Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 30



FRIDAY MORNING, I found myself having a much earlier nursing session and breakfast than normal. We were up super early so that Hannah and I could get to Venus, Inc’s studio for my first modeling job. Hannah had dressed me in a simple set of elasticized jeans and a pink sweatshirt with Olaf on it that said, ‘Some People Are Worth Melting For’ on it. I had nixed Hannah’s idea of holiday dresses based on a conversation with Amanda in the Crystal Hall the previous night while we were at dinner. Since they really only wanted me for my diaper butt, there was no real point in dressing up. “You already have the job,” Amanda had stated to me, but looked pointedly at Hannah when she said it.

I smiled as we walked in and saw camera crews setting up cameras, backdrops, and furniture in multiple zones of the huge Venus studio. Amanda saw us and waved, “Hi guys,” she greeted me, “This is Janet, she’ll be in charge of the shoot for P&G.”

“Oh my, she’s even cuter in person than in the shots you gave us!” she cooed at me. “You’re really eighteen?”

I nodded, “Well, technically I’m eighteen years old, or eighteen months – I can be both legally. For modeling purposes though I’m eighteen years old.”

She smiled at that, “That’s great! That means we have all day to get this finished, before I guess you’re going home for Christmas Break?”

“Not quite, our parents are picking us up to go on a vacation though,” Hannah said.

“You are?”

“Hannah… her unofficial mommy,” she smiled.

“Well then, let’s not waste too much time! We have a new version of our diapers that we’re going to be releasing the first quarter of this year. We want to have you wearing it and running around, playing, maybe getting changed, and film a few other scenes…”

I smiled knowing I was going to be making enough money to be worth the embarrassment, “Okay, when do we get started?”

I was led to a lady to work with my hair, “We’re actually looking for a little younger of a hairstyle… would you hate me if I said we needed to cut it way shorter?” she looked at Hannah for the answer and not me. Meanwhile, Hannah looked down at me for my answer.

‘Caireen, I can just fix it when we’re done with magic, right?’ I asked.

‘Yes, and if the spells you know don’t work for some reason, I have another I’ll teach you.’

I sighed, “Go ahead, I can fix it afterwards,” I told her.

She gave me a weird look, “That okay with you Mommy?”

“She’s not actually mine, and she is eighteen, so just ask her,” Hannah told her. “I’m just here for moral support... and diaper duty!”

My hair was removed in bulk by the stylist then… Other than on the assignment, I hadn’t had that short of hair in years! In the end she had a bit more of a hybrid between Lily’s hair and ‘Olivia’s’ during the assignment. It was just long enough that she’d tied it up in two cute stubby pigtails.

“Perfect!” Janet said when she saw me. “Now we just need to get you dressed in this awesome new diaper and this shirt.” She made the last statement to Hannah, and I felt annoyed that she was forgetting I was really eighteen...

“Okay,” Hannah said, “Is there some specific place?”

“Here on the floor works? Or wherever you all are comfortable.”

I sighed, “Just get it done Hannah,” I told her.

She laid out my changing pad and soon had me in the new diaper. It did fit quite a bit differently! From what I could tell, they seemed to have added another zone of wide elastic along the pad in the middle from the back to the front. The leg gatherings seemed to be hugging me more too. “These feel nice,” I told Janet.

She smiled, “Not often one of our target audience members can have a conversation about the product! I may have to get you in touch with our research team…”

I smiled, “For the right fee I’d be interested.”

“Said like a pro!” she smiled at me.

I looked down at the fairly simple pink long sleeve shirt I’d been given. There was a simple pattern of small, repeating white bows on the fabric of the shirt. “This is really short,” I mentioned.

“It’s a baby crop top,” Hannah giggled at me.

“Well we have to make sure the cameras can see the diaper in all its glory,” Janet explained. “Now, ready to get filming?”

At eighteen, there was no limit to my hours as a model, and you could tell Janet intended to take advantage of that to make me the face of the new Pampers line. I was filmed jumping up and down giggling, clapping my hands awkwardly, and staring up at my ‘mommy’ who was another Venus member from inside my crib. I was filmed playing with toys in a nursery, running around on an outside garden set, crawling all over the place on a playground, and intentionally shown playing with my diaper wet. That was to show the ‘no sag’ design. Soon after that I was my most embarrassed as they filmed me getting a diaper change multiple times! Nothing would be shown more than tapes being applied - and possibly my butt, but I had to do everything in my power not to be red as my hair during that part!

