A future Halloween’s tale

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Chapter 8
The tricks keep on coming

Chapter Description: Our travelers take another journey.

There was a knock on the door. The technician looked at his watch and said “20 minutes on the dot!” then opened up the door to reveal a 5-year-old Alice.

She ran into the room with her Alice outfit fitting her like an oversize trash bag. “Something went wrong with the transporter! You have to stop it because I think I’m still getting younger! Make it stop! Make it stop!”

“Now, now. I just played a little trick on you because you lied. Would you like to tell me your correct age now, Alice?”

She paused, thought about it, and replied “I’m thirty-eight. I just wanted to have fun tonight, and I was gonna tell you my real age later, honest!”

Henry farted loudly. “I think I need to go clean up and change my diaper. Excuse me, please.” He grabbed his diaper bag and walked towards the bathroom.

“I’m not gonna get younger?” asked Alice

“Nope. Far from it. When Henry’s stomach settles down, we’ll transport you back to your apartment back in the states. You’ll arrive there at the same age that you left.”

“Okay. That makes sense,” now that she knew what was happening, she calmed down and focused on Henry. “What happened to Henry, by the way?”

“Ex-lax in one of the chocolate bars. I’ve gone through your bags and got rid of the suspects. I wouldn’t eat any of the chocolate just to be safe, but if you want to risk it, that’s your business.”

“Oh,” Alice moved all the chocolate from her bag to Henry’s. “He seemed to like the chocolate ones better than me so he should have them,” she said with an impish grin.

“You are quite the character, Alice! Let’s wait until Henry is ready to travel.”


Henry emerged from the bathroom, cleaned, freshly diapered, smelling of baby powder and A&D ointment. “I think I’m better for the moment,” he said.

The two got on the transport pad with their diaper bag and bags of candy. The technician keyed in his program and asked Alice “You’re 26, right?”

“Nope! I’m 38! Don’t wanna go through that again!”

“Just checking,” the technician hit the send button and the two dissipated into thin air.

Alice and Henry materialized on the transporter pad in their living room. They were both the original ages that they had left. The night had given them a fair share of tricks and treats.

The clock on their living room wall was slowly ticking towards the witching hour of midnight.

“Well,” said Henry as he tossed his bag of candy in the refuse recycler, “that was an interesting evening!”

“To say the least!” said Alice as she also tossed her bag of candy in the recycler, “I vote we never speak of it ever again!”

“Agreed,” said Henry.

The wall clock chimed 12 bongs. With each bong, the two grew smaller and smaller, younger and younger. It happened so fast that they were a pair of infants laying on the floor before they could react.

The door to their apartment opened admitting a nurse and a policeman.

“These must be the abandoned babies that were called in. Some parents these days! Hmmph!” said the nurse as she picked them up one by one and put them in clean diapers and baby clothes.

“Yeah, it’s all party, party, party and no responsibility. Well, I’ll write this up while you take them downtown via the transporter. See you later!”

“Okay, Ed. Take care!” She entered the transporter and disappeared while the policeman noted down and privately wondered why the couple had left an adult diaper and an Alice in Wonderland outfit on the rug.

Happy Halloween!



End Chapter 8

A future Halloween’s tale

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 25, 2021


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