From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022

Chapter 10
Toddlers Like Me In Space

Chapter Description: I ask Overseer Drogra if he knows about other toddlers like me in this galaxy. He suggests I check two places: The Ayodele Prime Trading Outpost and Ayodele Alpha System Station Omega. I’ll check the outpost first. I’m sure to be surprised by who I see.

Date: 06:14 49th Cycle (06:14 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 49 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Ayodele Prime Imperial Base Alpha, Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System, Neuvoian Galaxy

I yawn as I slide my purple T-shirt over my head and toss onto the floor where the three hydroponics trays used to be. I kneel in front of my bed to open my drawer so I can grab a clean purple T-shirt whilst hissing echoes around me. I giggle as I stand up and slide the new shirt over my head whilst the hissing dies down, causing my ATC Cruisers diaper’s wetness indicator to remain yellow-green.

I turn toward the wall where the hydroponics trays once resided and smile at mine and Brian’s computers now resting there. “So happy I no longer need to have the hydroponics trays lower into the ground so I can access my computer. It’s so much easier.” I dart my eyes around my shared bedroom and yawn again as I waddle into the Maintenance Wing.

Overseer Drogra turns from his terminal and bows at me. When he rises from his reverence, he pats my diapered bottom, “Good morning, Stacey. I see you need a diaper change. Brian’s out on his normal morning walk.” Overseer Drogra scoops me into his arms and walks back to my shared bedroom, “Once he returns, he and Scientist Uzlovsk are going to continue their work on an upgrade to the base Intergalactic Terminus.”

“Upgraded Intergalactic Terminus?” I tilt my head as Overseer Drogra lays me down on my bed, “What are they upgrading? Also, what happened to the watch on my wrist? It’s gone.”

Overseer Drogra kneels before the open drawer so he can grab a fresh diaper, baby wipes, and baby powder, “That’s another technological advancement Scientist Uzlovsk created while you were sleeping.” Overseer Drogra walks over to me and lays the changing supplies to my left, “That Alvus Scientist,” Overseer Drogra unfastens my wet diaper and slides it away from me, “is the greatest asset to us.”

I giggle and smile toward Overseer Drogra as he works on getting me dry whilst tossing the used wipes into the old diaper resting to my left, “Yeah, I’m glad I brought him on.”

Overseer Drogra nods as he continues his work, “I’m certainly happy he’s made all these advancements in our Armorsuit technology. For you, your Armorsuit is integrated into your shirts and the nanite technology is so small that it integrates into every shirt you have.” Overseer Drogra smiles as he secures the ATC Cruisers diaper snug around my waist, “All dry.”

I sit up on my bed and wiggle my toes as I squeeze my right hand into a fist. My eyes widen as the Armorsuit menu appears in the lower half of my vision, “Wow! That’s so cool!” I unclench my fist and as I think about moving to the Technology Menu, the Armorsuit menu appears, “WOW! It’s a cerebral connection!”

Overseer Drogra giggles at my excitement, “Yep, it’s a lot more efficient than your previous Armorsuit watch for certain.” Overseer Drogra gathers up the supplies and returns them to my drawer, “Stacey?”

I jump down from my bed and turn to Overseer Drogra while he shuts my bed’s drawer, “Yeah?”

Overseer Drogra ruffles my hair, “Just remember to close your drawers when you’re finished with them.”

I giggle at Overseer Drogra’s affection, “Okay.” I waddle after him seconds after he heads toward the Maintenance Wing, “Overseer Drogra?”

Overseer Drogra turns from his terminal and smiles at me, “What is it, Stacey? Are you hungry? Did you notice the Food Processor next to the exit of your bedroom? Converting those hydroponics trays and moving those plants to the hydroponics lab gave your room a lot more space.”

My belly growls and I giggle, “I am hungry.” I waddle-run back into my bedroom and spot the food processor sitting to the right of the exit to the hallway. I press the menu and smile as I pull out a baby bottle of Happy Fruit juice. I drive the bottle toward my lips and smile around it as I drain it to half.

I pull the bottle from my lips and waddle-run back into the Maintenance Wing. I giggle and boop Overseer Drogra’s beak, “Overseer Drogra?”

Overseer Drogra turns from his terminal and ruffles my hair, “Yes, Stacey?”

I giggle and waddle around the Maintenance Wing. I stop in front of Overseer Drogra and my smile fades to a neutral gaze, “Overseer Drogra, do you know if there are any other toddlers like me around? Did you ever meet any during your travels?”

Overseer Drogra shakes his head, “I haven’t lately. You’re the first toddler I’ve met on my travels throughout the galaxy. Maybe you could try this world’s trading post. It’s about 5,000 units away…on the other side of the planet.”

