Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

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Chapter 3
How's the weather up there?

Chapter 3

The girls finished up their day, had supper, and went to their dorm room. Sam read a book on aquariums while Alex and Clover played a board game. Eight O'clock rolled around and the girls got ready for bed. Clover took the longest as she stopped to admire herself in the mirror with her pull-up on after showering.

Lights out! The girls went to bed with Clover waiting for the others to sleep so she could strip down to the pull-up and play a game of "bedtime solitaire", happily dropping off to sleep afterward.

Clover dreamed of being a baby. Her mommy had given her a set of colorful plastic keys to play with while she cleaned her back and front side with a cool wet wipe. A bulky diaper was put under her and the sides taped up. Clover wriggled and squirmed against the bulk of the diaper as it gave her a pleasurable feeling down there. Mommy put Clover into a onesie then tucked her in her crib with a teddy bear. Clover hugged teddy with one arm and sucked on the thumb of her other hand blissfully falling asleep with the comforting warmth and bulk of her diapy pushing against her bottom.

Clover still sleeping, put her thumb in her mouth and suckled for a while. A warm feeling began filling up her pull-up. As the pull-up began to get cold due to its special urine channel pressed up against her skin, Clover woke up and hurried to the bathroom absentmindedly tugging her pull-up to hold it up.

Clover reached up and grabbed the handle of the bathroom door pulling it open while holding the loose pull-up with her other hand. As she came fully awake, she stopped and stared in shock at the image of a 6-year-old girl with an oversize pull-up in the bathroom's full-length mirror. As Clover let go of the pull-up to touch her face, the saggy thing fell to the floor. Clover’s mouth, open with dismay displayed a few gaps in her childish teeth.

The bathroom sink was now even with her chin. She’d need a step stool to brush her existing teeth! She hurried over to Sam and shook her awake. “Sam! Sam! I’m getting younger! Help me!”

Sam was up in an instant. She jumped out of bed and took Clover to the bathroom and inspected her, determined that despite her age and apparent anxiety she was okay, and called the front desk which had a freshly minted protocol in place for just this emergency.

Some medics came in and wrapped Clover up in a towel, woke up Alex, and ushered the three to the infirmary where after a small battery of tests complete with needle-poking, they were determined to be stable and sent back to their room.

"How come it's only me that's gotten younger?" asked Clover. “Why are you two still looking like 10-year-olds?” They both shrugged their shoulders as they had no answers. Sam suggested that they get back to bed and Clover objected “What if the process starts again?” she blubbered. Sam moved to reassure her finding that the staff had thankfully dropped off a new smaller set of pajamas which Clover was helped into and tucked into bed. The frightened little girl whimpered for a while and then fell off to sleep. Alex and Sam slept fitfully for the rest of the night.



End Chapter 3

Totally Spice! (A What if adventure)

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 8, 2021


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