From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022

Chapter 12
Ascending to My Freighter

Chapter Description: I haven’t visited my Freighter since I came to this galaxy. Time to see what’s up.

Date: 09:00 61st Cycle (09:00 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 61 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Freighter Ayodele’s Triumphant Peace, Orbiting Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System, Neuvoian Galaxy

My eyes blink twice as my starship Shadow of Equity approaches the giant triangular ship, “I haven’t been on my freighter since I came to this galaxy. I wonder what the former Faenus Admiral Tasik has done to her since I’ve been here.” I smile as my ship cruises through the blue light and lands inside a vast gray area with landing pads scattered across the area.

  1. Once my ship shuts down, I hop out and land on the hanger deck. My purple T-shirt flutters and my Pampers Cruisers crinkle as I waddle toward the steps to the left of my ship. I smile as I dart around the area and I notice the steps to the right of my ship ascending toward a bulkhead door. I jump toward the stairs and turn toward the end of the pathway opposite them.

I blink twice at the blue circular light ascending from the circular platform, “Where does this lead?” I waddle toward the light and straightaway the bridge of the Freighter appears before me. I blink again at the giant orange-ish rotating globe a few feet away from me that represents Ayodele Prime.

I waddle over to the station and notice the glowing screen below the planet. I scan the screen and see various star systems along with a warp button on the right of the screen, “So that’s the Warp Map.” I turn to my right and spot another screen that has a floating picture of the freighter, “And this…”

I waddle to the screen and raise my eyes to spot another Faenus, this one wearing an orange suit. I blink twice as I scan his golden beak accentuating his teal scaly skin, “Hello. I’m Freighter Commander Stacey Ayodele. Toddler Explorer. You can call me Stacey. You are?”

The Faenus Navigator smiles and waves at me, “Greetings Freighter Commander Ayodele. I am Navigator Drograf. I plan and dispatch our fleet on expeditions. You’ll be notified on your computer when a new expedition you have charted has returned. You debrief them from the Command Rooms off the Bridge.”

I nod and smile at Navigator Drograf, “Thank you, Navigator Drograf.” I dart my eyes around the bridge of the ship and notice several other Faenus walking around. When any spot me, they either wave or salute. I return their salute and turn to the bulkhead door directly in front of the navigation station. “That leads to the rest of the ship, Navigator Drograf?”

Navigator Drograf nods, “Yes, Freighter Commander. Your family from Planet Ayodele have already migrated to the ship. You can find them down the hallway past the cylindrical save point. It’s a vast room that’s currently empty save for the Fleet Command rooms. There is also a ladder that leads to the second level where your quarters and the rooms of each member from your planetary family reside.”

I rub the back of my head, “Thank you, Navigator Drograf. Anything else to report?”

Navigator Drograf turns from the navigation controls and salutes me, “No, sir.”

“Thank you, Navigator Drograf.” I salute him and turn to waddle through the bulkhead door. My eyes widen when I spot the gray walls of the bulkhead surrounding me as a hallway that reaches only to the left. I turn with the bulkhead hallway and meet another door which leads to the hangers. “Okay…not this door.”

I waddle back to the bridge and tap Navigator Drograf on the shoulder, “Navigator Drograf, um…the door directly in front of Navigation leads me to the Hangers.”

Navigator Drograf ruffles my hair, “I understand, since you’ve not been on Ayodele’s Triumphant Peace you’ve lost your way.” He points to his screen, then to himself, and finally to the door I just waddled through. “From where I am, that door is behind me. That door leads to the hangers."

Navigator Drograf points toward the open path to his right, “That hallway leads further into the ship, Freighter Commander.” He points toward the screen to his right showing off a floating ship, “That console also allows you see all of your starship fleet along with doing upgrades to this Freighter.”

I smile at Navigator Drograf and salute him, “Thank you, Navigator Drograf.” I lower my salute and waddle toward the hallway.

Navigator Drograf returns my salute as I waddle away, “You’re welcome, Freighter Commander.”