Overseer Drogra rubs the back of his head and chuckles, “I still don’t understand why that one day we had someone land their ship in our backyard and begin asking me about where to find the trading outpost since they mistook this for it.”

I tilt my head, “How could they mistake my base for a trading outpost? It’s in the name: Ayodele Prime Imperial Base Alpha. There’s nothing about trading at all!” I stomp my foot and pout.”

Overseer Drogra tickles my right armpit, “No pouting.”

I giggle from Overseer Drogra’s tickles and backpedal toward Scientist Uzlovsk, only for the Scientist to gently rest his hands on my shoulders to prevent me from crashing into him and landing on my bottom. I giggle as I train my eyes on Scientist Uzlovsk, “Sorry.”

Scientist Uzlovsk’s facial display lights up green, signaling his happiness, “It’s alright, Stacey. No harm done.” He pats my padded bottom and directs me toward Overseer Drogra, “Now what were you talking about?”

I stand next to the ladder and side step to the back of the ladder to allow Ensign Hapoton and Farmer Kriptu access, “I was wanting to find other toddlers like me in this galaxy. So far all I’ve seen are Alvus, Faenus, and Pra'Elia adults.”

Overseer Drogra rubs the back of his head, “Well, the reason for that is…um…”

Scientist Uzlovsk raises his right hand, “The reason behind that is the war that occurred in this galaxy over 150,000 cycles ago. The result was the remaining of the Pra'Elia, Faenus, and Alvus. The Faenus First Spawn and Pra'Elia Alliance fought each other, and then fought the Sentinels. We won, but the Sentinels still haunt some planets, seeking the lord over the planets and punish those who build homes there. Lucky enough for us,”

Scientist Uzlovsk kneels in front of me and ruffles my hair, “Toddler-Entity has sent a strong message to not interfere with the Ayodele controlled worlds.”

I giggle and smile as I turn back to Overseer Drogra, “So that explains it. Overseer Drogra, where would I look to see if other toddlers like me came into this galaxy?”

Overseer Drogra pats my padded bottom and smiles, “Search the Space Station or Trading Outpost, those are two places where people are always coming and going during visits to worlds.”

I smile and nod, “Thank you, Overseer Drogra.” I waddle-run out of the Maintenance Wing and through my bedroom. I giggle as I waddle-run past the Hydroponics Laboratory and head down the hallway to my left. Once I reach my ship, I hop inside and activate the launch sequence. I swing my legs and my ATC Cruisers crinkle as I ascend into the outer atmosphere.

Once the meteors of the planet’s ring are surrounding my ship, I scan my ship’s navigation system. Directly in front of me rests the location of my base planet side. To the left, 5,000 units away rests Ayodele Prime Trading Outpost, “There it is.” I point my ship toward the marker highlighted on my ship’s 3D navigation system and engage my pulse engine hyperdrive.

I giggle as my ship roars toward the location in seconds and disengages moments from me reentering the atmosphere.


Date: 07:47 49th Cycle (07:47 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 49 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Ayodele Prime Trading Outpost, Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System, Neuvoian Galaxy

“Now let’s see if I can find someone here.” I smile as my ship hovers toward a multi square platformed structure with twin walls rising into an open sided rectangle to the right of the multi-square landing platforms. “So this is the trading outpost.”

I hover my ship above one of the five landing pads and press the LAND button. I sigh as my ship slows down to 0 u/s and lands with a slight thump against the landing pad. I jump out of my starship and waddle toward the open sided rectangular structure where I can see Alvus, Faenus, Pra'Elia all chatting amongst each other.

I waddle past them on the first platform level and spot stairs to my right. Within seconds of ascending the stairs, I spot a Alvus talking to a small human with purple twin pony tails that’s wearing a red T-shirt and a diaper decorated with multiple smiling veggies. “Is that?” I waddle-run toward the two and stop a few feet away when I spot the human toddler’s almond skin.

“So do you know where I’d find another toddler like me?” She blinks her purple eyes at the Alvus, “You said this planet is called Ayodele Prime right?”

The Alvus nods, “Yes, Toddler-Entity.” His facial screen lights up green and he points to me, “There’s Toddler-Entity of Ayodele Prime now.”

My eyes widen when the toddler turns to me and her purple eyes flash whilst her pony tails flutter in the Winter breeze, “Chiyo-chan!”

Chiyo smiles and waddle-runs toward me, “STACEY!” She giggles as she tackle-hugs me and smiles down at me when she lands on my belly, “I missed you lots!”

I smile toward Chiyo as she crawls off me, “How’d you get here, Chiyo-chan?”

