Milena had received the call from the hospital out of the blue and was now rushing to get there in a half-panicked desperation. She didn’t know why she was being called or why Nadine was in the hospital, all she knew was that she had to get there to do everything she could to help her former lover and Mikey.

Milena hurriedly parked her car in the first available slot and cursed whoever made her buy a ticket before leaving her car. She dashed breathlessly into the main hospital building and straight to reception.

“Nadine Jansen?” Milena only realised how scared she was when she heard her own voice, “Michael Jansen?”


The previous night…


Mikey’s legs swung freely as he sat in the backseat of the car. Thanks to his small stature his mom felt it necessary for him to be sat in a booster seat and strapped in tight. He didn’t mind, he was used to being treated a little differently to most eighteen-year-olds. He had been born premature and it felt like he had spent his whole life trying to catch up with people his own age.

“Are you doing alright back there?” Nadine asked as she looked in the rear view mirror.

“Yes, mommy.” Mikey replied.

It was late at night and Mikey was tired. The two of them were making their way home from a holiday party at one of Nadine's co-workers houses. They had been celebrating a promotion and Mikey felt exhausted. He had spent the time running around with the younger children, the ones his own age didn’t seem too interested in him but some of the smaller kids seemed to find him entertaining.

It wasn’t a long journey home and Mikey was just leaning his head against the side of the seat and looking out the window. He couldn’t see much in the darkness but he found it relaxing to watch the stars pass by.

Mikey stretched and crinkled as he did so. Although usually only a night time thing Mikey was wearing a diaper due to the excitement of the party. His control was usually good enough to allow him to go to the bathroom during the day but Nadine sometimes put him in a diaper when unsure about how available bathrooms will be. At night Mikey seemed to wake up wet more often than not.

Thanks to Mikey’s size and timidity he was a victim of bullying at school throughout most of his childhood. It was rarely serious but there was a lot of teasing and he found it difficult to make friends. Perhaps it was because of these difficulties that he found the way his mother treated him as comforting when most would think it overbearing. He didn’t even mind the diapers too much, it made him feel good to know his mom was looking out for him.

Nadine’s decision to put Mikey in a diaper had proven to be the correct course of action. The padding was wet and squished a little as he moved around in the booster seat. He was looking forwards to being changed into a dry diaper before going to bed.

Mikey was just closing his eyes in the backseat when he heard his mom suddenly scream in a way that made his whole body flood with adrenaline.


The Present…


Mikey felt numb. He was sat in his hospital bed and looking out of the window. It had been a week since he had been brought in, seven full days of painful reality. His injuries had been surprisingly mild all things considered. No broken bones, no internal bleeding and no obvious long term disabilities. His most severe injury appeared to just be a mild concussion. Mikey had been told by several people that the booster seat saved his life, the extra restraints and padding had absorbed the impact and held him steady.

“You’re lucky.” That’s what the nurses and doctors kept saying when they checked Mikey’s charts.

Mikey didn’t feel lucky at all. In fact he felt like his whole world had collapsed and that it might’ve been better had he never got out of the car. His mother had died. They had told him it had been quick, that the impact ended things straight away so she didn’t suffer. They told him this as if it would do anything to help him.

At least Mikey was leaving the hospital today. With no injuries left to treat the hospital wanted the bed back and although it took a while they were able to get in contact with a person Mikey only had the faintest memories of. Milena and his mom had been friends but it had been a long time since he had seen her. He was eighteen-years-old but knew his mom wouldn’t want him to be out there on his own. It wasn’t like he had anywhere else to go anyway. Mikey really didn’t know what to expect but he didn’t really care. As he looked out of the window he had never felt lower in his life.

There was a small noise outside the room and Mikey turned to look through the window into the corridor. He saw a nurse and a doctor discussing something with a woman he faintly recognized. He saw her look into the room and he quickly looked away.

A minute later the door slowly opened. Mikey looked over to see the woman outside stepping into his room. He had assumed it was Milena and now he was certain it was her. His eyes were almost inevitably drawn to the woman’s large breasts, he felt a pang of pain as they reminded him of his mother’s.

“Hi Mikey.” Milena’s voice had that annoying tone that people always used towards someone who had recently lost a loved one. A quiet and unnaturally high voice alongside a hesitant little smile and a slow hunched over walk.

“Hi.” Mikey replied as he stood up from the bed. He picked up his bag, “Let’s go.”

Mikey looked up at Milena who seemed rather taken aback. Whatever she had expected it clearly wasn’t that Mikey would willingly go with her immediately. She probably assumed she would have to talk to Mikey a bunch to build some trust.

“Um, sure.” Milena replied, “Have you got everything ready?”

“Yeah.” Mikey replied simply.

“You can talk to me if you want.” Milena said softly, “The doctor said he’d give us as long as you need. I know it’s a big loss and it mu-”

“I’d rather just get out of here.” Mikey said quietly. His eyes were watering but he did his best not to cry. Whenever someone started talking to him about these things he felt his outer shell crack.

Mikey looked up at Milena and saw that she was similarly teary-eyed. He had been very wrapped up in himself but he started to realise he wasn’t the only one who was hurting. Milena, as far as Mikey knew, hadn’t seen his mother in a long time but she clearly still cared. Perhaps she had been hoping for a reunion that would now never happen.

Seeing Milena upset seemed to create a blockage in Mikey’s throat. A sob forced it’s way up and out of Mikey before he could stop it and it set him off completely. The tears started flowing and nothing he did could stop them.

“Oh, baby.” Milena pulled Mikey into a hug as she sniffed and cried as well.

Thanks to the height difference Mikey’s head was pressed against the woman’s large bosom but that was the last thing on his mind as he sobbed into Milena. Mikey felt the taller woman pull him closer until he thought he might suffocate on the boobs, he eventually had to pull himself away. He saw Milena with tears on her face and she reached into her bag for tissues for them both.

“Are you sure you’re ready to go?” Milena asked once the two had composed themselves.

“Yeah.” Mikey said. He was frustrated that his emotional walls had crumbled so easily.

“Then let’s go home.” Milena said as she bent over and picked up Mikey’s bag.



End Chapter 1

Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023


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