The New Narnia

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Chapter 32
Chapter 32: Shopping Trip Two (Electric Boogaloo

Chapter Description: Tommy's sister has a secret hidden in plain sight.

Chapter 32: Shopping Trip Two (Electric Boogaloo)
How lovely to be a woman,

The wait was well worth while;

How lovely to wear mascara

And smile a woman's smile.

How lovely to have a figure,

That's round instead of flat;

Whenever you hear boys whistle,

You're what they're whistling at.

“Katlynn?” Tommy called out. “Katlynn? Can you hear me? Katlynn?” Tommy’s sister was ignoring him. Tommy couldn’t tell if it was intentional or not. Was this some new magic of Malacus? Tommy didn’t know. Couldn’t know. “Katlynn?”

His sister didn’t so much as stir. She just kept staring, mesmerized by the box of pink Pull-Ups there in the diaper aisle. Yes, diaper aisle. The Bullseye Shopping Center was so big that instead of an aisle, it had a whole baby section, with diapers, pull-ups, and training pants taking up an entire aisle.

Everything was bigger all of a sudden, and not just because Tommy had shrunk again. His house was bigger. Two stories! The fact that he now had a house instead of the apartment complex where he’d grownup had been enough to startle Tommy into quiet contemplation while he ate his hearty breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. The little compartments of his child’s tray had been decorated with pictures of Paw Patrol characters.

That wasn’t all. After breakfast, Mommy had told Katlynn to go shopping for a few odds and ends and to take Tommy along so she could go over receipts for the antique store. Katlynn had agreed, and Mommy dressed Tommy up in a t-shirt and shorts that didn’t even go down to the knees. Aesthetically he was almost identical to the playground that wasn’t a few days ago. The shirt was blue with a green cactus on it with the words “I like hugs” on it, and the shorts matched.

Preening in his bedroom’s full length mirror, Tommy quickly figured that if he bent over or raised his arms above his head, anyone looking for it would be able to see the thin waistband of his Paw Patrol Pull-Ups. Not that it mattered. There was the same obvious padded bulge in his shorts. For all intents and purposes he was wearing a diaper without tapes.

These had to be thicker than the actual diapers he’d worn last night. There was that same muted crinkle when he moved, and he didn’t walk as much as literally toddled from foot to foot. And this was dry! Somehow Tommy knew that when he had an accident, his Pull-Up would sag and swell beyond what it currently was.

Just as he had been considering this, Katlynn grabbed him by the hand, led him out to her car, buckled him into the booster seat, and took off for Bullseye.

Ooof! So much to unpack there: A two story house; getting to wear Pull-Ups full time; Mommy seeming to OWN an antique store (or at least be in a high up position); Katlynn having a car! Heck! Bullseye was easily one of the most expensive stores in Scrumpton.

It sold clothing AND toys AND groceries. Almost nothing was off brand, and even the store brands were significantly more expensive than the stuff at the Shop-N-Go. It even had a seafood section yet didn’t smell of fish AT ALL!

In the course of a few weeks, Tommy had gone from being a highschooler to a big toddler; and his family had gone from poor white trash to upper middle class! And he was the only one that seemed to notice!

What Tommy was noticing right now, though, was how intently Katlynn was staring at that package of pink Pull-Ups. She seemed intoxicated. Mesmerized. Almost lusting after them. In a rare moment of self-reflection, Tommy frowned. Is this what he’d looked like back at the Shop-N-Go? It was so weird seeing it from the outside.

“Katlynn!” He tried again. “Katlynn? Can you hear me? Can you understand me?” A few days ago, Tommy had been relegated to ‘special classes’ at the school and no matter how many times he proved otherwise, people assumed he was the dumb kid. Had he gone below even that now?

He’d have reached up to tap her on the shoulder or to pull on the hem of her dress, but he couldn’t even do that much. The moment they’d gone through the whooshing doors of the store, Katlynn had plopped into the shopping cart’s seat. He JUST fit, but he still fit. Tommy couldn’t tell if he’d shrunk that much, or if like a certain pair of thick cloth training pants he’d once worn, the seat had magically expanded just enough to make room for him. Maybe a bit of both? At present, Tommy was just out of reach.

