From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022

Chapter 8
A Typical Afternoon on Ayodele Prime

Chapter Description: What to do this afternoon… Well, let’s get up and see what can be done with my new playroom first. I wonder what everyone else is doing too.

Date: 13:26 44th Cycle (13:26 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 44 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Ayodele Prime Imperial Base Alpha, Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System, Neuvoian Galaxy

My eyes slowly open and I dart them to my right where mine and Brian’s computers are. “Brian’s not here.” I sit up in bed and my purple T-shirt flutters whilst my ATC Cruisers diaper crinkles as hissing echoes around me. I rub my eyes, oblivious to the hissing echoing and changing my diaper’s wetness indicator to yellow slowly from the top to the middle.

I jump out of bed and waddle over to the Solar Vine flower whilst the hissing dies down. I smile at the warmth radiating from the glowing yellow-orange plant’s circular nobs that protrude from the central crystal-like structure. “These plants look so cool.” I turn toward my ladder leading toward my playroom and waddle over whilst the hissing fades, “That’s what I wanted to do.”

I climb the ladder and dart my eyes across the empty circular room within seconds of my feet contacting the floor, “Let’s see…” My vision is tinted gold and I aim my glowing right hand toward the wall, “What can I add?” I giggle as the base building menu appears in my right eye while my full vision remains on the empty room in my left eye.

I backpedal against the wall that would face the ladder I just climbed up and turn to my left. I aim at the empty floor and seconds later a couch with a drawer filled to the brim with toys appears. I turn to my direct eyesight and immediately a dual legged computer station with a transparent blue monitor appears, while on the wall to the right of the computer rests a blue screen.

I giggle as I jump over the hole leading to my bedroom and land in front of the computer showing the status of the power grid of the base. I turn to the right-hand wall and seconds later an eight-drawer dresser with four drawers on the left and right respectively appears before me. “Now I wonder what’s in here.”

I waddle over to the dresser and open the top two drawers to find thirty ATC Cruisers diapers in the left top drawer while baby wipes and baby powder containers are contained in the top right drawer. I shut the first row of drawers and open the second row of drawers to find a box of ATC Cruisers diapers in the left-hand drawer while the right-hand drawer hosts a miniaturized toy of my starship Shadow of Equity.

My eyes widen at the toy and I pick it up, “COOL!” I smile as I dart my eyes across the toy and realize that it’s an exact replica of my starship resting outside, “That…is…AWESOME!” I glance above the dresser and spot another blue screen, this one showing off Rugrats Season 1 episodes, “Hee…I think I went overboard with the TV screens.” I set my toy ship back in the drawer and shut both second-row drawers.

Overseer Drogra ascends the ladder and pats my bottom, “I see that you’re liking your playroom?”

I jump at the surprise bottom pat and turn to see Overseer Drogra smiling at me, “Hi Overseer Drogra. I noticed Brian wasn’t in my bedroom. Where is he?”

Overseer Drogra ruffles my hair, “He’s on the second floor of the Maintenance Wing training with Ensign Hapoton.”

My eyes widen, “Really?”

Overseer Drogra nods, “Yes. When he heard your brother fought those Sentinels, he insisted that he train him more in the Pra'Elia ways of weaponry just as he trained you.”

“Oh…” I glance down to the blue tile floor and shift on my bare feet while I remember the Sentinels attacked my base and I had to defeat them all with my Minotaur while Brian was gathering fruit in the forest. “I’m just glad the last time Sentinels attacked the base that Brian was out fruit gathering.”

I cross my arms and pout as I avert my gaze from the Faenus, “Ensign Hapoton was an idiot wanting me to do all those warrior missions just so he could feel the glory of his weapons being used in war against the Sentinels.”

Overseer Drogra ruffles my hair, “Well that is the way of the Pra'Elia, Stacey. However, Ensign Hapoton seems to have gotten better since you and he talked about that Terminal entry a few cycles ago.”

I shiver and train my eyes on Drogra whilst I blink away tears, “Don’t remind me. I wish I could have prevented violence in this galaxy. At least with every system I colonize, I can control the violence by the methods I have.”

