Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

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Chapter 2
An adjustment and some news

Morning Time! The girls all got up, brushed their teeth and hair, donned the prepubescent clothing provided by WOOHP, and ate breakfast at the cafeteria. Sam had Ham and Eggs, Alex a cup of yogurt, and Clover a big bowl of Frosty Coated Sugar Bombs with "twice the sugar of regular Sugar Bombs!" festooned on the disposable bowl. They then proceeded to Jerry's office and waited for him to be ready for them.

Jerry was in good spirits this morning. His full head of blond hair seemed fuller than yesterday and his suit just a little bit baggier than the usual tight tailoring that he normally sported. “Good Morning, girls! I trust you slept well?”

"Yes, Jerry." "Good Morning!" "Uh-huh." were the replies he received back.

So, what’s the news?” asked Sam all business-like and ready to get down to the brass tacks of the situation.

Oh, we pumped Gus for all he could give us and then we prodded him some more. Since he’s not one to keep a secret very well, he told us all he knew. It’s simply amazing that a janitor like him can create such fantastical weaponry, eh?”

"So what did he say?" "Yeah, c'mon already" "Are there diapers?" asked Sam, Alex, and Clover.

"Well, he and we are uncertain just how strongly the effects of his ray are over time, but we get the impression that the youthening process might continue and that you'll have to grow up all over again in the second worst-case scenario" replied Jerry.

Second worst case?” all three girls asked slightly out of sync with each other.

Well, yes. There is the chance that you’ll continue to youthen to oblivion and we don't know if it'll stop. That's the worst case. The best case is that we duplicate his efforts and reverse the process that turned you girls into 10-year-olds. It's still too early to tell."

Clover and Alex's attention span were just about non-existent at this point. Yawning loudly, Alex began to tickle Clover in an attempt to break the boredom. The girls then began to play a game of tickle-tag around the room. "Well, they're certainly acting like ten-year-olds," remarked Sam as she and Jerry watched the exuberant, happy girls in their little game.

Girls! That’s enough! Sit down please and we’ll finish the briefing.” Jerry clapped his hands to emphasize the point and the girls lamentably missing their game already, sat down heavily and grumpily on the sofa facing Jerry.

"So there's no indication of when or how fast the process will occur if it does at all?" asked Sam.

"No, nothing on that data yet. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I've arranged for an observation room that you three will be staying in while the staff observes you for further signs or possible a possible emergency" responded Jerry

Will there be toys?” asked Clover catching Alex’s attention with the word and the two girls looked at Jerry excitedly. “Yes, yes. There’ll be toys” quipped Jerry with a sideways wave of his hand to indicate the triviality of the question.

"Now then, we've informed your parents that you're all attending a special class in Switzerland. Hopefully, you'll be back to normal within the week even if the worst-case should arise. Any questions?"

There were none. The girls were escorted to a large room with lots of toys in it. There was something for boys and girls of every age there even a set of cribs with a diaper change station fully stocked in the far corner ready to be deployed if necessary.

Clover and Alex played with the Barbie dolls and even got Sam in to have "tea" with them. The three girls' energy levels were high during the morning, but as noon crept in, Clover and Alex were starting to get tired. Clover took a break and walked over to the cribs, seemingly inspecting them with pretended disinterest as best as a 10-year-old could muster. She seemed a bit too interested in the changing station with its array of creams and different baby powders. The diapers seemed to draw her eyes and she found it hard to pull them away.

Sam came up and noticed her fellow spy's pretended aloofness with a little giggle. "Why don't you pick one up and feel it? It won't bite you, you know". Clover looked at Sam, then at the diapers then at Sam again. She was torn by wanting to feel the diapers and not wanting Sam to shout at the top of her lungs, "Clover likes diapers! Clover likes diapers!" in a sing-song voice. Finally deciding to trust her friend and giving in to temptation, she started rifling through the various types of diapers and pull-ups until she found a thick Disney Princess Overnight Pull-up, smiled a truly happy smile and ran off to the bathroom with a cheerful little skip.

Alex came over to Sam, stretched, yawned then lifted her shoulders questioningly and cast her eyes to the bathroom where Clover had gone. Sam put her finger to her lips as if to say “it’s a secret”. Alex nodded and smiled with the happiness of a secret shared between friends.

Clover came back from the bathroom with a little crinkle to her now slightly widened gate and a slight puffiness to the lower portion of the jumpsuit she was wearing. Since her prepubescent body had no gear to speak of on her upper body, the effect was like a tube that’s wider in the middle and narrow at the top. Waddling off to the beds, she decided to take a nap. Alex and Sam followed shortly thereafter.

After a 30 minute nap, Clover woke up her fellow spies and they all played a game of tag. Clover became quite warm and sweaty due to her choice of underwear so Sam took her by the hand to the bathroom to freshen up. Fortunately, there was a container of baby powder there, so after a quick wipe-up of her sweat, a fine dusting of powder allowed Clover to be dry and comfy.




End Chapter 2

Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 8, 2021


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