“Katlynn? Katlynn!” Still no reaction. Katy was in la-la land, biting her lip and sucking on her teeth in between muted whispers. A lightbulb went over Tommy’s head. “KATY!”

Her back went rimrod stiff and her head snapped to attention. The pink package that she’d been inching closer and closer into her hands got shoved all the way back on the shelf. “What’s up, Tommy? Do you need changed?” She looked guilty like she’d been caught doing something wrong; even guiltier when mentioning changing him.

“Changed?” Tommy parroted. “No! I don’t. I mean, I think I don’t…” Tommy decided right then that he didn’t like grown-ups like Katy asking if he needed changing as much as them just checking and seeing for themselves. It was just easier that way; less pressure on him to know. Then he mentally backpedaled realizing that would mean his sister sticking her fingers in his shorts. “Why are you looking at the pink ones?” he asked. “I’m a boy.”

“Oh yeah,” Katy agreed. She patted him on the head. “You’re a big boy.” Instinctively, Tommy knew that that was a lie. Big boys didn’t need to be reminded. And a growing part of him had no such desire to be one. “I just got distracted.”

“Distracted by what?” Tommy asked.

Katy spared one last glance at the pink Pull-Ups. “Nothing…It’s wouldn’t understand.” She huffed, then put a package of the blue ones in the cart.

“Is this about what happened in Malacus?” Tommy whispered.

Katy frowned. “Malacus?”

“That was completely messed up. I actually wanted to talk to you about it…”

“What’s a Malacus?” Katy asked. She blinked and mouthed the word, getting a feel for it on her tongue. “Isn’t that the label on Mom’s old clock?”

“Yes!” Tommy bobbed up and down in his seat. “And it’s the world INSIDE the clock!”

Katy looked like her brother had just suggested she nail jell-o to a tree. It just didn’t make sense. “Tommy? What are you talking about?”

“Y’know,” Tommy pushed. “Last night? Inside the clock? You and me? I was flying. Nox the centaur had you in a jumper? You were wearing a diaper…”

Katy’s eyes went wide and wild. “How do you know that…?!” She’d leaned in and whispered as if Tommy had just cast a spell. “Did Mom tell you? Does she know?!”

Now it was Tommy’s turn to be completely taken aback. “Mommy? I mean..Mom? No. She wasn’t there. Just us.”
Katy’s eyes danced in her head, doing some kind of mental calculus; retracing her steps. “Okay...okay…” she said. “So how about this. If you keep this our little secret, how about I get you some MnM’s?”

Tommy balked. Secret? Why wouldn’t he keep this a secret? It’s not like Mommy would believe that the twins had journeyed to a magical fairytale land that was inexplicably diaper them, anyways.

“Peanut MnM’s,” Katy added when she mistook Tommy’s confusion for consideration. “I know they’re your favorite. They’re still your favorite, right?” Did she not remember? She must not have. But why not? Why didn’t she remember?

“Sure,” Tommy agreed, if only to ease his twin’s panic. “I’ll keep your secret.”



The tension didn’t quite leave Katy’s frame, but it visibly diminished. “Thanks,” she said. “You’re a good little brother.” She gave him a kiss on the forehead. Tommy didn’t feel disgusted or cootied out, as much as he felt sorry for whatever Katy was going through.

A rumble in Tommy’s stomach foreshadowed that he was about to go through something himself; or more accurately something was about to go through him. “Um...Katy,” he started. “Remember when you asked if I needed to…?”

“Hey Katy,” a deep baritone called out.

Katy whipped her head around. “Jefferson?” A tall and trim, not quite elven boy walked up to them, but he only had eyes for one of them. Jefferson was captain of the Scrumpton soccer team and point guard on the basketball team. Mega jock; mega preppy; and he had the trendy clothes and frosted tips to prove it.

He’d never done anything to Tommy, but that was probably because he was so far above him, that Tommy wasn’t worth a blip on his radar. Tommy didn’t even know if Jefferson was the guy’s first or last name. To everyone on campus, teachers included, the guy was always just ‘Jefferson’.

“How you doin’?” Jefferson asked.

“I’m just shopping for my mom. Taking care of my little brother.” There was a bit of an awkward pause. “Y’know...getting him diapers and stuff. Y’know?”

