Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Powers

Chapter 10: Powers


AS SOON AS I was asleep at Whateley, of course I was waking up in Caireen’s world. “This is so weird,” I said to Caireen as she picked me up out of the crib.

“What is?”

I sighed, “Not really ever I guess thinking I’m really asleep?” I paused, “It’s like I live the life of a vampire, never sleeping.”

I saw Caireen flinch, “Please don’t mention those creatures… You are most certainly not like them.”

I raised my eyebrow, “Huh?”

“Vampires. They aren’t like that novel I saw inside your head, but they’re based on a real enough creature. They are nasty creatures of evil. I really have no desire to think of them,” she said. She changed the subject as she was changing my diaper, “It seems like today you started to at least get the point that you are a baby though.”

I sighed, “I guess I don’t have a lot of choice.”

She nodded, “Good, the sooner I believe you believe that maybe I’ll work on helping you gain some independence back.”

I looked up hopefully, “Like changing myself?”

“That, and maybe an illusion for you to make yourself look like an average teenage girl?”

“Wait, what?!?!” I controlled my voice, “You can help me be a regular teenager?”

“No, but you can appear to be to observers. You can make your body appear to at least visually look like you’re eighteen or so. Really you’ll still be your same size.”

“Could I…”


I thought for a second and tried to find the right question “Can I be touched and felt like that?”

She looked at me and sighed, “Not with the illusion I’m thinking of. It depends on the fact that the person is not trying to actually touch you. What you’re speaking of would be a physical shapeshift spell…”

“It is possible?” I asked hesitantly.

Caireen thought long and hard before answering, “Yes Sofia, eventually you will be powerful enough that you could change your body to some small amounts. I would advise against you ever trying anything that extensive.” As if judging my maturity, she paused while she helped me put on a new dress, “The problem is that BIT of yours is likely to interfere if you did more than something small. I would say at most you might have a one percent chance of being successful with that much of a transformation - even when you are fully trained in a few decades.”

I mouthed, ‘decades?’, but kept silent.

She nodded at the silent question, but continued, “You’re probably about eighty percent likely to make yourself look like some sort of hideous monster though.”

“The other percent?”

“Something unknown, or nothing at all.”

I sighed, “So not really worth it.”

“No, not really.”

“But the illusion?”

“I’ll make you a deal. You go along with the baby treatment for a couple more weeks.” She poked my nose, “Let that cute girl Camille and your other friends take care of getting you from class to class, changed, and drink out of a baby bottle in the cafeteria.”

I groaned on the last one, “sippy cup?” I suggested instead.

She shook her head, “Bottle. You know you like drinking from them more than the sippy cups, and this is about you getting comfortable with the unavoidable truth that you are a baby.”

“Anything else?”

She looked at me for a moment and said, “No, that’ll do. You do those things the next few weeks and I’ll teach you those two spells.”

I reached my hand out with my pinky out, “Pinky promise?”

She looked almost offended for a second, but smiled and took my tiny pinky with hers, “Pinky promise.”

I smiled at that. The end wasn’t in sight, but at least there was a chance of me sort of going on with life a little more normally!

“Okay, now that we’ve talked, let’s get you breakfast before I want to teach you a few more things before the testing tomorrow.”

The next several hours the baby routine continued and she taught me a great deal about the principles behind magic and ley lines. By the time lunch came around I felt like I had some new ideas on how to work spells. She had also taught me some basic warding spells and how to detect them by the time I went to bed in her world.

“Good night Princess,” she said with a smile as she lay me down in the crib.


AS I WOKE up in the real world, I found myself already on the changing table having my diaper changed. “Those eyes do open!” Hannah cooed at me.

I sighed, “What time is it?”

“Six-thirty,” she said, “now that you’re awake, instead of me putting another diapee on you - you up for a shower with me?”

“How about by myself?” I suggested.

She shook her head, “You didn’t see the showers here yesterday, I don’t think that you’ll be able to work them by yourself.”

“Oh,” I admitted. Then sheepishly I asked, “aren’t there bathtubs?”

“Not yet… I was thinking Caireen might be able to help out with that one tonight?”

Caireen stirred and told me, ‘We can do that. You’re a baby… And babies really should have baths…’

I just nodded at Hannah. Instead of putting the diaper on me she had just picked up she grabbed a ‘Brave’ themed towel and wrapped me in it instead. I held onto the towel and toddled behind her as she held a basket of shower supplies, a clean diaper, and her clothes in her hands. “What about my clothes?” I asked her as we walked.