Once Navigator Drograf sees me disappear beyond the hallway to his left, he lowers his salute and turns to the Faenus walking on the platform above him, “Freighter Commander Stacey Ayodele is a toddler? It still surprises me that his starship fleet Righteous Judgment defeated those pirates during our warp here all those cycles ago.”

The Faenus named Hojtofi nods as he descends the stairs whilst his red and green striped suit hugs his body. When he reaches the Navigation Station, he claps his fellow Faenus on the shoulder, “I will say this, he makes life on Ayodele’s Triumphant Peace live up to its name, Navigator.”

Navigator Drograf nods as he scans the spinning world of Ayodele Prime, “I can’t agree more, Hojtofi.”


I rub my chin when I stop at the end of the hallway and spot both a right and left hallway opening. In my direct eyesight rests a cylindrical device, “I hope this is it. Both seem promising.” I waddle through the left-hand opening and the hallways change to white while the floors are pure black. I turn to my right at the end of the hallway and turn again. “Wow…so many turns.”

I rub the back of my head at the vast hallway of white walls and black flooring. I stop at the first opening to my left and waddle through to find a vast empty space with empty containers resting in the center of the room, “This must be the vast room that Navigator Drograf was talking about.”

I dart my eyes around the vast room and notice Alvus and Pra'Elia entities walking about, but neither are my Alvus Scientist or Weapons Master. I notice the giant blue screens with command console keyboards below them incased inside rooms to my right, while a few feet away in my direct eyesight rests a ladder.

As I waddle toward the ladder, I notice that I pass two more of those same giant console blue screens, “Those must be the Fleet Command Rooms Navigator Drograf was talking about.” I stop at the ladder inside the familiar themed bulkhead of orange and black from earlier and ascend the ladder, oblivious to the hissing carrying the bottles I had prior on my voyage from the Faenus system out of my body.

I smile when I reach the top of the ladder and turn my right to find a bulkhead door complemented by the white walls. I tilt my head at the globe peeking through the door window and I waddle over to the door for it to open automatically. My eyes widen at the spinning globe in my direct eyesight, while to my left rest two beds and a rug on the floor in front of them.

I waddle past the globe and before I fully take in mine and Brian’s computers sitting a few feet to the left of the couch that also rests to the left of the two beds, in what I can assume is my shipboard quarters, I’m scooped into the air. I crane my neck upward and smile at Brian, “Hi, Brian!”

Brian sets me on my feet and kneels to ruffle my hair, “Good morning, Stacey. I was wondering when you’d return from that adventure in the Faenus system. I didn’t expect to be transported onto your Freighter Ayodele’s Triumphant Peace. It’s so lively here.” Brian hugs me again and kisses my cheeks, “I’m so glad you’re safe. Now that I know you’re safe,”

Brian releases me and ruffles my hair, “I’m gonna explore the ship.”

“Okay.” I giggle as I waddle around my Commander’s Quarters, “You remember where our quarters are right?”

Brian nods, “I do, Stacey.” and walks through the door and heads down the ladder.

I giggle as I dart my eyes around my vast shared bedroom, Commander’s Quarters was the title I saw when I approached the door and I giggle as I spot a single green screen, “I think I could use more of those.” I turn back to our computer station and shake my head as I scan my ASUS Gaming Station setup consisting of my ASUS laptop and the DELL monitor to its right, “I guess I don’t need it now.”

I turn toward my door and waddle through, “Now to see what else is here.” I turn to my left and waddle down the hallway. When I reach the end, I turn left again and I’m greeted by a long bulkhead corridor. I waddle-run down the corridor and slide to a stop when I spot Overseer Drogra, “Overseer Drogra!” I turn to his Construction Terminal and hug him, “You’re here!”

Overseer Drogra chuckles as he returns my hug and releases me, “Yes, we’re all here in the hallway. Just walk through the hallway and you’ll find each of our terminal stations. However, we need a sleeping area.”

