The New Narnia

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Chapter 15
Chapter 15: Coupling

Chapter Description: Does it count as losing one's virginity if it's with a fictionalized version of someone in a fantasy realm?

Chapter 15: Coupling

And you know, you know, you know

It's 'cause you're beautiful

You say you're numb inside

But I can't agree

So the world's unfair

Keep it locked out there

In here it's beautiful

Let's make this beautiful!

"That works for me."

Ghilanna, queen of the elves sat on her bed, a look of intense concentration and confusion on her face.  “So you’re a student?  A child?”

Tommy sat in his own chair that he’d pulled  so that he could sit and talk with the now deposed elf queen.  His armor remained floating by the door to her bedroom as it had been since he’d removed it.  Outside the sun was starting to set.  “Yes and no,” Tommy said.  “I’m an adult, but I’m still learning.  Not on my own, yet.”  

“Why not?”

“It’s...kind of how my world works.  My part of the world, anyhow.”  How was he supposed to explain the social and geo-political complexities of twenty-first century Earth?  Tommy barely understood high school Civics class.  Most days he barely understood the societal mandates and rules of Scrumpton Georgia.  To explain all the nuances and complications with living in the real world to someone literally living in a fantasy one; it was just beyond Tommy.

Ghilanna seemed to think and take in everything she’d been told.  “You’re a childe?”

“What?!”  Tommy felt himself tense up.  “No!”  The ruined kiddie undies around his waist weren't helping his insecurities at the moment.  “Like I said, I’m not a kid.  I go to school but legally, I’m an adult.”

Ghilanna still had Amanda’s same pitying, condescending laugh.  “Not that kind of child; a babe suckling at its mother’s teat,” she explained.  “A childe is an untested knight. A man grown who has earned his armor and title, but has yet to taste true battle.”  Even though looking at her made him desperately want to suckle at her teat, the idea of being compared to a knight made Tommy feel better about himself.

“Yeah.  You could say that, I guess.”  Remembering a poem he had to read in English class, a lightbulb went off  in.    “I mean yeah.  Totally.  This is my Dark Tower.”

“So that is why Malacus is always in turmoil,” Ghilanna said, seemingly more to herself. “We’re your proving grounds.”

Tommy hadn’t thought of it that way.  “No, it’s just…yeah, that’s it.”  Tommy didn’t have the heart to tell her that Malacus was basically his escape; his adventure vacation.

“And when you return to the Land of Men,” Ghilanna pressed.  “You’ll be a hero?”

“Yeah,” Tommy nodded.  “Exactly.”  For some reason, these fantasy creatures just couldn’t, or just didn’t want to grasp that Tommy was a nobody and they didn’t exist to the rest of the world.

“But we’ll remain unknown,” Ghilanna said.  “Time will pass here, we’ll be forgotten.  We might even forget ourselves and you’ll pass into legend.  Then we’ll start fighting the dwarves or the centaurs, or the merfolk.  Monsters and abominations will be bred.  Atrocities will occur.”  Violet tears streaked down cheeks.  “Until the next sapling of a man comes in here, saves us, conquers us, and then leaves.”  

Tommy mentally corrected himself.  Ghilanna understood much.  “I hadn’t quite thought of it that way.”

“Why would you?” she asked.  There was silence between them.  Tommy had wanted to try something resembling diplomacy and had failed.  Maybe this is why Amanda, the real Amanda never talked to him.  He was just awful at it.  “And I look like your lady love?” 

“I wouldn’t call her that.”  He’d never referred to Amanda in those terms. He hadn’t dared.  She was a girl who barely knew he existed and what she did know she didn’t particularly care for these days.

It was Ghilanna who looked away.  “You didn’t need to.  I could hear it in your voice when you told me I had her face.”  She tapped a pointed earlobe.  “Good hearing.”  She rose from the bed.  “It’s interesting that so many of us seem so familiar to you and yet you are strange to us.”

Tommy shrugged.  “Yeah, I guess so.” It was strange.  So strange that Tommy had already filed it under ‘don’t think about it’ in his brain.

“It’s like you’re a missing puzzle piece.”

Tommy looked up at her.  “What do you mean?”

“What if you’re meant to be here, but not because you’re lacking something?”  There was a tinge of excitement in her voice.  “What if we’re not reflections of your world, but you’re the missing piece in this one?”