“We’ll come back to the room and get you dressed,” she told me.

‘So, I’ll be sitting around watching her get ready and only be wearing a diaper,’ I sighed.

‘Remember what we talked about last night Sofia,’ Caireen reminded me.

‘I know…’ I said, ‘Sorry, it’s not like I was always diapered and used to everyone seeing me naked. I am, was, a teenager and we like our privacy.’

She didn’t say anything back and we were in the bathroom. Other girls were naked and getting in and out of the shower, but just like with Camille, I felt nothing. I just sighed and followed Hannah to an empty stall. She pulled her pajamas and nursing bra off as discreetly as she could and hopped into the shower. I could see that she was full, but she didn’t seem to be leaking yet. ‘I would have thought she had to have been leaking by now?’ Hannah must have noticed me looking, because after she flicked on some switch that was labeled ‘noise cancellation’ she said, “I used the pump in the middle of the night and before I woke you up…”

“Oh,” I said.

“I didn’t want to wait until you finally woke up enough. Plus, I thought you might like to have a shower,” she added.

I nodded and watched her turn a couple knobs and braced myself to be hit with freezing cold water when she turned it on. Instead it was a perfect shower temperature already. “Wow,” I said as I stepped closer to her and the water.

She giggled, “Apparently one of the Goodkind’s mutated and was in with that Kimba team we heard about last night. They made improvements on the showers as they went through high school. The senior’s floor is supposedly absolutely amazing thanks to them!”

Hannah took some body soap and put it on a loofa before handing it to me. ‘May I?’ I asked Caireen internally.

‘This isn’t one of the conditions, so go ahead,’ she said.

I smiled as I took the loofa and lathered up every inch of my body. In the meantime, Hannah did her hair. Once she had the shampoo and conditioner out of her hair, she took the loofa and used the bodywash on herself. She picked up the shampoo bottle next and said, “Close your eyes Sofia.”

She washed my hair out gently and pulled the shower head down to rinse my hair of the suds. Hannah turned the water off then and reached for her towel for her body, wrapped her head in a towel, then used my Merida towel to dry me. She wrapped me in it briefly and said, “Let’s step out into the bathroom and we’ll get your diaper on you.”

I groaned a little, but I had already unintentionally peed a bunch in the shower. Without any real warning she pulled the towel away from me, lay it down on a bench, and picked me up to lay me down on it. She grabbed the diaper she had brought, lifted my legs up, and quickly fastened the tapes before setting me down on the ground to walk with her to the mirror. Hannah picked me up and sat me on the counter to brush out my hair and blow dry it as she alternated doing the same to hers.

Camille walked in then and sleepily said, “Hi Sofia, hi Hannah,” and then trudged to the shower that she seemingly got into on autopilot. Most of the girls in the bathroom ignored me or just waved ‘hi’ to me as they walked past. One girl though stopped and stared at me as I stared back at her.

Though I wasn’t attracted, I could still know she was probably the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. She must have been a high-level exemplar, and I swore I had seen her before somewhere. Then it hit me, I had! She was in one of Mom’s magazines. I was curious enough to read it one day, and remembered an ad for makeup or something had her in it!

“You have to be the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!” the girl cooed as she came over.

I decided to maybe correct her there, “Hi, I’m Sofia,” I said as I held my hand out to her.

“You’re not really a baby?” the girl said, “I’m Anna by the way,” she added to be polite.

“It’s kind of complicated. I was eighteen until a bit over a week ago.”

“I know how that goes…” she said. “I assume you were probably a guy too?”

I nodded, “You?”

“Yep! It took seven months to change into this…” she said as she motioned to her body.

Hannah was just finishing putting her clothes on and said, “Hi, I’m Hannah,” to her.

“Her mother?”

“Complicated,” we said together and laughed.

“We used to be best friends pretty much,” Hannah said. “Sofia changed first, and then I changed when she was being chased by some assholes.”

Anna nodded as if that was the most natural thing in the world. “Well, I’d better get a shower. Sofia, you really should join Venus, Inc. for a club. Hannah you would probably be welcome too, but Sofia you would make a fortune in modeling contracts and acting as a baby.”

