Mischief Night

by: Personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 2, 2022

In search of an urban legend, a group of Sorority girls find more than they bargained for.

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Mischief Night: The night before Halloween. October 31st was when all the kiddies went trick or treating with their mommies and daddies in their cute little costumes.  The day after was either about going to church or recovering from a sugar hangover, depending on how religious you were.  The night before, though? That’s when the big kids came out to play. That’s when the teenagers got to do their thing

Mischief night was the night of pranks, ding-dong ditch, eggs, flaming bags of dog shit, and toilet paper.  And the only costume one needed was something dark enough to blend in with the night.  October 31st half the costumes were spooky and the other half were sexy.  On October 30th everybody who was anybody cosplayed as a burglar.  It was a night of pubescent purging before that slasher series made it a thing. 

When Kelly had been growing up, Halloween was a night of fanciful and fun pretend, and later it was a chance for her to pretend to be someone else.  It was like the internet but in person and with candy.  Halloween had become too commercialized though.  That dark, terrible part of the human soul still required an outlet.  Grudges had to be solved in the dark.  Scores settled with a sheath of plausible deniability.  Deadly sins had to be expressed.

Mardi Gras was for Gluttony

Black Friday was for Greed

Oddly Enough, Halloween was very likely a center for Lust these nights.

And Mischief Night was when Wrath was at its peak just before bursting into candy corn colored confetti.

At least, so Kelly had rationalized to herself.  At thirteen she put away her dollies and outgrown trick or treating. After graduation she’d decided to leave Mischief Night to kids still living with their parents.  Now, in college, October 30th was just the day before Halloween and an opportunity to scout the Kappa Delta Psi clubhouse for last looks.

Kelly had chaired her sorority’s committee on running the Annual Halloween Party. The decorations weren’t in place yet, that would be for tomorrow, but all the major hardware had been moved in and set up. Everything was swept and vacuumed.  The stage was ready for the DJ with lighting and sound systems already hooked up. The refreshment table was set up across from the clubhouse’s open bar.  All that was needed were the refreshments, decorations, and oh yeah, the people.

If everything went according to plan, this would be a real banger.  Kelly hummed quietly to herself.  Maybe not the best choice of words; banger.  She brushed back a wave of blonde hair to keep from touching herself.  Or maybe “banger” was the perfect word for it.  Danny said he was coming by late tonight. He said that he had something he wanted to show her.
Kelly wasn’t expecting an engagement ring, but when a boy talked like that to her, it meant he had something special on his mind.  What better night than Mischief Night to try something freaky?  As long as it wasn’t another dude- been there, done that, too clingy, no thanks- she’d be excited about it.

Naughtily she looked at the stage and imagined her and her boyfriend christening it with her heels kicked off and her panties down to her ankles, and both of them in the spotlight.  Would turning the speakers on and playing some music cover the screams of delight, she wondered, or would it just attract attention?  Would it be so bad if she invited an audience?  There was a fantasy she’d save for later.

Her panties got a little wetter with the heavy, desperate thudding on the clubhouse door. 
“Comiiiiing,” Kelly called out, her heels clicking.  She licked her lips in anticipation. Danny really wanted this.  She opened the door and braced herself, expecting him to burst through the door and throw her up against the nearest wall.  She shuddered with delight just thinking about it.

It wasn’t Danny who fell through the doorway.  In place of Danny’s short brown hair and athletic build and tight t-shirts and jeans meant to accentuate his physique and...other things... was a lanky mess of a girl with stringy black hair who did no favors for herself in the frumpy constantly wrinkled clothes she wore.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.  It is a lesser known, but no less valid truth, that nothing kills one’s libido like the sight of a childhood friend sobbing on the floor.


The two had been fast friends since before they were in kindergarteners. Yet, as so often happens they’d grown apart over the years.  When Kelly had put away childish things, she’d put away her oldest friendship with it.  It was nothing intentionally malicious, not at first.  Just two paths in life diverging slowly but in radically different directions. Kelly cared more about making social connections and how such friendships might benefit her, and Marsha mostly cared about her story books and fascination stuff that- to be charitable- could be best described as ‘weird’ and ‘nerdy’.

It was nothing personal.  What was a missed birthday party between friends?  What was several between just classmates?  By the time they’d both happened to reach college, they were more or less barely acquainted strangers who made eye contact in passing every now and then.  They’d never so much had an argument about it or a formal breaking things off.  They’d just stopped knowing each other.

Marsha looked up from her spot on the floor, in frumpy baggy jeans and a sweatshirt that masked what little breasts she had even though it was barely chilly.  “Kelly?”  She jumped up to her feet and dragged Kelly into a swift embrace.  “Oh my god! I’m so glad I found someone! I’m so glad it’s you!”

Kelly did not return the hug. “Hey...Marsha.  What are you doing here?”  For Marsha’s sake it was probably best that she couldn’t see the disgusted expression on Kelly’s face.  “The party isn’t…” she hesitated. “Isn’t till tomorrow night.”  What Kelly had wanted to say was, ‘The party isn’t for people like you.’  It was for Greeks only. Not even pledges could attend, and no way had Marsha found a Sorority to accept her.  There was just no way.  She wasn’t even interested in those kinds of things.

“What party?” Marsha asked, and pulled herself back.  “Oh who cares?! That’s not important!”

A party?  Not important?  “Marsha. What the fuck are you talking about?”  She sniffed.  Marsha smelled nice, despite looking like she’d been crawling around in somebody’s attic all night.  The baby powder scent was a little basic, but it was doing its job of masking unpleasant odors.  Almost.  Kelly couldn’t tell.

“Kelly,” Marsha sniffled, holding back sobs. “I...I found it.  I found the Thirteenth House!”  She was both excited and utterly terrified.

“The Thirteenth Hou..?”  Kelly away from the taller girl. “Marsha,” she said. “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. How did you fall for that?”

