From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022

I've grown tired of being on Earth. I look to the sky and wonder if my computer can bring me into my story world's sub galaxy where my personal No Man's Sky universe resides. Only one way to find out... Part 2 in my From College To Cradle series.

Chapter 1
Entering A New World)

Chapter Description: I’ve become bored with Earth. Time to go to a new galaxy from No Man's Sky. I wonder if this will bring me into the game, or will I actually be in a different galaxy entirely. I guess I'll find out.

Date: Friday 01-Jun-22 10:00 (Friday, June 1, 2022, 10:00 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I type at my computer with a smile whilst my purple T-shirt flutters and my Pampers Cruisers diaper hugging my waist crinkles as I squirm in my chair. “Let’s see.” I giggle as I scan the No Man’s Sky base on Planet Ayodele Prime in the Ayodele Alpha System on my computer monitor. “I wonder…”

My eyes widen at the yellow button that appears on the menu when my ship Shadow of Equity hovers above the base, a few feet away from the landing pad. “What does this button do?” I blink twice when the words: Open Reality Field appear. “Oh that’s neato. Maybe it’s the same distortion field that got me to this story world I’m in.”

I click the button and straight away white light surrounds me.


When the light fades, I realize I’m standing in a black floored hallway with white walls on my left and right side. I blink twice at the walls extending all the way to the end featuring another set of walls that stretches to the right, “Where am I?” My ears flicker when I hear voices and I turn around to see a door open revealing a snowy landscape.

I waddle toward the doorway and spot a giant ship with wings that jut out from the middle in a T-shape, “That…that’s The Shadow of Equity!” Straightaway I notice the ship’s red paint on the outside of the wings while gray covers from the front toward the middle, and the number 55 can be seen under the cockpit window.

“WOW!” I turn and waddle back into the building and hear a double chirping chime. I glance down to my right arm where I heard the chirp and notice a red watch on my wrist that wasn’t there before. I blink twice at the location readout and the time…


Date: 07:11 32nd Cycle (07:00 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 32 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Ayodele Prime Imperial Base Alpha, Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System

“Wha…what the?! I’m actually on the planet Ayodele Prime?! That’s where I am?! How…how did I not freeze solid when I stepped outside into the minus 50 weather?!”

“That’s simple Traveler-Entity.” A reptilian voice echoes behind me.

I waddle down the hallway and make two rights at the voice. “Where the heck?” I stop when I see two rooms in front of me. The first room I stop inside, directly to my left rests a couch, while to my right rests two beds. I blink twice when I notice a sleeping person covered with a blanket up to his neck in the left bed.

I waddle over to the bed and turn to my left to find a giant orange machine that sports two golden lights atop metal poles that extend downward to the floor in the form of four metal legs. To the right of the interesting machine rests a globe that consists of a blue light in the center surrounded by two rotating circles of metal that spin in between each other around the blue light. “An orb of sorts.”

Against the wall to the right of the interesting orb rests a circular screen with a blue sea of linear lights. When I press the light, the screen lights up to reveal: Galactic Trade Terminal and several different items, from Unstable Plasma to Creature Feed? I immediately backpedal from the Terminal and the screen fades. “Wow…”

I turn back to the twin beds and waddle over to the empty right hand bed where I spot a rug in the center of the room. “Huh…a mix of brown, red, and green stripes with tassels on the edges, like a normal Earth blanket.”

I turn toward the steps in front of me that leads toward another room, “Maybe this will tell me where that voice came from.” I step into the hallway and make a short walk to a table resting in the center of the room, while a couch rests on both the left and right of the room. Other than those items, and a green screen to the wall on the left of the couch, there’s nothing here.

I turn toward the table and spot yet another hallway. I walk down the hallway and my eyes widen when I stop at the entrance to this final room. In my direct eyesight rests a short cylindrical machine with a screen on three metal legs. To the left of that machine rests a sideways oval-shaped machine with a blue stream of light rising from a hole toward the right hand top of the machine.

I blink twice when I see a short reptilian humanoid sporting a bird-like head and beak at a terminal to my right. I blink again as I notice the blue suit with a blue chest port that he’s wearing. When I turn to my left, I spot a taller, what would appear black screened robotic entity, wearing a green suit is standing in front of a terminal.

I blink at the scientific instruments sitting to the right of the robotic alien’s terminal while at the reptilian’s terminal is just what appears to be a normal terminal with images of the machines I just saw along with power readouts. I blink twice as I scan this short reptilian humanoid’s blue suit, “Who…who are you?”

The reptilian humanoid chuckles, “Overseer-Entity, I’m surprised you forgot. My name is Drogra. I’m what is known as a Faenus.” He turns to the robotic entity who waves at me, “He is known as a Alvus. His name is Scientist Uzlovsk.”