I sighed, “So I’ve heard. I’ll look into it. I suppose being the model on the box of Pampers toddling around in nothing but a diaper isn’t any different than right now?”

She laughed, “It would suit you well, and you could make a ton of money.”

‘Money?’ I thought to myself.

‘Like you really need any….’ Caireen reminded me.

She was right, as easy as she magically made anything that I needed to just appear… and most babies don’t really spend money themselves… I sighed as Hannah brought a toothbrush up to my mouth. I took it and brushed my teeth before she helped me rinse my mouth out and carried me to our room. “You ready for breakfast now?” she asked me.

I looked at her and nodded. After I nursed her breasts, she put me into my smaller version of the school uniform she was wearing. “You look adorable!” Hannah said.

I stuck my tongue out at her, “I’m waaaaay more than adorable!”

She laughed, “Oh no, Princess Sofia is going to turn into a conceited brat if I keep giving compliments.”

I glared at her, “I’m already there! Now can we get some solid breakfast?”

She laughed and said, “Just a minute, let me make sure I have your diaper bag stocked since I have a feeling that they’ll separate us most of today.”

“In that case you might want to have your pump handy somewhere too,” I advised her.

She sighed and patted a backpack she had on the bed, “already in there.”

I stood up and hugged her legs, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’m the milk cow and you’re the diapered baby… not sure which one of us has the most to complain about,” she admitted.

“I’m pretty sure I won that battle. You can still do all of the things you want to do,” I reminded her as she helped me put a coat on and then did the same.

“And you can’t?”

I sighed, “At least not for a while. Maybe eventually…”

“That’s the most hopeful you’ve sounded?” She said as she put on her backpack, put the diaper bag on her shoulder, and picked me up.

“Caireen and I made a deal last night. Speaking of which, you have bottles, right?” I asked suddenly.

“Of course, what kind of mommy would I be without bottles for my baby?” She said with a giggle. “Why are you asking though, you didn’t want to use one in public yesterday?”

“I made Caireen a deal that I would let others help me out in class, change me, and carry me as needed… and drink out of bottles in the cafeteria. In exchange she’ll teach me what I need to know to maybe sort of be normal some of the time.”

“How?” she asked as we passed through the door to go outside. “It’s cold out here,” she said in the next breath.

“Yeah, glad you remembered the coats…” I said and looked around at the ground and the shallow older looking snow. For the first time it really struck me we were in New Hampshire and were surely going to be getting as much or more snow than in Los Alamos here. As if in answer to that I felt a snowflake land on my nose and looked up to catch one in my mouth.

“Earth to Sofia,” I heard.

“Oh, right,” I said and proceeded to tell her about how Caireen offered to help me out. She looked a little disappointed with the idea that I would be a bit more self-sufficient, but I think she also understood. We went to the table that had become our normal hangout already and left her bag and my diaper bag sitting there with Camille watching over them. She smiled and waved us to go get food while she munched on some sort of oatmeal.

Once again, I loaded a plate high with food and accepted the incredulous looks from the students around me. Anna saw me and said, “Hi Sofia! You need a hand with that?”

I shook my head, “I’m good, thank you though.”

Hannah followed me behind and we swiped our temporary cards before getting back to the table with our food. Hannah had a bottle full of juice in her hand that she handed me and I sighed before putting it in my mouth.

“Are you sure that’s wise?” Anna asked quietly as she sat down in an empty chair beside me.


“Letting people know you’re a baby?”

I laughed, “I was worried about that at first Anna, but trust me, there’s no way I can hide the fact that I’m a two-year-old who will never be potty trained.” I sucked from my bottle again and said, “At least I look like a normal baby like this…”

She nodded.

The conversation around the table mostly centered around projects that were due that week, and of the classes that students were working on. There were a few discussions about something called the combat arena and midterms. I looked with an eyebrow raised at Hannah about that and she shrugged. “I’m not sure if you’ll have to do them or not since you have come so late. They may not make you take them until the spring,” Anna told us.

Then of course everyone filled us in on the Arena and how it kept getting ‘better’ every year. We had a couple upperclassmen at our table who had been through it, and told their stories. I shuddered a bit, but knew I could probably actually hold my own in there. Our favorite bully walked in right then and glared at me. As she started to come over towards us, I could see in her body language that she still hadn’t learned her lesson. To discourage her, I made her hair change from her carefully styled loosely hanging hair to two tightly braided pigtails with huge bright pink and white bows holding them together. It was almost comical as she felt her hair change, pulled one of the ends of the braid towards her face to look at it, and then screeched loudly in anger!

