May's Spider Tale

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Chapter 3
Teen romance is cruel.

Chapter Description: May becomes infatuated.

After a few “quickie” moments later, Peter entered his room via the window, disrobed, took a shower, and got down to the brass tacks of his finances, education, and what to do about May’s situation.

He caught a few hours of sleep and departed for his morning classes at college. May gave him a warmer hug than she had the day before and seemed to have a bit of a cold. She sniffed quite loudly around Peter and smiled all the while.

While Peter was at college, May went up to his room and buried herself in his bed covers for a while. She stripped down to nothing and wore one of his used shirts while laying back on his bed and fantasizing about something or another. After a few hours, she put the shirt back in the laundry hamper and went downstairs to her room where she “took the edge off” her uncontrollable emotions. She then showered and then thought about what to wear. She settled for a long sleeve striped shirt, a pair of bib overalls, and a pair of plain black Keds sneakers. Her hair was in the same lush and full-bodied ponytail that she had the day before. She worked her way through the house and cleaned, then went into the kitchen and made some BLT sandwiches for when Peter got home later in the afternoon.

House clean, dishes washed, the laundry wasn’t due for another day or so, May sat down on her chair in the living room and turned on the TV. She soon found herself bored beyond belief at all the channels available and nothing with any substance to watch. She got up and decided to take a walk in the local park.

May walked along the long trails of the park and enjoyed the crisp autumn weather. She was amazed at how light and energetic her body was and did a few handstands in the grass before almost landing in a pile of doggy do. Chiding herself for not thinking to look first, she realized that it was hard with all the energy bursting forth from her body to think before acting. Had she been more aware, she would’ve noticed that she was doing a lot of impulsive things today that she normally didn’t do.

She looked up to the sky and saw a large massive rain cloud coming in. Congratulating herself on her forethought, she turned around to go home which was a mile or so away. No sooner did she get started when she encountered a strange man wearing a greasy trench coat following her at a distance. She knew what stranger danger was and started to walk faster. The trench coat man kept pace and proceeded to speed up. Before May could look back, the man had crept up behind her and covered her mouth with a dirty hand. His body smelled of alleyways and filth, it was quite apparent that he hadn’t showered or bathed in quite a while. With her body clenched tightly against his, he lifted the struggling May into the air and dragged her into a nearby thicket.

May tried to bite the man’s hand, but the horrid stench made her gag. Her gagging only turned on the trench coat man a little more. He whispered with a ragged voice in her ear, “Don’t struggle, Missy, it only makes it harder!” his foul, fetid breath made May even sicker and caused her to throw up her breakfast.

“Oh, I just love this!” said the nasty man who was now positively stoked. “I’m gonna take my time with you and do you better than I did with all the others, just you wait and see!”

Before he could go any further, he found himself physically separated from May and brutally flung up against a large Oak tree with the wind knocked out of his lungs. The young man who held him there with one arm was on his phone. “Hello, 911? Yeah, I just detained an attempted rapist. How long before you can send down an officer to arrest him? 10 minutes? That’s fast! See you in a few!”

“Oh, Peter! Thank the good lord you came by!” said a grateful May. She was in shock from the brutal assault by the sicko that Peter had detained but deep down inside, she felt grateful.  A gratitude that her churning teen hormones would later pervert into a form of love that isn’t healthy for young girls.



End Chapter 3

May's Spider Tale

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 17, 2021


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