Overseer Drogra nods as he lifts me into his arms and walks over to the couch to lay me down, “Yeah, being a toddler has its advantages in your case.” Overseer Drogra walks over to the dresser, “No one wants to upset a toddler who controls an entire fleet.” and opens the top left drawer. “There’s the diapers,” Overseer Drogra grabs a fresh diaper and turns back to me, “Where are the wipes and powder?”

I giggle as I sit up on the couch and point to the top right-hand drawer, “The drawer on the top right.”

Overseer Drogra nods and walks over to me with the baby wipes, powder, and fresh diaper in his hands, “Alrighty, lie down for me, Stacey.”

I giggle as I lie down on the couch and kick my legs whilst my ATC Cruisers diaper crinkles, “Overseer Drogra?”

Overseer Drogra sets the changing supplies down to my right and grabs my kicking legs, “Yes, Stacey?” He holds my legs with his left hand and unfastens my diaper with his right hand so he can slide it away. He sets the old diaper a few units away from my feet and works on getting me dry, "What’s on your mind?”

I train my eyes on Overseer Drogra as he lowers my legs so he can roll my old diaper into a ball, “Well…” I dart my eyes toward the ceiling as my old diaper is tossed into the air and converted into Carbon molecules. “I was wondering…”

Overseer Drogra nods as he unfolds my fresh diaper and lifts my legs with his left hand so he can slide the fresh diaper under my bottom with his right hand, “What were you wondering?”

I blink twice at Overseer Drogra as he lowers my legs and brings the green circle decorated shell up to my belly, “You don’t have family you left behind like Ensign Hapoton, do you?”

Overseer Drogra shakes his head as he secures the left diaper tape, “I don’t. I left my home world a long time ago and then we met on that Space Station in orbit around this world.” Overseer Drogra secures the right diaper tape and pats the front of my diaper, “All dry, Stacey.”

I giggle and kick my legs allowing my fresh diaper to crinkle, “Thankies for the change, Overseer Drogra!”

Overseer Drogra smiles down at me as he grabs the hand sanitizer sitting next to the baby powder and begins sanitizing his hands, “I’m glad I could be of help, Stacey.” Once his hands are clean, he picks up the baby wipes and baby powder to return to the dresser across the room, “Is there anything else you wanted to ask me?”

My ears flicker and pick up the light Plasma Auto Rifle fire of Brian and Ensign Hapoton’s training. I smile as I waddle over to Overseer Drogra and wrap my arms around his waist while he shuts the top dresser drawers, “I’m glad I have such a big family on my new home world.”

Overseer Drogra smiles down at me and returns my hug whilst patting my diapered bottom, “I’m glad to be a part of your big family on this world.” Five minutes pass and he brings me out of the hug, “Is there anything else you wanted to do?”

I giggle and boop Overseer Drogra’s beak, “Well…I dunno. I kinda did a lot more than I thought I would in the morning. I still wanna go out in the atmosphere to gather minerals. Or…” My eyes widen and I jump my left to right on my feet, “Maybe we could go to your home world?”

Overseer Drogra shakes his head and chuckles when I stop bouncing on my feet, “Well I don’t think it’s a good idea is all. I last heard that my home system is a little more lawless than most systems.” Overseer Drogra kneels and ruffles my hair, “I don’t want you getting hurt.” Overseer Drogra pulls me into a hug and pats my diapered bottom, “I care for you, Stacey. We all do. Even if you have all this technology to prevent the worst from happening to us,”

Overseer Drogra pulls me from the hug and boops my nose, “We don’t want you going out unnecessarily to put yourself in harm’s way. I’m Overseer of this base and I’m under orders to protect you and our family. To keep you happy,” He pats my diapered bottom, “in clean diapers,” and he smiles at me. “and protected as much as I can without being overbearing.”

I giggle and smile at Overseer Drogra, “Okay, Overseer Drogra, I understand. I’m glad that you and my family here care so much for me. I’m the happiest toddler in the galaxy.”

Overseer Drogra chuckles and ruffles my hair, “I’m sure no one would protest that statement, Stacey.”



End Chapter 8

From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022


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