Files on Baby Idols

by: JohnnyMueller | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 7, 2023

A multi-chapter Love Live mental regression fanfic (feat. the idols from School Idol Project, Sunshine, Nijigasaki, and Superstar)

Chapter 1
Introduction and Aqours

“Hey, JST-1300, this is Special Baby HQ, hope things are going well on your end.

“I know you’re probably still getting used to your new assignment, but the updated files for that are due soon. Still fascinates me that four groups who’ve won that Love Live competition would sign up for our services, but when you look at the attention and shit-tossing they got their way, I’m just convinced that shit’s cursed.

“Anyway, I know you’re busy with your other assignments, so we don’t need it right away, but make sure you submit them as soon as possible. Each group has multiple Automatic Mothers equipped there, so that should make things easier.”


You’re on a beautiful beach, the sun a couple of hours away from dusk but not there yet. It’s warm enough that the babies here feel nice as long as they have their sunscreen on, but not too warm that it hurts. The three Automatic Mothers you pilot are spread across the beach, but still close enough to see each other.

The one closest to the shoreline is watching over Chika, You, and Riko. Chika and Riko wanted to stay naked today, so they’re only wearing their swim diapers as they sit close to you, splashing their feet against the wet sand. You is at a small pool of water, letting her feet rest in the water, occasionally giggling as she puts wet sand down her swim trunks.

LL-AQ-02: Watanabe You. Physical age: 18 years; current mental age: 9 months. Currently possess greater physical and mental abilities compared to Chika and Riko. She is the only one of the three able to stand, albeit only with someone else lifting her up and falling down as soon as she’s let go. Is a bit more verbose than Chika and Riko but is still limited to only five words. However, is one of the messiest eaters of the group and requires daily baths from her playtime. (An example of that is right in front of you as You moves some of the sand from her shorts to spread it across her breasts and stomach. Her giggling is interrupted by soft grunting and moaning as she leans forward and puts a load into her diaper.) May have a dry climax when using her diaper, but does not engage in any active sexual behavior. Partly due to her messy nature, needs 4 diaper changes a day; may move her to a bulkier model to make it 2 or 3 times a day. Eats solid food twice a day (often mushed meat) and breastfeeds two or three times a day for up to an hour in total; needs to be fed at night for 20 to 30 minutes two or three times. Sleeps about 8 to 9 hours at night and takes 2 90-to-120-minute long naps during the day; one of her daytime breastfeedings is during a nap. Current likelihood of regression before next file update: 5 to 10 percent. Has been at 9 months for a while now, but increased messiness might indicate a desire to give up less control over herself.

Chika appears to notice You’s diaper usage and starts to crawl over to her sister, her pee-soaked diaper slightly hanging off of her. You look over Riko’s diaper; she’s pooped in it a little bit but not as much as You likely has. “Let’s go see what your silly sisters are doing.” You move Riko so that she’s facing you and sit up, holding onto her by her diaper-clad bud. She murmurs “Mama, mama”, resting her head against your shoulder and quickly putting a thumb in her mouth.

LL-AQ-03: Sakurauchi Riko. Physical age: 18 years; current mental age: 9 months. Currently the most regressed out of herself, You, and Chika, although has not experienced too much regression recently. Is finding it increasingly harder to sit up without support but still crawls eagerly. Likes to be spend time the most with Chika and You but also enjoys playing with the older girls, especially resting against their breasts. Often presents the most sexual behavior outside of Mari in the group, typically touching the other girls or lightly humping her diaper while she’s sleeping. Her favorite activity still remains fingerpainting, although it has gotten harder for her to do so recently due to reduced coordination. Sleeps 8 to 9 hours at night and has 2 naps (one about 2 hours and one about 2-to-2.5 hours) during the day; is the soundest sleeper outside of Ruby. Eats solid food (typically mushed meat and fruits with occasional cereal) twice a day; breastfeeds twice during the day for up to 2.5 hours total (once while napping); needs two night feedings up to 30 minutes each. Urinates more frequently than defecates, so diaper changes are around three to four times a day. Current likelihood of regression before next file update: 10 to 15 percent. Physical and motor skill regression is somewhat stronger than You’s, but mental state has remained largely the same the last few updates.

As you finally get over to the other girls, you see that Chika has stopped crawling and is resting her head over the tide pool, her ear turned towards it and her eyes wide with what could pass for thought.

