The New Narnia

by: Personalias | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 8, 2022

Chapter Description: Tommy's twin sister wanders into her own journey in the magical land of Malacus

Chapter 28: Meanwhile, On the Sky Turtle!

Katlynn screamed as she fell through the darkness of the cave!  She’d thought she was right on Tommy’s heels when she saw his name written in electric blue algae.  If he was, he was probably dead, just like she was.  

Why the hell had she walked into the clock?  Why hadn’t she woken Mom up?  She didn’t know.  She probably never would know, now.  All she did know was that she’d been stirred from her dream by the old clock in the living room going off.


It didn’t chime that often, she could have sworn; certainly not that loudly.  But when she woke up, she felt compelled to check on Tommy to make sure he was okay.  Twin or not, he needed more care and consideration than she did; it’s just how it was, how it always had been.  The loud noise of the clock could have sent him into a panic attack.

Yet he wasn’t in his bed.  The front and back doors were still locked, and her and Mom’s keys were still on the hooks, (of course Tommy didn’t have his own keys).  The only thing out of place was how the front panel to that old grandfather clock was now wide open.  Leave it to Tommy to want to play hide and seek (and wreck one of Mom’s antiques) in the middle of the night.

Katlynn didn’t find Tommy, though.  She found a strange and spooky pathway through a dark cave.  It was like a certain blonde Victorian girl crawling through a hole, with Tommy as the White Rabbit.  Only there wasn’t the pleasantly slow fall so that she could wave goodbye to her cat.  It’s surprising what goes through one’s brain when they’re plummeting to their doom.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!”  If someone were far off enough, it might not sound like a poor girl shrieking at her imminent death as much as a random bird screeching as it flew overhead.  She was usually more eloquent than this, but “EEEEEEEEEEEEK!” comes out much faster and more efficiently than “Dear God I’m going to die, please forgive me, save me save me save me, I want this to be a dream but I’m so certain that, it’s real I don’t want to die I don’t want to die!”

Her fall lasted less than a second before a strange cushioned feeling,like falling into a safety net, or more accurately; an inflatable crash pad.  Her straight drop turned into a skidding roll as she clattered into a soft clutter.  



Why was she surrounded by balls?  She’d somehow stumbled out of a Guillermo Del Toro film and into the playplace at McDonald’s. Katlynn didn’t swim as much as she jump, climbed to the edge.  She was grateful when a friendly hand reached down to help pull her up; a bit afraid, too, but mostly grateful.

“Katlynn?” a familiar voice asked.  “You’re...early…?” 

On her  knees Katlynn looked up from the grass, and found a familiar face. “Cameron?”  No. Not quite Cameron.  The face was the same, but this girl’s hair was longer; Cameron never needed to tie anything back.  Her dress was infinitely less revealing than anything Cameron might wear, too.  Cameron liked shorts that showed off her legs and shirts that showed off her boobs.  The bonnet was definitely not something Cameron would be wearing outside of Halloween (and Cameron normally wore less clothes for a costume, not more).

The girl in front of her wore something that could best be described as Ren Faire cosplay. She wore a long flowing gown; the kind where the skirt would have to be hiked up in order to run. And although the bust of the dress accentuated the breasts with ruffles, the girl’s flesh was completely obfuscated. Oh and then there was the pointy ears.

“Cameron?” the elven women said.  “My name is Theodosia.”  She helped Katlynn to her feet. “Now come along.  If we dally much longer, your pre-punctuality shall be for naught.”  The woman with Cameron’s face turned around and started walking away.  Her tone wasn’t forceful, but it had an air of authority about it; like a doting teacher.   Her accent seemed different from a moment ago, too.

When Katlynn had been looking down at the grass, she could’ve sworn that Cameron was there beside her.  Now her voice was different.  Her voice more nasally, her syllables  more clipped.  Pseudo-English.  It sounded like Cameron doing an impression- or slipping into character- than how her schoolmate normally talked.

Emotionally off balance, Katlynn ran after Cameron’s doppelganger.  “Cameron!  Wait!”

“I already told you, silly girl,” The lady with Cameron’s voice said.  “I’m Theodosia.  Now let’s go.  We don’t want to be late for tea.”  She turned to go.  The tiny field-the ball pit oasis as it were- quickly ended at a near perfect tree-line.  It was less of a forest and more of a garden.  It lacked that beautiful chaos so often found in nature.