We stopped for a lunch break, another diaper change, and then I was changed into a bunch of other tops and still photographed in about as many ways as I could imagine. For the final shots they had me just in a fresh diaper and nothing else. Most of the time I was being held by the other model, but sometimes I was on my own still playing or crawling. I had just been changed again, and told that they had enough shots and footage, when I heard, “Sofia!!!” from a little voice. I looked over to see Lily running over to me in a cute Christmas dress like Hannah would have wanted to dress me in.

“You wear diapers! You baby still?” She asked and pulled up her skirt, “I big girl now!” she showed me the pink Pull-Ups that she’d been wearing since Thanksgiving Break under her tights.

“I’m proud of you!” I told her and hugged her. I noticed she had grown another inch or so since I had left home. ‘She might be taller than me now…’ I frowned.

“I’m done now, right?” I asked Janet.

“Yep, go ahead and get dressed. Oh, we always bring a bunch of extra cases of diapers just in case for the shoot. I think there’s like seven cases over there – since you like them, go ahead and take them!”

I actually smiled at that, “Thanks!”

I hugged Mom and Dad, and then let Mom help me get dressed into a matching dress to Lily’s, along with some white tights.

“Hi Sofia,” Hannah’s mom said to me, “Do I get a hug?”

I smiled, “Sure!”

She actually picked me up and said, “So I hear you consider my Hannah to kind of be your mommy…”

I blushed, “Sort of…”

“Well I guess that makes me Grandma?”

“Grammy,” I said to her instead.

She tickled me and ended up being the one to carry me back to our dorm. My dad and her dad carried the cases of diapers past way too many students and friends who all seemed to have a knowing smirk on their faces. I blushed, but I was a baby… I would always need diapers!

Our parents looked around in shock at the room for the brief time we were there. “How is it…?” Her dad was going to ask.

“Don’t ask,” my dad said, “My experience with magic sometimes means you just have to accept it…”

“You have everything in that?” Mom asked me, looking skeptically at the small purple Sofia the First suitcase that had been acquired in the last week.

“I think so!”

“How about we grab one of these cases?” Mom suggested as she looked at the diapers.

“I already have three cases in my bag?”

“Wha…?” Mom asked.

“Magic, Sweetheart,” Dad told her.

She spluttered for a second, “You like them better, right? Let’s just trade them out really quick?”

I sighed and opened up my suitcase. I of course had performed one of the enlarging spells on it. It was way larger inside than anything else I’d made like that so far. I reached in and snagged two of the boxes that had over a hundred diapers in them. Three had most likely been overkill for the fifteen days we were going to be with our parents at the cabin, but Hannah hadn’t wanted to get stuck without them. ‘You would be a cranky baby…’ Caireen said in agreement the night before about my complaints of overkill.

I groaned and replaced the diapers with the new cases then. Hannah still had like fifteen of the old ones in her bag, and I had another twenty in my backpack too… Plenty of other things were in there as well, including bottles, pacifiers, a few stuffed animals, a couple games, and some Lego sets that I’d still yet to have time to put together!

When I was done, “Now we’re good?”

Mom saw the infant carrier that we’d said we had. “This is her car seat?” She asked Hannah. “Yep, she still fits in it as a carrier too if you want to just put her in it now.”

I blushed, but Mom wasted no time picking me up and laying me inside of it, smiling at me as she buckled me in. “I don’t know if I can carry her all the way to the car?” she told my dad.

“I can carry her; you want to pull her suitcase? This has a base somewhere?” Dad said.

Hannah pointed out where it sat beside the stroller that had been folded up. “Should we take this too?” Mom asked.

“You planning on any long walks or shopping that we need to hide her in? Her car seat can just attach to it too.”

Mom sat me back down, unfolded the stroller, and then figured out how to latch it in. “Much better!” She said with a smile and tickled my stomach. “You really are much cuter as a baby!”

I stuck my tongue out at her, and found myself rewarded with a pacifier shoved in my mouth by Hannah. “Behave!” she warned me.

I just smiled at her. Lily chose that moment to go up to Hannah with her arms raised. “Uppy Hanny! Missed you!”

