Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

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Chapter 5
And now for something completely...

The morning brief was a somber affair. Jerry promised that the lab scientists were making good progress. The babies were stable at their current ages, so all that needed to be done was being done. Sam went to the observation room and played with the babies. Happy little faces discovering their world, playing with the baby toys, getting hugs from “mommy” Sammie. She wondered if when the regression hit, it’d be like Alex or just a few years at first like Clover.

The day passed, Sam went to the dorm room and cleaned up, got into her pajamas, brushed her teeth, and went straight to bed. Sleep came quickly, would there be dreams?

Dreams there were! Sam was a baby in diapers playing with a baby shape toy, making high scores and putting square pegs in square holes, round ones in round holes, and not quite making the triangles fall in due to limited dexterity. Two teenagers walked in both were about 15 years old. One picked up little Sammy and cuddled her then gave her a raspberry. Sam chortled and laughed with glee, as babies are easily amused.

Sam woke up wondering in her sleepy brain fog if she was a baby or a toddler or a 6-year-old. An urge to urinate got her up and on the toilet. As she did her morning constitutional, she saw in the full-length mirror that she was still 10 years old. For how long, she wondered?

Later that morning she saw Jerry. He was back to his usual ancient age. This surprised her. "So is there a fix at last?" she asked. "You'll see later on, my dear. We're putting in some final tests with me as a guinea pig no less," he replied. Sam appreciated the gesture on Jerry's part and made her way to the observation room.

In the observation room, there wasn't anyone present. Where were the babies? Did something happen to them? As she put a damper on her panic and concern, the two walked in, ages fully restored. "Hi, Sammy!" Said Alex as Clover swooped in and tickled Sam mercilessly. After all the guffaws, the three sat down to real tea with real teacups and a pot made from bone china.

You are the smart one”, said Clover. “I don’t know if I’m even a match for you at my and your present age”.

Sam appreciated the compliment and wondered why they hadn’t given her the ray treatment yet. “Judging by the look on your face, you’re wondering why you haven’t been treated yet, right?” asked Alex. “The answer is they want to see if intelligent people have the greatest resistance to Gus’ ray. They’d want to wait out the day and observe you.”

Well, alright. We do have the day to ourselves and school starts up again on Monday, I guess I can be the current guinea pig, then.” Replied Sam.

With a motion and a wink to each other, Alex and Clover grabbed Sam and dragged her to the changing table. "Cool. We've got a bet that you won't last the day and they didn't say we couldn't cheat!" Sam just smiled, the ordeal wasn't quite over, but most of the variables had been filled into the equation. She'd just relax and let the two have their fun.

They stripped 10-year-old Sam down to her birthday suit, put her up on the changing table, and gave her a set of colorful plastic keys to play with. She looked at the keys and the girls with a bit of faux disdain and a playful smile while they put a fresh bulky diaper under her skinny butt, powdered her lightly, and taped it up. Afterward, they produced a full-body onesie with pictures of pooh characters on it to dress her in. Sam had to admit, the pampering was kind of nice. Then Clover, with a glint in her eye, cradled Sammy in her lap, head against her breasts, and fed her formula through a large baby bottle. The warm, sweet formula trickled past her tongue and warmed her stomach making her sleepy. Time for nap naps, she thought as her consciousness drifted off…

She awoke in a large crib. Sitting up, she found that she had wet herself during the nap. “Well, considering the circumstances, why not?” she thought. Clover and Alex came into the room and checked in on her. “Is our widdle itty-bitty all comfy-womfy? Hmm?” Asked Clover. “I don’t think the bet is a sure thing yet, Clover. I’m still 10 after- Unhhhh!” exclaimed Sam as her stomach doubled over and her bowels emptied into her diaper. Not once, not twice but three times, her intestines cramped and pushed a large sticky mass into her diaper surrounding everything it touched with warmth, straining the leak-guards built into the thing.

Something primal in Sam's back-brain reared up taking over her usual sunny disposition replacing it with helplessness, then sadness. Sammy began to bawl with all the force of an infant uncomfortable in their current situation. "Aww, Sammy!" exclaimed Alex as she pulled down the sides to the crib and lifted the crying child-baby out of it. She took her to the bathroom and put her in the tub, peeling away the crap-infested diaper and onesie. Holding her nose, she scraped away what she could and rinsed sad little Sammy down, cleaning off every bit of the poop that had worked its way into places that Sam didn't know she had.

The tub was cleaned with a warm bath drawn afterward. Sam got scrubbed down and was given a rubber ducky to play with by Clover who got a dirty look from Alex. Sam played in the water as her cares drifted away while her hair was washed with baby shampoo. Alex lifted Sam from the tub and dried her off. She was handed to Clover who led her back to the changing table for another round of "change the baby".

Fresh and clean, wrapped in a warm diaper, her hair and baby powder smell bringing back forgotten happy memories, Sam was taken to the baby play area to stack the cloth blocks and she got into her role wholeheartedly.

Clover crawled over on all fours wearing a similar onesie and diaper to hers and began playing with the baby shapes toy and not doing too well with it. This was followed by Alex, wearing a diaper under a romper pretending to be a 3-year-old.

The three were happily playing together when Sam’s turn with the ray’s effects finally hit.

She felt an electric thrill up and down her spine, knew what was happening, and stood up. "Watch what happens! Watch closely!" Sam urged. Her friends watched as best they could as the changes began.

Her height began to dwindle, her tight onesie became looser, plump cheeks began to pull upward as her jaw shortened. Large wrinkles began to appear in the onesie as she slipped past 9 years, then 8, the diaper that fit her so well started to slide off her narrowing hips dragging some of the fabric of the onesie in some areas making it taught, 7 years, 6, Sammie was two thirds her 10-year-old height. The onesie began to pool around her ankles at 5 years, 4 and she looked like an alien with a distended abdomen as the diaper dragged the onesie down her legs, leaving the onesie sleeves just two wrinkled columns of fabric hanging over her diminished arms, 3 years 2. What a difference a year makes! Little Sammy stood there on unsteady legs, her cute little puffy butt cheeks inviting a playful pinch with her diaper and onesie puddled around her ankles. 1 year! Baby Sammy fell backward as her legs gave way and sat her down in the mound of clothing and diaper with a big happy grin.



End Chapter 5

Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 8, 2021


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