“Late for tea?”  Katlynn echoed, feeling stupid.  Then something clicked.  Tea? Late?  Falling?  Fancy dress and snooty English accents?  This seemed like something out of a certain Disney cartoon.  Katlynn took a moment to examine herself and sure enough her own clothing had changed.  White tights.  Black Mary Janes.  The dress was a light, almost salmon colored pink, but otherwise it was an identical style and cut to the iconic Alice.  “Am I dreaming?”

Cameron’s clone stopped and tittered behind her hand.  “Dreaming?” she said.  “Dreaming?  Dear girl, do you really think that you’d tumble down a ramp into a ball pit only to find out that you’re late for tea in a dream?”


Again, Theodosia as she called herself, giggled through her nose, mouth obscured.  “And I suppose you came to that tunnel that was...what…?...Under your bed?”

“A clock, actually,” Katlynn volunteered.

The prim and proper woman took Katlyn’s hand in her own. “And you still think this is a dream?”


“If you insist, dear.” Theodosia’s tone was cheerfully condescending.  She continued walking, leading Katlynn along.  “If you insist.”  In perfect step with each other, the pair walked into the too-perfect forest.

“Why do you have Cameron’s face?”

“Why does it matter?’ Theodosia replied.  “If this is a dream like you think it is, perhaps it is the only face you can imagine for me.”

Katlynn couldn’t argue with that, logic.  “Okay.  Fair enough.”

A sharp right turn caused the girl to yelp as they came to a second clearing.  A quiet little party was already in progress.  It was much tamer than Katlynn would have expected; perhaps because she lacked the manic imagination to really create something worthy of Lewis Carrol.  The table was perfectly round, for starters, not an absurdly long rectangle  All the cups and pots in perfect order.  There was no funny man with a giant hat or a talking rabbit; and Katlynn suspected there would be no mouse hidden in any of the pots.  

In place of the Mad Hatter and March Hare were two of Katlynn’s friends; two of the very few she counted on. “Jenny?  Margo?”  Like her, they both wore a variant of the ol’ Alice getup.  Over white tights, Jenny wore a sunflower yellow, with a matching bow, and Margo wore a vibrant leaf green dress with a white apron covering.  Margo’s brownish-red hair was put up in pigtails, making her look even more toddlerish than the dress alone might accomplish.  Like the so-called Theodosia, their ears were also pointy like those lame aliens from Star Trek.

The girls giggled at their names, but otherwise said nothing.  “Katlynn,” Theodosia said. “This is Adora, and Ambrosia.”  She gestured to Jenny and Margo respectively.  “We’ll be having a lovely tea party, today.  Please do join us.”  It was a command phrased as an invitation.

“Please, Katlynn! Pleeeease!” The other two were practically bouncing; the bodies of eighteen year olds doing puppy dog eyes and pouty lips.  If peer pressure could be cut with a juvenile guilt trip and turned into a person, this is what it might look like.  They spoke with the same clipped not-quite British accent.

She shrugged.  Seeing as this was a dream, Katlynn figured that she might as well go along with it.  She took her seat in a matching pink wooden chair and scooted herself up roughly to the table.  Adora and Ambrosia, as they were called, had their own matching yellow and green chairs.  There was no matching one for the more elaborately dressed girl.  That was odd come to think of it.  Comparatively, Jenny and Margo’s dream-twins seemed so much more simply dressed than Cameron’s.  Theodosia seemed more mature, more authoritative as a result.  

“Where’s yours?” she asked Theodosia, with not a matching violet chair to be seen.

A thin smile spread across Theodosia’s lips. “I’m the hostess, dear.  It’d be rude of me to be seated before my guests are served.  Don’t you know the first thing about tea-parties?”

Something about that unnerved Katlynn, but rather real or imagined, she really didn’t know the first thing about tea-parties.  This was a dream anyways, so her brain was just making up the rules as she went along.  “I guess not.”

Picking up the pristine white teapot, the pointy eared Cameron went and poured steaming brown tea into dainty cups.

“Thank you, Miss Theodosia,” Jenny/Adora said.  

“You’re very welcome, Adora,” Theodosia replied.

“Thank you, Miss Theodosia,” Margo/Ambrosia nodded her head demurely.

“You’re quite welcome, Ambrosia.”

The tea entered Katlynn’s cup.  She looked at it and squinted.  She could have sworn that the cup had been made of some kind of fancy fine china a second ago.  But the stuff had lost some of its luster with the tea.  As the cup was filled, it seemed more and more to be made of sturdy but altogether cheap plastic.  

“Ahem…” Katlynn looked up to the Victorian school-marm version of Cameron.