The young man’s mouth went dry.  “What are you saying?”

“Throughout the legends, man is a destructor,” the elf said.  “Sometimes benevolent.  Sometimes disastrous.  It all depends on which side he chooses.”

“It’s like cliques and the popular kids.”

“Exactly!” she was sounding excited now.  “But what if Tom the Titan from the Land of...from Earth Realm,” she corrected herself, “What if you were a uniter, not a destructor?”

Tommy had no idea where she was going with this, but the way she was saying it was stirring up certain...feelings.  Her tone was almost identical to at least thirty-five percent of his masturbation fantasies.

With one elegant movement, the elf with his crush’s face stripped her glittering robe off.  “Couple with me.”

“What?!”  Her body was perfect.  Every curve identical to Amanda’s, every square inch of skin just as soft and smooth looking as he’d imagined while trying to develop x-ray vision back in Math.  And here she was, inviting him.  ‘Couple with me’ was olde English for ‘let’s fuck’.

This was a trap.  It had to be a trap.  His mind knew this.  His penis?  Ready and raring to go.  The padded underwear was doing nothing to hide his excitement.   “Why?”  Tommy asked.  “Why would you…?”

“For peace,” she said.  She put her right foot out, over the casting circle and stepped out.  “The dwarves already have pledged themselves to you.  As have the centaurs.”  Tom felt paralyzed as she dug her fingers into his waistband.  “Make me your consort, and the elves shall be your friends as well.”   She lowered to her knees as she slid the underwear off his legs.  Tommy didn’t even quite realize it as he stepped out of the filthy things.

Tommy watched as she retrieved a bottle made of ornate purple glass.  “You don’t know much about elven biology, do you?”  Tommy shook his head.  “Our communal instinct is overpowering,” Ghilanna said.  “Once we’ve coupled with someone, their friends and allies become our friends and allies.  It’s why I had…” she paused “have...had a handmaiden.  Wouldn’t do to make peace if I didn’t want to.”

“Why do you want to now?”

Ghilanna shook the bottle up.  “Because,” she said.  “If I surrendered to the dwarves and centaurs, they’d win.  If I had entranced you, they’d lose.  But if I couple with their god-king AND their god-king is merciful, we all win.”

 Tommy’s brain was still on the lookout for betrayal, even if his member was telling him differently.  For all intents and purposes Amanda was naked and undressing him.  It wasn’t even real Amanda.  It was elf-Amanda.  Fantasy Amanda.  Masturbation dream Amanda.  That made it easier to let his guard down; easier for him to lust after her. “That’s convenient,” he said.  

“Convenient?” the elf said.  “Hardly.  Yes it stops us from killing each other living in those crowded tree cities, but it also makes little things like political rape a reality.”  She stared at him.  “Or didn’t your centaur friends tell you that?”

“I would never-!”

“I know,” she stopped him.  “That’s why my gambit didn’t work.  That’s why I’m consenting, now.”

From the bottle, she poured out a transparent green ichor and rubbed it on her hands.  “A cleansing oil” she explained. “To prevent infection.”

“From what?”

“From you,” she glanced at his cock.  “I don’t know where you’ve been.”

“I haven’t consented,” Tommy said.

“Part of you has.”

“Not the part that’s in charge.”

Her hand oiled up, reached for his penis.  “Are you sure?”

Quicker than even an elven eye could perceive, Tommy reached down and grabbed her wrist.  “What’s in it for me?”

The elf laughed.  It was like Amanda’s laugh when she was trying to flirt with a guy.  Tommy had never heard that noise directed at him.  “Me, of course.”

“I could just kill you,” he said.  “Like a hydragon.  Like the dwarves want me to do.”

“You shouldn’t though. And you feel that.  That’s what I’m finding strangely attractive about you.”  She leaned to him and Tommy felt his heart rate double.  Her naked breasts were directly pushed up against him.  Only the barest of spaces separated his fully erect penis from her body.   “I want to couple with you, Tommy Dean.  You’d be a good friend to me. A very good friend.”

Feeling stronger than he ever did, Tommy repeated himself.  “What’s in it for me?”  His free hand reached down and grabbed her other wrist.  This was too good to be true.  He couldn’t chance it.