She smiled, “Aww… I missed you too Lily,” she told her and hugged her. Her dad took her suitcase and bag, while my dad pulled the dainty little suitcase with him.

Mom pushed my stroller along to the parking lot at the front of the campus. I couldn’t help but smile that she seemed so happy right then to see me! I certainly felt better back with my family! Soon we had signed out and were at the two SUVs they’d rented. “We’ll see you at the dinner stop?” Mom said to Hannah’s mom.

“That should work fine! It’ll give us a chance to interrogate our daughters and figure out what mischief they’ve been up to!”

Mom opened up the door and I found my rear-facing seat soon latched into the base, next to Lily’s forward-facing car seat. It couldn’t have been more obvious that she was the big girl now, and I was the baby!


ALL ALONG THE drive for the next hour, Mom and Dad kept asking me questions about friends, classes, and things I was learning. I was excited to tell them about things at first, but after a while I was growing tired of their questions. I was so grateful when we pulled up to the restaurant, we were stopping at for dinner, to make the interrogation stop for a bit!

Mom carried me inside on her hip, while Dad had a sleepy Lily cradled in his arms. Hannah gave me an odd expression as she walked in the door and I sat patiently in Mom’s arms. Soon we were seated at a large table with high chairs for myself and Lily. Mom sat to my right, and Hannah joined me on the left, as I waited to see just what food was available!

It turned out the restaurant was a mixture of everything, but the twenty-four-hour breakfast menu sounded really good right then! I had Mom order me a meal with pancakes, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. Throughout dinner we didn’t bother pretending I was a normal baby, so I ate with the smaller silverware we’d brought, and just wished I could have a second plate or two.

“I can’t believe you finished that so quickly!” Hannah’s mom said.

“I’m missing Whateley’s dining room right now,” I complained.

“Be grateful you sent her there Mrs. Hammerstein, she’d eat you out of the house…”

“She already was before she left.”

I looked at Hannah to glare at her and then realized she’d just made a face that I knew too well. We had this discussion with our friends the past week. I had a pee-pee and poo-poo set of faces that I never even knew I made! Hannah had her, ‘my breasts are leaking’ face, that she was making right then. I nudged her, “Need to?”

“My pump is in my suitcase,” she whispered.

“What’s wrong Hannah?” Her mom asked.

She pointed at her breasts and whispered, “I’m really full…”

“Well, just have Sofia take care of it,” my mom said, “It’s natural to do it…”

“Here…? In front of…?” She blushed.

“Just take care of Sofia, it’s okay honey, it’s not like we don’t know,” her mom told her.

I smirked at her, “Nummies Mommy!” I said to her.

She sighed and picked me up out of the highchair. There was a blanket in the diaper bag that she pulled out, apparently not too fond of breastfeeding me in front of her parents! Other than that, it was so routine to me anymore I didn’t really feel like it was that big of a deal!

She placed me at her breast and I let my mouth instincts take over. I was actually really grateful because the plate of food wasn’t nearly enough!!! Her mom said, “Aww… you make such a great mommy…”

“What Sofia do to Hanny?” Lily asked loudly.

I blushed and figured Hannah was doing the same.

“Sofia’s just drinking her milkies like you used to do from me when you were little,” Mom told her.

“She littler baby?”

Dad laughed, “Yes she is. You wear big girl panties now, right? She still wears her diapees like a little baby.”

After Hannah switched me to her other breast, I began tuning out the embarrassing conversation. Lily was getting bored and becoming a bit more difficult to wrangle. Mom took her to the potty before I finished up and we went back out to the cars. I fell asleep from my milk coma by the time we reached the car!


WHEN I WOKE, I had actually spent some time playing with Caireen in my nursery in the Castle, and felt sort of rested. Mom was opening my door and I rubbed my eyes, “Good nap?” She asked me quietly.

I shrugged, “I guess… Are we there?”

She nodded and unbuckled me from the car seat. She wrapped me in a blanket instead of putting a coat on me, and I took the chance to look around as she carried me inside.

It was a beautiful modern log cabin with large windows! The clearing around it was covered in fresh white snow, and the trees beyond it seemed to have a fresh dusting as well. There were tall windows overlooking a valley of lights below us. ‘This could be a postcard!’ I thought to myself. Dad carried a sleeping Lily in his arms behind us, while Hannah’s dad worked an electronic key box that contained the rental key inside. He unlocked the door just as I began shivering from the cold, revealing a huge open floor living space as he turned on the lights.