“Oh, sorry.  Thank you, Miss Theodosia.”

“You’re welcome, little Katlynn.”

Katlynn took no notice at being called ‘little”.  She was short.  That last growth spurt her pediatrician had promised just before high school had never come.  Holy crud, had she not been to the doctor since middle school?

A quick sip and then Katlynn’s face scrunched up in revulsion.  Being from Scrumpton, Georgia, Katlynn had never had tea that wasn’t sugared into oblivion and chilled to near arctic temperature. Even  the three times she’d had hot tea for a sore throat, there’d been so much honey stirred in that an entire hive could have supped.  This?  This was just hot leaf water.  It was like someone had taken lawn clippings and turned it into a broth.

The other tea drinkers seemed just as off put.  Pointy elf ears wiggled and shuddered as dainty lips swallowed the vile stuff.  “Oh dear,” Theodosia said, setting down the tea pot.  “Perhaps I made it too strong.”

“Yes please!” All three girls responded, putting their cups down. 

Theodosia picked up a sugar bowl and started spooning the powdery white stuff in. “Three scoops a piece and no more.” Cameron’s twin said in her snooty accent.  “You three are sweet enough, otherwise.”

Gingerly, Katlynn took a sip.  Better.  Not good, but better.

“Would anyone like milk?”  Three hands went skyward.  Such a weird dream.  She definitely wouldn’t be telling Jenny or Margo about this.  Cameron wasn’t anywhere in the ballpark of a possibility.  “Would you like Mother’s Milk or Maiden’s Milk?” Theodosia asked Katlynn.

While not a straight A student, Katlynn knew enough to blanche at being offered Mother’s Milk.  “Is Mother’s Milk what I think it is?”

“That depends,” Theodosia smiled coyly, “what do you think it is?”  Not by coincidence, Katlynn felt, Cameron’s elf-twin chose that moment to adjust her breasts.  Also not by coincidence, Katlynn caught a glimpse of her friend’s breasts and realized just how big they were!  Pointy ears and longer more done up hair weren’t the only differences between real Cameron and dream Cameron.

A hot blush flared up on Katlynn’s face.  “Maiden’s Milk, please.”   Just a splash of milky white stuff dripped out of the saucer, transforming the dark brown water into a creamy tan color.  The other guests got Maiden’s milk.  

“Drink up before it gets cold, dears.”

“Heee-heeee!” Ambrosia giggled, her pigtails bobbing as she did.  “It tickles all the way down!”

“All the way through,” the fancier dressed woman corrected.

Straw haired Adora giggled too as she set her cup down on the table.

A shudder rocketed through Katlynn and she let out a full fledged guffaw as she felt her ribs being tickled from the inside out!  She almost dropped the plastic tea cup, as she reflexively hugged her ribs, trying to block invisible fingers that wouldn’t let up, to no avail.  It was good in a way.

“More?” the hostess offered.

“Yes please,”  Katlynn slid her cup closer.

“Good girl.”  Tea, sugar, and milk were served in short order.

The others were getting their seconds, too.  This was a perfectly pleasant dream, once she got used to the weirdness of seeing her classmates in fantasy garb.  She wondered absentmindedly as she took her next sip if she’d wake up giggling.  On a more serious note, she worried if she might accidentally wake up wet.  Mom would be very cross if she did.   “What kind of example are you setting for your brother?” she might say, even though Tommy hadn’t woke up in dry pants since...ever.

A wave of delightful tickles went so far up Katlynn’s spine -starting at the soles of her feet- she had to slam her eyes short to stem the happy tears.  When she opened them, she put her empty cup down and looked to the side so she could wipe her eyes.  When she did, however, something caught her eye.

“What are those?” she said, pointing to the three vehicles parked at the edge of the clearing.  Vehicles was a poor word to describe them, but they were the only vocabulary that Katlynn had at her disposal.  

They were roughly the size of a thin, single bed, but elevated above the ground like a hospital gurney.  The wheels were gigantic however, with fancy spokes, and the surrounding rim almost made it look like a crib. At the foot of the bed was a bar for pushing, and a kind of convertible roof lay at the head.  

Quickly, Katlynn looked to the elf variant of Cameron and back to the wheeled beds.  Something clicked.  Strollers.  They looked like those old timey strollers that babies used to ride in.  Stroller wasn’t the right word; carriage? Yeah. Carriage.  At the edge of the tea party’s clearing were three very big baby carriages.  And just like their dresses and chairs, they were pink, yellow, and green, but not a violet one in sight.

