Good Boy

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When my boyfriend told me he wanted to cum in a diaper, he got more than he bargained for.

Chapter 1
Good Boy

Chapter Description: The complete story

My boyfriend looked at me, pleading with his eyes and then with his voice.

“Please baby, this is too much. I can’t keep living like this. I’m a man.”

But I just smiled and turned off the Hataichi Magic Wand. “I guess you won’t be cumming today. Maybe tomorrow when you learn how to act like a real baby.” I dragged out the word baby as long as possible while adding as much sugary sweetness to my voice as possible.

This wasn’t me being cruel, he had begged me for this after all. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was in bed with him, putting him in one of his white diapers with the little bunnies on it.

The diaper was so thick, so crinkly. And in my mind it was so annoying. I suspected he loved them more than me. But I loved him so I said we could play. Diapers were odd but as long as it was foreplay we could make it work.

I rubbed my hand on the white patterned diaper that trapped his cock and balls inside. He moaned as I continued rubbing. My ears perked up. That noise is something I hadn’t heard in a while. It was music to my ears.

“Are you close to cumming baby?” I taunted softly. I leaned forward, my breasts rubbing against his chest as he closed his eyes to feel the sensation.

“Yes…” he gasped slightly. His eyes were closed in contentment.

I reached for the tapes to open his diaper up so he could finish like a man. I was going to ride him until he had an epic orgasm that would leave him gasping for air. I wanted his cum to explode inside of me. I wanted to ride him and feel him grow inside of me.

But this time, he said quietly. “Don’t.”

He didn’t want me to remove the diaper. He insisted I keep it on. He insisted it felt good when he splashed his cum into his thirsty diaper. Instead of cumming inside of me, he preferred this infantile act of making stickies.

So I let him have his wish. I let him cum into his diaper.

His entire body tensed up and then he relaxed. I smiled as he curled up next to me, his cheek resting on my chest as we basked in the post orgasm glow.

“Baby like cumming in his diapers huh?”

He nodded quietly.

“Wanna cum like that more often?”

He nodded.

“What if that was the only way you could cum?”

He didn’t respond. But something about it made me tingle inside. If he wanted to waste his precious cum like that, he’d learn to regret it.

The next time we were together, I asked him again.

But this time was different. I was edging him. It had been over an hour. I brought him close to climaxing over and over, only to pull him back down and let him cool off. I told him if this was too much for him, I could stop. He could go back into his diapers, the ones he loved so much. But he wasn’t going to cum.

“Please let me cum baby, please?” And then I saw it. His eyes had grown dark and needy. Something had broken inside of him. He was mine.

So I asked him again. “What if this was the only way you could cum?”

He needed it at this point.

More than water.

“Yes!” He gasped as I dragged my fingers softly over the head of his penis again. “Just let me cum.”

“Where do you want to cum?” I teased as I nibbled on the sensitive head of his penis, flicking my soft tongue back and forth. I was so greedy for the glistening pre-cum that was leaking from his cock.

“In my diapers?” Poor boy looked like he was going to cry. I was pushing him to his limit.

“And only in your diapers?” I asked.

“Yes,” he was shaking now. “Only in my diapers from now on. Please babe. I only want to cum in my diapers from now on. Please.”

I love it when he begs.

I pulled the diaper between his legs, taking great care to try and touch his cock as little as possible. Poor guy was going to become a premmie if we weren’t careful. Barely whipping it out before jizzing just inches before my sweet, sweet pussy.

But his fate was going to be much worse.

I taped him up and then grabbed the magic wand and gave him a mind blowing orgasm. His body spasmed as he moaned louder than I had ever heard before. I heard the crinkles of the diaper as his feet kicked, flexing the leak guards. As he came the plastic on the diaper stretched to its limit.

In the post cum glow, I stroked his hair and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “Good boy.” I said.

But he’d told me what he wanted.

He had told me what he needed.

He wanted this.

He needed this.

The next time we had sex he was pounding me from behind when I told him to get off me and rolled him on his back and put him in thick pink diapers.

He complained, but I reminded him that he told me this is what he wanted.

I told him to hump me from behind because he wanted to only cum in diapers from now on. He had said it. He had wanted it.

I pushed my ass into his diapered crotch as he thrust over and over seeking relief.

We had sex again the next day, and right when he was ready to cum I just stood up and tossed him a diaper. I told him he had to put it on after all if he was going to cum. I told him if he wanted he could touch me while he humped the mattress. Or if he wanted to cum like a girl, he could use the wand.

He was shocked. I think he didn’t realize how long this was going to last. But in the post orgasm glow I patted the front of his now cum filled diaper and reminded him that he was my strong little man. And I spooned him from behind and coaxed him to sleep.

