May's Spider Tale

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Chapter 4
Birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon...

Chapter Description: May experiences her "first time" again.

“You were lucky that I was walking by on my way back to the house, May. You need to be more aware of the dangers of the park and take extra precautions due to your gender.” a worried Peter babbled at May. She had just gotten clean from the shower and walked out after dressing in a Persian sweater and jeans with frilly white ankle socks. She rushed over to where Peter sat on the sofa and took up residence beside him.

“Oh, Peter, please hold me! I’m still shaking from that nasty person’s touching me in the park!” How much of her actions were an angsty teen performance and how many were real, no one could ever know. She snuggled into Peter and breathed deeply of his manly scent which was stronger now than in the morning as he hadn’t showered after his day’s exertions yet.

Peter became calmer now that May seemed to be okay. She’d probably have to see a psychologist for a few sessions to get over the trauma, but he was happy that she wasn’t hurt. He let her snuggle into him and held her close with a brotherly hug. “I do love you, May. I suppose I don’t say it enough, you’re my favorite aunt after all!” and then he thought “Heck, she’s my only aunt, so it’s not much of a stretch.”

May, however, with being reduced to the raw emotions of being a teen, having rampaging hormones, and seemingly losing a bit of life experience in the bargain, mistook his brotherly affection for true love. She wasn’t at an emotional age where there were gray areas concerning emotions and was now going to the extreme of what her regressed mind construed as “love”.

“I love you too, Peter! I love you very much!” she gushed with all the enthusiasm her young heart and mind could produce. Peter’s stomach growled then and she couldn’t have her “lover” go without food! She got up to put the BLTs in the fridge for tomorrow and cook a proper meal for him. She ended up warming up a few cans of soup, lumpy mashed potatoes, and some undercooked Salisbury steak. “I’m sorry it didn’t turn out better, I don’t know what happened to all my cooking experience!” she apologized. Peter bravely ate what he could of the meal and complimented the chef.


Another day, another trip to morning classes at college. Peter received a warm hug from May, a lunch bag with the BLT sandwiches in it “for later” and he was off. May had almost kissed him, but she had chickened out at the last moment. She wasn’t feeling too good this morning as she felt feverish and a ticklish gnawing was starting up in her stomach. She wondered if it was that “time” and later confirmed it in the bathroom. Luckily MJ stopped by and helped her out by supplying the proper sanitary products and cooking a meal for Peter and her to eat later.

While May lay back on her bed feeling the pinch of “hormone madness” as her system broke down and rebuilt certain parts, she wondered aloud if MJ might also be in love with Peter. MJ confirmed that they were more than friends and didn’t want to elaborate, but May wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer at the moment with everything that had gone on in the last week topped off with her overwhelming deluge of teen problems, could be cut a little slack for prying a little too much. MJ confirmed that the two had performed the “horizontal bop” a few times already. This stirred a small fit of jealousy in May causing her to become a bit cooler in her attitude towards MJ as the evening passed.

Peter came home and took over nursing duty. The three had a nice meal and May went back to bed to ride out her visit from “Aunt Flo”. MJ walked herself home.


Over the course of the next few days, May recovered from her “lady time” and started to pursue her freshly acquired adolescent love interest in Peter. By the time that Peter understood that she wasn’t in love with him in a sisterly way, she had gone to the extremes that a boy band groupie would go in their idealized version of what romance was. It took a while, but he felt he’d gotten the point across that they were relatives and not lovers. May seemed to get over her fixation with him and gave him back his personal space.

Of course, what she was really doing was coming up with a more elaborate scheme to convince Peter that they were destined to be romantic lovers. Peter had to gently push her away when her hugs became more than platonic, and she took that to mean that he was truly in love. Because, why not?

She woke him from his sleep that night, wearing pajamas (thank goodness), and wanted to sleep with him. He gently but firmly rejected her advances and the two sat up for an hour or two on Peter’s bed. May was then brought up to speed on why she couldn’t fall in romantic love with her nephew. She left the room with an ache in her heart but seemed to finally understand why.

“It’s that mean woman MJ!” she ranted to herself. Somehow, the relationship that Peter had with MJ which was over several years in the making, trumped her several-week teen romance. If MJ weren’t in the picture, May would have had a chance of making it with Peter, she knew in her heart of hearts that this was true!



End Chapter 4

May's Spider Tale

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 17, 2021


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