“Excuse me,” Katlynn spoke up.  “What are those?”

All three of the pointy eared dream people looked to where Katlynn was pointing.  “The Prams?” Theodosia said.  A breeze blew across Katlynn’s bare legs, causing her to shiver a bit.

“They’re for taking us home,” the elf-girl in the yellow dress said.

“And naps!” green-dress and pigtails added.

Yellow dress giggled, adding to the banter with even more of a fake British accent.  “And nappy changes!”

“Usually in that order.  Nap and then nappy change.”

“Or nappy change, then nap, then nappy change again!”

Katlynn couldn’t tell if it was the elf girls’ laughter, the elf woman’s approving smile, or the breeze on her legs that made her shiver, but shiver she did.

Bare legs?

Katlynn looked down at her legs to see her white tights receding.  It was as if they were melting, but going up her legs instead of dripping down.  “What the-?” was all she managed to get say before the ground dropped beneath her.  

She was shrinking!  No, not quite.  Instead the chair she was in was growing taller.  Katlyn’s hands were on the edge of the seat, getting ready to slide herself off of the extending chair when - 


A tray slammed over from above her, sounding like a giant mousetrap, and leaving Katlynn trapped with her arms pinned to her sides.

The other girls at the table got similar treatment, though their arms weren’t pinned down.  More importantly, as their white tights vanished up their dresses, they seemed more than pleased.  “It tickles!”

“All the way through,”  Elf Cameron said.

The tray obscuring her view, Katlynn couldn’t be one hundred percent sure of what was happening to her clothes, but a few of the other girls gave her an idea.

The tights were rising up, merging with their underwear, as the legs of the chairs elongated above the tiny tea table.  Katlynn’s underwear was changing too, her panties were getting thicker by the second.  She heard a crinkle as she squirmed in the seat.  Again, she couldn’t help but flash back to middle school before she had switched to tampons.  

The thing about panties was that unless one was specifically thinking about them, they didn’t feel the thin modesty-protecting garment.  This, though?  Katlynn felt it.  How could she not?  Her thighs were being separated.  She was sitting what felt like half an inch taller.

If what she was feeling wasn’t any clue as to what she was wearing, looking at the other elf girls confirmed what she was wearing.  She knew their panties were thickening as well, because the hems of their dresses were shortening; shortening so much that they probably couldn’t be honestly be referred to as dresses.  Even though the trays and angles obfuscated them a bit, there was no mistaking what the other girls were wearing as anything other than big puffy white diapers; like something a toddler might wear.

She was wearing a diaper, too, Katlynn had to admit.  And judging by the other guests’ dresses, hers just barely covered the top of her own nappy.

Two elven thumbs went into elven mouths as a final round of girlish giggles rang out.  “Pheee-pheee!”

The poor girl barely had time to process as another round of tickles hid her insides.  “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! STAAAAAAHP!” She cried out.  But it wouldn’t.  The tickling was in her armpits.  “Heeee-heee! STAAAAAHP!”  She was crying again.  Then her ribs. “NOOOO-O-O-O! STAAAAAHP!”  Her howls of laughter. Then her tummy, creeping down to her thighs.


That’s when the highschool senior’s bladder let loose. Even though the tickling continued, Katlynn stopped laughing, such was her shock.  Her mouth agape, and her breath fast and shallow, she was keenly aware as her bladder spasmed and released its contents into her diaper.

One time, she couldn’t quite remember when, Katlynn sat down on a park bench just after a rain.  She hadn’t seen the puddle, but felt it as it spread across her pants, soaking her; subtle at first but then blossoming into full wetness.  Her current experience wasn’t all too dissimilar.  Her diaper was soaking up her accident almost as quickly as she was releasing it, with a growing warmth blooming beneath her and then subsiding into a subtle, muted squish. Was this how Tommy felt whenever he had an accident in his Pull-Ups?

To make matters of worse, either the feeding tray that restrained her had widened, or Katlynn had lost just a few pounds.  Her freedom of movement was still non-existent, however.  Like a snake a kind of harness had slithered around her chest, keeping her back pinned to the seat, and a bib had manifested just over her breasts.

Wanting to scream, but too humiliated to vocalize, Katlynn’s body took over.  Her lips retreated inward and she placed her thumb between them, biting down to distract herself, and giving her digit the occasional suck when the emotions threatened to become too much.

