A future Halloween’s tale

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Chapter 7
The cat gets let out of the bag

Chapter Description: This isn't a one-time occurrence.

 “Ya see, Henry. I’m not supposed to tell you this, but you look like a trustworthy lad,” began the technician, “we’ve had these sort of malfunctions in the past. Some folks came out as toddlers and babies while others came out as octogenarians. The company is under strict secrecy to not talk about it as it could cause a few problems with the world’s population.”

“That’s nice.” said a disinterested Henry. He had stopped eating candy a quarter of the way through his candy bag and was taking a rest by playing a video game on his wrist computer. His stomach gurgled in protest over all the candy he’d eaten.

“So we’ll have to have you two sworn to silence about it. Your wife should be back in about 20 minutes if I programmed the algorithm correctly. She’ll have little choice as she’ll be a 5-year-old in fear of getting younger.”

“Hmm, serves her right I suppose,” said Henry as he flipped a Tetris block around before it fell into place on the row at the bottom of his holoscreen.

Just then, his stomach gurgled again and he got up to run to the bathroom. His bowels had other plans and voided on the spot. “Oh, hell!” said Henry as his bowels painfully continued to void.

“You shouldn’t have eaten so much candy so fast, Henry” tsk-tsked the technician. “Were any of the candies that you ate already opened by chance?”

“Yeah, one or two.”

“Let’s have a look here,” the technician opened one of the candy bags and found an opened chocolate bar. He sniffed it and said “Yup, one of the neighbors spiked this candy with a laxative. Good thing you’re wearing diapers!”

Henry doubled over and let out a large noisy fart while voiding again. “That’s a lousy trick to play on a kid! They should be arrested for that!”

“Oh, they’ll be taken care of, no doubt! I’m certain you’re not the only kid that got tricked. Other children’s parents will have to take care of it though, we’re a bit busy here tonight.”



End Chapter 7

A future Halloween’s tale

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 25, 2021


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