May's Spider Tale

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Chapter 5
For whom the web spins.

Chapter Description: May does something drastic.

Spiderman did his computer magic on the internal private computer network of Osborne Labs. He managed to bypass several firewalls and decode the encrypted file system that held the secret files on the lab’s chemistry endeavors. He finally located the file on a compound nicknamed “Rejuvium”, and read up on it.

The compound was designed to take a set amount of years off the subject, be available in digestible capsule or topical liquid form, and unfortunately had one major side effect; the subjects tended to develop psychoses.

This explained why May was acting so strange lately! (He’d have to do something about that). Now the big question was why May had been picked to be an involuntary guinea pig.

After downloading the files to a USB stick for later analysis and managed to escape Osborne Labs without triggering any alarms. For once, things were actually going right for him!


He arrived home after a few more hours of study with answers and a possible cure for May’s affliction. He was greeted by May, who looked like she had done something bad and was doing a poor job of hiding it. As he put that aside and prepared to give May the good news and bad news, he was interrupted by a baby calling out from the living room.

Entering the living room with May in tow, Peter noticed a baby crawling around on the floor. She was a bit dirty from exploring the dusty corners of the room, was clad only in a diaper with no other baby clothes, and recognized Peter instantly. Crawling up to him, she made “up-up” motions with her arms while babbling at him happily.

“Hello, baby.” said Peter, dreading what he was going to ask next, “May, whose baby is this?”

Will there be more? Just ask!

Excelsior, my friends!



End Chapter 5

May's Spider Tale

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 17, 2021


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