Stuck in a highchair, wearing baby clothes, sucking on her thumb, sitting in a wet diaper.  This was just a step below what Tommy went through almost every day.  If whatever weird genetic condition that expressed itself in Tommy had been passed down to her, this is how she could have ended up.  

This is what this nightmare (and that’s what it was) was about.  This is what was essentially her twin’s life- being treated like a baby even though by all rights he should be an adult.  The only difference is Katlynn was smart enough to be embarrassed by it.  She’d treat him better when she woke up from this, she promised herself.  This was a literal wakeup call

Her nightmare wasn’t over yet.  While she’d finished peeing herself, Nightmare Cameron was replacing the other baby-elves’ thumbs with bottles.  Katlynn was next. “This will help you sleep until you get to Nanny’s.”

Her lips suckled on the rubber nipple and as the ice cold contents entered her mouth, Katlynn’s tongue danced with delight!  This was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted.  The phrase ‘an orgasm in your mouth’  to describe particularly delicious flavors had always seemed crude to her, but here it seemed apt.

Theodosia or Cameron or whatever the elf’s name was, saw the look of intense delight in Katlynn’s eyes and seemed pleased.  She nodded.  “Good girl.  This will help you sleep until you get to Nanny’s.”  Yes.  That would be a good way to end this dream.  Swallow the milk.  Orgasm in her diaper.  Then go to sleep.  Then wake up in her own bed.

But before she swallowed that first gulp, Katlynn had the most disturbing thought of all: What if this wasn’t a dream?    This stuff might taste amazing, but that might just make it amazing tasting poison.

As Theodosia turned her back to check on other babies with familiar faces, Katlynn started to grunt and make gulping sounds, all while letting the milk dribble out the corners of her mouth. She was all suck, but no swallow.  Hopefully, her captor wouldn’t notice and once or twice, Katlynn dared to turn her head to the side and spit.  She only had to worry about the pointy eared woman who wasn’t wearing diapers.  The other two seemed like they were in la-la land.

While she worked at her deception, Tommy’s twin was treated to a show of watching Margo/Ambrosia, with her green dress and ginger pigtails being unstrapped from her seat, tray removed from the table, and limp form draped over the now slightly larger woman’s frame and have her back patted.  “That’s right, Ambrosia “ Theodosia cooed.  “Take one for the team.  We can turn you back after this.  Though Malacus knows I’ll tease you about it.”

The elf-baby hybrid with Margo’s face let out a mighty belch and sighed contentedly.  “Good girl.”  

Katlynn almost did an involuntary spit take as she watched what was essentially Cameron pull open the back of what was essentially Margo’s diaper and take a look down inside. Holy shit! Had she pooped herself?  Had Katlynn?  All of a sudden, the young lady felt as if her own potty training was very much in question.

Katlynn kept watching, leerily, as the green carriage piloted itself over, and a pointy eared Cameron laid her green dressed charge down in it.  “Let’s change you, you soggy thing.”   A chorus of cringe inducing giggles filled the air as Katlynn watched a not quite adult get their diaper changed right in front of her.  The fresh Huggies and wipes came from a bag just underneath the carriage.  The used diaper was tossed carelessly into the woods.  

Next was a not-quite Jenny, dressed in yellow and gurgling nonsense.  Katlynn wasn’t exactly experienced in babysitting, but the sag in the back of Adora’s diaper signaled what would be found inside before the elf-sitter peaked inside.  “This suits you, Adora.  It really does.”

While the second diaper change was going on, Katlynn very subtly, very carefully unscrewed the lid and watered the nearest patch of grass behind her highchair.  She could do that much at least.  Finally it was her turn.

As she was draped over the elf’s shoulder, having her back patted, she listened to horrible and confusing things.  “Terribly sorry about this, Katlynn.” The not-Cameron cooed.  She gave Katlyn a few firm pats on the back.  “Truth be told, we were considering letting you go, keeping the family legacy going as it were.  At the very least, we were going to save you for last; ease you into it like your brother.”  

What about Tommy?! 

“But we miscalibrated the clock and woke you up by mistake, and here we are,” she continued.  “It would have been fun to drag this out, actually.   We do love the Wonderland tropes.  Carrol was so much more fanciful than Lewis or Tolkien.  It would be nice to play the refined madam instead of some femme fatale.  Ugh.  Boy stuff.  They’re all better off in nappies if you ask me.”  The pats were coming faster and harder now.  There was a bit of a bobbing gait to her walk.  She was growing impatient.  Katlynn quickly sucked air into her gut and let out a little burp.  It was a trick she’d learned back in grade school and had stopped doing when the girls kept thinking it gross and the boys stopped being impressed.  “Good girl.”

