The New Narnia

by: Personalias | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 8, 2022


Chapter 1: D-List

Jun 28, 2021


Chapter 2: A Home Away From Hell

Tommy's life isn't great at school. Home life isn't great either. His Mom, always looking for a quick way to make money brings home...a grandfather clock?

Jun 29, 2021


Chapter 3: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Thomas Dean finds something strange inside the clock.

Jul 18, 2021


Chapter 4: Not His Story...

A brief interlude

Jul 19, 2021


Chapter 5: Malacus

Tom arrives in a strange new world.

Jul 19, 2021


Chapter 6: Meanwhile, on "Earth Realm"

More goes on back home than young Tom knows.

Jul 19, 2021


Chapter 7: Power Dynamics

A New Land full of familiar faces.

Jul 27, 2021


Chapter 8: One Adventure Later

Tom wakes up on the toilet

Jul 27, 2021


Chapter 9: Shopping

Tom goes shopping with his family, and strange thoughts are entering his head.

Jul 27, 2021


Chapter 10: Bad Ideas

Tommy briefly volunteers to deliver some snacks.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 11: Preparations and Plotting

Addicted to Malacus, Tommy makes plans to sneak back into the world of the clock.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 12: Pickup Without Picking Up A Thing

A quick look at another part of town and a very strange "daycare" for "children" with a very rare "condition".

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 13: Making His Name

On the way back to Malacus, Tommy decides to add his own little bit of semi-magical graffiti.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 14: A Battle of Wills

Tom The Titan returns to Malacus, and must now outwit a foul sorceress... that kind of looks like his crush.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 15: Coupling

Does it count as losing one's virginity if it's with a fictionalized version of someone in a fantasy realm?

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 16: Curious

Katlynn wakes up in the middle of the night.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 17: Unexpected Side Effects

The next day, Tommy's clothing and home seem...a little different.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 18: School Daze

Tommy goes back to school that morning; but not to his regular class.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 19: Late To The Party...

A glimpse from the other side.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 20: Out to Lunch

Tommy has Lunch with everyone thinking he's not quite all there, and suddenly being VERY nice to him.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 21: Afternoon Delight

Tommy sneaks off to an abandoned playground and has a strange encounter.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapte r22: Not So Fun And Games

Tommy goes to a birthday part for a child younger than him...and fits right in.

Sep 4, 2021


Chapter 23: The Call Back

Tommy got everything he thought he wanted in Malacus. So despite the weird turns in his real life, he's going back for more.

Sep 26, 2021


Chapter 24: Old Scene, New Rules

Tommy returns again to Malacus, but something's different, and it's not just his size.

Oct 16, 2021


Chapter 25: New Neighbors

A new neighbor pops up next to Charlie's house...literally.

Feb 4, 2022


Chapter 26- New Adventures

Tommy returns to Malacus to find the land changed.

Mar 28, 2022


Unexpected Developments

Tommy comes across a familiar yet unexpected face on his quests in Malacus.

May 3, 2022


Tommy's twin sister wanders into her own journey in the magical land of Malacus

Jun 12, 2022


Cruel Temptations

Aug 5, 2022


Tommy's sister gets in on the "fun" in Malacus, whether she wants to or not

Aug 17, 2022


CHapter 31: Paradigm Shifts

Oct 2, 2022


Chapter 32: Shopping Trip Two (Electric Boogaloo

Tommy's sister has a secret hidden in plain sight.

Oct 2, 2022


Chapter 33: A Different Kind of Date Night

Tommy gets a surprise babysitter

Oct 8, 2022

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