“You know you probably shouldn’t taunt her,” Anna told me.

“Probably not.” I nodded solemnly, but couldn’t help smiling and adding, “She’ll eventually try and spank me or something.”

Everyone at the table laughed and Hannah looked at a clock in the hall and said, “Come on Sofia, we need to get you changed and then get to Doyle to go for power testing.”

I grabbed my half full bottle and stuck it in my mouth as she carried me out of the dining hall. I couldn’t help but laugh as Streaked was having her friends try and loosen the ribbons on her braids. I debated on undoing them, but they would fade away in another hour on their own. Maybe she’d learn her lesson about threatening Hannah or me in the meantime.

Hannah carried me to the bathroom she had used to change me yesterday and soon had my diaper exposed by just pulling up my skirt. “You soaked this Sofia,” she told me.

“Well I had half a bottle there at the table, and umm…. that would have to be at least a bottle earlier?”

Hannah shook her head, “It’s probably more than that.”

I thought back for a moment as she wiped me with a cold wipe it distracted me for a moment before I asked, “Umm… Hannah, just how much do you think I’m umm... drinking?”

She finished taping my new diaper on, “It’s way more than a normal baby,” she said.


She sighed, “Remember I woke up early?”

I nodded.

“I looked up the normal amount for mothers on the internet… it’s like somewhere between twenty-four to thirty-two ounces a day.”

I thought back, “my bottles are like eight ounces?”

“Actually ten and you can fill them a bit beyond that.” She said as she washed her hands in the sink and looked down at me. “I used the pump this morning…” she sighed again, “I definitely am putting out more like that daily amount of each breast each time.”

My eyes must have been huge as I realized that only because I’m a mutant could I keep up with her load of milk! Over forty-eight ounces every time I was nursing?!? She could feed multiple normal babies and not even come close to emptying herself. “What did you do with it?” I asked her.

“Well there are a few bottles of it in the bag for you,” she said with a smile, “and I talked Mrs. Potter into letting me use her fridge for the moment until we can buy a fridge with a freezer to put in the room tonight.”

Hannah picked me up and said, “Let’s go get this testing over with!”

I smiled, “At least you’ll know more about yourself when we’re done!”

“Yeah, I guess other than shooting energy at people and being the best wet-nurse in the world I don’t really know what I can do yet.”

We walked to the building together and checked in at the front receptionist’s desk. “Hi, I’m Hannah Rayburn, and this is Sofia Hammerstein, we’re here for powers testing?”

The lady smiled up at me, “Why aren’t you just the cutest thing.”

I sighed and politely replied, “Thank you.”

“Let me just look up some information and have you fill out some forms for you and this little princess,” the lady said condescendingly.

Before I could get upset Hannah said, “Ma’am, Sofia can fill out her own set of forms.”

“Isn’t she a baby?”

“No ma’am, she’s eighteen,” Hannah said bluntly. I took a moment and looked up at Hannah and cringed a little bit. Being friends for most of our lives I’ve seen that look only a few times. The last time she gave Sarah Acosta the biggest black eye I’d ever seen.

“Oh, my apologies,” the lady said. “Here you go then sweetie,” she said and handed us each a clipboard.

Just to assert my age a little more I did a backflip off the counter and walked to a chair in a small waiting room. Hannah smiled at me and shook her head. It was like déja vu all over again for me as it was mostly the same questionnaire from the powers testing in Los Alamos. I found myself filling in the ‘incontinence’ line again, but at this point I had to admit there was no changing that.

“You done?” Hannah asked me a few minutes later and took hers up at the same time.

“They should be out to get you two in about ten minutes.”

“Thanks,” Hannah said.

As she came over, she put her hand on my diaper and said, “I think you’ll be fine for a while.”

I nodded and looked at her chest, “How about you?”

She sighed, “I probably should pump or have you nurse, but I’ll wait until we’re back there and have them take a look. Why? Are you thirsty?”

I thought for a second and nodded. She reached into the diaper bag and grabbed a bottle out of a pocket. She shook it, uncapped it, and then handed it to me. “Yours?” I asked as I looked at it.