Marsha ran around to meet Kelly’s gaze. “I didn’t fall for anything, Kelly! I discovered it!  Me and my new friend-!”

“My new friend and I-” Kelly corrected. She wasn’t a stickler for grammar, but she wasn’t putting up with this nonsense. Not tonight.

“My new friend and I,” Marsha repeated, “we found the Thirteenth House!”

“No you didn’t,” Kelly said. “Thirteenth House doesn’t exist.”

The Thirteenth House of Old Sorority Row was part myth, part urban legend.  Just a bunch of bullshit about a wannabe Sorority House that was also a bunch of wannabe witches that all went crazy and killed themselves or were killed by an axe murderer or something. Or it was a fire. Or it was a cover up by the University. 

Different people told the story differently, but it basically amounted to a spooky haunted house that witches used to live in before they all died for some reason and nobody knew where the haunted house was anymore. Every town had its own ghost story.  College towns were no different.  Kelly just didn’t think Marsha would be one to buy into all the hype. Not at this age. Did she think she was two or something?

“You gotta believe me, Marsha insisted.  “We found the books!”

“That’s nice,”  Kelly sighed.  She turned again and started walking back to the door.  Time to show the nutter out.  Her lip curled in disgust.  She was becoming annoyed to the point where any chance of horniness had faded.  Maybe Danny could bring that back if he got here in time, but if Marsha was still here when he got there there’d be no chance whatsoever.  “The night buses are still running, right?  You’ll be able to make it back to your dorm.”

“I can’t go back to my dorm!” Marsha screeched. “It has a crib in it!”

Kelly stopped and her childhood friend took the time to circle back around and re-establish eye contact, this time with tears flowing down her cheeks.  Kelly heard more than just the stomping flopping footsteps as Marsha maneuvered back and fell to her knees.  The crinkling, rustling sound coming from the stringy haired bitch’s pockets also caught Kelly’s attention.

“Are you fucking high or something?” Kelly asked. “Is that it?  Did some weirdo get you to try shrooms or acid for the first time?”  If that were the case Kelly didn’t know whether to respect the girl’s courage and doing something halfway normal for a college girl or to spit on her for expecting Kelly to tripsit at the drop of a hat..

Marsha was so hysterical that she didn’t seem to hear Kelly’s question.  “We found the books! We found the books that lead to the house! Then we got past the guard cat and did the ritual and signed the contract.  Except...”

“Except what?”  Kelly had no idea what Marsha was talking about. Girl was definitely tripping.

“Except I got scared and didn’t finish the ritual!”

“What ritual?  What are you talking about?  You sound like a little kid trying to explain their favorite fucking cartoon! You sound like a friggin... baby!”

A crack of lightning.   Strange.  It hadn’t been cloudy out a few minutes ago.  Marsha got off her knees and scooted backwards into a corner like a dog trying to avoid a bath.  “A baby?  Why would you call me that?! Why would you say that?”  Kelly snorted. There were far worse things she’d wanted to call Marsha. “Is the magic starting to affect you, too?”

For some reason, Kelly’s eyes noticed that Mary’s pants looked...bulkier...puffier, like she had several extra layers of underwear, or she’d tied a sweater around her butt and then hiked up jeans.  “Magic?  What magic?” she scoffed.

Another crack of lightning followed by a roar of thunder.

“My magic,” a new voice said.  Both girls whipped their heads around to the suddenly open doorway.  The girl standing in the doorway was more conventionally attractive than Marsha.  Straight brown hair drifted to her shoulders, crowned by a black pointy hat.  The orange and black striped knee high socks went into fierce looking black heels.  It was a day early, but the girl was definitely pulling off the ‘sexy witch’ look.  The little black slip of a dress hugged her curves and highlighted her breasts.  If Kelly were still ‘experimenting’ she’d have been tempted. The only thing off was the bit of black and white padding coming out from beneath the dress’s hem.  What was that?

The intruder practically sashayed right past Kelly like she wasn’t even there, and Kelly’s ears twitched hearing the exact same crinkle she’d heard before coming from Marsha’s pants. This was the drug dealer.  Strangely enough, she also smelled like baby powder. Even more odd, the dress didn’t look like it had any pockets on it.  Where was that light rustling noise coming from?

“Hello, Marsha. Did you really think you’d get away?”  She leaned over and pinched Marsha on the cheek, flashing Kelly her white panties with black cat silhouettes in the process.

Getting a full look at the girl’s underwear made Kelly realize that those weren’t panites she was wearing.  “Is that a diaper?!”  Kelly didn’t know whether to laugh in delight or scream in mockery.

The witch girl stood up.  “Yes,” she said. “Yes it is.” She looked down at herself.  “Kind of hard to tell, though, now that you mention it.” With a flick of her wrist, the hem of her dress flared up and outward, putting even more of the diaper in plain sight.  There was no doubting what she was wearing now.  Just like that, Kelly’s temptation evaporated.  “How about now?”

“Cute trick,” Kelly said, “but you need to leave.”

“My name’s Zora, by the way.”

Kelly rolled her eyes. “Don’t care, Zora. You need to leave. This is Kappa Delta Psi property.  Get out.”

Even though she was waddling and smelled like a toddler, the witch girl displayed boundless confidence.  “And you are?”

“Don’t-!” Marsha cried out.

Too late. “Kelly.  And I’m in charge.”

A twinkle- a literal twinkle, a spark of light- came to the witch girl’s eyes.  “Oh, I like you. Are you also a friend of Marsha’s?”

No. Not really. Not anymore.  “Yes. We grew up together. I don’t know what you’ve got her on, but you’re ge-”

The stranger interrupted by clapping her hands and bouncing on her toes. “Oh my goodness! That’s great! Now Marsha’s got two friends who have known her since she was in diapers!”
Kelly cocked her head over to the side.  “Excuse me?”