“Okay.” I giggle as I waddle down the hallway while scanning the Intergalactic Trade Terminal resting next to the left of Overseer Drogra. I continue waddling down the hallway and wave at Scout Guulaang and Ensign Hapoton as I pass them. When they each salute me, I smile while Overseer Drogra walks to his Construction Terminal Room next door to Ensign Hapoton’s Weapons Terminal Room. I blink at the other Pra'Elia dressed in white armor and tilt my head, “Excuse me?”

The Pra'Elia turns to me, “Commander on Deck!” and salutes.

I smile as both he and the other Pra'Elia salute me, “At ease…” I point to the Pra'Elia holding his tablet, “Your name, Pra'Elia?”

The Pra'Elia stands at resting attention and nods, “Operator Lenglin, Sir! I’m testing the ship’s alarm systems, Sir!”

I nod, “Status?”

Operator Lenglin scans his tablet and redirects his attention to me, “Everything is operating at normal capacity, Sir!”

I smile and backpedal into the hallway, “As you were, Operator Lenglin.”

Operator Lenglin returns his attention to the tablet, “Thank you, Sir!”

I dart my eyes across the rest of the empty hallway, “Now…I can make more rooms and maybe a level for the rest area for all the crew.” My eyes shine gold and I raise my glowing right hand toward the floor before me, “Let’s do this.” I smile as the hallway begins to expand in length before my eyes…


Date: 11:16 61st Cycle (11:16 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 61 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Freighter Ayodele’s Triumphant Peace, Orbiting Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System, Neuvoian Galaxy

I sigh as I backpedal into the hallway and the bulkhead door to the Crew Play Hall closes. My belly growls as I collapse onto my padded bottom and I snap my fingers whilst my vision loses its golden tint. I glance down to my hands and notice they too have lost their golden hue as I drain the bottle of Happy Fruit Tree Juice.

The Faenus Crewmate Hojtofi smiles when he sees me sitting in front of the door to the Crew Play Hall, “Freighter Commander!” Hojtofi stops when I turn to him and he salutes me.

I rise to my feet and toss my empty bottle into the air, “At ease, Hojtofi. What is it?”

“Since I didn’t have any duties assigned to me, I…” Hojtofi smiles whilst his green and purple striped Armorsuit shimmers in the freighter hall’s artificial light, “I wanted to see what our Commander was up to.”

I smile at Hojtofi, “I just finished making the Crew Play Hall and the Crew Sleeping Hall. If everyone desires individual quarters just let me know. I’ll add another level for each crew member to have their own personal room same as my own. We’re all equal in my eyes, Hojtofi.”

Crewmate Hojtofi’s eyes widen at my statement, “I’m most grateful, Freighter Commander! I…I never had such a luxury under the previous Freighter Commander. He had his own big bedroom and everyone else had a mixed quarters with beds and nothing else.”

I rub the back of my head, “Actually, that’s all I have now. I was going to expand that room, but…” I yawn and rub my eyes, “I got tired after making the Crew Play Hall and the Crew Resting Hall. I basically segmented everything. I was going to create a Family Dining Hall next. Where everyone would take meals at set times during the day. We’re all family here, you know.”

Crewmate Hojtofi smiles at my statements and prostrates himself before me, “Freighter Commander you are most kind.”

I raise my hands, “Hojtofi, you don’t have to prostrate yourself. I’m not a deity. Even though I cannot die, I don’t wish to be worshipped like the Alvus worship Atlas.

Crewmate Hojtofi rises while his smile never fades, “I’m glad that my Capitan sees us as more than tools for making profit. It makes me happy.”

I giggle and smile at Hojtofi, “I’m glad I can make you happy. Tell the crew to meet me in the Main Hall off the bridge.” I glance down to my Pampers and giggle at the yellow wetness indicator, “I need a change.” I waddle-run toward my Commander’s Quarters and pout when I realize Brian hasn’t returned.


Date: 09:00 61st Cycle (09:00 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 61 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Commander’s Quarters, Freighter Level 1, Freighter Ayodele’s Triumphant Peace, Orbiting Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System, Neuvoian Galaxy

I turn toward the door and see Hojtofi tapping at the door, “Come in.”

