My First Easter As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 6, 2022

My first Easter as a toddler. I wonder what Brian has planned. I wonder…only can find out if I ask.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 (My First Toddler Easter)

Chapter Description: My first Easter as a toddler. I wonder what Brian has planned. I wonder…only can find out if I ask.

Date: Sunday 17-Apr-22 08:00 (Sunday, April 17, 2022, 8:00 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I swing my legs whilst my purple T-shirt flutters and my Pampers Cruisers diaper crinkles. I smile as I close Fallout: New Vegas and hop down from my computer chair, “I wonder where Brian is.” I waddle into the living room and find it empty. I waddle toward the balcony and slide the door open so I can walk onto the cool wooden floor.

I giggle as the cool wood tickles my bare feet as I waddle toward the edge. I smile as I watch the toddlers below running down the sidewalk wearing bunny ears to match their green T-shirts and Pampers Cruisers and green baskets in their hands. “Hmm…Oh yeah, it’s Easter! This is my first Easter as a toddler.”

I waddle-run toward Brian’s bedroom and smile when I spot him sitting on his bed with his laptop sitting to his right. I waddle over to his bedside and giggle as I scan him from head to toe: green T-shirt, blue jeans, and white socks. I wiggle my toes and crawl onto Brian’s bed, “Hey, Brian?”

Brian pauses his YouTube video and turns to see me smiling at him, “Hey, Little Bro.” Once I’m sitting next to his computer, he ruffles my hair, “Happy Easter. Since it’s your first Easter as a kiddo, what do you wanna do?”

I rub my chin and giggle as I dart my eyes around Brian’s bedroom, “I saw some kids walking down the sidewalk with Easter baskets and bunny ears. I think they were hunting Easter eggs.” I turn to Brian and rise to my feet atop his bed. I wobble at the uneven area and giggle as I waddle over to Brian and rest my hands on his chest to prevent me from falling on him.

“Heee…” I smile at Brian and push myself backwards, “Whoa…” I squat as I lower my center of gravity and land on my bottom in the center of the bed, “Whew.”

Brian chuckles and shuts his laptop, “Maybe you shouldn’t try walking on the bed. It’s not really stable for that.” Brian sets his laptop next to his Oculus Rift and plugs it into the wall. “So,” Brian turns toward his bed and rolls his eyes at me jumping on the bed, “have you decided what you wanna do yet?”

“Well…” I giggle as I take to the air and land again, “WEEEEEEEEEEE!” My squeals of joy echo across Brian’s bedroom as I continue bouncing, “Maybe we could go Easter Egg hunting too or…or…what other things do you do on Easter?”

Brian smiles as he catches me in the middle of my fifth bounce and hugs me close whilst patting my padded bottom, “Well there is dyeing eggs.” Brian walks out of his bedroom and stops in front of my bedroom. He sets me on my feet and kneels when I tug on his shirt, “What?”

I tilt my head, “But…wouldn’t dying the eggs mean you can’t eat them afterwards? And…and…what do you dye them with?”

Brian chuckles and boops my nose, “We dye the eggs with food coloring. And since you don’t eat regular eggs, I bought up a bunch of chocolate eggs and some dye that we could use.”

My eyes widen, “Really?”

Brian ruffles my hair, “Yep.” and walks toward the kitchen.

“WAIT FOR ME!” I waddle-run after Brian and giggle as my tiny feet carry me through the hallway, crinkles echoing through my happy journey. I slide into the kitchen and gently collide with Brian’s belly. I giggle and smile toward him, “Hi, Brian!”

Brian kneels and boops my nose, “Don’t run in the house, I don’t want you to get hurt. You ran into me this time, but what if you ran into the fridge, or the stove?”

“Yeah….” I bow my head and press my index fingers together, “Sowwy.”

Brian kisses my forehead, “It’s okay.” Brian lifts me into the air and walks into the dining room where I spot three cartons of what can I assume to be chocolate eggs. Brian chuckles when I start squirming in his hold and he sets me on the table to the right of the cartons. “Let me get your stepladder.”

“Okay!” I swing my legs and giggle as I watch Brian disappear into the kitchen. When he returns with my stepladder, he sets it up in front of where my legs are swinging, “Now what?”

Brian boops my nose and points at the cups, boxes of Easter Egg Coloring, and the thick lining of paper towels scattered across the dining room table, “Now we color the chocolate eggs. I had them in the fridge overnight and took them out a few minutes before you came to get me. So, they’re still chilly.” Brian opens one of the boxes of Easter Egg Coloring and hands me a small plastic vile of rainbow food coloring.

I tilt my head at the vile and turn to Brian where I see him setting the cups out and filling them up to the half mark with water, “Oh…so we fill them with water and then squeeze the coloring in?”

Brian nods, “Yep, I’ll show you.” He takes a vile of green sparkle food coloring and the middle cup, “So you squeeze the vile until it’s empty into the cup.” Brian squeezes the vile and turns to me to grab one of the three spoons sitting next to my left leg, “Then you stir it up.”

Brian hums as he stirs up the liquid and opens the carton to pull out a chocolate egg, “And you dip the egg inside.” Brian dips the egg inside and pulls it out to set it down on some of the paper towel, “See?”

I crawl over to the egg and hover mere inches away from it to marvel at the green that the chocolate egg has become. I pick up the egg and spin it in my hand and my eyes widen at the sparkles shimmering as the egg spins, “THAT’S COOL!” I smile toward Brian, “Can we do more?”

Brian points to the egg carton, “Grab one.”

I turn to the egg carton and pull a chocolate egg free. I turn to Brian while my smile fades to a neutral gaze, “Then?”