The intruder snapped her fingers and pointed like a gun at Marsha.  To Kelly’s amazement and Marsha’s utter horror, a sparkling trail of gold zipped its way from the witch’s forefinger onto Marsha.  Marsha stood up from the corner, rising shoulders first like she was a puppet being dangled from its strings.  Just as her head popped up, her pants went in the opposite direction.

Kelly felt too confused to be afraid.  “Why is she wearing a diaper?”

Zora stepped out of the way, a magician revealing the prestige of her trick.  “Because she’s a big baby. Like me.  Like you.”

Kelly ignored being included in the statement.  She was almost mesmerized by the big puffy diaper hanging from her old friend’s hips, decorated with childish pictures of frogs eating flies. “Why is it...” she stopped and frowned. “Why is it drooping?”

“Because it’s wet.” Kelly’s hand shot up to her lips, trying, and failing to suppress the laugh.  Marsha was wearing a wet diaper?  That was both sad and hilarious!  “Don’t feel bad, I got changed before I followed the tracking spell I put on you.”

“Okay,” Kelly finally said. “What’s really going on?”  It was easier for Kelly to believe that Marsha had found someone who was into Chris Angel bullshit and that Marsha had gotten into pantomime than it was to believe she’d witnessed even a hint of ‘real’ magic.  Marsha was totally the kind of kid who would have fallen in with the theater nerds.

“Weird old magic with weird old catches.” Zora said the same way someone might explain something completely mundane like local news or the weather.  “Stuff like ‘Magic is for babies’ was a warning it turns out.  I’m already an infantilist, so it doesn’t bother me.  Marsha chickened out at the last moment. Lessened the cost for me, but got none of the good stuff.”

Kelly’s brain immediately latched onto the weird ‘i-word’ that this stranger had said.  Where had she heard that before?  “Excuse me? You’re an in-what?”  Was that a sex thing? It sounded kinda like a sex thing.

“An adult baby.  Literally now.”  Zora’s voice drifted off near the end, smiling to herself.

The term ‘adult baby’ rang a bell. Kelly knew enough about it to know that it totally grossed her out. Great. More kinky bullshit. Thank god Danny wasn’t into this. “Okay, Marsha. I’m done. Bye bye.  You and your new buddy can go away.  Forever if you’d like.” 

“We will,” Zorra smiled. “But you’re coming with us.”

Marsha was already blubbering in the corner, apologizing profusely.  Meanwhile, Kelly inhaled deeply so that she could release a string of expletives to properly cuss out both Marsha and this new brown haired bimbo in one long winded tirade: Really tell them where they could shove their wet adult diapers but good.

The witch’s pointer finger was faster than Kelly’s insults. She hadn’t even decided whether she’d call Marsha and Zora the ‘b-word’ or the ‘c-word’ when a flash of golden light shot out of Zora’s finger and straight into Kelly’s face.

Kelly felt herself falling, collapsing to the floor as Marsha screamed.  Just before she lost consciousness, she could have sworn she heard a cat’s purring, and felt her panties somehow getting thicker.

“Time for a nap-nap.  Playtime after.”     


Zora drew a tiny white card off the top of the deck. “Oooo!” She smiled. “Double blues! Lucky me!”  She moved her red gingerbread man token along the Candyland board.  She clapped her hands together excitedly, and bounced on her knees, making a crinkling sound every time the back of her diaper touched her bare heels.  Shoes were left at the door.  “I’m so good at this game!” 

Marsha didn’t comment.  From the looks of it, it was all she could do to stop from hyperventilating as she drew the next card and revealed it.  “Yellow.”

“Awww,” too bad, the witch said. “The next yellow space has a piece of licorice on it. That means you lose your next turn.”

“Yeah…” Marsha knew. Of course she did.  Candyland was so easy, even a baby could play it.  That’s why they were allowed to do it. 

Through hypnotic suggestion, or drugs, or whatever weird ass mind tricks Zora was using - Kelly still didn’t believe it to be magic- the two ex-friends were limited to things that a baby or toddler might be able to do.  It’s why, Marsha was now dressed in a snap-crotch green onesie with a frog hoodie; none of the girls could dress or undress themselves.  It’s why after she moved her game piece and sat back down Marsha winced at a squelching sound.  Marsha couldn’t keep her panties dry either.

“Why are you doing this?” Kelly demanded. “The fudge did we do to you?” Swearing was out too, evidently.  Despite her inability to say cuss, Kelly still spoke with far more authority and intensity than her position warranted.  Real I-want-to-speak-to-your-manager energy.

She’d been stuffed into a white t-shirt and pink shortalls with the same kind of baby snaps as Marsha’s onesie. Directly beneath those shortalls was a diaper with cute little carrot prints. The bunny eared head dress tucked behind her ears matched the sewn on cotton ball tail. Overall, Kelly felt ridiculous, was trying to read as confident, and was more likely coming off as whiny.

“It’s your turn,” Zora said, ignoring the question.

Kelly wanted to smack the pieces off the board.  Instead, her hand went and picked up the card from the top of the pile.  “Double red.”  She moved her gingerbread token. 

“That’s a shortcut,” Marsha sighed.  “You can travel up to big rock candy mountain.”  Marsha seemed like she was more or less defeated and resigned.  Was it that first blast of hypnosis that had been used on her, or was she even more of a pushover than Kelly recalled?

“Oh yeah,” Zora frowned at the board.  “It is.”  On its own the, the token dragged itself up the special shortcut and much much closer to the finish line.

“Why are you doing this?” Kelly repeated herself.

Zora ignored Kelly and picked up a card.  “Orange…” she said and sulked a bit, moving her piece one measly space. “Your turn, Kelly. Marsha lost her turn.”

Kelly drew the top card off the deck.  “Ice cream?” 

