Playing with Toys

by: PhilanderPup | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 8, 2021

Alexa was going to her aunt and uncle's house with her parents one day to celebrate a special occasion. Although she wasn't very enthusiastic with the trip, she only went there so that her mom wouldn't punish her severely. However, she later finds out that magical stuffed animals can possibly teach you that being an adult doesn't mean you should stop playing.

It was a sunny afternoon in the suburban roads as Nathan and his family were driving their way to her sister Danielle’s house to celebrate her birthday. The family seems to go there at least a few times a year to see her. However, Alexa wasn’t very excited for this trip as she wanted to go to her friend’s party during this weekend. “Ugh, are we there yet?” She said as she was listening to her tunes. “Relax sweetie, we’re only a few minutes away from your aunt’s house.” Her mother Michelle said as she was chilling in the car. “This is so unfair. I don’t know why I have to come here.” Alexa complained.

“Well, I wasn’t the one who was caught writing mean things about my teachers on the chalkboard.” Michelle said in a stern voice. “For the last time mom, my friend made me do it.” Alexa whined. “Look Lexy, all I want from you is to behave when we’re at your aunt and uncle’s house. Besides, she doesn’t really see you as much. Is that clear?” Michelle insisted on her daughter. “Yes, mom.” Alexa said while she slightly pouted.

It didn’t take them long after as they got to the house safe and sound. “We’re here.” Michelle said as they arrived. Alexa wasn’t too thrilled as they got out of the car and got their bags. As she opened the door, she was greeted by her aunt who was sitting on the living room couch watching TV. “Oh, hello there, Lexy. How have you been?” Her aunt, Kristi, said to her. “Not as much.” Alexa said unenthusiastically.

“I’m sorry about that.” Michelle and Nathan soon entered the house with their light luggage. “Nathan, I’m so glad to see you.” Kristi hugged her brother after he closed the door. “I was just going to prepare for dinner, so why don’t you get comfortable in the house?” Kristi said. “That’s a great idea. Lexy, you go bring your bags up to the guest room while we chat.” Alexa brought up her luggage upstairs, as she opened the guest room’s door. She put her luggage on the floor as she plopped on the bed.

She went on her cell phone, as she texted her friends to tell them how she was. Soon after, she got a Whatsapp call from one of her friends, Logan. “Hey, Lexy. How’s it been?” He asked. “Nothing much. I’m stuck on probation by my warden of a mother.” She said to him. “You know, we probably had it coming. At least you got off much easier than I did.” Logan replied. “What happened?” She asked. “I have to do community service at the nursing home that my mom works at.” Logan answered.

“Damn, that sucks.” She felt sorry for him. “At least you don’t have to deal with screaming kids like last time.” She said. “I know. I’m starting next week. Hopefully, I could get it done after a month.” Logan informed her. “So where are you now?” He asked her. “I’m at my aunt’s house. Although it beats going to detention.” Logan chuckled. “Yeah, I’d rather go to my grandma’s house than to go do some menial work. You got out lucky with your mom.” She chuckled as well.

“Yeah, my mom insists that I be on good behavior for the trip or else she’ll ground me even further.” She replied. “Geez, it’s like they treat us like we’re little children.” Logan insisted. “Exactly. It’s like they treat me like my baby cousin sometimes.” She said to him as he spoke with Logan for a bit longer until somebody called for him. “Logan, can you come down?” His mother said to him outside of his room. “I gotta go. Looks like my mom wants me to do something.”  He said.

“Okay then. I’ll go talk to you later.” Alexa bid farewell. “Alright bye.” They ended the conversation as she felt bored. “Damn, I need a beer.” She thought to herself as she went downstairs to the kitchen. She found her parents chatting with her aunt and uncle in the living room as she sneaked towards the refrigerator. “Okay, I suppose that they wouldn’t see me. They might be watching a football game or something.” She opened the fridge, as she saw a pack of Coors inside. She grabbed one of the cans before carefully closing the fridge and went back upstairs.

Suddenly, she heard a faint noise coming from her baby cousin’s room. She ignored it as she thought it was just a coincidence, where she went back to the guest room without any problems. “I’m not going to lie. It is pretty nice to have this room all to myself for a little while.” Alexa said to herself before cracking open the beer can and slightly drank it. However, she heard the door creaking a little bit before she got spooked.

When she approached the door, she found a stuffed lion lying near the floor. “Huh, it must be Michael’s.” She grabbed the toy as she went towards his room, where he was still napping in his crib. Before she could even put it on the playmat like the rest of the toys, she felt the toy moving as it was giggling. “Hello there.” The stuffed lion said happily, as Alexa was shocked. “What the?” She gasped.

“Don’t mind me. I’m just a lion.” The toy said as it imitated a fierce roar in an adorable fashion. “Wait a minute, you can talk?” Alexa was worried. “Well yeah. I’m sorry if I’ve frightened you.” The lion apologized. “It’s… okay. It’s just that I’ve never heard a toy talk before. Aside from movies.” Alexa said to the lion. “What’s your name?” The lion asked. “I’m Alexa.”

“Oh, hi Alexa. Would you like to play with me?” She felt weirded out as the talking stuffed lion asked her something that she thought was childish. Even though she was a bit rebellious, she didn’t feel like playing with what was basically a toddler’s stuffed animal. “Yeah, I’m going to pass on that.” The lion immediately frowned upon hearing her saying no.

“But why?” The lion seems to wonder. “No offense, but I’m not a little kid anymore.” She answered. “You can stay here and play with us for a little bit.” The lion offered. “No thank you. I think I’m going back to my room.” She said before putting the lion onto the playmat near Michael’s crib, while she carefully left the room so that she wouldn’t wake him up.

“God, I need a nap.” She lied onto the bed for a while. Later, a penguin with a sailor hat came over to the guest room. “Hello there.” He greeted Alexa. “Oh… hi.” She said as she looked at the penguin awkwardly. “You must be Alexa.” He tried to make a conversation with her. “Well yeah. I guess.” She stammered.

“Forgive me, but we usually don’t get to see a lot of guests here. So, I made you a drink.” He then gave Alexa the drink. “Aww, thank you. Usually, I don’t get people to bring drinks to me in such a formal manner.” She complimented the penguin as she drank the concoction, which had a very sweet taste. “I’m delighted.” The penguin said happily as Alexa felt more tired. She went back to bed before falling asleep for a little bit, unaware from the drink’s effects.



End Chapter 1

Playing with Toys

by: PhilanderPup | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 8, 2021


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Excelente historia

Diego · Dec 7, 2021

Esta interesante la historia, espero con ansías el siguiente capitulo

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