Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

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Chapter 5
DAY 2 "My new life as a Baby" (Part 1)

Chapter Description: It wasn't a nightmare. Tom wakes up for the second day and realizes he's still an infant. Then process of making up with his new mom starts.

Next day, as I slowly opened my eyes, I found myself again tiny, and this time, wet. I didn’t know what time it was, but it seemed like it was early, and I was already desperate to see Juliettte. Fortunately, I could at least hear her humming from the other room, which prevent me from break into crying again.

Fortunately, Juliette came to the room to check me quickly, and received me with a big kiss in the cheek. She was now barefoot, wearing shorts and a tied-up blouse, revealing a part of her plump and white belly under it.

“Good morning, little man”, Juliette said, going straight to me and picking me up and taking me straight to her face, where she gave me the most sincere of her smiles. Once again she was clear of any makeup, had a kerchief on her head, her wavy hair falling in two bangs by her temples, needlessly to see she was like the most beautiful woman in the world to me.

While having me on her arms, Juliette began to do the chores sung across the room, humming in her limpid voice while a morning show on TV was on. I can’t stress how filled with joy and wonder I was simply by having the privilege to be carried her, tight to her chest, and listening to the beautiful crystalline sounds she made. I almost felt like crying.

But, there was still something that kept me a bit uneasy, and it was the wetness inside of my diaper. I was sure I had peed myself in night, maybe more than once, and I was still a little embarrassed knowing that, as close as I was to Juliette, she was more then sure aware of that, as she was able to feel my diaper just on her belly.

Fortunately, my worried didn’t last for much. After 10 minutes or so, where she took care of most of her shows, she took me the bathroom and laid me on the sink. She was quick to undress me and took off my wet diaper, rolling it up and throwing it heavily to the garbage can, everything while still humming a cheerful song.

That was a relief to me, but I still felt the cold and wetness in my privates, that shrunk immediately, bringing on a little more shame. At least, I knew she was already accustomed to the ridiculous aspect of his now baby teacher’s penis and she didn’t seem to mind at all.

I was waiting for Juliette to take out towels and another diaper to give me something to wear but it wasn’t the case. Instead, she lifted me from my waist and sat me in the tub. Then, she went away and disappeared behind the cancel for about a minute. I was completely intrigued and began to grow uneasy; not gonna lie, I knew I was about to cry as the little helpless baby as I was. But then, something I didn’t expect happened.

My eyes opened wide and I was awarded with the most impressive and glorious view I had ever seen. Walking straight to the tub, spreading her towel and putting it away, a totally naked Juliette come to me. Her body was just as beautiful as I had ever imagined, a coat of white, perfectly smooth skin, covered the silhouette of her plump body, with juicy thighs and breasts that I would have eagerly hugged and melted with in matter of a second if I weren’t just a helpless baby with no control of her body, frozen in my amazement.

Of course, she sported a breathtaking smile while looking at her baby in that predicament, and I almost caught everything in slow motion while her attributes jiggled, and her curtain of silky hair, now loose and almost reaching to her bottom, captivated me with the poetry of its motion.

I saw her lift her perfect foot to get in the table with me and I could catch a glance of her funny, round and big buttocks, as she squatted to sat behind me. I was also endeared by seeing the not very bushy, not-quite trimmed feminine hair covering her pubis; she had been always more like a little girl to me, but I loved realizing she sported that thick dark hair without any shame, like a real woman. I looked left and right, as I was now sit between her spread legs, and then she picked me by my waist and sat me on her lap.

Then, she opened the hot water faucet and we enjoyed the tender moment of bathing together. My mouth as agape the whole time, as admired how Juliette tidily washed her arms, her legs, and she also rubbed soap and shampoo in my whole body, cleaning with the same motherly affection every corner of my little body. I’m embarrassed to admit, but even when I was nothing but an infant, a part of my body was hard (as hard as it could get) during the whole experience.

She finally took me out of the bath and wrapped us in towels. I hadn’t recover from the experience yet when after drying me carefully, she deposited me on the bed, spreading the towel to leave me there and completely naked, with my little penis and scrotum on air, as I struggled to shake my legs and air. In that position I could see nothing but the ceiling, but I was desperate to know where she was.

Finally, after some effort, as I was able to get on fours (more like, in three) to behold the whole spectacle of my new ‘mommy’ getting dressed. How she first removed her body towel and wandered completely naked the room, looking for her clothes, with a high turban-like towel covering her precious hair. She went to look for a bathrobe and put on, then removed the towel and started drying her hair with the high drier.

Then the long process of makeup began. It was so meticulous and tedious as hell, my nubile mind was blank, and equally fascinated during the whole process I saw her transform into the sweet mommy I knew to the equally beautiful student I used to teach every morning. Then, she shaved her legs and armpits, and put some body lotion and deo. And finally, taking off the bathrobe, took out a pair of high cut white panties and put them on, and finally choose her dress.

After she finished, she came and stood over me, her face now perfectly made-up as any modern girl. After checking again that I was completely free, she laid me down in the bed again and began the diapering ritual. Gotta say, this time it was entirely awkward. I had been a complete voyeur for the last hour and I knew my ridiculous penis was erected, even if it was barely noticeable, so I twitched uncomfortable as I felt her feminine hands manipulating my privates, and threatened to roll over.

Juliette did the best she could to keep calm, rolling me back with her hands, but at some point she began to get impatient, as expected.

“Oh, come on, Mr. Greer, collaborate a little!”, she said, rolling me back for third time, as I felt my arousal increasing when she rubbed my groins with baby cream.

But finally, her temper reached a point and she gave me a soft swat in my butt, that didn’t quite hurt me but the feeling and sound made me get together.

She then took my ankles with her hand finished powdering my little tushy, before sliding a diaper behind my bottom, taping it up carefully and then got me up and baby t-shirt on. The agony was over, seemingly, but the erection didn’t disappear; instead, I blushed and felt something warm inside me… perhaps I loved an affectionate and patient mommy, but for some reason the flash of disciple the spanking was also woke up something I liked in me...

I was then laid on Juliette’s lap as she worked in the computer for a few hours. For anyone, that could have been worrying, but I never ceased to feel amazed by the touch of her soft and warm legs, I just loved being a baby on her lap. And also, my mind was blank and I didn’t worry or think about anything; I just enjoyed the never ending sensation of having able to smell and almost feel the still somewhat wet curtains of her hair dangling in front of my nose.

Then, the door ringed.



End Chapter 5

Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022


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Кристи · Dec 13, 2021

It would be interesting if they take him to the pediatrician

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fine, it will be interesting to read this

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