Jefferson nodded. “I got a kid brother, myself,” he said. “I know how it is.”

“We’re twins.” Tommy interjected.

“Good for you, little dude!” Jefferson, reached out. “High five?”

Instead, Tommy crossed his arms, letting the offered hand hang in the air. Katy chuckled nervously. “He’s just shy.”

“It’s cool.”

A slight cramp made Tommy remember that there were more pressing needs than past slights, real or imagined. “Katy…” Tommy yelped from his seat in the court.

It went ignored. “So what are you doing here?” Katy asked the mega jock.

Jefferson shrugged nonchalantly. “It’s Sunday. Nothin’ to do. Came here to people watch. Then I started watching you…”

Tommy rolled his eyes. What a lame and creepy pick-up line. Katy didn’t seem to think so. She giggled. Another cramp made itself known. “Katy…I gotta...I gotta.”

“Yeah?” Katy asked.


The two started staring into each other’s eyes. “Katy...I gotta go potty!”

Katy broke off her gaze long to stare Tommy in the phase. Katy wasn’t much of a schemer; she never had been anyways; but Tommy knew when the wheels were turning in her head. He saw a strange combination of the mental calculus when she’d unsuccessfully recalled last night crossed with the bizarre and guilty look she’d gotten when he’d caught her ogling the Pull-Ups. “Don’t be silly, baby. You’re not potty trained, yet.”

She turned her back to him. “Kids. Y’know?”

“Yeah, my baby bro went through the same thing at that age. Lots of false alarms.”

“We’re twiiiiiins,” Tommy groaned as a turtle head breached in the back of his shorts.

“It’s true,” he heard Katy say. “He’s got a condition”

“Yeah?” Jefferson asked.

“Yeah, basically he’ll never mature physically past like...second grade...and mentally like...maaaaybe three?”

“Oh, that’s really cool of you,” Jefferson said. They were both oblivious to Tommy’s squirming.

Meanwhile Tommy was at war with himself in more ways than one. To hold or not to hold? That was the question. Whether it was nobler to suffer the cramps and pains and continue a battle that he desperately didn’t want to fight, or to admit to himself exactly how much of a baby he really was. That was the question.

It wasn’t a question that Tommy got time to answer. Far too soon, his body overridden his will. What would be the last cramp rocketed through him and out his backside. “Kaaaaaaty!” Tommy groaned. His body forced him to lean forward over the shopping cart bar.

The young man was completely aware as the mess poured out of him and into his Pull-Up, squishing against him instead of sagging as it found no room to droop there in the hard plastic and metal seat he was trapped in. Tommy was equally aware of the conflicting feelings of shame and embarrassment mingling with the feelings of relief and pleasure. And in the heat of the moment, the ratio was favoring relief and pleasure. “I POOPIED!”

There were no gurgling or rude sounds coming out from behind him. If Tommy hadn’t announced it, there was a very strong possibility that no one would have known (at least if they weren’t close enough to sniff).

Jefferson looked down at his wrist. “Uh...gotta go.” He had no watch on. “Wanna chat on Instagram later?”

“I’d like that,” Katy said. “Alot.”

The popular boy left Katy and Tommy by their lonesome. Tommy half-expected Katy to whirl around and admonish him for pooping his pants in public. He’d just cock blocked her with his poopy Pull-Ups.

She didn’t seem that mad, though.

“Sorry,” he said.

“It’s okay,” Katy said. “You can’t help it.” He could though. Or at least he could’ve if Katy had gotten him out of the shopping cart. She looked around the cart, this way and that, over and under. “Dang it! I forgot to bring your diaper bag,” she huffed. Tommy couldn’t help but feel that this was a little bit performative on her part. The cart had some odds and ends in it, but not nearly enough to warrant more than a glance to confirm.

Tommy’s heart skipped a beat when Katy wheeled the cart down to the diapers and put the largest size Huggies in the cart. “What are you doing? I’ve got Pull-Ups…”

Katy shook her head. “And if you’d just wet, I’d change you into them. But I don’t know how to change a messy Pull-Up. So diapers it is.” Tommy didn’t know what to say. Should he cheer? Should he struggle? Should he whine?