“That means you get to skip over to the ice cream mountain.” Marsha said, dully. “Now you’re way in the lead.”

Kelly moved her piece and shifted uncomfortably in her crinkling seat on the floor, growing more frustrated. “Why did you take us?”

The brown haired witch wrinkled her nose when she drew. “Green.” Her token moved forward only a single space.

“Double purple,” Marsha moved up on her turn.

“Me too,” Kelly said.  Then she nagged, “Why did you hypnotize us?”

Zora drew her card.  “Peppermint,” she growled. “That sends me back to the peppermint forest.”

“Why did you dress us up like this?” Kelly was trying to keep her voice level and calm but was failing.  More than a little hysteria was creeping up out of her throat.

The diapered witch looked confused.  “I didn’t dress you up,” she said.  The smile that broke out showed that she wasn’t exactly innocent.

A fourth figure entered the room and Kelly’s attention was pulled away from the children’s game and yanked back into her immediate surroundings.  Across the creaking wooden boards of the old sorority house, the woman with the cat ears walked across holding a silver platter of steaming Rice Krispie treats.  She wasn’t unattractive, but was at least twenty years older than the college co-eds, old enough to be their mother.  The wide hips and large breasts added to the matronly effect.

What was strange- or stranger-, about the woman amidst the peeling nursery print wallpaper and the dusty victorian style toy boxes was her yellow  eyes with the vertical pupils, and the mottled reddish, brownish, blackish pattern in her hair.  High end contacts and a fancy wig.

Technically, Zora had been telling the truth: the witch- Kelly wanted to call her something else- hadn’t been the one to dress them up. Her henchwoman had.  Kelly had regained consciousness in the bizarre haunted looking nursery, naked on an oversized changing table. Her eyes opened just in time for the mute woman to finish ripping off Kelly’s panties and slide the fresh diaper beneath her and fastening it on around her hips.  The baby clothes that followed were almost as humiliating.  Almost.

Kelly wanted to scream or say something, when Marsha pointed to the collar of Kelly’s shirt. “Careful,” Marsha hissed. Kelly glanced down and saw the pacifier clipped there. Unsurprisingly it had a carrot emblem on it. The one on Marsha’s had a fly.

She hadn’t noticed either of the soothers before. Had they appeared or had she just been so overwhelmed or drugged or whatever that she only now realized. Kelly picked up the pacifier and inched it closer to her lips, feeling like she was playing a game of chicken.  Would she be able to stop?  Would she be able to spit it out?

“My favorite!” Zora reached up to the lowered tray and took the first bit cereal brick held together with marshmallow glue.  “Do you guys want some?” The hostages shook their heads.  “Why not? Babies love sweets.”

The gangly frog girl and the shorter bunny girl felt their stomachs growl and their mouths salivate.  She’d said it, and instantly, they knew it was true.  Darn. Now Kelly really wanted something sweet.  They each reached out and grabbed a brick from the tray.  Rather than the petite, gentle bites she might normally do, Kelly’s mouth practically unhinged itself wolfing down the rice and sugar glue square.  Likewise, Marsha’s body had forgotten whatever manners her body had managed to pick up past pre-school.

“Thank you, Sousa,” the witch said.  “That’s good for now.”

Hypnotism went right out the window after that. A sickening crunch rang out with the breaking of bones and the warping of cartilage. The cat lady shriveled like a raisin and howled in pain as her knees bent backwards and clothing melted into skin just so that fur could grow. Human howling became feline yowling and when it was all said and done, where once a motherly cat lady stood, a lady cat now padded over to the witch.

  If Kelly’s diaper was dry before, it certainly wasn’t now.  “You’re...you’re really a witch.”  This was real. This was all real.  This was more than a prank or illusion, or subliminal conditioning. This. Was. Magic.  And Zora was more than just a diaper fetishist with an extra layer of costuming.

Zora ignored Kelly and the thing that now looked like a cat crawled into her lap and started to purr.  “Who's a good demonic familiar? Sousa is.  Yes she is! Such a pretty kitty and dommy mommy too!”

Kelly looked at Marsha. “Lady Sousa of the Second Circle.. Viscountess of Temptation and Ecstasy.”

“This is not my ecstasy,” Kelly said.

“No,” Zora said, cuddling the thing that looked like a cat. “It’s mine.  It’ll be yours soon enough when the magic finishes settling in.  Then we’ll have lots of fun!”

The head of Kappa Delta Psi’s upcoming Halloween party started quivering, and it was from anything but delight. “Why?” Kelly asked.  “Why do this to us?  You wanna be a big baby, fine. But why do this to us?”

“Why would I want to be the only baby?” Zora asked. “It’s more fun with friends.”

“Don’t you have other people like...you?”

“I might have,” Zora said. “I will. But the vectors work best when they flow naturally and Marsha was here when the final incantations were cast.”

If the wet diaper and the childish costume clothes hadn’t made Kelly feel like an incompetent child, that sentence had. “Magic is sympathetic,” Marsha explained, hands hidden in her face. “It spreads from person to person. It’s a virus that spreads through minds, memories and lives.  Witches just control the symptoms.”

Zora stood up, cradling her cat-thing  “It started with the room. Did you really think this used to be a daycare or something?  And when we completed the ritual, my good little assistant Marsha was still in the room, so I was able to share the magic with her.  Then she went and infected you.”

“In..infected…?” Kelly felt hot and cold at the same time. Angry and afraid. She turned on her spot on the floor and stared Marsha down.

“I thought..” Marsha stammered. “I thought you’d turn into a grown-up. Take care of me.”

“Probably would have too,” Zora agreed. “If I hadn’t caught up, you’d probably remember Marsha as a kid you used to babysit or something. But I got there just in time.”

“She’s not my best friend.”  Kelly spat.

