Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

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Chapter 4
A worrisome development

At the morning meeting, little Clover was every bit the 6-year-old girl. No patience, couldn't sit still, always fidgeting. She even had a slight lisp due to her missing teeth. While very cute, it was a bit distracting. Jerry ended up putting her on his lap and that calmed her down a bit.

"Well, this is quite the pickle, isn't it girls? We're not getting anywhere with Gus and having him recreate the ray isn't a straightforward process. As he is a janitor and not schooled as a scientist causes no end of dead ends, I assure you."

"Is there any chance that they'll figure it out? I don't want to get any younger, Jerry." Said Sam. Alex just stared at the two from her vantage point, she had nothing that she could think of to add to the conversation, so she stayed quiet.

The good news is that we should be able to iron out the bugs with what we’ve got from Gus, the bad news is we don’t quite know how soon we’ll do it” replied Jerry. “Best foot forward, young ladies! One thing we know for certain is that the process can be accelerated by raised levels of pleasure chemicals induced by self-pleasure.”

"So, you're saying not to masturbate or indulge in babyish fantasies, Jerry?"

"Yes, Sam you certainly are the smart one, after all".

Alex looked on nonplussed, just barely grasping what Sam was saying. Clover, still sitting in Jerry's lap and having a pretend conversation with a small dolly didn't seem to notice what the grownups and bigger kids were talking about.

With their session ended, the girls went to the observation room. Clover immediately wandered over to the cribs and changing tables, all pretense of indifference about baby products was now absent from her. She walked right by all the pull-ups and went straight to the diapers that were her size, grabbed one along with some baby powder, and began to amble off to the bathroom.

Alex ran up and stopped her. “Didn’t you hear Jerry say not to fantasize about being a baby? Are you trying to speed up the process? Put those things back!” Clover looked at Alex and began to cry. The tears of a sweet little girl are enough to melt the coldest of hearts with Alex having one of the warmest ones, couldn’t say no. “Go lie down by the changing table on the mat, if you’re gonna play baby, we’ll do it right!”

Clover went from waterworks to pure joy and then proceeded to lie down on the changing mat on the floor. Alex came up and handed her a set of colorful keys as she began to get into her pretend role of a daycare worker. "Who's my little buggy wuggy, hmm? It's you, yes it is! Now let's get that dress up and those leotards off! There we go! As Alex stripped, powdered, diapered, and redressed her, little Clover burbled with joy from all the attention. The thick diaper caressed her bottom, the powder made for a smooth feeling as she rubbed her lower regions into it giving in to the feeling she was a baby again filling her with joy.

Alex finished off with a pacifier inserted into Clover’s mouth. As she enthusiastically suckled on it, she attempted to say “I wove you, mommy!”, but it came out a bit garbled. Clover was now in full character and crawled on all fours to the toddler section to play with the baby toys.

Sam looked over to the pretend baby playing with the baby toys, walked up to Alex asking why she gave in to Clover's demands. "There's no arguing with her if she turns on the waterworks. Plus we might get to see if Jerry's theory is right about mas, um, master, master baking! Yeah, master baking!" Sam smiled and asked "Did you mean 'masturbating', Alex?" Alex looking a bit confused, smiled and said "Yeah, master baking! That's what I said!"

Sam felt then that Alex would probably be next. Glancing over to Clover, Sam noticed something different about her. Glancing over again, Sam saw that Clover was now swimming in her too-large clothes and babbling like a 3-year-old. Clover played with her cloth blocks oblivious to what had happened to her, her dress sleeves had nearly covered her hands as her arms shrank back into them. Her dress collar hung over one exposed shoulder, her skirt surrounded her like a deflated circus tent.

Walking over to Clover, catching her attention, the 3-year-old attempted to stand and walk to Sam. Her diaper and loose-fitting tights slipped off her diminutive frame. Tripping over the pile of clothes and getting up, Clover toddled over with a happy smile on her face. "Up! Up!" squealed the happy little girl and held her hands out for "uppies". "Sam, Sam! Up! Up!” Sam picked up the happy toddler and brought her over to the changing station.

Alex looked younger but not a lot. Sam handed the toddler to her and asked the "caregiver" to change Clover's diaper. Alex understood and immediately began repeating her prior routine of colorful keys, powder, and thick diapering. "Cruzers! Want Cruzers!" the toddler enthused. Alex grabbed a Pampers Cruzer and diapered her up. Afterward, little Clover got up and waddle-ran back and forth yelling "Zoom! Zoom!"

"They grow down so fast." Muttered Sam.

"Clover's a toddler now, how come I didn't get younger too?” wondered Alex.

Well, you did lose a year, and look about 9 now, Alex. It’s probably because you're pretending to be a grown-up caregiver?" asked Sam in return.

"If that's the case I better get dressed for it!" Alex went over to the clothes rack and put on some oversized adult clothes and shoes. Looking for all the world like a little girl playing "dress-up", she drag walked her mommy heels over to the tea table, flung the oversize wrap around her neck, and picked up a teacup with her pinky finger pointing out. "It's mabelous darling, just mabelous! Care for a cup of tea, milady?"

How old did you say you were?” asked Sam. “Why I’m really, really old, deah! Positi-, um, postibl-, positibly ancient! Yeah, positibly!" Replied Alex.

Sam couldn't help but notice that she looked more like an 8-year old wearing oversize granny clothing, but kept her mouth shut. Clover decided to buzz the table at that point. “Zoom! Zoom! Cruzers!” she yelled as she ran full-tilt past the two sitting girls.

Clover stopped running towards them in mid-stride as toddlers usually can only do one thing at a time. Her face contorted as she dropped her bottom down to kiss the back of her tiny legs and made a grunting sound. Sam knew that it was time to change the baby as Clover stood back up by leaning forward and pushing off with her hand on the floor for balance when her soiled diaper dropped past her knees and surrounded her ankles causing her to fall backward on legs that could no longer support her weight. Down she went with her soiled backside hitting the floor leaving a brown smear. “Waaaaaah!” Cried baby Clover with honest tears of helplessness spewing forth.

What's her problem?" asked Alex. "Well, her butt is cold and wet and it's probably not very comfortable on that poopy tile, so I would imagine that she's not too happy about it," replied Sam as a real caregiver came in, scooped up baby Clover and headed towards the changing table, followed by a janitor to clean up the poop smear on the floor.

Clover was tended to, the floor was drying and Alex was shrinking into her big girl clothes. "Ah, poop!" exclaimed Alex, her body going past 6 then 3 and straight into babyhood. Sam watched her shrink and got a strong shiver up and down her spine and wondered if this experience would change her in some way that she would come to regret later.

The caregiver came over, picked baby Alex out of her pile of clothes, and proceeded to the changing table.

Baby Clover was now dressed in a blue and white onesie with a cartoon duck on the front and let loose to crawl around and explore. She came over to Sam and raised her arms for "up-ups". Sam picked her up and cuddled her then put her down again when she started squirming for "down-downs". There was a whole world to explore out there after all. Those cloth blocks weren't going to stack themselves…

Soon, Clover was joined in her play by baby Alex, the two babies played together as best as babies can while Sam sat at the tea table and watched.



End Chapter 4

Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 8, 2021


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