Softly, sweetly, seductively, she whispered to him.  “I have the face of your unrequited love,” she said.  “Her body, too.”  Tommy shuddered in a moment of ecstacy as she blew lightly into his ear.  “What gives me pleasure should give her pleasure too, yes?”

Tommy didn’t speak it aloud, but it did make sense.

“So couple with me,” she whispered.  “Lay with me and I will tell you what I like and what I don’t.  Then when couple with her...”  She let the rest of the thought finish itself in Tommy’s head.

Tommy felt his face flush.  “I’ve never...I mean…” this was so much more difficult than just fighting monsters.  “You’d be my first.”

“Not your first,” Ghilanna whispered to him in Amanda’s voice.  “Never your first.  Your lady love will be your first.  I’m just your proving ground, m’lord.”

That did it.  Those last words sealed the deal.  He released her wrists and allowed her to grab his shaft and rub her oily hands all over his throbbing member and tickle his balls.  A warmth came to his loins and a smell of pleasant flowers mingled with the sweat accumulated in the armor.  Baby oil?  Was this stuff baby oil?  Elven baby oil?

It was strange having part of his body feel so warm while the rest of him remained the same.  Strange but good, and the smell coming off the oil only enhanced his lust.   The elf moved her hands up to his shoulders and moved in pressing all of her body against his.  “Where shall we couple, m’lord?  I know the bed is off limits but-”

“No it isn’t,” Tommy said.  Moving the elf queen to the side, Tommy raised his foot up and then plunged it back down into the stone floor.  He drove his foot into the ground heel first and at an angle.  The floor shook and rumbled, as a massive crack traveled the length from his foot until it disappeared beneath the rug under her bed.  “Circle’s broken.  Useless now.  That’s how it works, right?” 

Ghilanna gasped.  “You could have done that anytime.”  It wasn’t a question.


“But you didn’t…”

“Nope.  I would never.”

Her smile, Amanda’s smile, was big and bright.  Genuine.  Tommy was positive he hadn’ seen that kind of smile from a girl directed at him in a long time, well before middle school.  “Take me,” she said. “Take me now.”

Without waiting he lifted her and gently tossed her onto the bed.  A moment later, he was on top of her, kissing her neck as she wrapped her legs around him and ran her hands down his back.  Their moaning became a song right before she grabbed his head and pulled him in for their first kiss.

His tongue entered her mouth clumsily, inexperienced.  Elves liked mint leaves apparently.  He broke off the kiss so that he could go back to her neck.  “Oh! Not so hard,” she panted as he sunk his teeth into her neck.  “Mark me,” she told him.  “Mark me, but be gentle.  I’m a peach, not an apple.”  

Tommy did as she said, nibbling at her and sucking gently at her flesh.  Even her flesh had a sweetness to it.  “Like this?” he asked.

She reached between them and kept caressing his shaft.  “Yes,” she moaned.  “Yes.  Now get inside me.”  He could feel his heartbeat below his beltline as she commanded him.

Smiling like an idiot, Tommy said the only words that came to mind.  “Yes ma’am.”  He thrusted and bumped, all while peppering her face and neck with tiny, passionate kisses.   He grinded up against her.  Felt his sex press against hers;  felt the lips between her legs on him, but couldn’t quite find the entrance.

In that moment, so much of Tom the Titan melted away, and Tommy the virgin was left fumbling around.  Was it bad etiquette to pull back?  Re-aim?  Adjust?  Amanda’s hands (they were Amanda’s hands) grabbed his hair and deep violet elven eyes stared into his.  “Stay with me.  Be here.  With me.” 

Tommy wanted to apologize, to say croon and swoon or say something smooth and sexy.  “Help,” his eyes darted downward.  

Deep violet eyes followed his and shone with understanding.  Her lets unwrapped themselves and she shimmied beneath him, her hands snaking back down towards his cock.  “Can’t have you lose this yet,” she grinned before stroking them up and down his manhood. How often had Tommy pictured hands just like those doing just this thing?  Even slipping with the oil, it was so much better than what he’d imagined while stroking off on the couch.