She nodded.

I took a hesitant suck on the nipple and discovered it was cold and didn’t taste as good. “It’s cold,” I said while I made a face.

Hannah looked thoughtfully and said, “Here, hand it to me for a second.”

She held the bottle in her hand and I saw a quick glow before she put a test drop on her wrist. “Here, try it again.”

I found it was exactly the normal temperature from her breast then and smiled around the nipple. ‘When did she start being able to do that?’ I wondered.

‘She’s got the most to learn today,’ Caireen reminded me.

Hannah picked me up and sat me on her lap as I continued to hold the bottle to my mouth. It was quite relaxing sitting there, but I couldn’t help but be a little disconcerted by how much I was missing nursing her milk from her, instead of using the bottle. By the time a white coated scientist came out to the waiting room I had finished the bottle and was just absentmindedly sucking on the empty bottle. “Hannah? Sofia?”

Hannah and I nodded. She grabbed the bottle from me and stored it in the diaper bag before getting up and we walked back with her carrying the two bags.

“I’m Doctor Kestner,” the scientist said to us. “I’ll be one of the people running your testing today.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said, “I’m Sofia, and this is Hannah.”

He paused in the hallway, looked down at me briefly and then shook his head. “I understand you two are sort of a team at this point?”

Hannah nodded, “Probably for the rest of our lives.”

“I get that, teaming up in mutations happens every now and then. Will you be okay being tested separately?”

I nodded, “I will need Hannah to help me every now and then though.”

He raised his eyebrows and Hannah responded, “She’ll need a diaper change in about an hour I would guess.”

“Umm… okay. Or one of our staff could help with that,” he said courteously.

“We’ll see where we’re at?” I suggested.

“Fair enough. I don’t want you two having an impact on each other’s testing right now, so we’re going to run one of you through one portion while the other is doing another. Sofia, if you’ll come with me please, Hannah if you’ll go down that hallway and take a right there will be someone waiting for you.”

With that I was led into a room that was setup just like the physical testing area at Los Alamos, but at least several times larger!

“I didn’t think to have her leave your bag with me… do you have a change of clothes for the physical portion of this?” He asked.

I didn’t even answer him with words, I just said, ‘do it’ to Caireen and I was soon in the same leotard and tutu I’d been in for the initial test.

Doctor Kestner snorted and chuckled, “Okay then, I’ll take that as you’ll be fine in that?”

I nodded, “Yes sir.”

We began with a treadmill, moved to weights, and then finally he led me down to an obstacle course that made the one in Los Alamos feel like a home swing set in comparison. I had a blast as I ran through the course, jumping, leaping, and climbing it like it was a playground. When I completed the course, I ran up to him barely panting. “Doctor Kestner that’s a lot of fun, is there any way I could come back sometime to play?”

He looked at me like I had grown horns or something, “Play?”

Right then I just barely became aware of Hannah behind me as she picked me up, “Yes I’m sure she’s thinking play. She’s a baby after all!” She said and hugged me tight before wrinkling her nose. “One with a stinky diapee!”

“Uh… would you mind taking care of that before I take her to the next test?”

“Not at all, do you have a private room?”

He led us to a locker room that was empty and Hannah placed a portable changing pad on the concrete bench before laying me on top of it. She pulled the snaps in the crotch of the leotard away from there and shimmied it all up my body before un-taping my diaper.

“Peee-ew!” She said to me with a smile, “What a stinky baby!” She took a moment to tickle my side before getting to work on cleaning my bottom. 

When she was done, I said, “Thank you,” to her.

“You’re welcome Princess,” she said as she walked to a trash can and placed my soiled diaper in there. “Running around on that course sure made you a mess! I think that’s the messiest diaper I’ve changed on you.”

I blushed, “Sorry.”

“Why? You’re a baby, that’s what you should be doing!” she said with a smile and tickled my side.

I giggled, “What have you done so far?”

“They had me stare at a bunch of parts and things that I guess are supposed to do something,” she shrugged. “You know I’ve always been terrible with mechanical and computerized things. They had me grabbing some things from across the room too… that’s kind of fun!”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Here, watch,” she said as I saw the diaper bag next to me open back up and a bottle came out. The cap was pulled off by some invisible force and she held it for a moment to warm it up. A quick wrist test and the invisible force picked it up as she settled me in her arms. The bottle floated to my mouth and held it there for me to nurse.