A little gasp escaped his lips as the front of his Pull-Up warmed and wet. He could just imagine the little paw prints on his Pull-Up fade away as the droplets of urine splashed on his privates seconds before being absorbed by the padding. He hadn’t felt that coming at all! He’d NEEDED the Pull-Ups.

Katy took his silence for pouting. “Don’t worry, baby brother,” she said to him. She took a moment and threw a packet of wipes in the cart for good measure. Baby powder, too. “You can get back in your big boy pull-ups once we get home.”

“Okay…” Tommy mumbled, as he was wheeled away to the checkout line. Just before they left the baby section, Katy stopped by a shelf filled with little nick nacks. Tommy thought he’d seen her grab something, but he didn’t see what. He was too distracted by the other boy in the neighboring cart.

Passing by them on the way to the diaper aisle was a young mother and her baby. Except the mother wasn’t all that young, and the baby DEFINITELY wasn’t a baby. He was smaller that Tommy, maybe the size of a preschooler, and he was obviously wearing a diaper; the complete lack of pants proved that. But even though his face was as hairless as Tommy’s, he was at least double Tommy’s age. He wasn’t decrepit by any definition, but Tommy wouldn’t have been surprised to hear if he was in his thirties.

The ‘baby’ made eye contact with Tommy and his face went pale. Tommy imagined it’s the face the Phantom of The Opera might make if someone ever peaked under the mask. He’d been recognized, and realized as much.

“Hey,” Tommy called to his sister. “Did you see that guy?”

Katy threw a glance over her shoulder. “Who? That baby going by?”

“Yeah,” Tommy said. He wanted to bounce, but that would only make the mess in his pants worse. “Him! Except that’s not a baby! He looks more like me!”

That only got a condescending pat from his so-called big sister. “Don’t worry, Tommy,” Katy promised. “You’re not really a baby. You’re a big boy.” As they turned the corner, Tommy caught a last look at the toddler with a man’s face. This time, his expression was more pitying than pitiable.

The check out was quick. Less than twenty items. Tommy barely even noticed the banter between the cashier or the remark that “Someone needs a change.” Followed by, “Changing station is in the family bathroom to the left, dear.” He was too stunned by what he’d just seen for anything to register.

What he did register was how Katy ripped open the pack of Huggies and took out a diaper. What did register was how she lifted Tommy out of the cart and carried him into the Family bathroom. What did register was the feeling of the hard plastic of the public changing surface.

Tommy fit. Just like with the cart, it was a matter of ‘barely’, but he fit. Katy pulled the strap over his chest, as if he were some dumb infant that might roll off. “Just in case,” she promised. Tommy didn’t complain. She worked his pants down to his ankles, exposing the Pull-Up. Rubble had seen better days…

A brief flash of disappointment and panic flared up inside him when Katy put the diaper on his chest. Some part of him was desperately afraid that he wasn’t going to wear it. “Hold this for me,” Katy said. “I gotta get ready.”

Ready, in this instance, meant ripping the safety seal off the package of wipes. Ditto for the baby powder. It meant one other thing, too. Tommy gawked as his sister opened a double pack of pacifiers; one blue and one pink. “Here,” she said, shoving the blue one in Tommy’s mouth. “Suck on this. It’ll help.”

Tommy tried...and it did Quite pleasant, really. He didn’t even think where the other one ended up.

“Okay…” Katy said, more to herself than to him. “Here...we...go…”

On ‘go’, she ripped open the sides of the Pull-Up. Slowly...far too slowly. The sides were flimsy, but unlike his Buzz Lightyear Pull-Ups, the Paw Patrol didn’t have sides that weren’t explicitly meant to be torn open. What took Mommy less than two seconds, took Katy closer to twelve. And twelve seconds is a long time to just wait laying in your own filth. Tommy couldn’t help but feel self conscious.

That feeling only multiplied when the Pull-Up was finally torn open and folded away from him, leaving him exposed. Katy started immediately breathing her mouth in short staggering breaths. “What’d you eat?” she asked. Tommy couldn’t bring himself to say anything, instead choosing to just suck on the rubber nipple in his mouth.

