Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023

Chapter 8
Part Eight

Chapter Description: Mikey is caught in an embarrassing situation which only makes him even more desperate for comfort. He witnesses another scene in Milena's therapy room which makes him more jealous than ever. Thankfully Milena seems to know exactly how to help.

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“Hi, Mikey.” The door to Mikey’s bedroom opened and the young man jumped.

Mikey had hidden in his room ever since the previous night. He didn’t want to be questioned on his nocturnal activities the previous night. He hadn’t even gone down to breakfast, he was still in his wet night diaper as well. He was sat at his computer desk, rather embarrassingly he wasn’t even wearing any pants leaving him strangely exposed to Milena.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realise you…” Milena stuttered to a stop as she looked away. She was blushing a little, “I just wanted you to know I have another client coming today.”

“R-Right…” Mikey stuttered, “No problem.”

“If you need me you know where I’ll be.” Milena said. Was it Mikey’s imagination or did her gaze linger on him a few seconds longer than what was natural?

As the bedroom door closed Mikey took a deep breath. He slowly let his head fall backwards so he was looking at the ceiling. He felt strange, he had assumed being seen in his diaper like that would embarrass him terribly but instead he didn’t feel all that bad at all. In truth it seemed like it was inevitable to happen sooner or later and now that it had he didn’t need to worry about it so much.

Mikey was pleased that Milena hadn’t brought up the pacifier. Maybe it was just going to be something neither of them brought up again, Mikey could only hope. In any case he was soon back to his computer. He was looking through old photos of him and his mom, he had never liked having his photo taken but now he was grateful to have so many pictures he could look back on. It made him sad but also felt like it was good for him. He knew his mother was never coming back but looking at the photos was almost like a reminder that she would never really be gone. He felt very emotional but it didn’t seem like such a bad thing.

After a while Mikey was starting to get antsy and he finally decided to pull some pants over his diaper. He didn’t normally stay in his diapers long after waking up but he was finding it relaxing and calming. After skipping breakfast that morning and being full of nervous energy Mikey was feeling hungry, it was lunchtime and Mikey needed to eat.

Mikey stepped out on to the landing and started towards the stairs. As he reached the top step he heard a sudden noise coming from another room. He looked up as he heard a crinkle that was very familiar to him. He froze on the spot to make sure it wasn’t coming from his own wet crotch, after a few seconds of silence he heard it again.

Mikey turned and went back along the landing. He crept quietly until he reached the door of Milena’s “therapy room.” Mikey couldn’t quite believe it but the door was cracked open again, just like Milena’s bedroom had been the previous night. Was this some sort of test to get Mikey to prove he had been peeping in at his guardian?

For a full minute Mikey grappled with what to do. He was scared to be caught and yet he really wanted to see what was happening in there. He couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe Milena had deliberately left the door open, that maybe she wanted him to see inside.

It was with a shaking hand that Mikey touched the wooden door and very gently pushed it. The door moved so slowly Mikey was sure no one would notice it was opening at all. Mikey could see some feet horizontal in the air, the door opened a little more and he could see a large padded butt. Mikey’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates as he stared at the diaper.

Mikey was in too far to stop now. He nudged the door again see a bare leg supporting the weight of a young woman who seemed to be Mikey’s age if not a little younger. Mikey swallowed as it felt like the tension grew. Mikey had one last thought about leaving but he stayed where he was with his eyes fixed on the nursery.

“Good baby.” Milena’s voice came through the gap in the door, “That’s it. Keep going…”

Mikey thought what Milena was saying was meant for whoever was in the room with her but it seemed strangely apt for himself. It was like she was encouraging Mikey to keep going and to see what she was doing but surely she couldn’t know he was there…

Mikey gave the door another small push and this time he had to stifle a gasp. The door opened just enough to show Milena. The woman was laying across her lap and her head was nestled against one of Milena’s enormous breasts. Mikey could see beads of milk on the other nipple, either it had recently been used or soon would be. The woman seemed to be slowly feeding whilst Milena rubbed his back. The woman couldn’t see Mikey, she was facing the other way, but that wasn’t the case for Milena.

Time seemed to freeze as Mikey saw that Milena was looking right at him. He expected her to be livid, he was certainly intruding on something very private, but she had a small smile on her face. Mikey was lost for words which was fortunate because Milena put her finger up to her plump lips to tell him to be quiet.

Mikey salivated as he thought about being in the young woman’s position. His mind took him back to when he had been at home with his mom. He remembered having his face pressed up to a large round breast, the milk inside seemingly straining to get out, he felt suddenly very emotional. He became teary-eyed.

Time slowed down and it felt like Mikey was stood in the doorway forever. Mikey couldn’t turn away, his gaze fixed firmly on Milena’s breasts. He brought his thumb up to his mouth subconsciously and started sucking on it, imagining it was one of Milena’s prominent nipples. He imagined his own belly filling with the milk and could barely stop from whining in longing.

“Careful with your teeth.” Milena said as she winced suddenly.

Mikey was just flooded with conflicting emotions. Watching the feeding made him miss his mother more than at any other point since the accident. He couldn’t stop himself from starting to silently cry, his bottom lip trembling as he missed his mom so much it physically hurt. Mikey could see Milena’s face changing from small smile to sudden horror, this was clearly not the reaction she had been expecting.

There was sudden coughing and spluttering as the young woman in Milena’s lap pulled her head away. It took her a few second to recover and when she looked up at Milena the large-chested woman was looking back down at her.

“Sorry.” The young woman coughed again, “A whole lot came out suddenly!”