My eyes widen as I dart my eyes between the Faenus and Alvus smiling at me. Be that smile digital with green lights on the robotic, circular, facial screen in the case of the Alvus, or a bird-like humanoid smile in the case of the Faenus. “I…I can’t believe this. It actually worked. So…um…It’s like my No Man’s Sky universe, but...everything is different.

I blink twice and a flood of information fills my mind. Wow, so there’s three species in this galaxy, The Faenus, The Pra’Elia, and The Alvus. The Faenus all have the same look to them as Overseer Drogra, The Alvus have the same appearance as Scientist Uzlovsk. Hmmm, I wonder how the Pra’Elia look.

I scan Uzlovsk then turn to Drogra, “I have an older brother. His name is Brian. Mine is Stacey…you remember that right?”

Drogra nods, “Yes, you told me about him when you were building this base with your watch. It was interesting seeing your eyes glow green as the structures just appeared from nothing.”

I blink twice, “What?”

Drogra chuckles and ruffles my hair, “Yes. As for your brother, Brian, he’s in your room asleep at the moment. If you return there, you’ll notice a dresser drawer under each bed and two weird looking computers on desks against the right hand wall of the room. I’ve never seen computer systems like those.”

I rub the back of my head, “I’ll tell you more later, Drogra. I’ve gotta go tell, Brian!” I waddle-run back toward the bedroom of my base while all these thoughts are running through my head, “This is crazy. Wait…does that mean I have a fleet of ships in orbit around the planet?!

I stop in my bedroom and spot Brian wearing his normal green T-shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. Secondly, I notice a similar watch to my own on his left wrist as he types away at his DELL XPS laptop, “Brian?”

Brian turns to me with a smile, “Good morning, Stacinator? Sleep well?”

I nod, “Uh huh. Um…Did you want…um…well, welcome to Planet Ayodele Prime. Hee…in a galaxy that I can’t pronounce the name of. That reality distortion field worked at least. With our computers we can keep in contact with our home galaxy. OH! The entire base’s power comes from solar and burning carbon. That’s what the biofuel generators, solar panels and batteries are for.”

Brian nods, “That’s not actually what I was going to ask, Baby Brother.” Brian rises from his laptop and walks over to the center of the room where I’m standing. He kneels and ruffles my hair, “When you created this story world universe of yours and brought me, my family, and my friends to this parallel universe, did you intend for your second galactic world to be a part of it…from that game you were telling me about?”

“No Man’s Sky?” I giggle and sway back and forth on my bare feet whilst my Pampers crinkle, “At first the galactic world that my No Man’s Sky instance resided was isolated on my gaming laptop over there.” I point to my gaming laptop game station setup consisting of my ASUS TUF GAMING F17 and a Dell 24-inch monitor all of which is connected to an APC UPS and sitting to the left of Brian’s laptop setup.

“So yeah, I had it isolated to my game station at first, but I always wanted to visit this world and interact with it. To be honest I got bored on Earth. It was fun, but I wanted some adventure.”

Brian nods, “And what of the Faenus Overseer and Alvus Scientist? I saw them working, but I didn’t want to interrupt them.”

I rub the back of my head, “They oversee the operations of this base and report to me if anything is out of the ordinary. Don’t worry though, we’re safe on this planet and all the other planets we visit.”

Brian turns toward our computers and darts his eyes around our bedroom. When his eyes fall on me again, he kneels and pats my padded bottom, “One more question, I saw a Starfield Communicator application on my laptop, what does that do?”

I waddle over to Brian’s laptop and open the Starfield Communicator app. Straightaway his laptop screen goes black and a hologram of contacts appears on the table in the middle of the room. “It allows us to keep in contact with everyone in any other galaxy, in our case Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.”

I smile wide when I waddle over to the weapons locker sporting the three orange and blue, long nose rifle-style multi-tools. “I wanted to show you the multi-tool we will use.” I pick up the top one and waddle over to Brian, “See the knob above the trigger?”

Brian kneels and scans the multi-tool, “Yes. It also has a readout. Right now, it says Primary: MINE, Secondary: Advanced Mining Tool.”

I nod and smile, “Turn the outside knob.”

Brian turns the knob and his eyes widen at the readout, “Now it says Primary: Pulse Splitter, Secondary: Plasma Cannon.” He turns the inner knob and blinks, “Now it’s Primary: Pulse Splitter, Secondary: Paralysis Mortar.”

“Uh huh! Uh huh! You figured it out!” I bounce left to right on my feet whilst my Pampers crinkle. Now come on!” I grab another multi-tool, an exact copy of the one Brian’s holding from my weapon’s locker, “I call them Ayodele’s Balance.” I waddle-run down the hallway and out to the launchpad where my Starship, Shadow of Equity is docked.

