May's Spider Tale

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Chapter 2
The plot thickens

Chapter Description: May finds out that being teenaged isn't as rosy as some might think.

Upon returning home later that day, the sun had set and Peter found himself hungry and tired yet again. May and MJ greeted him at the front entrance. May was wearing a tank top and jean shorts with a pair of modest hi-top sneakers. Her lustrous hair was tied in a ponytail and she looked every bit the teenager that she was.

“Did you find anything, Peter?” she asked as she came up and gave him a light hug. Taken aback by her innocent forwardness, Peter gathered his thoughts and remarked “Yes, I have, but we need to discuss it in private. Sorry MJ!”

“Don’t worry about it, Pete! Your aunt May spilled the beans after I asked a few pointed questions. We’re both simpatico about the situation and I’m curious to see if the shampoo really has rejuvenating properties.” Pete looked at May who nodded her head nervously in affirmation.

“Well, I’m going to have to eat soon because I’m famished. Let’s sit at the table and discuss it after dinner.” Peter went to the kitchen to cook up a quick meal. MJ and May joined in and while MJ added a chef’s touch and critical eye to the meal, May had trouble remembering any of her recipes. She even had to be reminded of the proper handling of a knife.

After their meal was finished and the dishes cleaned, washed, and put away, the trio sat down at the dinner table in the kitchen and discussed Peter’s findings.

“The shampoo was laced with a strange compound that was designed to harmlessly dissipate after 3 weeks, leaving no trace of it being there.”

“So, if I’d have forgotten about it a little longer, I wouldn’t be a teen again? Why would someone do that?” Asked May.

“Hmm, I would suppose that whoever made the formula didn’t want it to be out in the world for any longer than necessary.” inputted MJ.

Peter gave her an appraising look and smile for her deduction and she smiled back teasingly. Their unvoiced communication went unnoticed by May. Rather, she saw them smile at each other but didn’t see anything past that.

“May, do you remember anything of the salesman’s features?” asked Peter. After May described the salesman as being just about like any other, and related things like hair color, body build, perceived weight, height, and any remarkable features, the trio were at a loss as to where they would proceed with their questions.

“Hey, Tiger, is there anything in the compound? Like a signature or tell-tale that would tell you who made it?” asked MJ

“Hmm.” Peter sketched out the composition of the compound on a piece of paper. “Yes! Why didn’t I see it? This chain of molecules has the signature of Osborne Labs written all over it. We’ll have to move carefully if we want to know if that’s where it came from.”

“Well, it seems to me that it’s something that Norman Osborne would do just for spite!” said May as her emotions ran away and she let her anger out. It was something that the normally reserved and cautious adult aunt May would never do.

“Easy there, May! We don’t know if it was him, it could have been someone else who stole or purchased it from his labs. We don’t even know if it was made in his labs or not. We need more proof.” cautioned Peter as MJ nodded in agreement.

Chagrined and a little embarrassed while still trying to get her anger under control, May broke down in tears. Peter offered a hug and she flew into his arms, sobbing. The two stayed like this for a small while until May got the feelings out of her system and felt better after a small crying session against Peter’s strong shoulders. She sniffed back her runny nose and got a whiff of Peter’s scent in the process. It stirred up feelings in her that she hadn’t felt for a man in the time that Uncle Ben had passed away. With a red face and various emotions boiling over. The teenager sat down quietly in her chair trying to make sense of it all.

“I don’t want this! I can’t stand all the uncontrollable emotions and I’m certain that my hormones are probably raging right now!” she said with her fists balled up.

“Don’t worry May, we’ll figure something out. If you have to go through being a teen a second time, I’ll do my best to be there to help you. I remember a lot of what I went through, and it was no picnic!” reassured MJ.

May thanked her for that. Peter excused himself to finish his personal chores and MJ stayed with May for a little while before tucking her in bed and coming up to see Peter.

“She’s an emotional wreck, Peter. She was so worn out from her outburst that she didn’t argue when I guided her to her bedroom. Besides having a teen’s chaotic feelings, her body appears to be getting ready for that time of the month. It’s an emotional roller coaster on top of her already confused nervous system.”

“Thanks, MJ. I’ll take it from here,” said Peter, “would you like a trip home via Spiderman express?”

“I’d like something else as well, but I don’t think we can be quiet enough to not wake May in the process. Fancy a bit of a shag at my digs, luv?” She added the last bit with an imitation Austin Powers accent.

“It sounds tempting, maybe a quickie so that I can attend to my personal affairs and get back to check in on May?” asked Peter.

MJ embraced him and gave a long passionate kiss to his lips for a yes. Peter donned his spider outfit and the two quietly swung with graceful arcs out of the house on artificial spider webbing.



End Chapter 2

May's Spider Tale

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 17, 2021


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