Brian pushes the cup of green sparkle coloring toward me, “Dunk the egg in this like I did. I’ll prepare the other coloring.”

“Wait…” I glance down to the vile of coloring resting against my right leg, “Let me try this one!” I scoot toward the cups and grab the right most cup that only has water in it. I squirt the entire vile into the cup and notice the liquid is pitch black, “Huh…that’s interesting.” I pick up the cup and scoot over to where I saw the spoons and swing my legs as I stir up the cup. My eyes widen as the darkness fades to reveal to a field of stars and dust, “OOOOH!”

Brian smiles as he watches me set the cup down and dunk a chocolate egg inside, “I take it that you like decorating chocolate eggs?”

I smile toward Brian seconds after setting one of the eggs on the paper towel, “Yeah! I love it!”


Date: Sunday 17-Apr-22 12:00 (Sunday, April 17, 2022, 12:00 PM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I giggle as I scan the 24 chocolate eggs sitting on the table, some sparkling green, others looking like galaxies from an unknown universe, “THIS WAS SO COOL!” I giggle as I take one of the five bottles of lemonade that I had during our egg decorating session and take six eggs, three of each type.

Brian raises an eyebrow, “What are you doing, Stacey?”

I giggle as I turn to Brian with a smile, oblivious to the hissing carrying two of the five bottles I had earlier out of my body and turning my Pampers’ wetness indicator from green to yellow-green, “Imma make something silly!” I scoot toward my stepladder while holding the eggs in my right hand and the baby bottle in my left.

I step onto the first step of my stepladder and giggle as I set the bottle in the center of where I was sitting. I sway from side to side whilst Imagine Dragons’ Shots (Broiler Remix) begins to echo around the dining room. “Am I outta luck? Am I waiting to break?” I giggle as I set the eggs in a circle around the bottle and turn to Brian with a smile, showing off my masterpiece.

“I call it…” I scratch the left side of my face, “Hmmm…” I giggle as I step down from my ladder and poke Brian’s belly, “I call it,” I smile toward Brian, “Eggcellent Surroundings! Heee…”

Brian ruffles my hair and pokes my belly, “Very punny.”

I giggle and poke Brian’s belly, “Yeppers!” I turn back to the colored eggs and lick my lips, “What now? Um…can we eat them?” I ascend my stepladder and reach for one of the eggs surrounding my empty baby bottle.

Brian lifts me into his arms and boops my nose, “You can have two for now. I don’t want you to get a tummy ache.”

“Okay.” I smile toward Brian and turn toward the eggs to lick my lips, “My precious!” Within seconds of Brian sitting me on the table, I’m crawling toward my Eggcellent Surroundings! piece and picking up two of the eggs. I sit down next to the artwork and train my eyes on Brian, “You gonna eat some with me, Brian?”

Brian ruffles my hair, “Of course.” and takes two of the eggs off the paper towel. He smiles as he scans the galaxy theme of the eggs he picked, “Really cool isn’t it?”

I bite into my galaxy themed egg and smile at Brian, despite getting chocolate and galaxy themed food coloring on my face, “It’s awesome! Way better than an egg hunt!”

Brian smiles as he finishes off his eggs, “Yep, and now we’ve got a lot of candy for the rest of the week.”

I jump down from the table and waddle over to Brian as he picks up the eggs to return to their cartons, “How will you tell them apart from the regular eggs?”

Brian carries the cartons into the kitchen and sets them on the top shelf of the fridge, “Those cartons were blue and red, Stacey. The normal egg cartons are white.”

I rest my right index finger below my lips and tilt my head, “Ooooh.”

Brian turns to me and smiles at my adorable stance, “You’re such a cutie.”

I giggle at Brian as he kneels in front of me and pats my padded bottom, “I know I’m cute. Thankies, Brian.” I yawn and rub my eyes seconds later. “I think I could use a nap.”

Brian hugs me close and rises to his feet, “I think we could both use a nap.” He chuckles when I wrap my arms around his neck and pats my bottom as he carries me back to my bedroom.

I rub my eyes as I’m laid on my changing table, “Brian?”

Brian boops my nose and unfastens my wet Pampers, “Yeah?” He slides the diaper away and grabs some baby wipes so he can begin getting me dry.

“I dun wanna nap alone. Can I nap with you?” I rub my eyes as Brian tosses the last wipe into my old diaper and lowers my legs so he can roll the diaper into a ball.

“Sure you can nap with me.” Brian tosses the diaper into the diaper pail and lifts my legs so he can powder my uplifted bottom. He sets the baby powder down and continues holding my legs with his left hand. He grabs the fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper and flicks it unfolded with his right hand. “This was your first Easter as a toddler.”

I giggle and smile toward Brian as he brings the green circle decorated diaper’s shell up to my belly, “Uh huh!” I yawn as Brian secures the left tape of my new diaper, “And I loved it.” I raise my arms seconds after I hear the right tape being secured, “Uppies!”

Brian lifts me into his arms and smiles when I wrap my arms around his neck. “Just stand on the table for a minute.” Brian grabs the Germ-X and sanitizes his hands. He sets the Germ-X down next to the baby powder and pats my freshly diapered bottom as he holds onto me, “Now we can go.”

I snuggle into Brian’s warm hold as he carries me out of my bedroom and slowly through the hallway. “Today was the best Easter ever!” I yawn as Brian lies down on the couch with me resting against his chest. I smile as I fall deeper into sleep. “Love you, Brian.”

Brian smiles and pats my diapered bottom as he watches me nap on his chest, “I love you too, Stacey. Happy Easter.”



End Chapter 1

My First Easter As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 6, 2022


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