The Diaper Man

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 16, 2023


Two Americans, DJ and Cody, are on vacation in Mexico. They are soon to leave but before they do they are determined to get something authentic to take back with them. Once back in America they discover their may be more to the little trinket than meets the eye. (Apologies for what I'm sure is bad Spanish sprinkled through this one!)

Jan 5, 2023


DJ and Cody get together as they freak out over the unusual marks that have appeared on them. They do some searching online and while DJ thinks he's found the answer Cody isn't so sure. What happens next is inexplicable to them both.

Jan 12, 2023


After the inexplicable accidents Cody and DJ suffered they know they have to do something to make sure they are better prepared if it happens again...

Jan 19, 2023


Cody and DJ get away from their bullies but perhaps they're about to run into something much worse. As they try to stay calm weird incidents keep happening and they seem helpless against any of it.

Jan 26, 2023


Cody has to go to work and is feeling hopeful that after a strange blip that things might become somewhat normal... He is wrong. DJ is also hopeful that maybe things would be back to normal... He is wrong.

Feb 1, 2023


DJ is suddenly confronted by the entity that has been stalking him and his friend. What does he want? Can anyone save him?

Feb 9, 2023


DJ and Cody have been taken by The Diaper Man. If things were strange before it was nothing compared to what is going on in the the strange man's room. Diapers, strange teddy bears and more weirdness abounds. Is this going to be the rest of the young men's lives?

Feb 16, 2023


DJ and Cody are trapped. Whilst DJ is desperate for escape his friend seems resigned to their fate. DJ finds out what a day in the cabin is really like.

Feb 23, 2023


DJ and Cody's strange stay with The Diaper Man continues. DJ learns the new schedule and feels hope starting to ebb away as the days roll by. However, a trip outside may provide a chance to change things...

Mar 2, 2023


The boys find themselves in a very strange situation. With their appearances seemingly altered they are in public with, perhaps, a chance to escape. The question is can they do anything to get away from The Diaper Man's seemingly endless reach.

Mar 9, 2023


Part Eleven + Epilogue

The conclusion to DJ and Cody's story! DJ and Cody want to make a deal. Will The Diaper Man be agreeable to one? What do the two young men have to trade? Will they escape the clutches of their kidnapper? Find out what happens PLUS an epilogue giving us a little more of the story!

Mar 16, 2023

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