“If you want to hear something wet, Chi-chan, I’m sure you’ll pee soon enough.” You gave a little smile as you sat down by your babies, placing Riko next to You as you pull down her swim trunks and look down her diaper. Sure enough, there was a big load of poop pushed out from You’s butt, but as long as there wasn’t too much pee also in there, she should be able to handle another load before needing a change. You watch Chika stare down into the pool as you reach towards the front of You’s diaper (a little wet but not too bad). Chika drools down into the pool as you hear farting from her butt and the back of her diaper begins to bulge and swell. Before you can check on how much Chika has pushed out, you see Riko begin to sway, so you lay her back on the sand and give both her and You fish toys to play with. The two of them coo and make blub-blub noises, soaking their chins in slobber, and occasionally the plastic fish when they bite and slobber on them. The other two entertained for a moment, you’re now able to check on Chika.

LL-AQ-01: Takami Chika. Physical age: 18 years; current mental age: 9 months. Due to regression on You’s part, Chika is now the most physically developed of the three. Is able to stand up for several seconds on her own and can keep a firm hold on items (often for naughty purposes). Is also able to crawl up four stairs at most, although unable to crawl down. However, her mentality and behavior has been quite infantile. Chika babbles whatever noises come to mind and seems to have little linguistic comprehension, not noticing words outside her name. While able to notice herself in a mirror, doesn’t treat it as an actual image. Is very active and may throw a tantrum if not given immediate stimulus. (She’s currently having one, kicking against the sand before you’re able to get her into your arms and give her the rest of the fish toys you have. She calms down quickly before looking over them, eventually choosing an octopus and drooling over each leg.) Has also shown increased desire to place toes and other objects in her mouth before using them, moreso than Riko or You. Will occasionally feel her own breasts, but has no interest in groping others. Sleeps around 8 to 9 hours at night and has two 90-minute naps during the day. Enjoys eating solid food and does so three times a day (a regular mix of meats, fruits/vegetables, and cereal); breastfeeds twice during the day for up to two hours total and two to three times at night for up to an hour total. Higher solid food intake results in more frequent defecation (at least once an hour), but recent movement towards a bulkier diaper has decreased diaper changes to, at most, 4 times a day. Current likelihood of regression before next file updated: 35 to 50 percent. Mental activity and behavior would normally relabel her at 6 months, but current physical abilities is too high for such a regression.

Even though Chika is leaning forward and splashing another fish toy in the pool, you still get her to lean up slightly so you can better check her diaper. Surprisingly, even though she’s currently wearing a diaper the size of a pillow, she has managed to make it significantly with her poop, even more than what You put in hers; however, that aforementioned diaper size means that you’re more comfortable with leaving Chika in it for a while. With that much poop pushed out between the three of them, you figure it’s time for lunch. You’ll feed You and Chika a solid lunch and put Riko on your breast before giving Chika a feeding as well while letting You play a little more before her nap. Riko will likely fall asleep while suckling but you’re not sure about Chika just yet.

“Riri, why don’t you come over to Mama?” Upon hearing her baby name, Riko turns over and crawls over to you, eventually coming to your lap and looking up at you with the brightest eyes. “It’s time for you to get some milkies, Riri.” Her eyes glow ever further as you rest her back on your lap and turn her towards her. Her soft mouth caresses your nipple as she closes her eyes and begin to suck.

Chika and You see their sister feeding on their mommy and crawl over to you as well, their bulging diapers looking so cute swaying and sagging underneath the weight of their mess. If they ever ended up breast bound, you know their dreams would have the largest, bulkiest diapers one could ever imagine.

“You two can have Mama’s tit later; right now, you’re getting some chewy beef.” Spoons full of the mushy meat appear in your hands, which got Chika and You quite excited. You begin to feed both of them, letting them get their spoonfuls of meat before pulling them out and making more appear. Chika greatly enjoys the beef, giggling with every spoon she got out of it, while You is unsurprisingly messy with her eating, drooling and spitting some of it back out after you pull the spoon out. Every so often, you have to take a break to make sure that Riko was comfortable as she sucked from you.

After about 10 or so minutes of feeding, Chika and You are left with small bulges in their tummies that will end up in their diapers sooner rather than later. You left quite a mess on her chest and face, so you scoop up all of it into a spoon and feed her the last bit. You get Chika onto your other breast while giving You some more fish toys. She decides to jump into the tide pool, letting it rise to her waist and giving her more room to let her fishies bop up and down. Riko is starting to get sleepy on your breast (about another 20 minutes before she falls asleep) but Chika is still active, letting her feet pat-pat against the sand as she feeds. She’ll likely fall asleep as soon as she’s done, though. As you look up, you see Mari and Kanan crawling over towards you. Your corner of the beach is about to get more active.