“Whoa, this is awesome!” Hannah said quietly.

I agreed! A big fireplace was against the back wall of the living room. Beside it were huge windows that I guessed would have a great view during the daytime. A set of couches were facing the fireplace making for a really cozy living space. A huge elk head was mounted above the fireplace giving it the rustic cabin feel. Another more open area led to more windows, and a tall Christmas tree joined other decorations the owners must have put out for us. On the opposite side of the house was a huge dining room table that could easily seat six more people than we had with us. The kitchen looked about as state of the art as it could, with multiple ovens, two stovetops mounted in an island, and two large commercial refrigerators.

“Wow…” Mom said, “I’m not sure I’ll want to go home!”

Dad laughed, “Let’s go upstairs and check out the rooms.”

Upstairs it turned out there were two large main bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Both bathrooms featured whirlpool tubs and separate showers! A slightly smaller bedroom also had its own bathroom attached, but just had a simple bathtub with a shower in it. There was a fourth door that we opened and Mom seemed unsurprised to see a crib and a set of bunk beds inside. I sighed knowing the crib was where I’d be sleeping, while my ‘big-girl’ baby sister would be sleeping in the lower bunk.

Mom sat me down on the ground, while Dad set Lily down on a changing table there. “She needs changed for bed anyway, her Pull-Up is wet,” he whispered to her.

Mom said, “Thanks,” and sat me down on the ground. I watched as she dug into a larger purse that she had carried upstairs with us and found a regular diaper, quickly changed Lily into it and a set of footed pajamas. She didn’t stir as Mom tucked her into the bottom bunk and nudged me to walk out the door with her hand on my head. She closed the door partially behind us and turned off the lights.

“She’s still in diapers at night?” I asked.

“Normally just Pull-Ups then too, but I don’t want her making a mess in someone else’s bed?”

I nodded at that, “It’s so weird having a baby sister that’s potty-trained… and I’m not!”

Mom picked me up and squeezed me, “I’m so glad to hold you again - I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve missed you too Mom,” I squeezed her back.

Dad brought up our luggage, followed by Hannah’s parents and Hannah bringing hers as well. Mom felt my diaper, “Feels like someone else needs a change too?”

I nodded, “Probably…”

“You want to take a bath and then call it a night?” Mom asked me.

“What time is it?”

“About ten?”

“I guess, it was a long day…” I admitted.

“Then I’m guessing you normally nurse from Hannah before bed?”

I blushed, “Yes…”

She hugged me, “It’s okay, you and Hannah look beautiful together when you nurse. I’m just going to miss feeding you a bottle and watching you go to sleep in my arms.”

Hannah was standing there and said, “I could pump tonight, and you could feed her a bottle still…?” she offered.

Mom looked at me for a moment, “You don’t mind?” she looked at both of us.

I shrugged, “If Hannah’s okay, I am too?”

“I’ll warm-up one of her bottles for you when you’re done giving her a bath.”

Hannah made Mom’s night then, as she got to smother me in a bath, and then sat down on the sofa with me downstairs. Mom had dressed me in one of my warm footed sleepers, and soon had me cradled comfortably in her arms. Hannah brought over one of my bottles and after a flash of green handed it to my mom.

“It’s the right temperature?” Mom questioned.

“A little trick I can do,” Hannah told her. “Normally I use it in the cafeteria for her there.”

Mom nodded and I watched her tilt the bottle towards my face and brought the soft nipple to my mouth. I smiled and looked into her eyes for a moment as I began nursing, and Mom sang a lullaby. My eyes quickly grew heavy, and I was out before I finished the bottle.


I WOKE UP in Caireen’s castle that night and spent a day playing in my playhouse. I was glad that it was still summer temperatures there as I only had on my diaper and a short dress that day. Caireen spent a little bit of time teaching me some refinements to some spells, but mostly had been letting me play and let off stress since we’d completed our war with Camulus. The castle was already beginning to mostly look back to normal, and we talked about me removing the rubble from the outer walls or fixing them for a little bit that night. In the coming weeks we rebuilt the valley walls. I added some ornate touches that made them really ornate to look at. We decided to just clear and remove the one from around the castle area to restore the normal beauty of the grounds. The moat was also cleared, and all you could see was the beautiful meadowy grass that I had first seen when I had arrived.