Ever cunning, Kaitlynn didn’t flinch or shudder as she felt her diaper pulled back and inspected; she didn’t recoil as her padded backside was given a gentle pat.  “Just wet.”   The girl was bone still as she was laid down in her own personal carriage.  What she wasn’t was bone dry.  “Still, you’ll sleep better if you have a fresh nappy on.”

Don’t think about it don’t think, about it don’t think about it.

Katlynn tried to not think about the sound of the tapes being ripped open.  But the velcro scritching sounded like fireworks in her ears.  She tried not to think of how loose and disgusting the once snug undergarment now felt.  But now the used diaper was little more than a wet rag on her privates.  Desperately, she prayed for strength so that she wouldn’t fixate on how casually this monster with Cameron’s face was violating her with baby wipes, all while humming a jaunty tune.  Whatever higher power there was didn’t hear her as every stroke and caress felt like a breach of intimacy.  

There’s a strange vulnerability of being half naked in front of someone.  Frankly.  Cameron didn’t like it.  She didn’t have to wait or feel vulnerable long.  When the monster pivoted to toss away the wet diaper, Katlynn made her move.  With a heave, she rolled over and began dragging the carriage with her.  A few strides later, she was rocketing downhill.

In Katlynn Dean’s hand, this wasn’t a baby buggy, it was a land sled!

“Katlynn!” Cameron’s voice called out after her.  “Come back!  You’re too close to the edge of the shell!”

Shell?  What shel-?

For the second time that day, Katlynn Dean found herself plummeting to her death.  The second plummet, however, lacked any kind of safety ramp, or ball pit.  It was also considerably longer.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”  Given her velocity and state of panic, it was much easier to scream than to ponder aloud, “Oh my god I’m going to die;  I’m too young to die; I’m going to die half naked from running away from a diaper change; I’m too old to die half naked from running away from a diaper change; and is that a giant flying turtle above me?!”

It can’t be guessed exactly how long it took for Katlynn to regain consciousness.  What is known, is that she did regain consciousness, very much alive, and with an absolutely trashed baby buggy beneath her.  “They don’t build ‘em like this anymore…”

She shifted, and painfully pulled herself to her feet.  “Where am I?” she wondered, before realizing she didn’t want anyone answering that question.  To the naked eye, it would seem that a too-perfect forest had been replaced by a too-perfect hunting field.  Wide open plains, with only the occasional bush for modesty.  
A quick dig through the wreckage found only diapers, all in her size.  It was still better than than Donald Ducking it or going full Eve, Katlynn supposed.

Trippiest.  Nightmare.  Ever.  

Unfolding one of the diapers, Katlynn found herself staring at it like a grandmaster stares at a chess board...only she had next to no clue how to play chess.  Finally, she decided to wing it, laying down on the ground.  No wonder babies needed help putting these things on.  This really was a two person job.

“I really hope my bed isn’t wet.” She grunted as she awkwardly yanked it up over her crotch and fiddled with the tapes.  Standing up, Katlynn knew something didn’t feel right.  Her cheeks were hanging out the back.  “Ugh,” Katlynn moaned.  “Don’t tell me I put the darn thing on backwards!”

The sound of hoofbeats, and Katlynn’s brain went on high alert.  Like a frightened squirrel she darted for the nearest bush and closed her eyes as the gallop slowed to a standstill. 

“Halt! Who goes there?!” The man on the horse called out. Katlynn remained silent.  Again, there was something familiar about the voice.  It was strong, and masculine, but oddly confident...which made it seem foreign.  No faux British accent at least.  “I know thou art here, interloper.  I sensed you all the way from the River Bank!”

Again.  Katlynn was as still as she could manage.  She couldn’t manage enough.  “I see you trembling from behind that shrub!” the mounted man called out.  “Come out now, or I’ll run you down.”  Somehow, Katlynn sensed that he wasn’t bluffing.  Maybe it was just that mowing people over with a horse wasn’t something that people normally bluffed about.

Wearing nothing but a half-dress and a backwards diaper, Katlynn emerged and connected a face to the voice threatening her.  If she hadn’t already released her bladder at the tea party, then her Huggies would most certainly be wet, now.  

“Katlynn?”  It wasn’t a man on a horse, but a half man, half horse that was looking down at her.  And the man part of the horse was arguably the last man she would’ve guessed.

“Mr. Jordan?”



End Chapter 28

The New Narnia

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