Another Automatic Mother you’re operating is sitting underneath an umbrella, laying on a towel. Hanamaru is sitting in your lap, listening to you read a storybook in front of you two, while Yoshiko is lying next to you, likely in the last minutes of her nap.

“And so, the princess got so many kissies from her mama, and after her diaper change, she was laid into her crib, ready for a long, comfy nap and so many days of love afterwards. The End.” You close the book and look down at Hanamaru, seeing if you get any reaction from her. Hanamaru lets out soft, cooing “zuuu”s and “muuu”s as she stares over the book in your hands before awkwardly moving her arms forward and takes the book from them. You notice her leaning forward too much, about to tip over, so you move your now-free arms around her waist and help her back up right.

Hanamaru lets the pages flop back and forth, lightly holding it between her fingers before letting her grasp go so that the book drops back onto the ground. Hanamaru is able to pick it back up roughly by placing her palms underneath it and lift up to her mouth. She stares at the book with wide eyes before putting her fingers around one of its plastic corners and putting it into her mouth. Her mouth softly sucks on the book; with each suck comes a small river of drool pouring out of the corner of her mouth.

“Gosh, such a silly girl you are; you used to read so many books when you were big but now all you do is get them all wet.” Hanamaru didn’t pay any attention to your light teasing, only enjoying the pleasure her sucking was giving her.

LL-AQ-05: Kunikida Hanamaru. Physical age: 17 years; current mental age: recently regressed to 6 months. Present some interest in physical activity but has been declining lately, spending much of her time lying on her back and looking around. Is able to still turn onto her front but does so infrequently. Needs increased support when sitting up to prevent her from tipping over. Is no longer capable of saying specific words, instead humming or cooing syllables. Increased apathy to stimuli outside of those Maternally based – no longer shows any interest when presented with a mirror and increasingly distracted during reading time. Does enjoy cuddling next to younger siblings like Yoshiko and Ruby. Feces has becoming increasingly softer, so diaper changes are currently at four to five times a day. Have removed mushed meat from her diet and instead only feeding her one solid meal of mushed fruits; breastfeeding occurs 3 to 4 times a day for up to 2 hours in total; will feed three to four times at night for 20 to 30 minutes each. Hanamaru sleeps for about 10 hours at night and takes a 2-hour nap during the day; one of her daily breastfeedings is during her nap, taking up 40 to 60 minutes of it. Current likelihood of regression before next file update: 75 to 80 percent. While she started off as one of the more “grown-up” members of Aqours, Hanamaru has increasingly regressed faster and faster; only a few updates are likely before she becomes breast bound.

As you watch Hanamaru continue to chew at her book, you see in the corner of your eye that Yoshiko is starting to stir. Knowing that she might have a fit if you’re not by her, you gently lay Hanamaru down on her back before moving to your other daughter. As you lift Yoshiko up and lay her back in your arms, she opens her eyes, her body jerking with the lack of coordination more regressed babies here get.

“Did you have a good nappy, sweetie?” Your soft voice finally makes Yoshiko turn her head to you. She gives off a smile, but moreso from what she knows to be the nice voice of her Mommy rather than any particular connection. Her bare gums drool heavily, which made the part of the blanket she was laying in wet. You pat Yoshiko’s dark blue hair, which almost looks black underneath the shadow of the umbrella, as you check her diaper. It is hanging down a little (mostly from pee, but a little of it being very liquid poop), but she doesn’t mind dirty diapers as much as Hanamaru, so she can wait for a change. From the way her lips are already starting to such, you know what she really needs. “Alright, sweetie, don’t worry; Mama will let you feed as much as you want.”

You turn Yoshiko’s head to the side and press it forward until her lips are able to slip over your teat, letting her begin to suck. Yoshiko’s feeding is quick but not rapid, her eyes lazily focused on the braid of hair over your shoulder.