“Cool!” I said around the nipple and she smiled.

I nursed the bottle to empty pretty quickly and she turned me and burped me unnecessarily. Of course, my body still burped on command though!

“Okay, back to work Sofia!” she said and walked me back to the room.

I was run through a test of balls flying at me again, and once again I was able to duck out of the way for a while. I eventually failed the test though, as I assumed all students must! I wound up sitting in that same gadget room, just as clueless as Hannah had been. I was bored enough I started stacking parts like a tower of blocks before they seemed to think I might break something and rushed me out... I was then tested for telekinesis and other related powers. I was sure I could do the tests with magic, but that wasn’t what they wanted.

To my surprise though I suddenly seemed to be able to do a lower power version of the green energy blasts I had seen Hannah do when she mutated. They weren’t enough to explode like hers, but we discovered they were enough to disable unshielded electronics and knock a person’s nervous system out. It wasn’t the same as my magical blasts, I was sure of that!

“You weren’t able to do that before in Los Alamos?” she asked me.

I shook my head, “No, not like that… That’s like Hannah’s power.”

“I wonder…”

Whatever it was she was thinking though she didn’t tell me then. After some more testing, I was eventually led into another room and questions from another technician were all about my avatar spirit. As I explained more about her the man’s eyes seemed to get larger and larger. Eventually I tired of answering questions and let Caireen take over my body for only like the third time. It was weird being the bystander as she answered history questions to him, questions about her powers, and many other things. All during that session I noticed he couldn’t type notes fast enough into his computer.

At two in the afternoon, Hannah came to find me, and after changing back into our uniforms we went to get a late lunch. When we returned to the testing labs, I was greeted by a young technician in her late twenties wearing a lab coat over a pretty flowered dress. She introduced herself, “I’m Trinity.” She held her hand out to me first and then to Hannah, “Sofia, do you mind coming with me to go meet with Ms. Grimes for your magic testing?”

I looked at Hannah and we both decided we’d have to split off. “Here, her diaper is a little wet, but it’ll probably hold for another hour.” Hannah said and handed her my diaper bag. My face turned red and I glared at her.

“Do you want to walk, or I can carry you?” Trinity asked.

I sighed, “I guess we’ll go quicker if you carry me.”

She smiled and shouldered the diaper bag before taking me on her other side. “Wow, you sure are light!”

“So I’ve been told,” I told her.

“So how do you like Whateley so far?” Trinity asked.

I sighed, “I hate being without my parents,” I told her, “though I’m sure they feel the same way. I probably should have called them last night,” I said guiltily.

“You’re not the first student to forget to call their parents early on,” she laughed at me. “My parents practically yelled at me when I didn’t call them for a week!”

I giggled, “I’m pretty sure that’ll happen if I’m not careful. I guess I’ll call them tonight… I’m sure Hannah would like to talk to hers too.”

“How about friends?”

“I seem to be making a few,” I admitted. “We’ll see how things go once we figure out what classes Hannah and I are taking.”

As we came up to the building Trinity said, “Umm… Sofia, I think this may be a bit awkward…”

“What?” I asked, distracting myself from the fact I could clearly see a second entrance to the building other than the one the public would probably use. ‘It’s magic, right?’ I asked Caireen.

‘Yes,’ she answered, ‘pay attention.’

“Umm… I think you need a change,” she said simply.

I looked down and felt a little bit of pee going down around my leg and sighed, “I never thought it would be my diapers leaking… she said I was just a little wet...”

“Do you want help?” Trinity asked.

I looked at her, “I don’t have any choice, I need help.”

“But aren’t you…?”

“The goddess I have lurking inside of me isn’t allowing me to change myself for a while yet.”


“So yes please, if you don’t mind changing me?” I asked.

I expected her to walk to a bathroom, but was a little surprised to see she just walked into an empty room with a stone table instead. She sat me down on it while she dug out my changing pad, a clean diaper, and wipes. “Just lay down,” she told me with a smile.

She changed me like she did it a lot every day. As she was taping the diaper shut, I asked, “You have a baby at home?”

Trinity grinned, “Yep, she’s just a little bit bigger than you. I keep hoping we’ll be able to potty train her soon. I’m thinking over the Thanksgiving Break we might do potty training boot camp with her as my sister calls it.”