If Zora. “Hey.  Do you guys wanna color, or play with blocks or something?”

Kelly looked back down to the game board on the floor.  “I thought we were playing Candyland?”  She’d been close to winning, too.

Zora walked over it, lightly kicking the game pieces away and toppling the deck of color cards. “It was a dumb game anyhow. Coloring and playing with blocks is more funner, especially for little babies like us.”

Dang it!  Now Kelly really did want to play with blocks and color.  She couldn’t help it!  Her fear and anger were overridden by excitement and relief when Zora tipped over a box filled with alphabet blocks.

“Don’t worry,” Zora said.  “Sousa will clean it up when we’re done.”


That little bit of permission spurred the girls to crawl over on their hands and knees and start building.  Three blocks in, a terrible thought occurred to Kelly.  Slowly, like testing the temperature of a pool, she got to her feet and stood up.  The tension in her brain eased considerably.  She could still stand.  She took two or three steps and found that she could still walk normally; or as normally as the big diaper would allow her.  Crawling had been born out of excitement, not necessity.

Kelly’s vision started to wander over to the front door.

“Don’t bother,” Zora said without looking up from the castle of blocks she was building.  “Babies don’t know how to undo locks.”  Kelly tromped over to a stack of coloring books that may or may not have been by the box of blocks a minute ago and grabbed something with Hello Kitty on the front.  All of the crayons were in a disorganized bucket, so she had to settle with taking a random fistful.

“Kelly,” Marsha said.  “I’m s-”

“Not now,” Kelly said. “I’m coloring.”


The volume shifted to almost silent.  The demon cat purred. The diapered witch hummed tunelessly to herself.  Marsha sighed and stacked blocks one on top of the other.  Somewhere within earshot, a clock ticked.  Kelly heard the quiet wooshing of cars driving by, meaning they weren’t too far from the road (and the insulation in this place sucked).  Kelly pretended to color. Or was it coloring, since she was still scribbling crayons on the paper?  Kelly didn’t know. Such nuance was beyond babies like her.

Babies like her.

She was starting to think of herself as a baby and impose limits without prompting.  She turned the page and started scribbling. Red this time, like her mood.  In her mind, she wasn’t going to college. School was big and scary.  She’d rather be at daycare with all of her little friends.  Next page.  Her dorm room, she somehow knew, now had a crib in it just like it always had, filled with stuffies.  Her Nanny the RA would come in and change her diaper and change her into jammies just before beddie bye.  A quiet blue and a soft pink meshed well on this page.  All her boyfriends throughout the years weren’t her boyfriends anymore; they never would be again and maybe never were to begin with.  They were just super nice babysitters that played silly games with her; held and cuddled her when she was getting lonely without her friends at daycare. Blurple was a good color for this.  Blurple was a color, right?

Fists clenched tight, Kelly felt the crayons snap in her hands.  Something else snapped too..

“This is all your fault!” She screamed.

She hadn’t been looking at Zora.  “Me?” Marsha asked. “Why me?”

Kelly stood up and impotently tossed the handful of broken crayons in Marsha’s direction. “I was gonna get to see my babysit...I mean boyfriend tonight!  Now, I’m stuck here, with a literal witch and being forced to act like a snot nosed little brat!”

Zora snickered to herself.

Marsha stood up, too. “I’m sorry, Kelly!” she tried to explain.  “I did all the research on how to find this place. I didn’t really understand the magic until it was too late.”

“You could have run to the cops,” Kelly said. “Or a hospital.” Her volume was rising with her rage.

“Babies um…” Zora said. “Babies shouldn’t…”

Now it was Zora’s turn to be ignored. “Or literally anywhere else in the whole fudgin’ world! And you come to my sorority’s clubhouse!  Why?! Didn’t you get the hint back in middle school?!”

“I didn’t know what else to do!” Marsha started vibrating.

“Babies don’t…”

“You should have left me the fudge alone and just taken your gosh darn magical punishment by yourself!”


“I thought you could help me!”

Kelly would help her all right.  Help her right into a concussion!  The wooden block went zooming through the air, not unlike the shimmering gold line of magic that Zora had used. It spiked into Marsha’s head, connecting corner-first right above the eyebrow.

Marsha made no reply after the block struck her.  No verbal one, at least.  Instead she charged head first and tackled Kelly, drilling her into the ground. Had there been a women’s football league, Marsha would have attracted scouts with that move.

Ask any two public school teachers or police officers and they will tell you they would much rather break up a fight between two guys over two gals. Stereotypically speaking, two girls fighting is much worse than two boys fighting.  Men will fight for just about anything: Ego. Pride. Respect. There’s escalation and de-escalation and retreating and parrying. Men will start a fight and almost immediately look for an excuse not to.

When women fight, it’s for blood. Everytime.  Girls fight to kill. Every. Time.

Marsha rammed the back of Kelly’s head into the floorboards. Kelly started clawing at Marsha’s eyes.

“Babies shouldn’t fiiiiiight!” Zora screamed. Nothing happened.  Shouldn’t and don’t are two different things.  Babies broke rules all the time.

“Stupid! Fudging! Ca-ca!”

“Selfish! Little! Brat!”

For a moment each girl, completely caught up with their own bloodlust, thought that they’d broken the bones of the other.  That illusion was dispelled when sparkling gold paralyzed them and the large woman with cat ears stood over their prone forms.

“STAAAAAAAHP! Zora cried. “No! No! No! No fighting!” She pounded the floor. “Stop!  This is supposed to be happy! We get to play games!  And dress up!  And be little! Forever!”  Kelly’s limbs felt like they were made of putty, but she could still move her head and eyes.  Was Zora crying?  Panicking even?  “JUST STAAAAAHP!” 

Kelly and Marsha were draped over the matronly cat woman’s shoulders.  “Time out!” Zora sobbed. “Time! Out!”

