Deal with a wizard...

by: Pullup Princess | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 9, 2021

Lilly King desperately wants to be a girl. But she's stuck in the body of a man, and can't escape. Not by normal means anyway. Supernatural means are another story entirely. Lilly makes a deal with a strange man called the Wizard, and gets her new female body. But every wish comes with a cost...

Chapter 1
New baby girl

Chapter Description: Lilly enters into a bargain with a Wizard, and meets her old family...

123 O Lerry road. This was the place. It looked like a normal house, though I knew it wasn’t. A wizard lived here. That’s what that weird business card said anyway. Someone slipped it under my apartment door this morning. “Visit 123 O Lerry road to meet the wizard. I can make your wishes come true!” I don’t know if this is a prank or what, but I was very bored tonight. And frankly, very desperate. I walked up to the door, the cool night air blowing against my legs. I knocked on the door, then waited. I was wondering if there was even anyone home, none of the lights were on, and there was no car parked in the driveway. Just as I was about to turn and leave, someone opened the door. 

“Good evening sir.” Said someone from behind the door. He looked to be in his thirties, with a short beard and powerful, strong muscles. I felt myself instantly blushing. 

“Oh, uh, hello…” I responded.

“I assume you saw my business card?” He asked. I held up the card to him. He took it, then gestured for me to come inside. I obeyed, and the door closed behind me. The house had a warm, comfortable glow to it. I felt at ease here somehow. The man sat down in a large, comfy looking armchair and began to sip a cup of tea. All the lights were softly glowing, even though the windows had been dark a moment ago. 

“Who are you and why did you give me that card?” I asked.

“My name is… well that’s for me to know. You can just call me the Wizard. But I gave you that card because I can sense emotions.” He said, sipping his tea.


“You have anxiety and sadness pouring off you. Something in your life is making you very sad.” Said the Wizard. I nodded gently. “So tell me sir, what troubles you?” He asked. 

“It’s… could you not call me sir?” I asked.

“Certainly, what do you prefer?” I took a deep breath before answering. 


“Oh! My apologies, a trans woman! I might not be the best choice for you Ma’am, you can make yourself into a perfectly beautiful lady with the right tools.” 

“I suppose, but… That’s not the issue. I tried to tell my family and friends, but they all rejected me. Mom disowned me, my best friend won’t respond to my calls, and my girlfriend broke up with me. So can you fix me? Can you make me want to be a boy, like a normal person?” I asked the Wizard. 

“Hmm… I could do that. Or…” The Wizard snapped his fingers, and I instantly felt my body change. I looked down at myself. I had boobs! Long hair reached down to my belly, and I was wearing the most beautiful dress that I had ever seen! I squealed with joy as I looked at myself. I peered down my pants to check the state of my crotch, completely forgetting that I wasn’t alone. The Wizard did a loud cough, and I quickly dropped the front of my dress. 

“I’m sorry.” I said meekly.

“Don’t be. I wouldn’t mind seeing it, I made you quite pretty if I do say so myself.” I giggled with delight as the Wizard said that. 

“Thank you so much!” I told him. I headed for the door practically skipping away from his chair. In the blink of an eye, the front door disappeared. 

“I’m not working for free here Ma’am. If you want to keep that body, you need to do something for me.” Said the Wizard. I turned around and looked at him again. He had a small smirk on his face. I got worried for a moment.

“I don’t have any money for you.” I said. I didn’t want to lose this body. I began shaking as I walked back over to him. 

“I can manipulate reality as I see fit. I can do nearly anything I want, money is meaningless to me. But the one thing I can’t do, is generate life. That's where you come in.” The Wizard grabbed a piece of parchment out of thin air and placed it down on a desk that seemed to grow out of the ground. It was a contract. A magical one by the looks of it. He threw me a pen, and I caught it in midair. I had never been very good at catching things, but this seemed to move a bit slower than normal. “Here's the deal. You become my servant for one year. You do whatever I say during that time, or deal with whatever scenarios I put you through. Once that’s over, you’ll wake up in your own bed, in this body. Everyone will only know you as a girl, and no one will ever remember that you were a boy.” Explained the Wizard. I looked at the pen, and then down at the parchment that lay before me. It was enticing, but… A year? Who knows what he might do to me? What if he wants me as a sex slave, or something depraved like that? Plus, if he can manipulate reality like this, who’s to say that he can’t do the same thing to time? “If you don’t want to do this, that’s fine. You can leave.” I blinked, and suddenly my body was back to normal. I instantly felt sick to my stomach. My non-existent breasts hurt, and my crotch felt like there was a weighted ball and chain hanging off it. My short haircut left me feeling ugly and bald. I wanted that body back, and I didn’t care what I had to do to get it. I gripped the pen and signed my name. “Lillian King.” 

“There.” I said. The Wizard grabbed the contract and tucked it into his shirt. 

“Lillian. Thank you for using your chosen name, that makes my job far easier.” Said the Wizard.