“Good for her.”

“How about you? Any chances?”

I shook my head, “I think your people want to run a few more tests this evening on me, but everyone is guessing my BIT has locked me into being a baby with no control.”

“So, it’s a matter of learning to deal with it?” She asked as she dug into the diaper bag and found a new skirt to replace my one that had gotten wet.

“Something like that.”

“I guess I can understand your spirit's insistence on depending on others then for a while,” she said.

I just nodded.

“Okay, all set,” she said a few moments later after helping me fix my skirt and blouse. She straightened my hair before picking me back up, and saying, “Let’s get this testing out of the way, shall we?”

She led me through the corridors of the building to an office with a lady I remembered from Mrs. Carson’s visit to my house. “Hello Ms. Grimes,” I said politely as Trinity sat me down on the ground.

“Good afternoon Sofia,” she responded.

“I’ll leave your bag here,” Trinity said while placing my diaper bag on the chair.

“Thanks for all your help,” I said to her.

“Anytime,” she told me. “Ms. Grimes, if you’ll call me when you’re done, I’ll get her back with her friend.”

She left and closed the door on her way out. “Are you ready to start this testing?” Ms. Grimes asked me.

“Yes ma’am,” I responded politely.

“Okay then, let’s go to one of our rooms that’s well warded for safety.”

Unlike almost every other adult, instead of picking me up, or holding my hand, she just opened her door and started on down the hallway. I followed her, making several steps of my own for each of her steps, but I was appreciating the freedom of movement there. She led me down to a room that was large, stone, and had a circle of salt in the middle.

Caireen became nervous inside of me and I knew why. Circles were dangerous, but we just had to trust the school here. “Would you please step into the circle?”

“I trust you will let me out of it?” I asked.

“I swear upon my true name that I will not keep you in there against your wishes. It’s just a safety precaution as we test you.”

I nodded and stepped inside. Instantly I could feel the wards that were around the circle, but also felt way better when we had a feeling that the power of this circle could be easily broken with our own power. “Okay Sofia, we’re going to do a few things once I clear out of the room.”

She left the room and went to an adjacent room with a glass observation window. “First, I would like you to draw in as much essence as you can…” We spent the next three hours with her testing me in numerous ways. She tested my power level, she tested my knowledge of spells (limited then), my power of spells (not so limited), and things I didn’t even have a name for.

When she finally finished giving me tasks, she asked, “Sofia I could tell you became less nervous when you got in the circle. You can break through it, can’t you?” She asked.

Instead of answering her I drew in the partial power I needed to do it and busted through the circle.

“Not another one…” she said with a sigh.

“Another one?”

“Yes, I’ve had about six students in the last six or so years that could do that. It makes it difficult to safely trust you when we start learning higher order spells.”

I smiled, “Don’t worry, I can practice the really dangerous ones in Caireen’s castle.”

As we started walking back to her office, she seemed deep in her thoughts and I realized for the first time that not only was my diaper leaking, it was also sagging badly! It was almost falling off of my waist as I awkwardly toddled, hoping it wouldn’t fall to the ground. Ms. Grimes didn’t notice it as she called Trinity to come collect me, but Trinity noticed it instantly.

“Umm… Ms. Grimes?” She asked.

“Yes Trinity?”

“Did you ever check Sofia’s diaper?”

Her face fell as she realized she had dropped the ball and was embarrassed, “Umm…”

“I thought so. Come along Sofia, we’ll get you changed and back to Hannah before hitting your final tests tonight.”

Several minutes later she was saying, “I can’t believe her…” as she undid the tapes of my diaper. I was soon in another diaper, but she said, “Sofia, you should see if you can get some uniform tops in as onesies.”


“I think they’ll help keep your diaper up when this happens again.”

“Oh,” I said. She dug through the diaper bag and eventually came up with a pink romper for me to put on. “Won’t I get in trouble for not being in uniform?” I asked about wearing it.

“You’re going to have some exceptions noted in your file by tonight,” she told me, “And, as far as I’m concerned you have no classes today.”

I was led back to Hannah at the other building. “How did she do?” Hannah asked like a worried mom.

“She did great!” Trinity said, “You might want to see about getting her some onesies as tops instead of the regular blouses though. It’ll help hold up any really wet diapers.”