I spin on my bare feet and smile toward Brian while wiggling my toes on the cool launchpad, “So, I want you to aim at that tree over there.” I point to the giant tree amongst the forest of evergreens all covered in snow.

Brian turns to the forest and aims at the giant tree in the distance, “Okay? Now what?”

“Switch your multi-tool to Primary: Pulse Splitter, Secondary: Paralysis Mortar.” I giggle as I switch to the respective weapon settings and turn to Brian after aiming at one of the smaller trees, “So there’s one trigger with two buttons. The red button fires the main weapon, and the green button fires the secondary.”

I press the red button and the readout shows 101 for the Pulse Splitter ammo while the secondary screen to the left lights up the weapon logo showing that my primary weapon is active. I turn to Brian with a smile while showing him the readout of my multi-tool, “See?”

Brian nods, “Yeah.” and aims at the giant tree. He pulls the trigger and his eyes widen at the spherical bolts of green plasma roaring from the gun to strike the tree. “WOW!”

I giggle and smile at Brian, “Yeppers, welcome to hunting for carbon. The trees store carbon and oxygen which we can use to refuel our refiners back at the base.”

Brian nods as his screen readout reaches zero and he turns to me, “What now?”

I turn to Brian and press the indicator readout, “If you have unstable plasma capsules in your suit inventory it auto reloads. I smile when Brian’s multi-tool weapon readout reads 101, “There we go. Now take out that tree.”

Brian aims at the tree and opens fire. His eyes widen as the last plasma bolt strikes the tree and it bursts into dust. “Wha…” His eyes narrow as he sees red spheres flying toward the glowing white circular tip under the barrel of his multi-tool, “So…the tree burst into dust from the superheated plasma and the multi-tool extracted the carbon and oxygen atoms from the dust?”

I smile toward Brian with excited eyes, “Isn’t this world even more fun than Earth?!”

Brian kneels while lowering his multi-tool to the ground, “Yeah.” He sets the tool on the snowy ground and it vanishes in a puff of smoke, “What the…”

I giggle and boop Brian’s nose, “Just think of it.”

Brian closes his eyes and pictures holding the multi-tool. When he opens his eyes, the multi-tool is resting in his hands, “WOW!”

I smile, “Yeppers! Really neato, right?”

Brian nods, “Yep, this world is really cool, Stacey.”


“See, Brian? You fire on the animal, the…” I glance to my watch and flip through to the Discoveries pane, “the…um…I need to rename that animal. It was B. Haloxaceus, I don’t like that name. Since it can detect magnetic fields, I’ll call it the Magnesaur.” I double tap the image and the green furred creature’s hologram appears in front of us, “See?”

Brian nods as he scans the flat faced, side face eyed creature. Toward the front of its furry back jut out three scales while the tail contains three scales, one jutting from the right, left, and out the top. Brian blinks as he notices the bright green fur on his back changes to dark green at the start of his shoulder blades and descends under his belly and legs, “So that’s a Magnesaur?”

I nod and smile, “Uh huh!” My eyes widen when I spot one crawling out of the snow, “There’s one now!” I waddle-run over to the Magnesaur and offer it some brown rectangular food pellets. I giggle as the gentle creature munches on the pellets and I ruffle its hair. My belly growls and I turn toward the forest for one of the giant trees. I waddle-run toward the tree and smile at the spherical red fruit hanging from the branches, “YES!”

Brian runs over to me, “What tree is this?”

“I forget the name, it’s something complex.” I giggle as I pull the spherical, smooth red fruit off, “The fruit is combustible, but it’s really good!” I snap my fingers and straightaway a tall, yellow, cylindrical machine appears in front of us. I toss the fruit through the top cylindrical opening and smile when ten slices of the same fruit appear in the forward-facing output tray in front of me, “I’ll call this fruit the Ayodele Fruit for now.”

Brian chuckles and ruffles my hair, “Because it makes you happy right?”

I smile toward Brian as I munch the fruit slices, “Yeah!” After I finish off the slices, I pluck another fruit from the tree and toss it in the Food Processor unit I materialized. “Now for juice.” I press the green button for purified liquid instead of the red purify and slice button. I lick my lips when the Food Processor produces five baby bottles full of the red liquid. “Yummy!”

I drive one of the bottles toward my lips and smile around it as the sweet taste caresses my tastebuds. Once the bottle is drained to half, I point them out to Brian, “Take one, it’s really good!”

Brian takes one of the thirty-two-ounce baby bottles from the Food Processor and pulls the top off. He takes a sip and his eyes widen at the multitude of different Earth fruit flavors caressing his tastebuds at once, “It tastes like a mix between strawberries and vanilla. It’s really good! What tree did this come from again?”