Crewmate Hojtofi smiles as the door opens and he walks inside, “Your brother Brian is still chatting with Navigator Drograf. They’re coordinating an expedition to a planet that will offer him a way to upgrade the Intergalactic Terminus so he can visit his friends on…Earth? What planet is that?”

I waddle over to Hojtofi, “That’s my original home world in the Milky Way Galaxy. It still surprises me that my Alvus Scientist hasn’t finished those modifications yet.” I glance to my feet and wiggle them before returning my eyes to Hojotofi, “Can all the crew change diapers?”

Crewmate Hojtofi nods, “All crew members go through childcare training before shipfaring, Freighter Commander.” He walks over to my bed and kneels to grab a fresh diaper, wipes, and powder. Hojtofi sets the supplies in the middle of my bed and turns to me with a salute, “I would be honored to be assigned your caretaker when your big brother is absent.”

Crewmate Hojtofi bows his head as his salute falters, “I haven’t had any duties assigned to me since the last Freighter Commander stepped down and you took command. I don’t think he liked me very much.”

I waddle over to Hojotofi and lie down on my bed to the right of the changing supplies, “Don’t worry about him. He’s long gone. I’m the Commander now and I treat all my crew like family.”

Crewmate Hojtofi smiles down at me, “I’m glad, Freighter Commander. I’m glad you rescued us from those pirates so many cycles ago.” He hums and smiles as he unfastens my wet diaper and lifts my legs to slide it away.

I smile toward Hojtofi as he works on getting me dry, “He seems really happy now that he has purpose in his life. Even if it is the Caretaker of a toddler Freighter Commander.” I giggle and smile as I watch him toss the old diaper into the air and grab the baby powder, “You’re a pro at this, Hojtofi.”

Crewmate Hojtofi smiles as he powders my uplifted bottom and brings the shell of the Pampers up to my waist, “Thank you, Freighter Commander.” He tapes the new diaper snug around my waist and lifts me to my feet to pat my freshly padded bottom, “All dry.”

I wiggle my padded bottom and smile as the Pampers crinkling while hugging my waist, “It’s perfect!” I turn to Crewmate Hojtofi and give him a thumbs up as he sanitizes his hands with the spray bottle of hand sanitizer. “I’ve come up with your rank, Hojtofi.”

Crewmate Hojtofi smiles as he returns the supplies to the drawer at the foot of my bed and shuts it. “What is that, Freighter Commander?”

I yawn and rub my eyes, “Attendant Commander.”

The new Attendant Commander Hojtofi tilts his head and backpedals when I jump down from my bed, “Freighter Commander, what does that rank mean?”

I waddle over to Attendant Commander Hojtofi and poke his beak, “That means you’re my caretaker. You take care of or attend to all my needs. Food, changes, anything I ask. This way I don’t have to bother my brother Brian all the time. I want him to enjoy this new galaxy just as much as me. I don’t wanna be a burden to him.”

I giggle and boop Attendant Commander Hojtofi’s nose, “Are your assignments understood, Attendant Commander?”

Attendant Commander Hojtofi smiles and salutes me, “Crystal clear, Sir!” He kneels and scoops me into his arms, “Freighter Commander, what would you have me do first?”

I dart my eyes around my bedroom and yawn as I point to my bed, “Nap time. Lie down in my bed and offer me hugs for nap time. Then when I awake, we’ll have an all hands meeting in the Main Hall.”

Attendant Commander Hojtofi lies down on my bed and sets me on his belly, “Main Hall?”

I yawn and crawl to the right of Attendant Commander Hojtofi so I can hug him as my eyes droop, “The big room after you descend the ladder.”

Attendant Commander Hojtofi nods as he watches me battle with sleep. He rubs my back and hums, “Rest easy, Freighter Commander.” Once I fall asleep, he smiles and begins to alternate between rubbing my back and patting my bottom. I never would have thought I would be the caretaker of a toddler ship commander. I’ve been blessed greatly. I shall protect you with my life if it comes to that Freighter Commander. I swear it.



End Chapter 12

From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022


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