Chiyo giggles as she helps me to my feet, “I don’t remember. All I remember is waking up flying a starship and crashing on this planet about 500 units behind us. I followed a voice whispering in my ear and found out that my shirt has all this tech inside it.” Chiyo smiles as she opens her Technology menu and calls her ship. “Look it!” She waddle-runs toward the landing pads and smiles at my ship, “Yours is nice.”

I giggle and smile at Chiyo, “Thankies.” I turn toward the landing pad to the right of my ship. I tilt my head when a spherical object with twin wings jutting out from the right and left. I waddle over to the ship and take note of the thin needle barrels of the guns under each wing. I turn to Chiyo, “It’s different that’s for sure.”

Chiyo giggles as she taps the shell and it opens akin to clam shell to reveal twin pilot seats and a similar cockpit dashboard to my ship, “So…” Chiyo turns to me with a smile, “Ready to head back to my base?”

I nod and waddle over to my ship, “I’m ready.” I jump into my cockpit and take to the air whilst Chiyo follows seconds later. I cruise alongside her ship and smile as her voice echoes across my ship’s communication system.

“So Stacey, how long have you been on this planet?”

I giggle as we cruise past a vast forest of trees, “I forget to be honest. Maybe…”


Date: 07:50 49th Cycle (07:50 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 49 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Chiyo’s Home Base, Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System, Neuvoian Galaxy

My thoughts fade when I spot a three-floor rectangular building a few units away. To the left of the building rests two landing pads, while to the right of the building rests an island of solar panels, batteries, and biofuel generators. “Wow.” I hover my ship toward the left-hand landing pad and initiate the landing sequence.

I giggle as I hop out of my ship and waddle over to Chiyo, “So, this is your house?”

Chiyo nods and waddles toward the blue environmental door, “Come on!”

I waddle-run through the front door and spot a pink Armorsuit glad Faenus standing at a terminal to my right while another door rests in front of the ladder toward the second floor. To the left side of the room rests a couch and a computer sitting on a table a few feet in front of the couch.

I glance toward the ladder then turn back to the Faenus, “Hello, I’m Stacey. What’s your name?”

The Faenus smiles as she walks over to Chiyo and I, “My name is Overseer Calptai. I’m responsible for keeping Chiyo happy,” Overseer Calptai pats Chiyo’s padded bottom, “and in dry Pampers. I also oversee anything that needs fixing on the base.”

Chiyo giggles and smiles at Overseer Calptai, “Thankies, Overseer Calptai. Is there anything you need for the base?”

Overseer Calptai shakes her head, “Everything is running at top parameters, Chiyo.”

My belly growls and I turn to Chiyo when her belly growls, “So Chiyo-chan, where’s your dining room?”

Chiyo giggles and waddles toward the door at the rear of the room, “Follow me.” She waddles through the door and down the small hallway to reveal a circular room. In the center rests a dining room table with two chairs on the left and right side. On the right side of the room rests two food processors and a six drawer dresser filled with plates, bowls, forks, and knives.

“Here’s the dining room.” Chiyo waddles over to the food processor and inserts a couple Happy Tree Fruit in the top of the processor. She smiles as she pulls two baby bottles of Happy Tree Fruit Juice from the receiving tray and hands me one, “Here ya go.”

I take the baby bottle and smile around it as I scan Chiyo while draining the bottle. With the bottle drained to half, I pull it from my lips, “So what’s on the second the third floor of the building?”

Chiyo pulls her half drained bottle from her lips and smiles at me, “Second floor is my playroom, and the top floor is Overseer Calptai and my shared bedroom. Since it’s just the two of us, I didn’t think we’d need separate bases…I mean rooms.” Chiyo giggles and drives the baby bottle toward her lips so she can drain the bottle.


I smile as I finish off my third bottle whilst hissing carries the other two bottles I had earlier out of my body. I giggle and poke Chiyo’s nose as she tosses our bottles into the air for them to be converted back to the food processor inventory, “That was good! Now can you show me your playroom?”

Chiyo nods and grabs my hand, “YEAH!” She waddle-runs toward the main room and releases my hand so she can climb the ladder.

I giggle as I climb up behind Chiyo and stop on a bare blue tile floor, “Wow.” I dart my eyes across the room and spot a couch against the right wall while to the left wall rests a TV. Against the back wall rests a six drawer dresser and I also notice toy blocks and ships scattered across the room, “This is nice, Chiyo-chan!”

Chiyo smiles at me and boops my nose, “Let’s play.” Chiyo pokes my belly, “Tag! You’re it!”

I giggle as I waddle-run after Chiyo, “COME BACK HERE!” I extend my arms outward and waddle-run around the playroom after my friend. I’m so happy I finally found another toddler like me in this new world, in space. I’m so happy.