And so they were.

They were taken to a room deeper inside the house.  No pastel decorations or otherwise infantilized undertones lurked around the corners.  Maybe the magic hadn’t transformed this section of the old house, and that’s what kept the derelict beds and chests of drawers looking like antiques.  Maybe making every room of the house suited to a baby aesthetic would have ruined the witch’s peculiar sense of immersion, or perhaps she thought time out would be less terrible if there were toys and soft happy colors around.  Kelly didn’t know.

What both girls did know, instinctively, is that they were able to move their limbs after the cat-woman-demon thing plopped down in plain wooden chairs located in adjacent corners of the room.  Neither girl said anything until after Zora's familiar left.  It wasn’t immediate, either. Both sat in silence, staring at their respective corners and thinking about what they’d done.

Marsha was the first to break the silence. “Sorry I did that.”

Kelly didn’t reply.

That didn’t stop Marsha.  “Both for attacking you and for dragging you into this.  I was trying to get home, but I panicked when I started ‘membering that I slept in a crib and didn’t know what a potty was for.”  Crud! Now that she thought of it, Kelly couldn’t remember what potties were for, either.  “I wasn’t looking for you specifically, if that helps.”

“Fudge you.”  Kelly looked down at her lap.  “I want you back out of my life.”  When this thing spread to whatever trippy mind warped altered reality scenario so that Kelly would be sitting in a playpen the rest of her life, she would do everything she could to make sure that she and Marsha were on opposite sides of the mesh.

“It’s true. This was all a big accident.”

“Don’t care.”

They were quiet again for some time. Once again, Marsha was the one to break it.  “You were a bad friend.”

This seemingly unrelated comment shook Kelly out of her own bitter fog and made her look up.  “Excuse me?”

The gangly girl in the frog onesie had already pivoted in her chair.  “You were a bad friend,” she stated plainly.  “One day we were best friends, and then the next you just ghosted me and started hanging out with the popular girls.  What did I do to deserve that?”

“Nothing, I guess.”

“Then why did you leave me? Do you know how hard it was for me to make friends? I was so desperate to be appreciated, to be liked that I started hanging around people like…” she stopped and gestured to the door.

Kelly didn’t have an answer.  “I don’t know why I did it. I guess I just kind of…grew out of you?”

“Do you have any idea how sociopathic that sounds?”

Yeah. It did. It really did.  “Yeah. That was a really poopy thing of me to do,” Kelly admitted.  “I’m sorry.  If we ever get out of this, let’s start over.  Okay?”


Before Marsha could agree, the muted tones of Florida Georgia Line’s ‘Cruise’ started playing. It was muffled by space and separation, but Kelly would know it anywhere. She heard it at least three times a day.  “Danny?” Kelly said.  She stood up and followed the sound over to the chest of drawers.

“Danny?” Marsha said.

“My boyfriend! That’s his ringtone! My big girl stuff must be in this room.”

Marsha gasped. “That means your phone is on! We can call the cops!”

They couldn’t, though.

The door flung open, and a brownish blackish blur cut them off.  The top drawer was open, and the phone was in the familiar’s hands.  “Hello?” 

Kelly wanted to scream! That thing was answering her phone using her voice.

“Danny! He-!” Kelly was cut off when a pacifier magically jumped into her mouth. As predicted, she couldn’t spit it out.

“Oh, hey baby!” The woman-cat said in Kelly’s voice. “Yeah. I’m fine! Noooo! Oh? That was tonight?”

Kelly stood up and made to run and try to grab the phone.  Zora’s familiar didn’t even need to turn its head to point her fingers down and send Kelly plopping back on her bottom.  “MMMMPH!”  A quick inspection of Marsha’s mouth found a fly themed pacifier lodged between her lips as well.

“Oh? Oh really?” The demon said. Despite never hearing it, she somehow replicated Kelly’s flirty laugh.  “That does sound exciting.  Too bad I can’t be there. I’m busy babysitting.”

A small trickle of hope.  Kelly hated kids. Her boyfriend knew that. 

“Yes, silly, that does mean I’m babysitting. It’s not a metaphor.”


“Oh, looks like the baby needs me.  Byyyyyye!”  She turned off Kelly’s phone and pocketed it, giving Kelly a sly cheshire smile beneath feline eyes.  Kelly used her diaper again. 

At least the pacifier came out. Shame she had nothing to say.  The two ex-friends found themselves back over the demonesses shoulders and back in what must have been the dilapidated common area before Zora’s perverse wishes turned it into a baby playroom.

Zorra stood there, not contrite as much as a crude pantomime of contrition.  “I’m sorry I got upset.” she said.  “Really, really sorry.  I want to be friends with you, but you needed a time out.”  She breathed and looked at her prisoners.  “Do you want to be friends with me, too?”

The two didn’t even need to make eye contact. “Yes,” they lied in unison.

“Yay!” the witch bounced.  “Let’s keep playin’!”

The block building and page scribbling went on like it had never stopped.  The prisoners quickly adapted.   While building their towers and stacking and saying such drivel, like, “That’s a great tower, Zora!”  and “Mine is gonna be a horsey ranch!”, a second conversation ensued in private.

“Maybe he’ll call the police?” Kelly wrote in crayon on the coloring book and slid it over to Marsha.

Marsha scribbled it out and wrote in.  “Maybe…”

“He’s smart and we had plans 2nite ” Kelly wrote.

Marsha frowned and wrote in.  “Danny? Danny H?  Smart?”

Kelly turned her huff into a sigh, and scribbled out evidence. She’d heard stuff about Danny before she started dating him.  Controlling. Problematic.  Kinda douchey.  “Trust me.”

Sousa the familiar was standing over them before she could pass the book back. Kelly belly flopped onto it like she thought she might hide it.  Thankfully, the cat-eyed lady wasn’t paying attention to them; not their coloring at least.

