Playing with Toys

by: PhilanderPup | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 8, 2021

Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Just a couple hours after her nap, Alexa woke up feeling rather different. When she opened her eyes, she found that the guest room looked rather bigger than usual. She was also in a travel crib that was next to the bed that she slept on not that long ago. She wore a soft and fluffy purple shirt with a crinkly diaper underneath. “What’s going on?” She thought to herself before she saw the door open by her mother who came by. She looked rather calm and happier than when she arrived at the house with her. Alexa was a bit uncertain about what was going on, given that she just turned into a toddler. However, her senses were lighter on her mother’s bubbly personality.

“Looks like my little Lexyboo is already awake for din din.” Alexa giggled as her mother scooped her up and brought her downstairs. The view from the hallway down to the living room looked mystical, which made her feel like she was on a magical ride. “Look who just woke up from her nap.” Everyone in the family started looking at her in an adoring fashion, where she cooed at them from the attention. They didn’t even question why she became a baby again.

“Alright, now that both of our little tykes are awake, let’s go eat.” They soon went to the dining room where they put Michael and Alexa on their highchairs. The table was full of food that looked very satisfying such as chicken parmigiana, linguini with marinara sauce, with some salad, and dinner rolls as well. For the kids, they were given chicken parm nuggets, along with some pasta on their little plates. They were also given some formula to drink.

Everyone enjoyed the dinner that they were given, especially the toddlers as their faces were messy from the sauce. “Aww. We got such hungry little cuties.” Kristi complimented on the toddlers, as Michelle was wiping the mess off with some baby wipes. After eating their dinner, Michelle came out with a birthday cake, where everybody was given a slice after singing Happy Birthday. The toddlers devoured their slices as it seemed rather yummy, with its delicious texture and rich strawberry frosting.

After they were done eating the birthday cake, the toddlers were put in the living room with some toys as the parents wanted to talk and drink wine. Alexa then saw the lion and the penguin on the floor, as Michael was playing with the lion. She picked up the penguin, as to wonder why he had turned her into a baby to begin with. Her senses seem to come back to her, as she recognized the toy. “Hey! I know you can tawk to me. Say somefing.” She demanded.

She began shaking it for a while until the penguin started squirming. “Alright, alright. So maybe I did turn you into a baby. But for a good reason.” Alexa wondered what he meant by that. “You didn’t seem very happy when I saw you. In fact, you seemed like you wanted to go somewhere because it felt like your mommy treated you like a baby. We thought this might help you because being a baby is actually fun.” The penguin said.

“But what about mwy pawents? Won’t dey know somefing’s off?” Alexa asked the penguin. “Don’t you worry about that. We just want you to get a break from all the trouble you’ve had lately. Especially with how Michael seems happy having you as his playmate. I mean, look at your cousin is playing with Leo.”

They both looked at Michael playing with Leo, as it looked like he was having fun cuddling each other. He liked the fuzzy texture that came with Leo, as it was very fun to touch him. “Yeah, I can see dat.” Alexa said to the penguin for a while. She even brought some of their friends as well, where they played a few games with the kids.

After a while, Alexa felt like that being a baby was so blissful. Especially with the perks it gave her. The toys were even nice enough to give her own pacifier to suck on. She liked how it tasted like strawberries. However, she felt a pressure coming from her bladder as she did a little potty dance. “What’s the matter, Alexa?” The penguin wondered. “I need go potty.” She was squirming. “Just let it go. Babies don’t have to worry about holding it in.“

Alexa eventually let her body empty her bladder, as her diaper begins to swell up while it thirstily soaks up all the juice and formula she drank earlier. The toys were looking at her awe as she was soaking up her diaper. They were amazed with how Alexa felt relaxed just several hours after she entered the house. The penguin patted her head after she was done wetting her absorbent garment. “There there, let all those big girl thoughts out for now.” He let her feel comfortable from her wet diaper.

“You don’t need your meanie friends to tell you how to act in life. That doesn’t sound like fun.” The penguin extended after she cooed a little bit from the coddling. “It’s okay to take a break for being such a lousy adult.” After that, both her and Michael watched some babyish cartoons on the television screen as they were stimulated from the bright colors and easy listening music in the background.

Alexa felt mesmerized as the show made her giggle, as if she didn’t really have a care in the world. “How are my two little babies doing?” Michelle came over to the living room as both of them started babbling happily. She both gave them kisses before she noticed Alexa’s soggy and swollen diaper. “I think my little girl needs a diaper change.” Her mother said before she scooped her up and brought her upstairs to Michael’s room, where she put her on the changing table.

As her mother was getting the changing supplies, she playfully kicked her feet and looked down at her soaked diaper for a little bit. She curiously poked at the dark yellow stain on the front of it, making an audible squish. This amused Alexa as the effects of her regression didn’t know what to say about her being in a used diaper at the moment. “Alright, now let’s get you out of that soggy diaper.” Michelle said after getting a clean diaper, along with some baby wipes and a container of baby powder.

She went on undoing the tabs of her wet diaper, as well as grabbing some baby wipes from the box and lifting up her legs as she was wiping her bottom. The feeling of the baby wipes made her ticklish as she squirmed from each stroke. After that, she wrapped up the dirty diaper and put in the pail before putting the new diaper onto Alexa’s waist. “There, all clean for my little Lexyboo.” Michelle said as she picked up Alexa and brought her downstairs to play with Michael again.

Alexa and Michael eventually played with the toys for a couple of hours, until they started yawning. “Oh, looks like our little babies need to go to ni ni sleepy bye.” Kristi cooed at the toddlers. Both Kristi and Michelle opened up the babyproof fence, as they brought them upstairs towards their rooms. The toys later followed them as both parents put their kids onto their cribs. “Sleep tight, my little angel.” Michelle kissed Alexa on the cheek, as she was sung a soothing lullaby. “You know, maybe being a baby wasn’t so bad after all.” She thought to herself before drifting to sleep.



End Chapter 2

Playing with Toys

by: PhilanderPup | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 8, 2021


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