With a slight grunt she grabbed him and guided him inside her.  Tommy reflexively let out a gasp as something damn near primal awoke inside him.  Tommy had spent his life listening to songs about this.   How could people even write about this?  There were words, but nothing so melodic that Sondheim could realistically write about and convey the meaning.  Even the copious amounts of porn that Tommy had sneaked at the public library hadn’t prepared him for this.

It felt warm and wet and held him deep like a hug.  Gently, slowly at first, he thrust into her.   “Theeeeere we go,” Amanda’s voice cooed up at him.  “Found you.”  Tommy was beyond words.  Tommy was beyond breathing through his nose.  

He was doing it!  He was doing it!  Steadying himself, he started to bump and grind with her as she laid backed and closed her eyes, moaning.  Her moaning only made him go faster until the two of them were skidding by inches across the bed.  “Gently…” she whispered.  “Gently, my love.”

Tommy slowed his thrusting and used less force.  This wasn’t beating off.  He had to worry about someone else besides him.  Their breathing started to sync up and her hands wandered back and began to gently pinch and caress his ears.  “Such curious, lovely round ears,” she said.  Her moans had started to sound more like the purring of a tiger.

In and out, in and out; like waves gently lapping on the beach they were.  A coupling.  Not a race. A moment of shared vulnerability.  “If you want you can stare at my breasts.  Touch them if you like”  Tommy felt himself almost happy-cry at the permission.  He’d been staring at her nipples already.  

Steading himself on his left hand, Tommy reached out with his right so he could cup and tease and pinch at her nipples, a kid in a candy store.  Oh if only he’d been a giraffe, but he couldn’t keep his balance; he'd tease one breast while mouthing on the other.  Just thinking about it made him thrust a little harder, a little deeper.

His companion seemed to read his mind.  “A moment,” she said, pulling herself away from him.  He had to resist the desire to wine as he slid out of her and his cock felt cold open air. Disentangling her legs from his, she laid father back and lifted them up over her head, almost like a toddler mid-change.  “Try it now.”

He entered into her the second time, feeling a kind of strange relief even as a different kind of tension doubled over inside him.  Her ankles rested on his shoulders this time and he shifted more of his weight onto his knees.

On instinct, he sat back onto his ankles, grabbed her thighs and pulled her in closer, eliciting a gasp of surprise.  Her fingers reached out and intertwined with his, helping him to keep balance.. “You like?” she asked.

“I like...I like..” he stuttered and blushed.  He squeezed her hands.  Maybe it was just nerves, but he heard himself giggle slightly.

She squeezed back. “I like it too, let yourself enjoy it.” 

Faster then.  Faster and faster.  Something was building inside of him.  There was an art in this, Tommy realized.  A mixture of passion and control.  A balance.  Faster.  Faster.  Yes!

“Yes!  That’s it…” she whispered.  “Love me.  Love me like you were meant to.”  She pulled his hands closer to her chest, unlacing her fingers from his so that he could fully cup her bosom with both hands.  “Bend me.  I won’t break.”

Tommy leaned in further putting more of his weight on her so that he could feel more of her.  Even faster. Even harder. Tease her.  Pinch her.  Thrust into her harder and harder.  “OOOOOOH!” she moaned.   A mean streak flashed through him, and he vaguely wished her hair was in pigtails so he could pull one.  Just vaguely.  But the thought was there.


He nodded.  

“Then finish it.”

The waves on the beach became a stormy sea as he let himself go. He  forgot rhythm.  He forgot pace and gentleness.  For a split second, Tommy just forgot her as a person.  She was just the pretty thing that made him feel warm and wet and squishy and made nice noises when he entered and wiggled around inside her.  All that existed in the universe in that moment was him.

And then he exploded.

He throbbed and pulsed as the last of him squirted out uncontrollably, and the very air of Malacus seemed to take on a different hue that had nothing to do with the position of the sun.   With a groan of satisfaction, he rolled off the elf, panting.

She rolled over onto him, showering him with kisses, each peck a little firework to accompany the grand explosion in his soul.  It wasn’t everyday someone got to lose their virginity to an elf.  “Well done, oh childe,” she whispered to him.  “Well done.”

“Thank you,” he said.  “Thank you so much.”

“Of course, my consort.  My king.”  She rolled off his chest and onto her back. She spread her legs again and started fingering herself.  “Now suckle on me as I finish.”



End Chapter 15

The New Narnia

by: Personalias | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 8, 2022


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