Marsha squeaked when the demon nanny bent over and carefully patted her backside.

“Uh-oh.  Somebody needs changies!” Zora giggled.  Marsha blushed. The worst part was that it was true.  The off white, almost yellow of Marsha’s soaked diaper was swelling through the seams of her frog onesie. “It’s okay,” Zora said. “Babies don’t need to be embarrassed. It’s natural.  Sousa will change you.”

Just like that the blush vanished.  The look of disgust on Marsha’s face didn’t.  She wasn’t bothered about sitting in her own piss, or even being called out on it.  Like Kelly, it likely bothered her that her emotions and thoughts could be so easily manipulated.

Kelly watched from her spot on the floor as Marsha was taken over to a changing table big enough to comfortably hold a grown woman. She winced while she watched the snaps on Marsha’s onesies pop off one at a time, and bulky soaked diaper ooze forward out of its shell. The onesie really had just been barely containing everything with all the swelling and pressure. Again, she grimaced at the sound of each tape being ripped off the landing zone, going off like a gunshot.

Marsha lulled her head to the side, and shot Kelly a confused look.  Intuitively, Kelly knew her oldest friend was staring at her and it wasn’t because Kelly was staring back.  It didn’t matter to either one that Marsha was having baby wipes dragged across her from front to back. 

The shorter girl still on the floor looked down on herself.  She hadn’t realized it, but she’d shifted her body weight up off her knees and back onto the balls of her feet.  She kept her balance by leaning on her outstretched fingertips, rather like a catcher.  “Oh no,” Kelly whispered.  Those grimaces were subconscious reactions to building stomach cramps.  Her body was preparing to do something a little more strenuous than relaxing its bladder.

Another cramp sent Kelly into a standing position, her back ramrod straight and her cheeks clenched.  There was no way in any circle of hell that Kelly was going to do that to herself. It wasn’t just babyish, it was completely fudging gross.

“Whatcha doin’?” Zora asked. 

An entire wave of cramping cascaded over Kelly from the inside out. “Nothing….”  Her eyes were almost as clenched as her teeth.  As long as the other end didn’t unclench, she’d be okay.

“That doesn’t look like nothin’,” Zora giggled. Under her breath, Kelly heard the witch say “Lucky…”

Her fingers wriggling like spiders, Kelly’s hands danced all over her body. Clutching her stomach didn’t help.  She couldn’t realistically hold her backside shut, not through all the soaked padding.  Clumsily, she checked herself, accidentally feeling and appreciating just how full the diaper was.  When had she peed that much?  Had she ever stopped peeing since Candyland?
She was literally no better off than Marsha. 

Speaking of Marsha, her diaper change had gone off uninterrupted, and now freshly padded, the big baby frog was put back down where the demon cat had picked her up from.  Reeking of baby powder, she stuttered and talked to herself. “I...I...I just got my diaper changed,” she said. “I should feel gross...v-v-violated.  But I don’t.  I just...just feel...good.  Refreshed...like I just took a quick shower or something...and...and I...I…” Of her own free will-such as it was-Marsha stopped herself from talking by reinserting her own pacifier.

Zora’s hand went up.  “Me next Sousa!  Me next!” She grinned over to a still straining Kelly.  “I don’t think Kelly is done quite yet.”  Kelly had resorted to closing her eyes, and trying to both focus on the pain she was feeling and do anything she possibly could to resist giving into it.  “Hey Kelly? Hey Kelly!  Kelly? Kelly! Kelleeeeeeeee!”

The blonde bunny baby’s eyes opened. “What?!”

“Babies like us aren’t potty trained.  We don’t hold it in.  At all.  And we don’t care if anyone’s watching.”

Kelly opened her eyes and watched the cat Mommy and the witch baby’s retreating forms head over to the other side of the common room nursery.  Zora was getting her diaper changed and already starting to giggle.   She only managed to mouth a single word when the magical suggestion kicked in. “No.”

Kelly expected her first major accident to be accompanied by rude noises.  Lots of wet farts. Or her own pained groans.  Probably both; a lot of both.  That’s what happened in gross out comedies.

Like everything else tonight, Kelly did not get what she was expecting, but neither did she get any form of true mercy, either.  The last bit of her diaper’s crinkle rank out as it ballooned from a massive, newly added weight.  Her body adjusted, with her lightly spreading her legs and then bending her knees.  Her hands automatically found a comfortable spot resting on her thighs.

Then came the pop, pop, popping as the snaps all along her inseam and the fully loaded diaper sagged and pulled itself free from the confines of her other clothes, dangling off her hips.  The heat and the weight around her hips grew, the pain inside her diminished.

What had started as an unconscious body reaction, ballooned into a choice with the rest of her oversaturated padding.  She wanted it out.  She needed it out. She needed the pain to stop, and this was the only way to do it.

Her skin itched all over as the last of her dignity settled into her backseat.  She’d have been lying to herself if she thought the sigh that accompanied was anything but pure relief.  At least she was next up to get changied. 

A painful voice brought her out of her own stupor.  And like a drowning victim being brought up for air, the sudden gasp only made what followed more agonizing. “Kelly?”

Kelly felt the weight of her padding swing around with her.  Her jaw threatened to go lower than even her diaper.

“Danny?!”  Her boyfriend stood in the doorway, completely aghast, looking around the giant nursery.  He looked out of place with his short brown hair, athletic build, and frankly normal adult clothes.  She should have told him to run.  She should have told him to take her with him.  What came out of her mouth was, “How?”

“I thought you were cheating on me,” Danny said. He stepped farther into the old house and closed the door behind him.  “So I followed you on the tracker app I installed on your phone. But this?  Wow.”

Under normal circumstances, Kelly would have been shocked and more than a little annoyed that her boyfriend was violating her privacy.  More important things were at hand “Danny, I can explain, it’s just-”

“How did you know?”