Mikey moved to the side of the doorway and flattened up against the wall. Tears streamed down his face and he took several silent deep breaths to try and calm down. He could no longer see into the therapy room but from the wet sounds it seemed like the feeding was continuing without interruption.

Mikey went back to his room shortly afterwards. He ripped off the diaper that should’ve been removed hours ago and dived under his covers where he continued to cry quietly. He punched the pillow above his head a couple of times, he just missed Nadine so much. He wanted Milena’s breasts, he wanted to be feeding from them and yet he felt guilty for wanting that. That was something he shared with his mother, he just didn’t know if he could or should do it with anyone else.

After around half an hour there were footsteps outside the door, one set went downstairs and out the front door whilst the other paused outside Mikey’s bedroom. There was a knock on the door prompting Mikey to go quiet. He didn’t want to talk about what he had just seen or how he was feeling, he just wasn’t ready. He pretended to be asleep and refused to answer the door. After a few seconds the footsteps went downstairs.

Mikey ended up hiding in his room until the smell of dinner permeated the house. He put on a pair of underpants and some shorts and then descended the stairs knowing dinner would be served soon. As he turned into the hallway at the bottom of the stairs he walked straight into Milena going the other way.

“Ooh, careful!” Milena said as Mikey stopped himself at the last second, “I was just going to call you for dinner.”

Mikey was face-to-boob with Milena. His cheeks turned red as he took a step backwards. Milena turned around and walked back to the dining room with Mikey following a few feet behind. As they started eating there was an awkward silence, Mikey was torn between wanting to talk about what he saw earlier and being far too embarrassed to bring it up.

Dinner was slowly finished and when Milena tidied away the plates the elephant in the room still hadn’t been addressed. Mikey stood up and awkwardly hovered next to his seat as if expecting something to happen, when Milena seemed more intent on washing dishes than anything he turned to the door to head back upstairs.

“We should talk.” Milena finally said with a sigh, “Do you want to go into the living room? I’ll be through in a few minutes.”

Mikey swallowed and went straight through to the living room. He sat down on the couch feeling nervous. As he fidgeted he wondered exactly what Milena was going to say or do, it felt like their relationship had somehow evolved past just sharing a house together, Mikey had no idea what it was now but he was certainly intrigued to talk about it. He found himself getting emotional despite just sitting alone, it felt like there was a lot of feelings waiting to burst out of him, feelings he hadn’t even known he had.

Milena walked into the room a minute later. She closed the curtains and turned on the lights before sitting down next to Mikey. For a few moments the only sound in the room was the ticking of the clock.

“So I think we both have things we want to talk about…” Milena eventually said.

“Uh huh.” Mikey didn’t look up. He was watching his fingers as he played with them.

“Is there anything you wanted to say?” Milena asked gently.

“I… I…” Mikey hesitated. There didn’t seem to be a way to say he wanted Milena to feed him with her body without coming across as exceptionally weird. After trying and failing to find the right combination of words he finally blurted out, “You first!”

“Alright.” Milena cleared her throat, “I know your Mommy used to breast feed you. I saw the milk and pumping machines at your house.”

Mikey’s face started blushing more intensely and tears filled his eyes. Even the mention of Nadine and their relationship made him want to cry, he was fine right up until she was mentioned by someone else. Every time someone talked about his mother it felt like he had run straight into a wall.

“I know that you took some milk from the freezer in the basement.” Milena continued softly, “And you “borrowed” a pacifier from my therapy room.”

Mikey’s body involuntarily forced out a sob. He tried to stop it resulting in a strange choking noise, he lifted one of his arms to wipe his eyes. He felt embarrassed and ashamed.

“I know you saw me expressing milk last night.” Milena continued, “Well, it couldn’t have be-”

“I can’t do it!” Mikey suddenly exploded, “OK? Is that what you want to hear? I can’t do it!”

Mikey’s eyes welled up and tears fell down his cheek before he could wipe them away. He leaned forwards and rested his face against his hands as he sobbed lightly. It felt like there was a valve slowly releasing the pressure as his outbursts continued.

“Can’t do what?” Milena asked. Her voice was positively angelic.

“I can’t grow up!” Mikey wailed, “I tried, I really did! I couldn’t stop myself from wetting the bed and I couldn’t stop myself craving your…”

Mikey stopped himself before he said “milk.” He cried harder and felt Milena’s arm going around his shoulder. The very breasts Mikey had been lusting over rubbed against his side, they were impossible to miss.

“I miss my Mommy…” Mikey sobbed through his tears, “I’m not ready to be grown up.”

“It’s OK, it’s OK.” Milena whispered soothingly. She leaned over and hugged Mikey, she had to turn her body and the young man almost seemed to get lost between her breasts. She reached up with one of her hands and gently stroked Mikey’s hair, “No one’s going to force you to grow up.”

Just the proximity of Milena’s breasts seemed to comfort Mikey. He was reminded of when he was at home with his mother and she would hug him in almost the same way. It seemed as if Milena noticed his reaction as well, he could feel her rubbing of his hair slowing down. Being this close to Milena’s breasts was like heaven.

“You know… You don’t necessarily have to grow up.” Milena said very quietly, “You watched me with a patient earlier. I practice “regression therapy” which mainly helps people who feel that the world is just a little too big or scary for them. It can help them come to terms with traumatic events or just help them cope in general.”

Mikey pulled himself away from Milena and rubbed his eyes. He looked up into the face of the taller woman and wondered if she could possibly mean what he thought she meant. He could feel the emotional barriers against feeding from Milena cracking but he still wasn’t sure if he could do it. Milena seemed to sense Mikey’s hesitation. A small smile spread across Milena’s face and then she started pulling her shirt over her head.



End Chapter 8

Mikey & Milena

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2023


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