When Mom picked me up out of my crib that next morning I was really disoriented for a moment. “Mom!” I said with a smile.

She hugged me, “I’m glad to see you in the morning too!”

Lily apparently had gotten up earlier, and somehow, I was told that I’d slept through her having a massive fit over the wet diaper she was wearing when she woke up. Mom had changed me into a long-sleeved onesie and jeans, before looking at my hair. “Why is your hair this short?”

“Oh… I forgot to change it back last night… P&G wanted me to look a bit more my age with my hair for the shoot.”

Mom smiled, “You do look more like a baby your age should…”

I could see something in her eyes, “You want me to leave it alone for today?”

“I don’t want to embarrass you…”

I shrugged, “I just spent two weeks pretending to be younger and eating baby food and Hannah’s milk only, the hair isn’t that big of a deal?”

She smiled and I knew I was making the right choice leaving it for now. “Okay, Hannah probably needs you right now… Let me drop you off with her and I’ll go help her mom with breakfast.”

Hannah looked at me when Mom passed me over, having been through a shower herself it seemed since her hair was still wet. “Didn’t feel like changing your hair back yet?” She asked.

I shrugged, “I think my Mom has been missing me. She didn’t want to ask me, but I could tell she’d rather me look like this right now.”

Hannah laughed, “We had such a hard time getting you to accept being a baby, and now look at you?”

I laughed too, “Okay Mommy, enough making fun of me, hungwy!”

She laughed and carried me down to the living area and the same couch Mom had given me my bottle the night before. I could tell she was still a bit sheepish about feeding me openly there, but her need overrode her embarrassment. When I was done, she burped me and got a large belch for her trouble.

“My goodness, someone has wigglys in their tummy in there!” Mom said from across the room, successfully making me blush again!

We spent that day going into town and picking up groceries and supplies to make meals for our two families for the next week. Mom pretty much held me any chance she got, seconded by Hannah’s mom who seemed to also be growing attached to me! Meanwhile Lily was basking in the attention of Hannah, who seemed to be also helping Mom with keeping her on the straight and narrow with her potty training. She only had one accident that day, while we were out, and seemed to mostly be ready for regular panties!

Meanwhile I was going through the new Pampers I’d been given at the photoshoot at my normal pace!

Our second day there we traveled to a local ski resort. I talked to Hannah about it first, and then talked to Mom as she was putting a new diaper on me that morning.


“Yes, Sweetie?”

“Umm… I wanted to see if you would mind me doing something different today?”

“What’s that?” She asked as she sat me on the ground.

“This,” I said, and changed myself into the teenage girl form I’d done before, but with a more mature version of ski pants than I was actually wearing.

“What?!?” She asked, “But…”

Dad came in right then and asked, “Who… Sofia?”

I smiled, “It’s not real… It’s like I’m a tiny body controlling a mech suit or something, but I think I could ski better this way? Hannah and I can spend some normal teenager time together?”

Mom looked in shock, “You still need your diapers though, right?”

I nodded, “Caireen will let me use magic to change them now in certain situations.”

“Problem is we rented two kids ski sets…” Dad said. “We haven’t bought lift tickets yet though…”

“Did you already pick up the skis?” I asked.

“No, we needed to measure you and Lily…”

“How old are kids up to?” I asked after a moment of thinking.

“Ten or twelve?”

I thought for a moment and shrank my projection down to four foot nine, made my breasts almost non-existent, and changed my hair into a pair of braided pigtails. “I’m ten now?” I suggested.

Mom looked at me and shook her head, “I guess you are…”

Hannah came in right then, “Oh… I guess it’s not a baby I’m taking care of today?” She smiled, “Cute look… Why not eighteen though?”

“Dad already paid for the ski rentals?”

She laughed, “I guess I can hang out with my kid sister all day today.”

We spent the next couple days on the slopes, with me enjoying not being a total baby! I even spent a couple evenings hanging out as my eighteen-year-old self. Unfortunately, it was clear everyone was a lot more comfortable with me being my ‘normal’ self.