LL-AQ-06: Tsushima Yoshiko. Physical age: 17 years; current mental age: 2 months. While not as regressed as Ruby, she has consistently been one of the most infantile members of Aqours. Recent sign of increased regression is hands frequently being closed, along with feces becoming completely liquid. Fussiness previously seen has decreased, but still wants attention of a Mother after waking up. Still responds to Mother’s voice but is disinterested in most other non-painful stimuli. (As Yoshiko’s sucking slightly slows, you notice Hanamaru dropping her book out of her mouth, all of the outside now covered in her drool. You place a pacifier in her mouth, one with a lamb on the front.) Sleeps up to 15 hours a day; 8 to 10 hours at night and 5 to 7 hours during the day; however, can be a light sleeper if disturbed too much. Breastfeeding has increased greatly since last update; now feeds 3 times while awake for 3 to 4 hours in total and 3 to 4 times while asleep for 5 hours in total. Due to increased breastfeeding, diaper changes have dropped to about three times a day. Current likelihood of being breast bound before next file update: 80 to 90 percent. While not as milk hungry as Ruby is, decreased interest in the outside world is a strong indication of eventual regression to an adult baby dreamstate.

You stare down at Yoshiko on your breast, enjoying how peaceful the former fallen angel looks now that she’s become Mama’s angel, while you rub Hanamaru’s tummy, sure that she’s already dreaming about more yummies from Mama.

The third Automatic Mother here is also underneath an umbrella, but this time sitting on a beach chair, with a towel nearby. You’re currently feeding Ruby and Dia, their heads resting against your ample breasts, while Mari and Kanan are giving each other a big hug, lightly kissing one another and pressing their breasts tightly against the other’s. Mari and Kanan have already had a feeding, some of the milk still staining their chins, but Dia and Ruby are deep into theirs, their mouths’ gentle suckling the only movement from them as they lie deep in sleep.

You place your hand against the back of Dia’s head, gently rubbing your baby’s long hair as she enjoys what must be a pleasant dream.

LL-AQ-07: Kurosawa Dia. Physical age: 19 years; current mental age: recently regressed to 4 months. Physical and mental activity has consistently been on the downslope, but recent events have confirmed this status. Is no longer able to turn onto her stomach and has increasing trouble going onto her side; is unable to pick up objects she has dropped and lacks any real hand-eye coordination; has decreased reaction to aural stimuli and primarily coos and cries for communication. Is still able to smile and play somewhat, but interest in that has been decreasing in favor of sleeping and feeding. Sleeps for 9 to 10 hours at night and 5 to 6 hours during the day. Has been reduced to one meal of mushed fruits every few days; breastfeeds 4 to 5 times a day for up to 4 hours total and at night 4 to 5 times for up to 3 hours total; 2 to 3 of her daytime breastfeedings are while Dia is napping. Primarily liquid waste and increased time breastfeeding has reduced Dia’s diaper changes to 2 to 3 times a day. Current likelihood of regression before next file update: 90 to 100 percent. While specific regression not guaranteed due to how regressed she is already, it is more than likely that she will be at the lowest stage, if not breast bound, by the next update.

You move your head over to look at Ruby, even more emptied of anything that isn’t focused on sucking from her mommy’s teat. Her lower face and torso are stained with milk that’s ended up out of her mouth.

LL-AQ-04: Kurosawa Ruby. Physical age: 17 years; current mental age: 2 months. Currently the most regressed of all Aqours members. Presents very limited physical activity, typically only when around a Mother. Is very fussy when awake and not being held by a Mother. Is only truly awake for about 6 hours of a day; is otherwise asleep or barely conscious. Can coo, but primarily cries as communication. Of her 18 hours of sleep, 12 of them are spent breastfeeding; she more often sleeps on a Mother’s breast and body than in her actual crib; will soon give one Mother a baby carrier to let Ruby constantly be next to a Mother and increase regression speed. Due to using the bulkiest model possible, Ruby overwhelming producing liquid waste, and constant presence on a Mother’s breast, Ruby only has her diaper changed once per day. Current likelihood of being breast bound before next file update: 100 percent. Time spent breastfeeding and sleeping has increased 66% and 50% respectively since the last update. Entering an adult baby dreamstate is inevitable.

As you continue to feed the sisters, you notice two shadows over you. You look up to see Mari and Kanan standing over you, goofy smiles on their face. “Pway!” Mari excitedly yells as she points down the beach, where you see Chika, Riko, and You playing with another Mother. You look back at the two babies in front of you. Their diapers are sagging almost down to their knees, so it’s time for a change.

“I’ll change you first, then you can go play.”

Unsurprisingly to you by this point, Mari doesn’t like that idea and immediately falls onto her back, squalling out loud and banging her arms and legs against the ground. You still aren’t sure why Mari is resistant to having her diaper changed (your current best guess is that it limits her time for play) but she’s not typically this bad, so your usual methods are unable to work. You look over at Kanan, who’s got a nervous face and is squirming around her crotch. Even though Mari knows how much Kanan doesn’t like being in a dirty diaper, the self-absorption common to babies that regressed makes it hard to recognize.

