The New Narnia

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Chapter 19
Chapter 19: Late To The Party...

Chapter Description: A glimpse from the other side.

Chapter 19 Late to the party...

Charlie was standing on the toy box so he could get a better look out the daycare’s one-way window.  He loved people watching first thing in the morning:  The suck ups and the social feebs running to class as soon as the first period bell rang; the panicked last-minute good-bye kisses from young couples that didn’t have the same class together; the loud and lazy stroll and chatter that the future deadbeats who were ‘too cool’ to show up to class quietly and on time; the consternation of tired and overworked teachers trying to maintain order without any kind of real authority to back them up.

Charlie couldn’t hear the bells, of course. Nor the chatter.  Nor the kisses.  Nor the blustering of teachers.  Whatever magic kept the daycare hidden from the general populace, (and it was magic, Charlie had long accepted that), also made the walls soundproof.

But places like Scrumpton had a rhythm to them that persisted from day to day.  Charlie might not be able to read a clock anymore, but he’d learned to tell the time based on what kids were running by the window.   Funny (but not surprising) how none of the other kids ever saw what he saw.  Only limitation to this method was that Summers dragged by like a sumbitch.

“Charlie,” a voice called.  “Time to stop looking out the window and come to Circle Time.”

Charlie waved the teacher-lady off.  “Just a second,” he grunted.  Someone new was coming down the hall.  A late comer.  Tall guy.  Tough build.  Probably a football player.  That was odd.  The dumbest of the dumb jocks had already sauntered into their remedial math and reading classes.

“Are you pooping?” the grown-up asked.  Charlie didn’t even bother learning their names anymore.

“No…”   Yes he was pooping, but that’s not why he was stalling.  He could empty this morning’s oatmeal into his pants anywhere.  He’d gotten more than just used to it.  He’d pooped during Circle Time on many occasions.  Usually they let him finish the shapes song before he was ushered off to be changed.

“I think someone’s getting whiney because they need a change.”

Out of habit, Charlie stomped his feet, but kept his gaze steady.  The big lug was just about to walk out of his field of vision. “I wannnaaaaa waaaaatch!” Silently he cursed himself for saying it.  He loved playing this game, though.  Too late to turn back.  Might as well enjoy it.

As they tended to do, the grown-up ignored Charlie’s whining and did what she wanted to do anyways.  Charlie had to lean up against the glass to keep his balance as two fingers hooked into the back of his shorts and pulled the back of his diaper open.  Charlie gasped, feeling the front of his diaper tighten a bit, and not just because the back was being pulled on.

“Thought so,” the teacher lady said.  “Baby made a boom-boom.”  One of the advantages of being in Charlie’s position was that he rarely got to realize how silly he looked, objectively speaking.  He popped his thumb into his mouth and started sucking on it as his waistband was snapped back into place allowing the mess in his pants to settle.  

Charlie immediately lost that advantage as the teacher lady grabbed his hand to lead him over to the changing table.  Some ridiculous looking kid walked past the window.  He was short, the windows just below shoulder height for him, so that Charlie could see him through the window. Just like Charlie, the kid was going to town on his thumb.

Realizing how silly he looked, Charlie took his thumb back out and wiped it on his shirt.  The hell was that kid doing sucking his thumb?  Was he a nail biter or some kind of mama’s boy?  He resisted the tug of the grown-up wanting to change his diaper so he could just a second longer to ruminate on this.

The moment was all that was needed.  As the kid passed by, Charlie craned his neck and saw a flash of blue undies with red trim poking out the back.  That brought back memories; memories of Thomas the Tank Engine training pants.

Thumb sucking.  Training pants.  Baggy shorts.  Late for class and looking confused as hell.  

“Come on Charlie,” the teacher lady said.  She picked him up, pressing the mess up against him and spreading it around.  Charlie was too stunned to enjoy it this time.  Maybe later. “Let’s get you nice and clean.”

“See ya soon,” Charlie whispered to the window as he was carried away to have his body laid down, his pants pulled off, his legs lifted up, and his ass wiped.



End Chapter 19

The New Narnia

by: Personalias | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 8, 2022


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