Katy wasn’t as good at changing him as Mommy or Nanny was. She had far less experience. Her wiping was more ginger; less decisive. And her eyes betrayed a feeling of being grossed out. Tommy knew she wasn’t talking to him, when she mumbled “It’s okay. It’s okay. Just a little poop. That’s all.” Clearly, in whatever way the world had altered itself, Katy had never been left in charge to babysit. (And then the thought of needing a babysitter caused him to suckle even harder.)

The cleaning up process was long and uncomfortable (for both of them it seemed). But Tommy allowed himself a sigh of relief as the last of the messy not-diaper was slid out from beneath him and tossed into the garbage. His ass scraped a bit under the rough textured plastic.

It was only then that the Huggies was taken from him, unfolded, and then slipped beneath him. From behind his pacifier, Tommy smiled. Somehow the cushioning felt even thicker! “Almost done,” Katy managed to coo as she sprinkled baby powder over his grown. Tommy allowed himself a giggle.

Then, Katy drew up the diaper between his legs, and sealed him in with the tapes. Miracle of miracles, it fit! It shouldn’t have, Tommy realized, but it did. It was somehow even thicker than his Pull-Ups! His knees wouldn’t touch! Katy helped him down off the changing table. She bent over and was nice enough to pull up his shorts for him. “All done.”

All done, maybe, but not all covered. Before, he might have to bend over to show off his Pull-Up. The diaper was so puffy and bulbous that shorts were just a formality. The moment, he left the bathroom, everyone would know exactly what he was wearing.

“Thankyou,” Tommy gave his sister a hug.

And he meant it.


That night, Katy fell back on her bed with a devious grin on her face. She’d done it! She’d actually done it! Mom was less than thrilled when Tommy came home in Huggies, of course, and told him as much after she’d changed him out and set him down to watch Thomas and Friends for the millionth time.

“Katy! What were you thinking? Do you want to set back what little potty training he has?”

“No,” Katy lied. “I just didn’t know how to change a poopy Pull-Up, is all. I’ve never had to.”

Mom scoffed. “It’s just common sense, Katy! You rip off the Pull-Up. Clean him up, and then have him step into a new Pull-Up! It’s not rocket science. You can even get him in one without having to take his pants all the way off. You’d have to take one shoe off at most.”

Katy loaded her silver bullet. “You never taught me that!” she said. “You hardly ever let me take care of him! It’s like just because we’re twins you treat us like we’ll both never grow up!”

“That’s not true!” Mom said. And it wasn’t. But it didn’t have to be. Katy could see the look in Mary’s eyes that she was backpedaling. Backpedaling was good.

“I’m sorry I screwed up,” she said. “He just pooped...and I panicked and...and...yeah. But I got rid of the diapers. This was just a one time thing. I’m sorry.”

It worked like a charm. Mom left her alone and went back to babying Tommy like she always did, and Katy had the rest of the day to plan and fantasize about right now.

Right now, Katy was laying on the spread out Huggies on her bed. She hadn’t lied. She had gotten rid of the diapers...right into her bedroom. And she’d dispose of them one diaper at a time. It would just be a matter of ditching them in Tommy’s pail. The diaper genie bags were pretty opaque, and Mom wouldn’t notice a handful of diapers among all of Tommy’s soiled ‘big boy pants’.

Clumsily, she dusted herself with baby powder, making sure to inhale as the fragrant aroma wafted into her nostrils. So good. Putting the bottle aside and closed her eyes and reached forward, pretending that it wasn’t her own hands pulling the diaper up between her thighs. It was someone else who was taping up the Huggies.

But who? Jefferson? Jefferson was cute, but he wasn’t...big enough….mature enough. He’d be in the nursery with her...not changing her. Then who?

The strangest image flashed beyond her eyelids. Mr. Jordan? Her math teacher? Ugh...why him? And yet, when she thought of him, she suckled on the pink pacifier she’d smuggled away a little harder.

“Don’t worry, baby girl,” imaginary Mr. Jordan whispered to her. “Daddy will take care of you.” Ew! Why was this turning her on? Yet as with so many things, in the heat of the moment, even the most rational brain doesn’t ask WHY its turned on. It just goes with it. “Good girl,” the phantom teacher cooed and whispered. “Now you’re all nice and safe. No leaks.”

