7 Days of Training

by: Ambrose | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 3, 2021


After the AR-Virus regressed 19 year old John's body to that of a 2 year old he has to come to terms not just with his restrictions, but also with his secret wishes

Jul 13, 2017


John's training has as his mother decides it is time for him to spend more time outside. Yet, can he truly be who he wishes to be in a world as divided over the status of ar-virus-victims as he is himself?

Jul 14, 2017


Johnny is slowly getting used to his training-pants, but a toddler's wardrobe needs more. Shopping clothes was never more interesting and in the end he might even find a friend.

Jul 16, 2017


As Johnny learns not all days begin happy. Can some time at the park make up for it?

Jul 18, 2017


With his mother needed at work, Johnny is staying with his neighbours. Can he play nicely with four year old Calli who is now nearly double his age?

Jul 20, 2017


Johnny gets into trouble when playing with older children in the playground. Luckily this isn't the only place to have fun for little boys.

Jul 22, 2017


With Johnny's training nearly complete, his mother takes him to a special sort of party!

Jul 25, 2017


Day 7(Final)

Johnny`s last day of training starts with a visit to the doctor. To recover from this his mother takes him on a trip to the zoo. After some shopping and surprises it is for him to decide: Was it worth it?

Jul 27, 2017

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