Date: 11:50 49th Cycle (11:50 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 49 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Chiyo’s Home Base, Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System, Neuvoian Galaxy

I yawn and poke Chiyo’s nose, “Gotcha!”

Chiyo giggles as she hugs me, “I’m so happy that you came over to visit me.”

Overseer Calptai climbs the ladder and waves at Chiyo and I seconds after her feet contact the floor, “Nap Time you two.”

I waddle over to Overseer Calptai smile as I wrap my arms around her, “You called my base and let my big brother and Overseer Drogra know I’ll spend nap time here?”

Overseer Calptai nods as she lifts me into her arms and straightaway two beds appear side by side to the right of the six drawer dresser, “Overseer Drogra called me and identified himself as caretaker of Stacey Ayodele and Ayodele Imperial Base Alpha. I told him my name and that I was the caretaker of Chiyo Yokohama and Chiyo’s Home Base. They know you’re here and that you’re safe.”

I yawn as I’m laid down on the right hand bed and I sit up so I can see Overseer Calptai kneeling in front of the bed to grab baby wipes, baby powder, and two Pampers Cruisers diapers. I tilt my head as Overseer Calptai lays the changing supplies at the foot of the bed and lifts Chiyo into her arms, “Pampers?”

Overseer Calptai nods as she lays Chiyo-chan down at the foot of my bed, “Yep, Chiyo crash landed here with them and I was able to reproduce them since I had the materials on hand when I was building her base.” Overseer Calptai chuckles as she unfastens Chiyo’s diaper and lifts her legs to slide it away, “Right Chiyo?”

Chiyo nods as Overseer Calptai works on getting her dry whilst tossing the wipes into her old diaper resting to her left, “Yeppers. Overseer Calptai duplicated like ten boxes of them. We traded them with Ayodele Trading Company and now Ayodele Trading Company has two brands they can offer customers.”

Overseer Calptai nods as she slides a fresh diaper under Chiyo and powders her uplifted bottom, “That’s right. So you’ve got Pampers Cruisers and ATC Cruisers diapers available now. You can order them from your Galactic Trade Terminal, Stacey.” Overseer Calptai brings the smiling veggie decorated shell up to Chiyo’s belly and tapes the new diaper snug around her waist, “All dry.”

Chiyo giggles and kicks her legs allowing her Pampers to crinkle, “Thankies.”

Overseer Calptai walks over to me and pats my head with the fresh Pampers, “Can you lie down next to your giggling friend so I can change you?”

“Okay.” I crawl over to Chiyo and boop her nose while Overseer Calptai unfastens my diaper, “So,” I giggle as she slides my diaper away and works on getting me dry, “how long have you been here again?”

Chiyo giggles as she watches Overseer Calptai slide a fresh diaper under my bottom, “Well I’ve been here for…” Chiyo rubs her chin and turns to Overseer Calptai, “How long have we been here?”

Overseer Calptai chuckles as she brings the smiling veggie shell up to my belly and secures the left diaper tape, “We’ve been together for 49 cycles, Chiyo.” Overseer Calptai secures the right diaper tape and pats the front of my diaper, “All dry.”

I giggle and join Chiyo in kicking my legs. I smile toward her while our diapers crinkle in unison, “You’ve been here an entire month! What happened with your mommy though?” I stop kicking my legs and sit up on my bed while Overseer Calptai returns the changing supplies to my bed’s drawer.

Chiyo shakes her head as she sits up on my bed and jumps down, “I…I dunno. Overseer Calptai has been taking care of me since I crash landed here. I can’t contact Earth at all. Earth isn’t even in this galaxy.” Chiyo bows her head as she stops on the right side of her bed.

I turn to Overseer Calptai as Chiyo climbs into her bed and pulls the covers over her head, “What happened, Overseer Calptai?”

Overseer Calptai lifts me into her arms and walks around the playrom, “Her mother got lost when they were fighting pirates. We haven’t found her yet.” Overseer Calptai lays me down and tucks the covers up to my neck. She kisses my forehead and caresses my hair, “I’ve been acting as her Mommy and the Overseer of her base in her stead. I’ve still got Pra'Elia and Faenus ships searching this system and neighboring systems for her.”

I swallow the lump in my throat and tears swim in my eyes, “I…I’m sorry I mentioned it.”

Overseer Calptai shakes her head and wipes my tears with a gentle finger, “It’s okay, Stacey, you didn’t know. Just have a good nap and play when you awaken.”

I yawn and my eyes droop, “Okay.” I turn toward Chiyo’s bed and soon my eyes droop closed. I really hope Chiyo is reunited with her mommy. I came here hoping to just play with my best friend from Earth and things in this galaxy just got a little dark.



End Chapter 10

From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022


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