Katy opened her eyes and looked down at her handy work. Amazingly, it fit! The diaper fit! Katy suckled harder on her new paci. Katy knew she was small, but she hadn’t thought she was baby small!

She sat up, shuddering at how the fresh padding crinkled beneath her and forced her legs out. Slowly, she crawled along her bed looking backwards at her ass. This was unexpected! Katy had hoped it would fit, but she had imagined that the diaper would be stretched to its absolute limit; with velcro tabs just barely holding it all together. One wrong move and the thing would rip apart.

Not this though. The tabs almost touched the center of the landing zone, the material stretched and collapsed with her movement instead of being pulled to its limit. It was like it had been made for her!

Katy wanted to cry, she was so happy! Instead, she peed herself. She relaxed her bladder, and let go of the applejuice she’d been holding in since dinner. It wasn’t the timid little trickle that she released bit by bit when she stole Tommy’s Pull-Ups. This was a complete flood.

Looking down at her crotch, Amy held her breath, slightly afraid that the garment might leak after all. Nothing. No leaks. The Huggies held it all. And there was no wetness indicator, no fading designs or color changing lines down the middle of this one. If Amy hadn’t been already staring, she might not have noticed the slight discoloration of white to off-white in the spots where the diaper absorbed her release.

“Uh-oh” she whisper-mumbled to herself. Baby just had an accident. Katy frowned at that thought and, she corrected herself. No. Not uh-oh. Babies didn’t have accidents. They were supposed to wet their diapers. And they didn’t say uh-oh, because nothing had gone wrong. Nothing short of leaking should merit an “Uh-oh.”

Instead, she just suckled her pacifier and lightly bounced on her bed, enjoying the warm wet feeling as she squished in her baby pants. She laid back again, and grabbed her feet, enjoying the crinkle and squish as she tried unsuccessfully to make her knees touch.

Magical! Just Magical!

In the middle of her exhilaration, Katy looked over to the giant Teddy Bear in the corner of her bedroom. A leftover toy from some carnival or another...or maybe it was a birthday present... that had been relegated to decoration status. Looking at it, Katy had a naughty idea: Babies didn’t just crawl around and wet themselves. Babies played.

Toddling over to the corner, Katy through the big stuffie down on the ground, and straddled the midsection. Good. Just like she remembered it. The core of the midsection was flexible, yet firm. Like a beanbag. Experimentally, Katy rocked her hips forward, and was rewarded when there was juuuust enough resistance for her to feel something through the thick padding.

Closing her eyes, she picked up the bear’s soft stubby arms for balance, and started to grind her hips through the multiple layers of padding. But in her mind, Katy wasn’t grinding on a beanbag teddy. She was riding on Daddy’s knee, holding his hands.

“Giddy up little cowgirl!” A far too familiar voice cheered in her ear. “Ride ‘em! Ride that pony!”
The moan from behind her pacifier muffled any misgivings about who she was imagining ‘Daddy’ to be. “Looks like my little girl is wet,” Daddy chuckled, (which was an odd thing because she could never remember hearing Mr. Jordan laugh). “But not too wet. We’ll change you later, after we’re done playing.”

Music to Katy’s ears. “Faster, Daddy!” she whispered out loud but shrieked in her mind’s eye. And of course, since Katy was actually in control, Daddy went faster.



Katy grunted and groaned as she humped the stuffie, all while giggling at the nice wet tickly feelings down below.




“You’re such a good girl,” Daddy told her. “Such a happy little baby.”





“I hope you never grow up.”

Those words; those imagined words; are what pushed Katy over the edge into climax. Now she’s really used her diaper. Just like a good baby.

Panting and glistening with sweat, Katy collapsed on the floor, smiling stupidly as she sucked on her pink paci.

Best. Day. Ever. She didn’t even care that she’d technically used her little brother as a diaper mule.

“Wanna play again, baby?” the voice in her head asked. Silently, Katy nodded as her hands slid down her waist. The pulp had been moved around alot from all the grinding, but it still felt good. “Looks like you wet again,” Daddy teased. “We’ll definitely have to change you after we finish playing.”

Imaginary Daddy lied, though. Katy didn’t get changed until the alarm on her phone woke her up for school the next morning.



End Chapter 32

The New Narnia

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