Knowing that Dia and Ruby will stay firmly attached to your breasts, you lean forward and move your hand against Mari’s diaper so that you can lightly push it against her crotch. While it takes a few minutes, you watch her start to calm down and eventually breathe heavily, eyes glistening as her moaning turns into a deep fog in the air.

“I know you don’t like having your diaper changed, Mari, but Kana’s getting really uncomfortable in hers and I need to change you both. If you let me change you and be nice while playing, I’ll let you have some humpy time with Mama, OK?”

Mari looks over at you as she sucks on her thumb, still not fully happy with getting changed, before nodding and letting you place a yellow pacifier in her mouth as Kanan lays next to her, getting her own blue pacifier. You move down towards their waists and take off both of their diapers. Mari’s diaper is absolutely loaded with poop, while Kanan’s is mostly soaked with pee but with some poop in it. You start cleaning up their crotches, giving them little tickles and pinches every so often to help them giggle and calm down.

LL-AQ-08: Ohara Mari. Physical age: 19 years; current mental age: 12 months. While a bit more regressed than Kanan, still possesses more physical and mental facilities than most of the other girls. Can walk for a few minutes by herself, but still prefers to crawl; will sometimes try to hide away from a Mother but will eventually come out and want attention. Is capable of following directions (although will pout and complain if she doesn’t like it) and can say four to five words, along with comprehending around fifty words, but is unable to form sentences. (Mari repeatedly says “Mama, mama!” to you; when you look up, you see her touching her own breasts with a naughty look on her face.) Is the most sexually aggressive of Aqours; frequently groping and kissing the other girls; can be placated if allowed to hump or ride a Mother. Can be very squirmy, particularly during meal and reading time, but will stay calm if given something to play with; enjoys having stuffed animals when eating. Does play well with others but increasingly shown frustration if they do not wish to play her way. Has demonstrated a lack of bowel control recently but does notice when she’s used her diaper enough; will try to hide it due to dislike of diaper changes. While defecation is frequent for Mari, resistance towards having her diaper change has limited changes to about four a day. Sleeps 7 to 8 hours at night and has 2 2-hour naps during the day; is hard to get to sleep but, once asleep, stays asleep and rested. Has two fully solid meals, along with one mushed up meal, a day; occasionally receives sweets given in a liquid form; breastfeeds three to four times for up to 90 minutes in total (one to two of these breastfeeds is during a nap); frequently needs a night feeding for 20 to 30 minutes. Current likelihood of regression before next file update: 50 to 60 percent. Her infantile and self-centered behavior will lead her down to further regression, but desire to be physical and play a lot limits that for now.

LL-AQ-09: Matsuura Kanan. Physical age: 19 years; current mental age: 12 months. Is currently the most developed of the girls and has been so since for a while. Likes walking, but is only able to do so for up to ten minutes at a time. Is quite active during play time, particularly when playing with others like Chika and Riko, but does not need to be placated as much as Mari does. (Kanan giggles and wriggles as you use wipes to clean the pee off her. She chortles a little when Mari starts to feel her breast.) Is very affectionate towards the other girls and seems fine with being groped by Mari, but never initiates anything herself. Can currently say 8 to 10 words and one sentence, “Mama dirty”, albeit this is a way to phrase that she wants to be changed. Is able to recognize that her diaper has been used but has stopped being aware of her waste being the issue. Kanan is more sensitive to a dirty diaper, so hers are changed around six times a day. Stays familiar with the layout of the house, but forgets objects unless she can see them and dislikes being in new locations. Sleeps around 8 hours at night and has one 2.5-to-3-hour nap during the day. Still eats three meals mushed up (particularly enjoys meats) and breastfeeds three times a day for up to an hour total; sometimes needs a night feeding around 20 minutes long. Current likelihood of regression before next file update: 10 to 15 percent. Has remained consistent in her mindset and physical abilities for a while now but has demonstrated some decreasing memory in regards to her environment.

Once you finish putting Mari and Kanan in new diapers, you help them onto their feet and give them a little slap on their butts. “Alright, you two silly butts, have fun playing with your sisters.”

Both of them cry out “Mama!” before waddling away, holding each other’s hands as they deal with their wobbling feet against the sand. They’ll need to crawl soon enough, but you’re content with watching them go other as you sit back down and let Dia and Ruby continue mindlessly nursing from you, their faces full of content.



End Chapter 1

Files on Baby Idols

by: JohnnyMueller | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 7, 2023


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