Hannah blinked at me and said, “That’s a great idea! Thanks!”

We walked to Poe first and I figured I knew why. “Full?” I asked her.

“I pumped five times today, and I’m even fuller now,” she complained.

In our room she closed the door, pulled her shirt away, and we took care of her problem. “Do you mind doing this?” She asked me as she switched me to her other breast.

“No,” I sighed, “It really is very comforting,” I admitted, before nursing that breast too. Her skin was far more comforting than the silicone nipple of a bottle.

‘See, there are good things about being a baby,’ Caireen told me.

‘I guess… On the whole I would rather not be though,’ I told her back sadly.

Once I had finished Hannah cleaned up and we went to dinner at the Crystal Hall. It was already almost seven when we walked in, so we had to hurry to meet our final appointment of the night at 8pm.

Doctor Kestner met us at the receptionist area and asked, “If you’ll please follow me?”

I was a little surprised by the curtness, but didn’t really care. It had been a long day and I was looking forward to finishing these final tests. Hannah carried me and followed the doctor through an elevator door that took several minutes for us to go down to a low-level basement.

“How far are we below ground?” I asked her.

“About five-hundred feet,” she responded to me with a smile.

The door opened eventually and she led us to another room with a young man waiting for us. “This is Doctor Wilks,” she introduced us, “Hannah, and Sofia,” she said towards us. “He’s going to run you through our latest device that we have to finish deciding your powers.”

“Okay…” Hannah said nervously.

In the end it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was essentially almost an MRI, and I’d been through one of those in the hospital one time. We had to change into some very form fitting white suits before getting in the machine, and that apparently meant my diaper had to go. I felt sort of bad when he pulled me out of the machine and had to spray down the table with disinfectant… But I laughed along with Hannah about it!

When both of us had run through the machine I asked, “So can we see our scores?”

He shook his head, “I have to let Doc Bellows or a faculty member go through them with you.”

“Oh…” I said.

“Don’t worry, they’ll meet with you early in the afternoon tomorrow.” Doctor Kestner said, “You only have to get through your physicals first and Sofia’s martial arts placement first.”

“So, we’re done for the day?” Hannah asked as she pulled her skirt back up.

“Yes, we are, I’d recommend heading back to your dorm and getting some sleep.”

“Sounds like a plan to me!” Hannah said.

Back in our dorm the other students waved at us, but we managed to make it back to our room without being interrupted. We both took the time to call home then.

“Hi Mommy!” I said in a sweet voice.

“Sofia?” She asked obviously a little weirded out.

I giggled, “Who else would it be?”

My dad got on the line and even Lily was on the phone for a few minutes. I decided just to go ahead and get the awkward conversation out of the way and told them about Hannah’s condition and our ‘fix’ for it. Mom seemed to take it in stride, but you could tell Dad was uncomfortable with it. Just before we finished Mom said, “We sent you a few boxes of things that should be there tomorrow. It sounds like Caireen mostly has you both set - but there are a few things from home to make…” she teared up a bit, “to make you feel more at home.”

“I love you Mommy,” I told her. I could tell being apart was hard on her. Especially as for a week she’d literally gotten her baby back!

“I love you too Princess,” she told me.

“Love you,” Dad said.

“Love you too Daddy,” I said with a smile, “Good night.”

“Night Princess,” he said to me. As I hung up the phone, I could see Hannah was finishing up too.

Hannah picked me up and we gave each other a well needed hug then. There was no doubt we would both be totally homesick without the other!

“So how about that bathtub and a bath? Hannah asked me.

I asked, ‘Caireen?’

‘Let’s go to the bathroom and I’ll get it settled,’ she assured us both.

Soon enough we were in the restroom and Caireen created a beautiful clawfoot bathtub with a circular curtain that closed around it. Caireen had matched most of the controls of the shower to make it easier to use. I noticed she placed a noise cancellation button there too, and would have to ask Hannah about that later. Hannah didn’t even bother with the round curtain that could conceal the tub though as she placed me in the tub. I blushed as Hannah bathed me and other girls could see her doing so. Most of the other girls seemed more interested in the tub than my naked body, “Oh my God, can I take a bath next?”

In the end Caireen made two more tubs through me before Hannah diapered me for the night and placed me to her breast. By the time she lay me in my crib with my pacifier I was exhausted and fell to sleep instantly.



End Chapter 10

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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