I turn to Brian as I toss my empty bottle onto the ground and it fades into nothing, “It was called Z. Pontutorae. I’m calling it Happy Fruit Tree. The fruits it makes are now called Happy Fruit Tree fruits. Heee…”

Brian nods as he watches me toss the full baby bottles into the air and his eyes widen when they hover above my watch and vanish, “So they’re in the storage unit of your watch?”

I turn to Brian with a smile as one of the bottles appears and I begin drinking with a nod. I pull the half-drained bottle from my lips and giggle, “Three in my storage on my person, one back at the base camp in the storage container atop the first building.”

Brian tilts his head, “So that’s what the Faenus Drovas was talking about when asking about refrigeration of food.”

I stomp my foot, “His name is Drogra.” I waddle over to Brian and poke his belly, “Come on! Let’s get more fruit!” I waddle toward the forest of Happy Fruit Trees and giggle as I pull more fruit from the middle branches.

Brian chuckles as he watches me toss fruit down to him as I waddle across the canopy of branches in the middle of the tree, “I never would have thought you’d enjoy picking fruit off a tree.”

“Well…” I giggle as I land in front of Brian with an armful of Happy Tree Fruit, “It’s lots more fun when I’m on a different planet,” I train my eyes toward the night sky, “with thousands of stars in the sky.”


Date: 18:50 32nd Cycle (18:50 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 32 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Forest of Happy Fruit, 5 Minutes From Ayodele Prime Imperial Base Alpha, Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System

“What the?! So we get exactly 14 hours of daylight and 14 hours of night?!” I turn to Brian, “Did Drogra tell you about the time scale on Ayodele Prime?”

Brian nods as he kneels and pats my diapered bottom, “He did. From 06:00 to 18:50 you have day time then around this time it starts getting dark. It’s fully dark from 19:00 to 05:50 and then around 05:50 to 06:00 the sun comes up. It’s fully bright from 06:00 to 18:50. That make sense?”

I yawn and rub my eyes, “I guess we can head back.”


Date: 19:00 32nd Cycle (19:00 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 32 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Ayodele Prime Imperial Base Alpha, Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System

Brian yawns as he lays me down on the left-hand bed and kneels at the foot of the bed to open my diaper bag. He pulls out a box of baby wipes, baby powder and a fresh diaper. He tilts his head at the red planet branding on the wipes and diapers, and the green rockets branding on the baby powder, “Stacinator?”

I sit up on the bed, oblivious to the hissing carrying the bottles I drank and some of the fruit I ate on our hunting expedition out of my body, turning my Pampers Cruisers wetness indicator from yellow-green to yellow, “Yeah?”

“These are different diapers, Little Bro.” Brian taps my head with the diaper adorned with the green circles and green wetness indicator. “The Pampers logo is missing. Even on the box of diapers over there by the couch.”

I giggle and lie down on my bed while kicking my legs allowing my diaper to crinkle as the hissing dies down, “That’s cause we’re in a different galaxy, Brian. Lots of stuff isn’t gonna have the Earth branding. On the Ayodele planets the Ayodele Trading Company produces diapers, wipes, powder, and other stuff for everyone that lives here. The Ayodele Trading Company also trades with other systems too and they give us minerals and such to make more of our goods to sell.”

Brian nods as he unfastens my Pampers Cruisers and lifts my legs to slide it away, “I see.” He grabs some of the Ayodele Trading Company baby wipes and works on getting me dry, “So there’s not much branding on the product except for the purple and black V on the boxes.”

I giggle as Brian lowers my legs and rolls my old diaper into a ball, “That’s the subtlety of marketing for the Ayodele Trading Company. No need to plaster the name everywhere like some Earth brands do. Their quality is already known across the system.”

Brian nods as he slides a fresh diaper under my bottom and grabs the baby powder along with my legs so he can powder my uplifted bottom, “So what do you call the diapers then? Ayodele Trading Company Diapers or…something simpler?”

I giggle as the baby powder’s scent wafts toward my nose while Brian shuts the powder and sets it down in my diaper bag, “ATC Cruisers. The only brand of diapers that keep toddlers like me dry throughout anything we do.” I smile toward him as he brings the shell of the ATC Cruisers up to my belly, “Thankies, Brian.”

Brian secures the left tape of the ATC Cruisers diaper and smiles as he secures the right tape with a pat to my fresh diaper, “You’re welcome, Stacey.” Brian yawns as he grabs the ATC Hand Sanitizer and sprays it on his hands. He yawns as he rubs his hands together whilst the spray evaporates. When he turns to my bed, he finds me fast asleep. He kisses my forehead and climbs under the covers of his bed, “Sleep well, Stacey. I think we’re gonna have a good time on this new world.”



End Chapter 1

From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022


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