From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022

Chapter 6
Play Time with Farmer Kriptu

Chapter Description: Play Time. A toddler always needs to play and Farmer Kriptu is eager to continue playing with me.

Date: 15:16 37th Cycle (15:16 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 37 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Ayodele Prime Imperial Base Alpha, Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System

I giggle as I stop on the outside building door that leads to the Hydroponics Lab, “I just noticed something Farmer Kriptu.”

Farmer Kriptu taps my shoulder, “You’re it.” He smiles when I spin on my feet allowing my purple T-shirt to flutter and my ATC Cruisers diaper to crinkle, “What did you notice, Stacey?” Farmer Kriptu smiles as he watches me spin on my feet. He’s such a cute kiddo. I’m glad I’m a part of his family on this world.

I turn toward the walls that make like a fence around the Hydroponics Laboratory buildings and turn back to Farmer Kriptu, “Well…” I jump toward the roof of the base wall and waddle onto the roof the second structure of the Hydroponics Laboratory, “I noticed that…”

I jump toward the roof of the primary Hydroponics Laboratory structure and dart my eyes across the area whilst an invisible jetpack keeps me hovering almost twenty feet above the ground. I’m so happy! This jetpack integrations from my Armorsuit watch is so cool. I dart my eyes behind me and don’t see anything but my T-shirt, but I know the jetpack is there by the signature white air cloud rushing under my feet. This is the best! Glad I decided to test it out more than just jumping over the living room table.

I giggle as I scan the next wall of the base and what lies beyond that: my Starship in my direct eyesight, my Minotaur to my left, and to my right the structure that holds the Galactic Terminus, linking my base to the other Terminuses in the galactic network. I smile as I descend to the roof on the Hydroponics lab and my jetpack deactivates.

Farmer Kriptu jumps toward the roof and when he lands beside me, he ruffles my hair, “You need to be careful, Stacey. What if your jetpack failed in the middle of a high climb? I do believe this is the first time you tested this new jetpack with your unique Armorsuit watch.”

“Don’t worry, Farmer Kriptu.” I smile toward Farmer Kriptu and boop his beak, “My shielding would have cushioned my fall if the jetpack failed.” I turn to my left and spot the three, square storage containers resting on the roofs of what I can assume are the living room, my bedroom, and the Primary Maintenance Wing. “Farmer Kriptu, what do you think of my base?”

Farmer Kriptu smiles and ruffles my hair, “I think it’s nice.” Farmer Kriptu jumps down from the roof whilst his jetpack activates allowing him to control his descent to the ground. He trains his eyes toward me seconds after he contacts the ground and his jetpack deactivates, “Come on, Stacey. Let’s get back inside. I’m getting a little cold.”

I giggle as I jump down from the roof and waddle alongside Farmer Kriptu through the Hydroponics Laboratory door and the frigidness leaves me as well, “I guess our Thermal Protection was weakening.” I glance to my watch and select my Technology menu. My eyes widen when I spot Thermal Protection at 25%, “Oh dear.”

I switch to my inventory and toss Farmer Kriptu an Ion battery, “Here.”

Farmer Kriptu smiles and inserts the ion battery into his Armorsuit’s insertion port on his wrist, “Thanks, Stacey.”

I smile toward Farmer Kriptu as my Thermal Protection System fully recharges and my watch’s AI chimes at me. TECHNOLOGY RECHARGED. I giggle and waddle alongside Farmer Kriptu toward his terminal in the Secondary Maintenance Wing. I dart my eyes around the Maintenance Wing and don’t see Ensign Hapoton.

I turn to Farmer Kriptu with a worried gaze, “Where is he?”

Farmer Kriptu peeks into the Maintenance Wing Bedroom and smiles when he spots Ensign Hapoton fast asleep. Farmer Kriptu turns back to the Secondary Maintenance Wing and walks over to me as I waddle toward the center of the wing, “He’s asleep.”

I stop at Ensign Hapoton’s Terminal and scan the digital rendition of a multi-tool that’s spinning on the screen. I turn to Farmer Kriptu with a nod, “He’s asleep. Well, he obviously needs his rest. Let him sleep.” I slide onto my diapered bottom and smile toward Farmer Kriptu as he sits down across from me. I giggle and scoot closer to him, “So what other cool stuffs you got for me?”

Farmer Kriptu boops my nose and smiles when I giggle, “Nothing so far, other than the purple donuts and mystery meat. I’ve just been perfecting how they grow. I’m glad you added the Hydroponics Laboratory. It wouldn’t have made much sense to grow all those plants in your bedroom.”

