A future Halloween’s tale

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Chapter 2
Fancy Dress Party

Chapter Description: The pair get ready to party.

 Henry had used the teleport earlier to come home from work and prepare for the big party. His choice of character this year was as a big baby. He had thought about wearing a cartoonish outfit complete with a rubberized baby head and body but decided that comfort ruled out wearing a bulky, sweaty costume in favor of going “au naturel”.

His costume consisted of an adult diaper that featured Sesame Street characters that slowly faded as they got wet, an adult-size baby bib, baby blue footie slippers, and a colorfully knit baby beanie hat. He completed his outfit with a large pacifier tied to a ribbon that in turn was tied to his bib.

After donning it and admiring himself in the mirror, he picked up a much-needed complimentary item for any adult baby: A tote bag with adult baby supplies. Diapers, cream, powder, changing mat, and a couple of empty adult-size baby bottles with modified nipples that would allow him to drink his beer at a normal rate.

Alice dressed up as her childhood idol by wearing a complete outfit straight out of “Alice in Wonderland”. A blue knee-length puffed sleeve dress with a pinafore worn over the top and ankle-strap shoes with black and white striped tights.

The two met up in their living room and posed for each other their costume choice for the evening.

“What is she thinking, wearing a child’s outfit like that?” thought Henry, “Her hourglass figure is spoiling the effect of pretending to be a young girl.”

“Ugh! He’s wearing a real diaper,” mused Alice, “I hope he doesn’t expect me to change him when that thing gets full later on tonight.”

Out loud, Henry offered his arm and said “Shall we depart, my dear?”

Alice took it saying “Yes, dear.”

Henry rechecked his diaper bag supplies and the two stepped into the transporter.



End Chapter 2

A future Halloween’s tale

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 25, 2021


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