Christmas Eve, Santa Claus was set up at the ski resort with real reindeer all around him. We waited in line for way too long, with Lily and I dressed in velvet Christmas dresses and thick white tights. Finally, after what seemed forever for us, Lily was on his lap telling him what she wanted for Christmas. Once she had her picture taken, I was added to Santa’s lap too, and joined her for a picture, before being left on my own.

“What do you want for Christmas little girl?” he cooed.

I looked at him, “I think I actually have everything I’ve ever wished for, thank you Santa,” I told him with a smile and posed for my picture. There had been a shocked expression on the poor guy's face in the picture Mom bought, but my face was the happiest it had ever been!

Christmas Day, after a diaper change, Lily and I helped pass out presents from under the tree to everyone. Lily and I obviously had bigger piles than everyone else! Per our family tradition Lily was the youngest and was supposed to open one first, “Go ahead Lily,” Mom told her, “You’re the youngest, you get to go first!”

“Nuh-uh, I big girl, Sofia baby!”

I blushed, “Umm…” I was going to argue but Mom said, “Oh my, you’re right Lily, I forgot Sofia is the littlest baby now! You’re right, she should go first!”

I just shrugged and began opening my presents. Many of the games and other items I had put into my wish list were there, along with some older kids’ toys like the Lego sets. Apparently, Hannah had made an extensive list of baby items, because I definitely had tons of toys, bath toys, stuffed animals, clothes, and even a new crib mobile included in my gifts that I definitely had not picked out! Some practical things like more bibs, pacifiers, and bottles were inside too. They did get me the piccolo I had asked for, and I was ecstatic that I was able to play it! Everyone else kind of groaned at the high pitch, but I loved having an ability to do something I had loved before my mutation again! I would have to try out for the orchestra at Whateley in the spring.

I had one final gift from my parents, which was a silver locket with a picture of the four of us on one side, and Hannah and I with her parents on the other.

Hannah wasn’t immune from gifts relating to baby me, her Mom had picked out a bunch of new nursing bras and one of those baby sling carriers we’d used on assignment.

As I looked around at all of my gifts, and given my hugs and said my thanks, I couldn’t help but note Christmas was more fun as a baby than it was as a teenager! I’d dreamed of getting dresses for Christmas before, and the cute matching purple velvet dresses Lily and I found ourselves playing in for the rest of the day made it one of my favorite days ever!

A bit over a week later we had hugged our parents and Lily, and said our goodbyes until the summer break when we hoped to come home. I sat comfortably in the sling carrier nursing on my pacifier, thinking of how Hannah and I had celebrated New Years in a slightly more mature fashion. While I would forever be her baby, we’d also established that maybe we could have a romantic relationship too. After all, we were stuck with each other… It was a bit of a magical hassle, but it had led to a magical night!

“Hey Sofia!” Someone said as we walked in.

“See, all they ever notice is you!” Hannah pouted and gave me a hug on our way to our room. Hopefully we’d actually get a full semester of school this time! 




Thanks for reading! I hope you've enjoyed this work! Please let me know with a comment what you think! 



End Chapter 30

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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maja · Aug 3, 2021

Hey, it's me again. I think you did a nice slow ending there. I like that we got to see Sofia doing some diaper modelling as well. I don't want to criticize too much here, but I have a few things that would've been great if they had been included. For one, that is "alternate punishment". I know Sofia has accepted her role as a baby now, but it would've been fun to see her acting out and being shown her place by mommy. Maybe you can tell us what you had in mind, just some ideas that didn't make it into the story? The epilogue you did is absolutely fine, but before reading it, I was hoping you'd do something further in the future. A scene a few years in the future, where Lily is old enough to change her sister's diaper, where Sofia would be the only baby left, where the romantic relationship between Sofia and Hannah is maybe already established? That would've been great, but that's just a suggestion. In the way you did it, everything that happens after is left to the readers imagination, which is guaranteed to not disappoint anyone, since everyone can have the epi-epi-logue they wish for. But again, wonderful story overall. I don't know if you still write, but it would be great to read something from you again, since I, and many others probably too, really like your style and your taste.

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Hi! Loved your story!!!

BrookeThrowaway · Aug 5, 2021

Hi!! Your story was really cute and wholesome!!! I really enjoyed the fact that it didn't focus on punishment and stuff like some other stories on the site, and was more about mushy wholesomeness!!! Do you plan on making more stories like this in the future? Thank you very much!!

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