Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

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This is a fan fic scenario based on season 4, episode 3 of the "Totally Spies" cartoon. What if Boogie Gus' ray gun was destroyed before the girls could return themselves to normal? (If you haven’t seen the episode, it’s currently available on Prime and several other locations.)

Chapter 1
A curious mishap

The ray gun flew from Gus' hands into the air. 10-year-old Alex performed an acrobatic leap in an attempt to grab it, simultaneously, Gus leaped into the air to stop its ascent batting the handle causing it to fly out of Clover's reach, hitting the ground, and shattering into a million pieces.

Gus looked at the carnage that once was his prized possession and said “that’s not cool” in a defeated tone. The energy of the fight, so vibrant before was now replaced by a somber tone as Gus and his cronies were hand-cuffed and taken away.

"Well, what do we do now?" asked Sam. "How do we get back to our normal ages and restore the mall to its proper decade? The eighties were so yesterday!"

I don’t know about you, but it’s past my bedtime. Maybe we should let Jerry handle it while getting some sleep." Replied Clover.

Good Idea!” Replied Jerry, “I’ll put the lab onto getting some information from Gus and meet up with you girls in the morning. No school for you three tomorrow, I fear.”

Sam looked ready to pout about that, Clover jumped up and down and clapped her hands in delight. Alex seemed nonplussed and wondered aloud if the three girls shouldn't have a sleepover to ensure that they were all accounted for in the morning to which the others agreed.

Jerry stepped in and said, “You’ll be spending the night in the dorms, girls. I don’t think your parents will understand why their teen daughters are now pre-tweens” and brooking no further argument, had them escorted to the WOOHP dorms where a room was made ready for them complete with clothing and bedtime accessories.

The girls accepted their situation, took turns showering, brushing their hair and teeth then went to bed.

Clover wasn’t able to get to sleep right away, hugging a plush teddy bear she whispered to Sam “You awake?” Sam was just falling asleep and woke up with the query. “Not yet, but I was almost there. Thanks a bunch!” she said sleepily with a hint of annoyance. “What’s the problem?”

Well, Boogey Gus said that we’d continue to get younger. I’m still ten. What happens if I wake up needing diapers in the morning?”

I don’t think the process works that fast. We all went from age 15 to 10 with the initial zap and we’re still age 10 several hours later. Maybe Gus was wrong and we won’t get any younger. Let’s worry about it tomorrow, okay?” Sam quipped in a reassuring tone.

Okay! Nighty night!” chirped Clover and fell asleep still hugging the plushy bear.

Sam thought about it, shrugged her shoulders mentally, then dozed off to the land of dreams herself.


Alex was having a happy dream with large cartoon characters in it. She ran and skipped on the playground, slid down a huge slide, and played hopscotch with brightly colored bears and lions. During all the fun, an urge began to grow in her lower regions. It was just ticklish at first which could be easily ignored and she did so as she skipped rope with the fuzzy rabbits. Eventually, the feeling became intense and Alex got up from bed and ran to the toilet happy to know that she didn’t wet the bed.

The dorm's bathroom seemed a lot bigger than she remembered and while she had no problem sitting on the toilet, it felt as though she might fall in if she wasn't careful. Afterward, she looked in the mirror looking for reassurance that she hadn't lost a year or two and although she knew in her heart that she was still ten years old, she felt as if she was just on the cusp of being ten. Fortified with that reassurance, she yawned sleepily and went back to bed too tired to care about it any further.

Clover's dreams weren't quite as happy as Alex's. They started comfortably enough with her in a sixth-grade classroom learning about math. But as she got up to answer a question on the whiteboard, her loose, ill-fitting clothing hampered her movements and she slipped out of one of her too-large shoes leaving a sock behind her as well.

One of the other children noticed it and loudly broadcast to the rest of the class "HEY! Clover's getting smaller! I hope she brought diapers!" Clover stopped at the whiteboard, turned around, and yelled in a higher-pitched tone than she normally would: "Oh, I am not! I'm not a baby! I'm not! I'm not!"

To prove it, she stomped her foot on the floor, lost her other shoe in the process, and the oversize dress she was wearing fell away from her hips to land on her bare feet in a heap on the floor. Instead of the usual teddy bear panties that she normally wore, a large thick pull-up festooned with a Disney princess appeared instead. The class erupted in laughter at this sight with poor little Clover sobbing unhappy tears. Awaking with a start and a slight “eek!” sound, Clover took a few moments to realize where she was and worriedly ran to the bathroom to check herself.

Physically shaking, with her heart pounding in her ears, she slowly advanced to the mirror confirming that she wasn't wearing a pull-up, that she was wearing the pajamas that were provided to her, and that they seemed to fit just fine. Calming down a little, she looked in the mirror and smiled to verify that she still had all her teeth, felt a little foolish, and all 10 of her current years as a child.

Being more at ease, Clover mused through what she could remember of the dream in her head and imagined the pull-up replaced with a big old Pampers Overnight, patted her lower nether, and got an exciting little shiver of excitement up her back. “That’s enough of that!” thought Clover as she went back to bed and fell happily asleep.

Sam didn’t dream. Her sleep was blissful and fulfilling.




End Chapter 1

Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 8, 2021


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