One day I caught him masturbating in my bathroom. He was hiding from me trying to rub one out like the naughty boy he was. That night after binding him to the bed for what he thought was gonna be kinky sex, I put ice on his penis and shrank it down to a pathetic size. A week in chastity solved his naughty masturbation habit. It didn’t cross me again. I controlled his orgasms. I controlled when he was going to cum.

He started to get cranky after two weeks of that.

“Come on babe,” he started whining. “Can we have normal sex?”

I just smiled and said that he’s the one who told me this is what he wanted. And I couldn’t possibly be a good girlfriend unless I gave him what he needed. Right?

He threw a temper tantrum that night, so I didn’t let him cum. I just put him in his nighttime diaper and went to bed. I had invested in locking plastic pants. He wasn’t taking them off until I unlocked him anyway.

Soon he figured it out. If he hoped for any relief, he’d be a good boy and cum in his diapers.

Six months of this he started automatically getting the diapers out at night. My good little boy was trained at this point. He’d lay in the bed, wait for me to diaper him and then get permission to hump my leg or the pillows. I’d giggle watching him crinkle back and forth until he shuddered to his pathetic completion. His round bottom looked gorgeous in those diapers. So infantile, juxtaposed with his strong muscles and deep voice. He was my baby boy, seeking relief.

But one day I told him, “We can have sex like adults do. No diapers tonight.”

He grinned and I saw the Alpha come back into his eyes. That night he pulled me close and then flipped me over, his masculine shoulders, large hands fondling my breasts as he prepared to mount his prize.

I looked at him dead in the eyes and told him I wanted him to grow inside of me. I wanted his cum inside of me. I wanted him to have me.

From behind me I heard his breath quicken as he got ready to ravage me.

But nothing happened. He was quiet.

And I smiled.

“What’s wrong?” I asked innocently.

“Give me a sec,” he mumbled.

But the seconds turned to minutes. And I just lay there waiting for him to take me like the man that he said he was.

I heard him fumbling around.

I heard him curse.

But he didn’t know what I knew.

He couldn’t get hard right now even if I offered him the world.

He wasn’t going to get hard unless he felt the soft embrace of a diaper around his penis. He wasn’t going to cum unless he felt the crinkly plastic between his legs.

He wasn’t going to cum like a man ever again. He’d cum like the little baby he was.

“Do you need a diaper baby?” I asked him spinning around and seeing the shock in his eyes.

He denied it. He just needed a moment. Nerves he claimed. Stressful day at work. He was tired.

Sure baby, bring on the excuses.

You’ll learn soon enough.

But the days turned to weeks and I knew my boy hadn’t cummed yet. I heard him sobbing in the bathroom as he tried to masturbate. Unable to even get the tiniest of erections.

Those days I stood outside the door listening to him and when he exited I’d be calmly sitting at the table with concern in my eyes asking him if he “needed help with something.”

Finally one night, we were in bed when he pulled out the diaper. He asked me if he could wear it during sex tonight.

“You don’t want to try sex like a man?” My deep brown eyes bore into his soul. I needed to hear it.

“I just…” he looked everywhere but at me.

“Baby,” I smiled. “Look at me.”

“I just want the diapers.”

“So you want the diapers?”


“You want to cum in the diapers like a baby?”

He was quiet. But nodded.

“Baby, say it.” I pushed his chin up so he was looking directly at me.

“I want to cum in my diapers like a baby.”

So I had him lay on his back. I pulled out baby powder to his surprise and sprinkled his privates with it. Next, I opened up the thick diaper, had him lay on top of it as I raised the plastic between his legs. I took my time taping it up. I checked the fit, making sure I made it rustle loudly. I kept making his diaper crinkle.

I felt his penis grow inside the plastic prison which caused me to smile.

“Okay baby, you can hump the pillows now. Be a good boy and do it quickly. I have work in the morning.”

I stroked his back, patted his diaper butt and gave him encouragement as he rocked back and forth. I reminded him how much of a good little boy he was. I took my hands and reached underneath him fondling the plastic above his member.

He shuddered and collapsed into the bed, exhausted, tired and spent. But the moan he let out was worth it.

I pulled him close so he was to little spoon and kissed the back of his neck. “Good baby” I said.

Then I told him.

I was leaving him. I didn’t want a baby who could only cum like a baby. I wanted a man. I needed a man, like he needed his crinkly baby diapers.

He protested. He begged. But each time I just pointed to his diaper and told him that’s all the evidence I needed. Enjoy cuming like a baby from now on. Find someone who’ll want to change your diapers.

He was trapped.

And the beautiful thing, I couldn’t wait to turn the next man I met into my little pathetic diaper baby.

Because that’s all men are anyway. Good little diaper boys, just waiting to come out.

Good boy.


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End Chapter 1

Good Boy

by: TheKyleMovie | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 24, 2022


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