I giggle and rub the back of my head, “Brian said the same thing after he saw the three hydroponic trays in our room all growing different plants. The Frostwort, the Solar Vine, and the Gutrot Flower.” I poke Farmer Kriptu’s beak, “I guess I should have put…should have made the hydroponics laboratory sooner huh?”

Farmer Kriptu nods and tickles my bare foot, “Yes, but such is that of a toddler. Learning new things all the time.”

I giggle as Farmer Kriptu’s tickling energy surges through my foot and I slowly fall onto my back. I kick my legs and my giggles across the Secondary Maintenance Wing as Farmer Kriptu continues tickling my feet, “HA! HA! HA! STAAAAHP!”


I smile down Farmer Kriptu as I stop tickling his sides and I boop his beak, “That was fun.” I lie down on my back to his right and sigh as my happiness rises, rendering me oblivious to the hissing noise carrying the bottles of Happy Fruit Juice I had during Farmer Kriptu’s and my playtime out of my body. “Thanks for playing with me, Farmer Kriptu.”

Farmer Kriptu sits up with a smile and turns to boop my nose, “I enjoy playing with you, Stacey. This is a happy respite from my previous life for sure. If I told my parents that I would venture into the stars and end up on a planet playing with a toddler and farming for a living they would have laughed at me.”

I giggle as I rise to my feet and poke Farmer Kriptu’s beak, “Well look who’s having more fun.”

Farmer Kriptu smiles at me and glances out the window next to his terminal,


Date: 18:00 37th Cycle (18:00 Hours/27:00 Hours, Cycle 37 of 368, Planet Ayodele Standard Time)

Location: Ayodele Prime Imperial Base Alpha, Planet Ayodele Prime, Ayodele Alpha System

“Wow…time flies. Stacey it’s already dark.”

I turn toward the window and my eyes widen, “WOW!”

Farmer Kriptu boops my nose, “Keep your voice down, Stacey. You don’t want to wake up everyone else do you?”

I giggle and shake my head, “Nope.” I waddle into the Primary Maintenance Wing and turn to Farmer Kriptu with my right index finger to my lips.

Farmer Kriptu withholds a chuckle as he follows me back to my bedroom and kneels in front of my bed to open my diaper drawer. He grabs baby powder, wipes, and a fresh ATC Cruiser diaper. He turns to me and pats my bed, “Lie down for me.”

I giggle as I lie down on my bed and turn to Farmer Kriptu as he unfastens my wet diaper, “I’m happy.” I kick my legs as Farmer Kriptu slides the diaper away and grabs the baby wipes.

Farmer Kriptu smiles as he grabs my kicking legs with his left hand and works on getting me dry with his right hand, “I’m happy as well. Today was a lot of fun for me. Planting different plants, helping you plant different plants, and creating new foods.” Farmer Kriptu chuckles as he lowers my legs so he can roll my old diaper into a ball and toss it to the air to be converted into carbon molecules.

Farmer Kriptu grabs the fresh diaper and unfolds it so he can slide it under me, “I’ve never been happier.”

I smile toward Farmer Kriptu as he lifts my legs and powders my uplifted bottom, “I’m glad I could make you happy, Farmer Kriptu.”

Farmer Kriptu lowers my legs so he can bring the green circle decorated shell up to my belly, “Thank you, Stacey.” He smiles as he secures the left diaper tape. “I never thought a toddler would bring me such joy.” Farmer Kriptu secures the right diaper tape and pats the front of my diaper, “All dry.” He kneels to return the changing supplies to my diaper drawer and sanitizes his hands.

Farmer Kriptu rises from the drawer and chuckles as he watches me kick my legs and giggle while my fresh diaper crinkles, “You’re happy to be dry huh?”

I smile toward Farmer Kriptu as I continue kicking my legs while my ATC Cruisers diaper crinkles with my happy movements, “Yes. Dry diapeys are the bestest diapeys!”

Farmer Kriptu lifts me into a hug and pats my freshly diapered bottom, “I’m glad I could make you happy, Stacey. Now though,” He lays me down and tucks me into bed, “it’s time for bed.” He ruffles my hair, “Sleep well. Maybe we can go on a space adventure tomorrow.”

I yawn and rub my eyes, “Maybe we all can. Just visit a Faenus world and feast on Faenus foods.” I yawn again and my eyes droop, “Yeah…” Soon my eyes close and a smile inches onto my face as I fall asleep.

Farmer Kriptu smiles as he watches me sleep, “That sounds nice.” He yawns and heads toward the Maintenance Wing Bedroom to sleep for the night.



End Chapter 6

From College To Cradle - A Toddler’s Want For Intergalactic Exploration

by: Stacey Ayodele | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 22, 2022


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