Kelly did a double take. “Know what?”

“That I’m into ABDL.” Danny’s statement was punctuated by the sound of more tapes ripping open. “I just love seeing cute little girls in diapers acting all innocent and shit.” He pulled her into his arms and she melted a little bit, forgetting how she was dressed and what was happening in her disposable underwear.  He took her and planted a wet sloppy kiss.  “Is this what you meant by babysitting? Looks like you’re the one who needs a babysitter.”

For a moment, Kelly completely forgot where she was and felt tingly in the best way possible “I...I...I…”

He whispered the worst possible words he could have into her ear. “I’ll be your Daddy little girl.”


That word. The D-word. That’s what doomed Kelly.  “D-D-Daddy?” Kelly shuddered.  “You’re...my Daddy?”

A perverted, almost wolfish grin spread. “You know it, baby girl.” 

Kelly leaned into him.  Daddy was here to keep her safe and watch her and her best friend Marsha and her new friend Zora play together.  He’d cuddle her and hold her and everytime she said ‘Daddy! Daddy! Look!  Look at me!” he’d look. 

She fell to the floor, not because she lost balance, but because it was more comfy down there. She frowned, but only briefly, when she felt the solid smoosh beneath her. That was different, but familiar enough.  Why did her pants smell bad? She’d already forgotten. Babies didn’t worry about what happened in their pants, and Kelly was now, always, and forever, a baby.

“Uh oh, looks like somebody needs a-” Zora chimed in, and stopped.  “Who are you?”

“Hey there little girl,” Daddy said.  He smiled and made finger guns at Zora, now freshly changed. No magic sparks came out. “Do you have a Daddy?”  He noticed Sousa  “Oh, that must be your Mommy.  Hey. Nice costume by the way. Those contacts are killer.”

Zora’s nose wrinkled like a bit of swamp gas had just zoomed up her nostrils.  “What did you say your name was again?”

“Oh, sorry.  I’m Danny, Kelly’s Daddy.”  Kelly saw the lump forming in the front of her Daddy’s pants as he introduced himself.  But you can call me-”

“Dani,” Zora said. It was weird. Even though it was pronounced exactly the same, she could hear the ‘i’ over the ‘y’; even imagined it with a little pink heart over it instead of a dot.  “Got it,” Zora said.  “You don’t look like Dani.”  Hadn’t Zora asked Kelly’s name before?  “Boys are too icky.  We can fix that.”

“Daddy! NO!”

Another bolt shot out of Zora’s finger; she had the real guns.  Danny’s pupils dilated and his shoulders sagged.  “Sousa, take Dani here to the changing table. Extra changing.”

“NOOOOOOOO!” Kelly screamed so loud that her uvula rattled.  Unphased, the cat Mommy took Dani’s unresisting form back over to the changing table.  Her ex-Daddy wouldn’t wake up in time to avoid being taped into something nice and soft and thick and crinkly.

Her ex-Daddy wouldn’t wake up at all, in truth.  With every step taken, clothes became baggie as muscle melted off of bone and facial feature softened.  An unconscious sigh, or maybe it was a moan, escaped from Danny’s lips as bits of fat reallocated themselves to his chest and other things...rearrange themselves.   Danny was ceasing to exist.  Dani was taking shape before her old grown-up pants had even slithered down her ankles.  The cause of the bulge was gone, too.

“I’m thinking…” Zora tapped her chin, “pink princess?”

Marsha nodded her head, enthusiastically, before noticing that Kelly was absolutely sobbing, burying her face into the floor as though the old wood would soak up her tears.  “Kewwy,” she mumbled over her pacifier.  “Wus wong?”

“I. Want. My. Daddeeeee!”  Completely gone and victim to the spell, Kelly wasn’t miserable because her boyfriend was getting stripped down and transformed not twenty feet in front of her.  She was upset that she just lost her Daddy. 

“I’m sowwy, fwiend,” Marsha said.  She started gently rubbing Kelly’s back, and that did make the shorter girl feel a little better.  Her distress was more akin to losing a puppy fresh from the pet store or a toy just out of the box.  It was something she’d wanted to play with and never got the chance more than something she actively loved.

As if reading her mind, Zora said. “Don’t worry.  We’ll get to play with Dani as soon as she wakes up for her nap. We’re all gonna be best friends.”  That didn’t stop Kelly’s bawling.  “And you’re gonna get changed next.  You’ll feel better after that.”

Kelly stopped her crying just enough to talk.  “Really?”

“Really really?”

October 31st. Halloween.

Four little diapered girls who weren’t so little at all were getting their last looks done for Trick-or-Treating, or as they called it “tricker treating”.  It took less than a whole day for the changes to work themselves indelibly into reality.

The little girl in the froggy onesie had always been best friends with the bunny girl, though the bunny girl still had a special place in her heart for her sister who was going out as a princess; with a golden tiara on her head and on her pink diapers to match.  All three had a fanatical, almost cult-like reverence for their leader, the witch.

“Are you sure we’re big enough to go tricker treating, Zora?” Marsha asked the head of their play group.

“We’re definitely big enough,” Zora winked at her cat mommy. “And we’re not too big either.”  Anyone who hinted otherwise, might very well be joining them. The magic had grown stronger, and it wouldn’t take long to take effect. Thanks to the magic, the old Sorority House was now daycare and it always had been.  The legends of the haunted daycare had already worked themselves across the town’s gossip history. 

“Let’s go get some candy,” Kelly said, practicing her best bunny hop.

“Let’s go make some friends!” Dani added, giving a delightful curtsey.

The others couldn’t remember their old life, but they knew with a distinctive certainty, that they wouldn’t be the only residents of the daycare, come morning…

(The End)



End Chapter 1

Mischief Night

by: Personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 2, 2022


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