“Can I have my girl body back now!? Please!?” I begged the Wizard. 

“No. Not for another year. But if it makes you feel any better, you won’t have to be in that boy's body anymore.” Before I had a chance to ponder what that might mean, the Wizard tapped me on the forehead. I felt myself fall backwards as the world around me went dark. 

I wanted to go back to bed. That was my first thought as I woke up. My eyes were closed, but I felt like I was sitting upright. I opened my eyes. I was sitting in the backseat of a car. A very large one. Everything was freakishly big. I reached up and rubbed my eyes. Then I looked down at myself. I let out a yelp of surprise. I was dressed in a pink t-shirt with daisies on it that boldly declared “Flower Power!” I wore a rainbow tutu and a set of purple tights. My sneakers were old light up sketchers for kids. I looked at my reflection in the window. I realized with horror that I had turned into a very young girl. I looked about three years old, maybe four. As I leaned over, I heard an odd crinkling. I heard it whenever I shifted in my booster seat. Wait. No. I pulled up my tutu and brought down my leggings just a bit. I was in a diaper. An honest to god baby diaper. I let out a small whimper as I stared down a smiling Elmo picture that took up a good chunk of my diaper. 

“You sure do like looking down your pants, don’t you Lilly?” Asked someone from the front seat. I pulled down my tutu and looked up at the person in the front. It was the Wizard. I tried to ask him “what the fuck is going on”, but all that came out was a squeaky, high pitched:

“What's happening!?” 

“It's the contract. You’re mine for a year, and I’m not going to waste a moment of my time.” The Wizard reached back and booped me on the nose. So… he wanted me to be a baby? Okay, I’ve read stories sort of like this on the internet. I guess this is what he’s into. It's bizarre, but this could be far worse for me. Then we turned into a driveway with a mailbox labeled “King.” We were going to my house. The car stopped beside two other cars. Both my parents were going to be here. I suddenly regretted this decision. “Just a quick rule. Call me Daddy,” said the Wizard. Daddy got out of the car and… wait, Daddy? He's the Wi- Daddy. It's like everytime I try to think of his name, it gets replaced with Daddy. He unbuckled my seatbelt and carried me up to the front door. I felt so small and helpless in his arms. Being at his height made me feel like I was miles off the ground. I gripped his shirt as he rang the doorbell. My Dad answered the door. My Dad, who had been nicknamed the Black Bear. He was huge, and had a giant beard. He grinned a massive, welcoming grin as Daddy stood there.

“Hey big bro. How goes it?” Said Daddy.

“Hey $D%*d37.” Said Dad. Weird. Daddy’s name came out as gibberish to me. Dad knelt down a bit and looked at me. “Hello there Lilly! Remember me? It's your Uncle Buck!” Said Dad in a tone very much meant for a toddler. I couldn’t help but smile at hearing that voice from D- Buck. Weird. It happened again. It's that override Daddy seems to have. 

“Dad, who is it!?” Called someone from the kitchen. A teenage girl dressed to go running walked out to the doorway. “Uncle $D%*d37? What are you doing here?” 

“Oh, didn’t your Dad tell you? We’re moving in.” 

“Wait, what!?” Shouted my former sister in shock.

“Sarah, I told you like six times. $D%*d37 and Lilly are gonna be staying here for a bit.” Said Buck. 

“It shouldn’t be for too long. I’ll just be staying here while I figure out a new job.” Said Daddy. Sarah rolled her eyes a bit. I don’t think she liked Daddy very much. Buck was an only child from what I remember, so this was a new addition. But what was he gonna do for me? I felt myself yawn involuntarily. 

“Looks like somebodys sleepy,” said Buck.

“Definitely. She was close to falling asleep in the car.” Said Daddy. He shifted me in his arms and carried me into the house. 

“Does she need a diaper change before naptime?” Asked Buck. I immediately blushed and hid my face in Daddy’s shirt as he said that.

“Wait, she's still in diapers!?” Asked Sarah in shock.

“Potty training has been a struggle. I honestly don’t know how you did it so fast,” said Daddy. 

“I wouldn’t say fast. Sarah wore diapers to bed until she was eight.”

“DAD!” Shouted Sarah angrily. I giggled a bit. Daddy carried me up the stairs and into a small guest bedroom. A small pink inflatable mattress was set up in the corner, and a much larger bed was placed on the other side of the room. Daddy laid me down into the mattress, and pulled up the covers over me. I felt him tap my crotch as he laid me down. As he placed the covers over me, I felt a feeling of warmth spread over my crotch area. No. I didn’t just… Oh no. I was about to burst into tears, when Daddy kissed me on the head.

“Sweet dreams Princess. We’re going to have so much fun together…” Said Daddy. That was the last thing I heard from him as I fell into a deep sleep.



End Chapter 1

Deal with a wizard...

by: Pullup Princess | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 9, 2021


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